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Birthday Bondage

 — Girlfriend's first time in bondage for boyfriend's birthday. by saxmandan3in  BDSM09/03/144.03

Hot & Bothered

 — Wife wants sex after her run; he has a surprise for her too. by dark_entriesin  Anal08/03/144.30

Me and My Neighbor, the Married Man

 — My neighbor gets a little drunk. by zhwmok1cin  Gay Male07/18/143.90

A Thorn in the Rosebud

 — An older man takes my anal virginity. by caitvickyin  Anal07/17/143.91

Gabby Fucks Three Strangers

 — Gabby pays off a drink with something more than money. by jennahale69in  Group Sex07/11/143.47

Mira Ch. 01

 — A girl upgrades to a new version of her favorite game. by tentaichiin  Anal05/28/144.26

Corporate Whore

 — Abbey becomes anally submissive to her boss. by HeyAllin  Anal05/27/144.21

Karen and Me

 — An uncle and his t-girl niece celebrate her birthday. by Oldguy45in  Incest/Taboo05/21/144.34

Mustang Claire's Gift

 — A career change had separated Clair and Jack. Reunion time. by JakeRockwellin  Anal04/29/144.40

Jen's Revenge

 — Jen's boyfriend helps her get revenge on an old classmate by NenaPattonin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/20/144.04

His Cum Is Mine

 — Ali is Mistress for a day by AlinaXin  BDSM02/20/144.53HOT

Anal Along the Bosphorus

 — A harem recruiter gets to test run the Sultans concubines. by doitrightin  Anal02/19/144.53HOT

AnnaSophia Goes Anal

 — AnnaSophia Robb asks friend to take her anal virginity. by Robertdocin  Celebrities01/24/144.37

Guess What I Saw? Ch. 05

 — Monica, Kelly, and Tony finish what they started. by ErotickWriterin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/23/134.67HOT

First Time For Everything

 — Anal virgin has the perfect next door neighbor! by OwenBurkein  Gay Male09/06/134.15

Garden Pleasure Ch. 02

 — Victorian widow Grace runs away and ventures in a New World. by battleaxe_babein  Anal09/04/134.31

Erika Blossoms Ch. 12

 — Erika makes a date; Tells Jana her fantasy. by SmoovBin  Erotic Couplings08/19/134.38

Erica's Journey of Discovery Ch. 02

 — Erica gives her last remaining virginity to Alan. by Oupa99in  Erotic Couplings07/16/134.62HOT

After Bedtime Ch. 04

 — Daddy takes Kara's virgin asshole. by Goldeniangelin  Incest/Taboo06/18/134.47

Dreaming of You

 — Katie dreams of losing her anal virginity. by love4455in  Anal05/17/133.95

A First, My Friend's Sister Ch. 06

 — They enjoy their roller coster ride of a summer together. by johnwhoknewin  Anal05/03/134.72HOT

90% True Ch. 09

 — How Jen lost her anal virginity. by rhevin  Anal03/06/134.63HOT

How Christi Paid for College Ch. 10

 — Christi needs to pass math, with a professor who's not nice. by gottschalk03in  Novels and Novellas03/04/134.66HOT

An Ass for Valentine's

 — Katrina gives her virgin rear to her lover. by JagFarlanein  Anal01/22/134.25

Experimental Anal

 — First-time anal among young lovers. by princessmaryannin  Anal01/20/134.51HOT

Frozen in Time Ch. 02

 — He freezes time and makes Lorena his lover. by TheLustWriterin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/05/134.45

Cocking a Virgin Ch. 02

 — Taking her virgin ass. by kenya_treein  Anal12/11/124.22

Deepest, Darkest.

 — A sordid tale of a lovers' wet and dirty reunion. by LoveMeForMyThornsin  Fetish11/01/124.45

Meeting Michelle Ch. 04

 — They continue exploring and Michelle loses her anal cherry by masterslave00in  Anal10/07/124.12

Matty Meets Kimmy Ch. 03

 — Matt and Kim's relationship continues to grow. by smithE101in  Erotic Couplings09/19/124.61HOT

Emmanuel and Anna Ch. 03

 — Anna's torment continues as John takes her. by MissPrincessOreoin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/12/123.92

Ally Ch. 01

 — A senior has her boundaries pushed. by BadJin  Anal07/25/123.16

Mr Valens Back Door Policy

 — Lawyer has anal sex with young cleaner. by eroticveronikain  Anal07/14/124.54HOT

Bend Over For Me..Just Like That..

