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Zelena's Story Ch. 02

 — Zelena has her first anal sex. by Beejaynein  Incest/Taboo06/09/104.00

Strap-on Fucked

 — His first time being, well, fucked with a strap-on. by LateAtNight4545in  Anal04/14/104.27


 — Party conversation leads to something new. by gallowspolein  Anal04/08/104.12

Ella's Men Ch. 01

 — Ella seeks two men for pleasure. by bdcatalystin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/03/104.00

Afternoon Delight

 — First time anal love. by Caribbeanwomanin  Anal12/25/094.11


 — Liz gives up her ass. by Lionheart72in  Anal11/20/093.86

Joy's First Anal

 — A sexy evening leads to Joy's first anal fuck. by Buckiowain  Anal10/31/094.30

A Second Chance

 — Better this time? by crazy_babyin  Anal10/23/093.89

Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 01

 — I wondered what it would feel like to be fucked in the ass. by wiley4377in  Gay Male10/22/094.53HOT

Maggie May Ch. 04

 — Maggie eagerly accepts her maiden anal voyage. by johnnieblue44in  Mature10/05/094.61HOT

Never Had I Ever...

 — My husband gives me my first anal experience. by dreamyerin  Anal09/19/093.91

Butt - a Princess!!!

 — Taking her through to submitting her ass. by lordthorusin  Anal09/18/093.92

Our First Time Ch. 02

 — An internet date leads to first time anal fuck buddies. by allitnilin  Anal08/15/093.92

First Anal: Not Really

 — Slut takes it for money. by jaslizin  Anal08/07/093.20

Taking My Ass

 — I want you to take me, there... by towheadin  Anal07/04/094.38

At the Villa Ch. 05

 — Bastard. aaauuchch. aaaaahhh.You bastard. Not in my arse. by uvlas45in  First Time05/28/094.08

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 18

 — Sam loses her anal virginity. by sarahloveittin  Anal05/19/094.30

Enslaved to the Mob Ch. 03

 — Angelique's first anal experience. by darkknight0307in  BDSM04/30/094.46

Don't Tell Mum

 — When parents are out, what can 18 year olds do? by starbelliedboyin  Anal04/19/093.55

A Moonlit First

 — He takes her ass for the very first time. by merelymein  Anal04/17/094.05

Barcelona Beauties Ch. 08

 — A group encounter leads to Lisa's first time with a man. by Artist1in  First Time04/13/094.73HOT

A Mutual Ascent To Ecstasy

 — Multiple fantasies are fulfilled for the first time. by masochin  Anal03/27/093.68

Treating Myself

 — Sexually bored wife discovers her bottom. by Kevstain  Anal03/08/093.89

Hannah's First Anal

 — One couple's first anal experience. by Stringer321in  Anal03/05/093.93

The Girl Next Door

 — Alicia loses her innocence to a much older man. by rockbohunkin  First Time01/27/094.23

Anal Training - Lesson #03

 — Woman completes her preparation for anal sex. by Jack597in  Anal01/26/094.36

Anal Training - Lesson #02

 — Woman continues her preparation for anal sex. by Jack597in  Anal01/25/094.18

Anal Training - Lesson #01

 — Eager woman is prepared for anal sex. by Jack597in  Anal01/24/094.06

The Doctor Diaries Ch. 03

 — Patient introduces doctor to the delights of anal sex. by The Big Bopperin  Anal01/23/094.55HOT

Try Everything Twice

 — Her second experince taught me a valuable lesson. by wife2hotblkin  Anal01/16/093.84

Anal at Last

 — An accountant and his wife enjoy hot anal sex. by Aussie_Tonin  Anal01/10/094.37

Anal Virgin

 — She pops her anal cherry. by Zachs_dreamsin  Anal12/25/083.80

Nina's Story Ch. 05

 — Nina gets examined and violated. by nz_mariein  BDSM12/14/084.43

Anal Explorations

 — New pleasures at the back door. by jacktar48in  Anal12/06/083.93

The Audit Ch. 03

 — Accountant gets everything from Amy, including anal virginity. by SandmanNCin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/01/084.44

