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Educating Mel

 — A young man aged 18 finally learns. by prevackerin  First Time03/01/154.35


 — A woman chased through the woods by an insatiable man. by TheGreyKnightin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/12/154.62HOT


 — After a period of depression I start to come back to my life. by ptmin  Toys & Masturbation02/10/153.80

The Fall

 — Stood up at the altar, I still go on my honeymoon. by BuckyDuckmanin  Romance01/02/154.27

Another Random Visit

 — I visit you again. by daveclayton1991in  BDSM11/06/144.00

When It Snows Ch. 02

 — My ex-wife Shirley sees how low I've fallen. by Spencerfictionin  Humor & Satire11/06/144.36

A Surprise Visit

 — Your surprised by me at the door (2nd person for woman). by daveclayton1991in  Romance10/31/144.17


 — Though it's inappropriate, they can both get what they need. by humantouchin  Celebrities10/07/144.71

Naughty Little Exhibitionist

 — She thinks she's playing alone... Or does she? by Nymphomanticin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/30/144.08


 — A day in the life. by SilverKey01in  Non-Erotic08/14/143.23

How to Be Alone... And Happy

 — Life's lessons. by Tara_Nealein  How To07/20/144.49

Irrisistible Impulse

 — A mother needs her son. by Moondriftin  Incest/Taboo06/29/144.24

Not So Alone Ch. 01

 — Being alone isn't so bad during a zombie apocalypse. by MissKittyDevinein  NonHuman02/13/144.00

Analisa's Adventures Ch. 01

 — Analisa is naughty, but it's all a secret, right? by opiliain  Toys & Masturbation01/27/144.30

Binding Snow

 — Two lonely souls finally finds the connection they have been. by TheriusTalein  Romance01/22/143.55

Gang Girl

 — When joining a gang you must pass the initiation. by Ashsonin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/18/133.81

A Glimpse Inside

 — Depression affects a romantic relationship. by blackdove55in  Non-Erotic12/04/133.61

All By Myself

 — When one door closes, another opens. by the_shiresin  Toys & Masturbation10/29/134.37

Karen's Tale Ch. 01

 — It all starts at a toy store... by CarolinaPeachin  Romance07/15/134.34

Dark Passion of M. Ch. 03

 — Mom goes all the way with her son. by Foundryin  Incest/Taboo03/25/134.20

Dark Passion of M. Ch. 02

 — Mother takes matters into her own hands. by Foundryin  Incest/Taboo03/24/134.13

Alone At Home With My Cousin Ch. 01

 — My cousin forced me to be her foot slave. by Ssg25in  Fetish03/24/133.61

Office Fuck

 — A sexy woman left alone in the office gets fked real nice. by xalanzin  Erotic Couplings02/07/134.17

The Last Zombie

 — A solitary zombie tries to go home. by Oldguy45in  Non-Erotic01/25/134.31


 — A young girl finds herself alone. by Silver_inkin  NonHuman12/20/124.16

Alone No More Ch. 02

 — The events that made Vera who she is today. by EmoxRainbowsin  NonHuman12/12/124.18

Morning After and Beyond Ch. 01

 — What Happened Last Night. by elphaba69in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/12/123.67

She's in Bed Alone

 — I'm thinking of you and it's driving me crazy. by coolinain  Text With Audio12/12/123.96

It Was A Dark & Humid Night

 — Just when I thought I was alone... by kc_sweetNsourin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/15/123.68

I See You

 — After a hard day at work I long for you... by creativetalentin  Erotic Couplings08/01/124.40

Assisting Photography

 — Jenny misses her boss Hannah while she is gone on vacation. by BiJesus1794in  Lesbian Sex07/04/123.67


 — She has 45 minutes to herself, whatever shall she do? by Purple_Glossin  Toys & Masturbation05/26/123.98

Sex Toy Uh Oh!