 — He has his first experience performing anal sex. by Justajain  Anal06/27/124.01

Her Toy Takes My Cherry

 — The wife shows me the joys of pegging. by zydrateaddictin  Fetish06/18/124.52HOT

Breaching Gloria

 — Wife enjoys first anal sex. by eroticveronikain  Anal06/13/124.63HOT

In the Gallery Ch. 07-08

 — Dana gives up her Anal cherry. by Vitorioin  Mature03/26/124.61HOT

Kim's Story Ch. 03

 — Kim and Summer meet the Principle. by KimHoneyin  Interracial Love02/15/124.40

Kim's Story Ch. 02

 — I get my anal cherry busted. by KimHoneyin  Interracial Love02/07/124.28

A Fishing Trip, But I'm The Bait Ch. 03

 — Jane finds the road to lust can be bumpy. by stickygirlin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers01/30/124.52HOT

A Fishing Trip, But I'm The Bait

 — A day of many firsts promises a future as Jane. by stickygirlin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers01/08/124.36

Dainty Daphne Ch. 02

 — Daphne gets Daddy to introduce her to anal. by DirtyDirtyDaddyin  Incest/Taboo12/03/114.49

Breakdown in Redlands

 — A long trip from home finds Brian fixing more than his truck. by AKAheyUin  Anal07/16/114.52HOT

Dana - Forbidden Spice

 — Ray takes Dana's Anal Cherry. by tcwild100in  Anal06/15/114.47

Ali's First Anal Play Ch. 02

 — Ali finally breaks the last taboo and has her ass taken. by LucyCanyonin  Anal05/22/114.46

Emma's Anal Seduction

 — Naive teenager loses anal virginity. by JohnPanzerin  Anal05/16/114.28

Charitable Deal

 — Wife sells her ass for charity. by Tdiskin  Anal04/21/113.92

Flexible Booty

 — 18 year old gives up her virgin ass. by Goldeniangelin  Anal04/04/114.35

Ailis is Sold to His Lordship Ch. 03

 — Ali is punished and loses her anal virginity to MacLeod. by Copious_Copulationin  Anal03/15/114.24

Ailis is Sold to His Lordship Ch. 01

 — A young girl is sold unknowingly into sex slavery. by Copious_Copulationin  Lesbian Sex03/06/113.96

Anal Sex With Older Men Ch. 01

 — I loose my anal virginity. by notnice66in  Anal12/15/103.73

L'Affaire C. 11

 — Ally and Jack try something new. by sharkandpenin  Romance11/03/104.57HOT

My Neighbor Has Needs Ch. 02

 — Which comes first, Lust or Love? by worshipper622in  Erotic Couplings08/06/104.46

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 11

 — Patrick and Francis have anal sex for the first time. by jtufin  Novels and Novellas06/14/103.73

Match of the Day

 — Dressed in nylons to be fucked by wife. by trueorfalsein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers05/11/104.34

Ice Road Fuckers

 — Snow forces me to share bed with wife's sister and mother. by trueorfalsein  Incest/Taboo02/18/104.04

Knox County Ch. 08

 — Good things - and bad things - happen to good people. by Rehnquistin  Novels and Novellas06/12/094.77HOT


 — The virtues in having the spare key to my ex's apartment. by Lionheart72in  Erotic Couplings06/12/094.18

Don't Tell Mum

 — When parents are out, what can 18 year olds do? by starbelliedboyin  Anal04/19/093.55

Being Neighborly Ch. 03

 — Friendly neighbors continue to explore their boundaries. by EveningMusein  Anal03/05/094.20

Leah's Super Bowl Lovers

 — Her first group sex with six men. by LeahSandsin  Group Sex01/22/094.54HOT

Anal Virgin

 — She pops her anal cherry. by Zachs_dreamsin  Anal12/25/083.84

Charles and Diana Ch. 10

 — She performs emotionally and gives him her virgin ass. by surober1in  Loving Wives11/28/083.71

First Time Anal Fuck

 — Alice has her very first anal experience. by xxxcutiepiexxxin  Anal11/24/084.40