Charles and Diana Ch. 10

 — She performs emotionally and gives him her virgin ass. by surober1in  Loving Wives11/28/083.67

A Night with Tricia

 — Teenager discovers good sex and loses her anal virginity. by AnalApprenticein  Anal11/22/084.32

After The Boat Trip: Victoria

 — She had to enjoy her first anal fuck before loosing her cherry. by uvlas45in  Anal11/16/084.31

My Anal Training Ch. 01

 — How she learned to accept a cock in her ass. by RedHawkein  Anal10/21/084.04

Unwanted Visitors

 — Four men have fun with Erin over a long weekend. by luvithardin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/17/084.14

Over The Table

 — She recalls a pleasant morning in the kitchen with her lover. by Wyvernchickin  Anal09/27/084.37

First in the Ass

 — From an anal virgin to an anal slut. by Krazy35in  Anal09/19/084.24

The Jock and the Cheerleader

 — Chet gets to deflower Bailey's virgin ass. by PrincessErinin  Anal08/27/083.88

My Friend's First Anal

 — He helps Caribbean beauty with her first anal sex. by jaipurdudein  Anal08/23/083.10

A Courtesan and an Assassin

 — An erotic space adventure romance. by lordofthewordsin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/03/084.66HOT

Sex and a Single Girl Ch. 14

 — A bum ride! by sue_in_surreyin  Anal07/29/084.57HOT

The Ass Virgins of the Delta

 — When he daydreams, his mind always takes him to the old bridge. by SunrockSinin  Anal06/27/083.54

Revenge is Sweet

 — Young woman sleeps with best friend's father. by lily_annin  Mature06/20/084.55HOT

Relationship Evolution

 — Her desire to remain a virgin leads to alternative love. by Airagonein  Anal06/19/084.19

The Making of an Anal Erotic Ch. 01

 — How his lady discovered the joys of anal erotica. by Matty_Walterin  Anal06/13/084.58HOT

Summer with Grandpa

 — She gives her grandfather her virginity - all 3 of them. by sexygirl76in  Incest/Taboo05/31/084.33

The Flower Girl Ch. 01

 — An older man teaches Yuuka what she likes. by Rob_mDearin  Anal05/19/084.57HOT

Soldier Boy

 — Angel takes it up the ass for her soldier. by keelydurantin  Anal04/01/084.13

Teaching My Wife's Ass

 — Husband takes wife's ass in preparation for three-way. by Tavlorin  Anal03/22/083.92

Anal Pleasure

 — First time anal in a changing room. by joshm10000in  Anal03/11/083.32

My First Bi Experience

 — His sex life takes a further change of direction. by biisgreatin  Fetish02/14/084.39

Finding a Jewel

 — Jaded 22-year-old has his fantasy fulfilled. by MerryPranksterin  Anal01/24/084.64HOT

Mollie and Thom

 — Thom introduce Mollie to the pleasure of anal sex. by greatchoicein  Anal01/18/084.38

Our First Anal

 — A night on the town that lead to ultimate taboo. by AnneandAlexin  Anal01/09/083.83

Sandra Turns Over

 — BBW wife Sandra lets him explore a new frontier. by JorisKHuysmansin  Anal12/15/073.99

Anal Sex: The New Girl Power!

 — Sexy BBW loses anal virginity to black man. by Samuelxin  Anal11/20/072.59

BBW Anal Virginity Auction

 — Female athlete auctions her anal virginity online. by Samuelxin  Anal11/02/072.93

Anal Sex Improves Your Life

 — Woman discovers the joys of anal sex. by Samuelxin  Anal10/24/073.80

Tommy Awakens Ch. 01-04

 — Priscilla awakens Tommy; Tommy loves Sarah. by HotTommy777in  Erotic Couplings10/24/074.60HOT

Price of a Collar

 — Charlotte didn't know her virgin ass would pay her master. by MaxsDandelionin  BDSM10/23/074.31

Tonight Ch. 01

 — She has all day to think about his anal intentions. by live2writein  Anal10/18/074.49

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 02

 — Katie's anal experience. by Freddyj881in  Loving Wives10/01/074.51HOT

Portia's School of Anal

 — She teaches a few friends how to take it. by neargraduatein  Anal09/28/074.59HOT

