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Redemption Ch. 01

 — Is it possible to heal once you've been betrayed? by chezshirecatin  Loving Wives03/13/094.23

Carmen: Comic Book Cumvention

 — Carmen gets ass fucked by Darth Vader at a comic convention. by Donkeepuncherin  Anal03/12/093.92

Helen's Online Adventure

 — A pregnant wife finds fun online. by Reshbodin  Loving Wives03/12/093.68

Sexual Awakening of Claudia

 — 40-year-old uses affairs to develop her sexual finesse. by Egmont Grigorin  Erotic Couplings03/06/094.32

The Temp

 — Marliese fulfills another fantasy with an older, married man. by Big Gunzin  Mature03/05/094.32

Sexual Awakening of Alix

 — Alix masterminds her sexual future. by Egmont Grigorin  First Time03/03/093.93

Unexpected and Beautiful

 — A chance meeting turns into an adulturous love affair. by Daleksekin  Erotic Couplings03/03/094.50HOT

The Italian Job Ch. 02

 — My wife's adventure in Italy continues. by Belgarion10in  Loving Wives03/01/094.35

Three Times Cheat

 — Three independent flash stories with cheating spouses, by hansbwlin  Loving Wives02/28/094.26

Bigger is Better

 — Married woman falls for a big man. by Reshbodin  Loving Wives02/28/093.31

An Absence of Trust

 — A selfish wife and a marriage on the brink. by coaster2in  Loving Wives02/27/094.46

Lover Come Home Ch. 15

 — Letters to an absent lover. Discussions of sin. by RoseMontanain  Novels and Novellas02/26/095.00

Kelly's Bit on the Side

 — It's so difficult setting up an affair. by Egmont Grigorin  Erotic Couplings02/23/094.08

Mary, The Vicar's Faithful Wife

 — Mary obliges to sin on behalf of her daughter. by Libertinein  Mature02/20/094.46

Carol's Patch Job Ch. 05

 — Janice moves out, Carol's final patch. by CastleStonein  Loving Wives02/15/094.50HOT

Anticipating Rebecca

 — En un beso, dime todo lo que me amas. by tomj502in  Romance02/14/094.40

Carol's Patch Job Ch. 04

 — Jim comes home; Danny's verbal payback. by CastleStonein  Non-Erotic02/13/094.44

Knox County Ch. 04

 — Elizabeth meets Sean, Cynthia meets Aimee, and Will's quest. by Rehnquistin  Novels and Novellas02/13/094.71HOT

Carol's Patch Job Ch. 03

 — Janice decides, Carol's rules and conditions. by CastleStonein  Non-Erotic02/11/094.47

Knox County Ch. 02

 — In which old unions die and new ones are formed. by Rehnquistin  Novels and Novellas02/08/094.75HOT

Carol's Patch Job Ch. 02

 — Jim's hospital trip, Carol confronts The Bitches. by CastleStonein  Non-Erotic02/08/094.46

Two-Time Tosha Ch. 01

 — Wife finds out (anally) ex-boyfriend wasn't great after all. by stacey_lynnein  Anal02/07/093.78

A Very, Very Naughty Girl

 — A guilt-ridden author unleashes and finds romance. by Egmont Grigorin  Romance02/07/094.65HOT

Mind Games

 — She tried to mess with my mind. so I did the same to her. by Spykkein  Loving Wives02/07/094.61HOT

Carol's Patch Job Ch. 01

 — When father is sick, children discover mother's adultery. by CastleStonein  Non-Erotic02/04/094.40

The Private Room

 — Sabrina finds relief for her headache in the Private Room. by darkknight01in  Interracial Love02/03/094.34

Knox County Ch. 01

 — A wide cast of characters in a small town. by Rehnquistin  Novels and Novellas02/01/094.80HOT

Edge of the Earth

 — Jared Leto's encounter with his soulmate. by whatidreamtin  Celebrities02/01/094.65HOT

What a MILF! Ch. 02

 — Otto and Stacey consummate their love affair. by ottohauser1977in  Group Sex01/31/094.07

Charismatic Billy Belair

 — Billy seems far too unsuitable but Monique slowly yields. by Egmont Grigorin  Novels and Novellas01/29/094.84HOT

Lover Come Home Ch. 14

 — Letters to an absent lover, the recognition of the problem by RoseMontanain  Letters & Transcripts01/27/095.00

Stolen Moments

 — Two married people who long to be with someone else. by Sunshine4532in  Erotic Couplings01/25/093.62


 — Sluts target a happy family. by seducedHylasin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/21/094.47