 — A married woman finds her sexual self. by Vitorioin  Loving Wives11/06/084.12

First in the Ass

 — From an anal virgin to an anal slut. by Krazy35in  Anal09/19/084.23

My New Life

 — Gay virgin submissive takes a chance. by cooksterin  Gay Male09/03/084.34

Emily Black’s Temptation

 — A bored woman ventures into sexual perversions until... by Egmont Grigorin  Fetish07/16/084.18

A New Beginning Ch. 02

 — She gives me a gift. by cuninglinguist61in  Anal07/10/084.56HOT

Backdoor Delivery

 — A torrid affair leads to first time anal. by Intercontinentalin  Anal07/09/083.98


 — I pick Jeremy to be the first to fuck my ass. by Emily_Dickin  Anal07/06/084.58HOT

Julie's Summer Schooling

 — Young woman becomes randy couple's plaything. by Jaymalin  Group Sex12/29/074.61HOT

Anal Sex: The New Girl Power!

 — Sexy BBW loses anal virginity to black man. by Samuelxin  Anal11/20/072.59

Anal Sex: It's My Life!!!

 — Black billionaire collects BBW anal virgins. by Samuelxin  Group Sex11/11/073.23

BBW Anal Virginity Auction

 — Female athlete auctions her anal virginity online. by Samuelxin  Anal11/02/072.93

Borrowing His Friend's Wife Pt. 03

 — John reclaims his wife Deborah after lending her to Martin. by The Big Bopperin  Anal09/24/074.46

Anal Virginity

 — Cindy gets her first taste of anal. by bitterandtwisted80in  Anal08/12/074.19

Bruce Don't Go There

 — His straight buddy introduces him to his dark side. by not_with_my_wifein  Gay Male08/06/073.87

Katie Goes Anal

 — Katie gives her anal virginity to her dad. by johnnymindcrimein  Incest/Taboo06/21/074.28

He Fucks My Virgin Ass

 — He takes her anal virginity. by Slut2theHeartin  Anal04/14/074.49

Kate Puts Herself on the Menu

 — 19-year-old's stranger takes her final prize. by knownoboundsin  Anal04/13/074.58HOT

Mariella's Bottom

 — A Middle-aged woman loses her anal virginity at last. by Otazelin  Anal02/27/074.42

24 Hours Ch. 01

 — A tale of love and lust in the Caribbean. by Girls_cum_firstin  Incest/Taboo02/08/074.43

Lose Yourself

 — An itch that needed to be scratched. by lonniin  Anal11/17/063.71

More Than She Expected

 — Her first time was harder than she thought. by seceretwriterin  Anal08/28/063.88

Caroline Ch. 11.04

 — Second night at hotel and a new 'face'. by Vitorioin  Novels and Novellas05/19/064.94HOT

In The Kitchen

 — Couple tries anal sex for the first time. by emotionalthingin  Anal05/08/064.09

Anally Submissive Gilly Ch. 01

 — College virgin finds BBW coed anally submissive. by evilbuggerin  Anal03/20/064.14

Her Fiancé's Father Ch. 06

 — Jack finds a novel outlet for his frustrations. by rxm76in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/05/054.62HOT

I Saw Mommy Fucking Santa Claus

 — Tina and her Mommy have been naughty girls this year by DrMickin  Group Sex12/01/054.42

Little Minx Ch. 05

 — Bridget gives up her anal virginity. by Goldeniangelin  Anal11/27/054.57HOT


 — Caroline arranges for Mike to have Anna & her mom. by Vitorioin  Novels and Novellas11/23/054.67HOT

Losing My Anal Virginity

 — Amy explores anal penetration for the first time. by PenisEqualsCandyin  Anal08/25/053.77

Beyond Boundaries

 — she submits to His new rules. by subnonniein  BDSM04/11/054.17

Cabana Crazy

 — Two couples go troppo. by juanwildonein  Group Sex08/27/034.42Editor's Pick

Glory Daze Ch. 06

 — By taking only her ass, she gets to remain a "virgin". by Eagle1in  Anal06/05/034.60HOT

Anal Virgin

 — He helps ex-lover lose her anal virginity. by dr_luvs_shavingin  Anal06/01/034.05

Jennifer at St. Ciels Ch. 9

 — Jennifer finally feels the power of anal penetration. by anbkin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/13/014.59HOT

Jennifer at St. Ciels Ch. 8

 — Jennifer continues her performance at the Dinner. by anbkin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/27/014.49

Her Special Gift: The Dress

 — Teacher offers hubsband the gift he missed. by gedda98in  Erotic Couplings04/06/014.35

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