Courting My Sister Ch. 03

 — Jill seduces dad with a little help from Jim. by Erlikkhanin  Incest/Taboo09/16/074.69HOT

La Mal Fille Bien Foutré

 — Beautiful dancer plays out a fantasy & gets gangbanged. by gynphiloin  Erotic Couplings08/30/074.33

My Sex Life Ch. 05

 — Julie's first experience of Anal Sex. by Slutty_Juliein  Anal08/29/074.48

Take Me

 — Bi neighbour introduces her lesbian neighbour to anal sex. by Shady_Ladyin  Lesbian Sex08/18/074.25


 — This may be Audrey's first time, but it won't be her last. by naughtybabygirlin  Anal08/18/074.27

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

 — He finally asks his wife for what he really wants. by MagicaPracticain  Anal08/17/074.40

All in a Day Off

 — Women are often unpredictable, & Elena is no exception. by Foxnobodyin  Anal08/09/074.31

Way Too Easy

 — Young nurse is helped over her fear of anal sex. by Ton8tyin  Anal08/08/074.66HOT

Sadie Waits

 — As the pink robe is lifted, Sadie waits in anticipation. by WantonTeasein  Anal07/14/073.36

Just a Little Chemistry

 — He teaches her the formula that gets him everything he wants. by silken_desirezin  First Time06/16/074.36

An Awakening

 — New book leads to exploration. by Wish4mein  Anal05/09/074.50HOT

He Fucks My Virgin Ass

 — He takes her anal virginity. by Slut2theHeartin  Anal04/14/074.49

Kate Puts Herself on the Menu

 — 19-year-old's stranger takes her final prize. by knownoboundsin  Anal04/13/074.59HOT

Anal Convert

 — She delves into the joys of anal sex. by Selbrythin  Anal03/19/074.39

Sometimes I'm a Cunt

 — Husband finds pleasure in spanking his new wife. by adamunevenin  Anal03/01/073.28

More from the MBA

 — Sexy Laura gives gives Kevin her ass. by samandrewsin  Anal02/26/074.52HOT

24 Hours Ch. 01

 — A tale of love and lust in the Caribbean. by Girls_cum_firstin  Incest/Taboo02/08/074.44

Exploring New Depths: Together

 — A couple discover the joys of anal sex. by Amorain  Anal01/15/074.10


 — In payment for services rendered. by Robin Pin  First Time01/05/074.43

Cousin Lacey

 — Mark & his cousin share many firsts. by slyc_williein  Incest/Taboo09/26/064.70HOT

Gina Ch. 06

 — Tommy fucks Gina's ass for the first time. by Tommy1982in  Anal08/17/064.44

A Little Side Trip

 — Their first foursome. by Troubador1in  Group Sex07/25/064.26

Matt & Bradley

 — Matt and Bradley become more serious and have anal sex. by almost_braindeadin  Gay Male07/21/063.50

Exploring Tabbi Ch. 02

 — Tabbi experiences her first anal sex. by Teacher4Tin  Anal07/06/064.14

Virgin Butt Territory

 — Getting some butt at the end. by atruesagin  Anal06/07/063.26

Pressed Flowers

 — Young couple's first time with anal sex. by Paul44in  Anal05/05/063.82

Girlfriend's First Anal

 — He gives her a new experience. by standingstonesin  Anal04/04/063.71

Unfolding Ch. 01

 — Couple experiments with first time anal sex. by Selena_Kittin  Text With Audio03/13/064.64HOT

First Time Anal

 — She felt like a dirty, dirty girl – and loved it. by burmohiniin  Anal03/03/063.20

Seamus Ch. 02

 — Seamus takes his best-friend's virginity. by Sachsin  Gay Male02/17/064.74HOT

It All Started With A Bet.... Ch. 04

 — Coach gives her a pleasure she won't forget. by SXY_Hot_Mammain  Anal11/30/054.38

Little Minx Ch. 05

 — Bridget gives up her anal virginity. by Goldeniangelin  Anal11/27/054.57HOT

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