 — Always watch what's under your feet! by Adeanain  Fetish02/23/123.75

Alone at the End of the World Ch. 04

 — Uprising. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male02/07/124.79HOT

First Time with Viagra

 — Writer documents using Viagra for the first time. by jim_bo888in  Toys & Masturbation01/26/123.61

18 and Bored

 — Home alone, bored to death; Ruby decides to play. by RedHairedandFriendlyin  Toys & Masturbation01/15/124.03

Savannah and Colt: Chain Me Up

 — Sav's girlfriend plays a horribly... awesome... trick. by taelifayin  Lesbian Sex12/28/113.26

Brother Bother?

 — Sister and brother discover a deeper love. by kitten1964in  Incest/Taboo12/08/114.30

Tormented Soul Ch. 02

 — Continuing story of the life of the less than average. by vetus_animusin  Non-Erotic11/18/114.37

Tormented Soul Ch. 01

 — The life of the less than average. by vetus_animusin  Non-Erotic10/14/114.45

Hostile Ch. 10

 — Alie and Jake work it out. by Nehkarain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/18/114.76HOT

My Lucky Day

 — Jenny has a lucky day with young Grant. by Moondriftin  Mature06/27/114.36

Stealing a Few Moments in the Shower

 — She spends time alone. by DieDieMyDarlingin  Mature06/19/113.81

And She Cried, "Oh!" Ch. 01

 — Boston's a dangerous place for advice columnists. by Obzezzionin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/03/114.20

Average Joe Ch. 01

 — Joey, learns of his past and moves out on his own. by DG Hearin  First Time05/12/114.53HOT

Time to Herself

 — A busy mom has to pamper herself once in a while. by Irish Mossin  Toys & Masturbation04/20/114.09


 — It's about 3am, and nothing to keep me company. by prettybadkittykatin  Toys & Masturbation04/05/114.08

Hostile Ch. 09

 — Alie tries to explain. Will Jake understand? by Nehkarain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/06/114.79HOT

First Backdoor Threesome

 — He has wife while hubby watches, then gets assfucked. by LaTourEiffelin  Anal02/21/114.40

Hostile Ch. 06

 — Alie starts learning about sex. by Nehkarain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/28/104.82HOT

Hostile Ch. 05

 — Alie's recovery begins. by Nehkarain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/27/104.70HOT

Hostile Ch. 04

 — Jake saves Alie. by Nehkarain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/26/104.78HOT

Hostile Ch. 03

 — Jake discovers Alie. by Nehkarain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/25/104.70HOT

Hostile Ch. 02

 — Alie hunts. by Nehkarain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/24/104.61HOT

Hostile Ch. 01

 — Jake crashes on an unknown planet. He is not alone. by Nehkarain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/23/104.52HOT

Wishful Dreaming

 — You come home late to an empty house. by Nemlepin  Toys & Masturbation12/05/103.20

A Short BBW and Mr Tall & Lanky

 — Three strikes against her: divorced, with child, & a BBW. by onemoreguy1in  Erotic Couplings10/07/103.95

A Stolen Heart

 — The day I got robbed of my principles. by sarah_wondersin  Romance07/27/103.96

Alone in My Bed

 — A story thinking about his cock as I masturbate in bed alone. by Hummingbird38in  Toys & Masturbation03/14/104.11

Dear God...

 — Why did you take him away? by OnlyByMoonlightin  Letters & Transcripts01/26/104.08


 — This lake will get you pregnant. by MaxMarkovin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/04/103.40

The Reluctant Partygoer

 — Not the Christmas she expected. by Maccarin  Erotic Couplings12/02/094.08

Sister Liz and the Werewolf

 — A man becomes a wolf by giving himself over to Satan. by Abdulbentherein  Erotic Horror11/29/094.00

The Real Thing

 — She needed it... by smysecretin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/24/094.17

Diary of a Rose

 — Morning Masturbation. by rosebud_6in  Toys & Masturbation10/19/094.00

Beth Has A Quiet Evening

 — Beth has a quiet evening until a knock comes to the door. by BrimStonezin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/23/093.94

Fatal Mistake

 — Earth's climate change leads to massive problems for people. by madengineer3in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/26/094.00

My Brown Dog

 — A man is locked in a mall/bomb shelter-but something's wrong. by GeneralBethlehemin  Non-Erotic06/08/094.24