Good for the Gander

 — Adultery has consequences. by Paul44in  Loving Wives01/21/094.04

Temptation's Contrition

 — He doubts his slutty daughter. by a_bent_ampersandin  Incest/Taboo01/20/094.51HOT

Something In Her Eyes Ch. 03

 — The end of the forbidden saga; Jordan is taken by force. by Jayded_Lustin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/19/094.58HOT

Maintenance Man

 — Newly married wife gets a visit from the maintenance man. by Fuzzguzzlerin  Interracial Love01/17/094.32

A Comedy of Errors

 — A misdirected gift begins a chain of passion and lust. by Erlikkhanin  Incest/Taboo01/11/094.66HOT

Age Not Always an Issue

 — Older guy drops carpark security to team with a filmmaker. by Egmont Grigorin  Romance01/09/094.48

He Taught Me How to Fuck Ch. 03

 — Nora gets more cock and wants more cock. by moonkisserin  Loving Wives01/04/093.98

Sampling Some Italian Ch. 02

 — Thomas confronts Marilyn about her love for Jacob. by SEVERUSMAXin  Loving Wives01/04/093.27

He Taught Me How to Fuck Ch. 02

 — Wife continues to get more cock. by moonkisserin  Loving Wives01/03/094.15

He Taught Me How to Fuck Ch. 01

 — Forty five year old married woman gets second cock & more. by moonkisserin  Loving Wives01/02/094.16

Hat Trick

 — Interior Designer moves in on Mom and two daughters. by iconisclassin  Group Sex01/02/094.31

The Airport Hotel Ch. 03

 — It feels too good to be so bad. by PrincessErinin  Loving Wives12/29/083.85

The Airport Hotel Ch. 01

 — It feels too good to be so bad. by PrincessErinin  Loving Wives12/27/083.96

Carmen and Eddie Ch. 04

 — Carmen tells Eddie she must go away for a week. by bonnietaylorin  Loving Wives12/26/082.59

Something In Her Eyes Ch. 01

 — A tale of forbidden love exploring dark desires. by Jayded_Lustin  Erotic Couplings12/23/084.76HOT

MWF's First Time Black at 45

 — Blonde housewife gives her all to a young black stud. by hotmilf4blackin  Loving Wives12/15/084.00

Woody's Woody

 — A guy's 'woody' gets him in and out of trouble. by Egmont Grigorin  Romance12/13/084.51HOT

Making of a Cuckold

 — Conner finally talks wife into meeting another man. by Karenkayin  Interracial Love12/13/084.16

Charli's the Boss

 — Cheating wife lets hubby know who's in charge. by wifelvrmanin  Loving Wives12/12/082.98

Who was Watching Who?

 — Voyeur unknowingly watches his wife with another man. by Darrel10in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/12/083.46

My Life in a Trailer Park Ch. 03

 — Ken moves to New Mexico and lives in a trailer park. by Hcstudsin  Loving Wives12/10/084.40

The Burning for My Son-in-Law

 — Mother wants to ease her daughter's sex burden. by JackFlash1959in  Incest/Taboo12/09/084.63HOT

A Christmas Wish

 — Give the gift of sex. by texashorrorin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/04/083.64

Cheryl's Got the X-Factor

 — Cheryl Cole looks outside of her rocky marriage. by lickmybananabreadin  Celebrities12/04/084.31

Two's a Crowd Ch. 05

 — Where I wonder if I married two women or only half of one. by angiquesophiein  Loving Wives12/03/084.25

Two's a Crowd Ch. 04

 — Where I discover that I can't kill the woman I married. by angiquesophiein  Loving Wives12/02/084.31

Two's a Crowd Ch. 03

 — Where I find out the true meaning of Public Relations. by angiquesophiein  Loving Wives12/01/084.31

Ending Remorseful Nights

 — Annie has an affair and worries guilt doesn't engulf her. by Egmont Grigorin  Mature12/01/083.88

Two's a Crowd Ch. 02

 — Where I wonder who I married nine years ago. by angiquesophiein  Loving Wives11/30/084.22

Charmingly Ruthless

 — The post-marriage dramas of charismatic Chase Lewis. by Egmont Grigorin  Novels and Novellas11/24/084.63HOT

Changing Sisters

 — The beautiful sister goes and her sister appears frumpy by Egmont Grigorin  Romance11/24/084.53HOT

Barbara's Cuckold Story Ch. 12

 — David tells Barbara he wants to be her cuckold. by HOTMOM_BARBin  Interracial Love11/23/084.26