Ivy's Rapist Ch. 03

 — And we reach the end. by PrevertedMein  NonConsent/Reluctance01/23/094.27

Ivy's Rapist Ch. 02

 — I continue to use her. by PrevertedMein  NonConsent/Reluctance01/22/094.34

Ivy's Rapist Ch. 01

 — I lay in wait then take her. by PrevertedMein  NonConsent/Reluctance01/21/094.38

A Fantasy

 — Drunk wife being used unknowningly. by namelessnehin  Loving Wives12/08/083.70

Your Hot Flesh

 — I'm alone with you in my car and I want you. by manxlyin  Erotic Couplings10/14/083.18

The Perfect Weekend

 — His daughter's best friend wore the perfect suit for swim. by Bigguyyyyyin  Mature10/06/084.53HOT

His Ella Bella

 — Albert introduces Ella to life after widowhood. by sammies_placein  Erotic Couplings05/26/084.32

The Old Diver

 — Never too old to dive. by Temuchenin  Non-Erotic04/19/084.28


 — Old boyfriend gets revenge on girlfriend who ruined his life. by New_Guy_Azin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/01/083.95

The Shower

 — A spectral encounter. by DaddyHeartin  Erotic Horror02/29/083.87


 — A fantasy? A Dream? A Reality! by curiousbutwillingin  BDSM02/25/084.21

Home Alone for the Holidays, Again

 — There is someone for everyone. Isn’t there? by BOSTONFICTIONWRITERin  Erotic Couplings11/26/074.14

Saturday Jam Session

 — "The family's gone out and I'm here all alone," she said. by Freddy50in  Erotic Couplings11/15/074.19

One Night Ch. 09

 — The drive home and next day. by molly_hunter28in  Novels and Novellas11/04/074.15

Oh, Daddy!

 — Seduced by his step daughter. by SilverCatEyesin  Incest/Taboo10/22/074.18

Passion and Control

 — A night alone turns into a night of passion. by Vandalyzedin  Mature08/27/074.10

The Teacher: Introduction

 — Alone in the world, he begins her lessons. by Kedralin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/20/073.59

Party Time

 — This is about a girl named Kerrie. by LaceyDesirezin  Toys & Masturbation04/26/074.07

Delight Out of Nowhere

 — An unusual development in the boring life of a woman. by Bleeding_Poetin  Romance03/05/074.00

Swaying Nooses

 — Second shift librarian visited me during my graveyard shift. by bruce_chaosin  Erotic Couplings02/16/073.91

The Professional Touch

 — Only a professional can help her relax...and awaken. by Wrtrallin  Erotic Couplings01/26/072.77

Oktoberfest Ch. 02

 — Hijinks of an American backpacker in Europe. by Bleedyearsnixonin  Non-Erotic03/16/063.00

Oktoberfest Ch. 01

 — Hijinks of an American backpacker in Europe. by Bleedyearsnixonin  Non-Erotic03/15/064.25

Pool Side Lust

 — Confident Slut and Stud by the pool. by passionm7373in  Erotic Couplings01/08/064.58HOT

A Night for Master

 — A girl's deep devotion for her Master's wishes. by Shadow_Kyssin  BDSM12/18/053.87

First Night Alone Ch. 02

 — She scared and runs right into big trouble. by teresawrites2uin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/20/053.38

First Night Alone

 — She's left alone and nothing's ever the same. by teresawrites2uin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/19/053.83

Delusions Most Foul

 — A man is confined, and goes mad. by ShaunWin  Non-Erotic07/18/054.00

Photo Ch. 04

 — Unanticipated photograph worthy of display in the Louvre. by WFEATHERin  Fetish06/08/054.32


 — A daydream one shot story. by SilkenOrgasmin  Mature05/09/054.00

A Lonely Heart

 — A lonely wife yearns for love. by csmsmithin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/17/054.42

After The Storm

 — She waits for her lover as a storm rages outside. by Wicked-N-Eroticin  Text With Audio09/21/034.30

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