Fairview Motel

 — Always encrypt your wireless network. by miskeivitchin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/22/083.70


 — The life of a cuckold. by Truriderin  Loving Wives11/22/083.57

The Engagement Party

 — Fighting his feelings for the bride-to-be. by imharmless69in  Mature11/21/084.37

From Bathing Suit to Lawsuit

 — A reporter, caught on film, cries "defamation." by ISawYourMommyin  Loving Wives11/20/083.58

The Shopping Trip

 — A desperate wife meets an old girlfriend. by Oswynnein  Loving Wives11/19/083.39

A Woman Who Enjoys Sex

 — Carefully she lines up the guy to become her third husband. by Egmont Grigorin  Mature11/18/084.59HOT

Flowers for Jan Ch. 02

 — Bill and Jan's story continues. by Oswynnein  Loving Wives11/18/083.62

Annette and Her Private Carpenter

 — Married woman finds pleasure & surprises with hired help. by Philibertin  Loving Wives11/17/084.02

Brother's Wife

 — Frank seduces Billie's wife. by Omega12in  BDSM11/17/083.70

The Making Of An Adulteress

 — A bored and lonely woman's journey towards an affair. by Fit Likein  Loving Wives11/17/083.97

First-time Adulteress

 — Mrs Rivers missed being fucked. by Egmont Grigorin  Loving Wives11/16/084.24

Flowers for Jan

 — A sweet adulterous affair. by Oswynnein  Loving Wives11/14/083.95

My Life in a Trailer Park Ch. 01

 — Ken is forced to live in a trailer park and meets Kathy. by Hcstudsin  Loving Wives11/07/084.35

For the Sake of His Honor

 — Gorgeous blonde makes tough choice for the sake of her man. by pseudonym2005in  Loving Wives11/05/083.98


 — Cheating Infidelity.. They took pleasure in being together. by darkknight01in  Interracial Love11/03/083.45

The Italian Job Ch. 01

 — Slow burner but worth it. 2 couples have fun on holiday. by Belgarion10in  Loving Wives11/02/084.28

Mother's Adultery

 — An adulterous mother finds love with her son by Moondriftin  Incest/Taboo11/01/084.08

By Mutual Consent

 — A mother confesses to her son. by Moondriftin  Incest/Taboo10/30/084.14

Ellen's Holiday Encounter

 — He watches wife with another man for the first time. by ashley26in  Loving Wives10/28/083.99

Goals Set for Married Wife Ch. 06

 — Lover dominates white wife, plans to humiliate husband. by ktsemain  Loving Wives10/24/084.08

A Flash of Green

 — Through tragedies comes love. by muirmadrain  Non-Erotic10/23/084.77HOT

A Learning Experience

 — Wife confesses that she learned a lot after class. by zeke81in  Loving Wives10/21/083.45

The Prom

 — She escorts her best friend's son to the prom. by Reshbodin  Mature10/20/084.32

After So Long Ch. 02

 — Cheating lovers make passionate love a second time. by X-Factorin  Erotic Couplings10/20/084.31

On-the-side Pleasure Ch. 02

 — Eldora confronts him about his adulterous tryst with Nita. by X-Factorin  Interracial Love10/19/084.50HOT

Confessions of a Slut Ch. 19

 — Cuming to the End of my Sex Life. by RebeccaR51in  Novels and Novellas10/13/084.20

The Nooner

 — Her hubby was gone for the day, so he went for a visit. by Griftersin  Loving Wives10/13/083.32


 — He knows the whole truth, but she doesn't care about it. by Winterfrogin  Loving Wives10/10/084.15

Mother-in-Law Mrs. Pelosi Ch. 01

 — Mature woman finds outlet with son-in-law-to-be. by spitfiresnmin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/07/084.49

Confessions of a Slut Ch. 18

 — I find true love and a favorite position. by RebeccaR51in  Novels and Novellas10/06/084.40

Ace of Spades Club Ch. 01

 — Bored white wives are seduced by a black man. by Karenkayin  Interracial Love09/28/084.25

No Way ___ Sue

 — lightheated if black, view of the subject by Briteasein  Loving Wives09/24/084.03

Just Small Changes

 — I didn't understand but something had changed. by guitarman100in  Loving Wives09/23/084.15

Dating Our Neighbor Ch. 09

 — A white wife dates a black guy as hubby encourages. by Karenkayin  Interracial Love09/21/084.20


 — Lovers struggle with their affair. by FamiliarEnoughin  Erotic Couplings09/20/084.14

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