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Curious Roommates Ch. 01

 — My roommate and I explore our sexual curiosity. by mountainkid24in  Gay Male12/28/143.93

Mariana Ch. 05: NYC Massage

 — Derek and Mariana add a sexy redhead to the mix. by elgemowtfin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/13/144.82HOT

Gettysburgh Alone

 — Straight but curious guy forced to deepthroat. by whoisbossin  Gay Male08/21/143.65

Love's Wicked Craft Ch. 02

 — Hannah evolves as Chase's slave and Cat works it out. by Abraxisin  BDSM08/16/144.00

Jamie's Encounter Pt. 02

 — Sexy brunette nympho makes her straight friend turn by fiftyshadesofwadein  Lesbian Sex07/21/144.36

Jamie's Encounter Pt. 01

 — Sexy brunette nympho makes her straight friend turn. by fiftyshadesofwadein  First Time07/18/144.20

College Life

 — Jake and I become more than friends. by historycupin  Gay Male07/07/144.09

Bicurious College Party Ch. 01

 — What started off as a college party turned into a bi-orgy. by bobcat753in  Gay Male06/28/144.10

It Didn't Work Out Ch. 05

 — Bridget's relationship with her girlfriend develops. by -Ripley-in  Novels and Novellas03/14/144.63HOT

It Didn't Work Out Ch. 03

 — Bridget takes the next step in exploring lesbianism. by -Ripley-in  Novels and Novellas03/10/144.51HOT

It Didn't Work Out Ch. 02

 — Bridget is attracted to a female trainer at the gym. by -Ripley-in  Novels and Novellas03/08/144.63HOT

It Didn't Work Out Ch. 01

 — Husband pushes his wife to explore her lesbian fantasies by -Ripley-in  Novels and Novellas03/06/144.34

My First Time

 — The story of how I had my first gay experience. by mryan1920in  Gay Male02/11/144.42

A Curious Day at the Spa

 — Sherry and Charlotte decided to do some exploring. by tk5555in  Lesbian Sex01/15/144.27

Austin's First Time

 — A man explores his bi-curious feelings with a friends help. by Lovetolistenin  Gay Male07/13/134.00


 — A straight girl's first time with a woman. by TooShyin  Lesbian Sex05/23/134.55HOT

College Roommates Meet Ch. 06

 — The truth always comes to the light. by tomthewriterin  Gay Male04/14/134.03

Cockometer Ch. 03

 — The two couples get between the sheets. by voucher776in  Group Sex02/28/134.45

Extended Hours at the Gym

 — Jon explores a side of him he didn't know he had. by bedtimewordsin  Gay Male02/27/134.53HOT

My First MFM Ch. 01

 — My first time sharing a hard cock by CuriousDragonin  Group Sex12/31/124.23

Crossing the Line

 — Straight guy sees what it's all about. by PantherPissin  Gay Male09/02/124.10

Hey Neighbors...

 — He gets to know the couple around the block. by floridastud941in  Group Sex06/06/123.95

Beginning as Friends Ch. 09

 — Will they lose it before they had a chance to grow? by SashaWMin  Lesbian Sex05/25/124.50HOT

Beginning as Friends Ch. 08

 — A revelation of feeling. by SashaWMin  Lesbian Sex04/29/124.58HOT

Curious Kat’s Big Adventure

 — A story of uninhibited sex. by Shotgun59in  Group Sex04/23/124.08


 — A chance encounter fulfills a bicurious fantasy. by Otazelin  Gay Male03/18/124.58HOT

Gettin' Lucky in Vegas

 — Drew doubles up on a weekend in Vegas. by fabfivefreddyin  Group Sex02/13/124.37

Beginning as Friends Ch. 07

 — The friendship is tested. by SashaWMin  Lesbian Sex02/06/124.58HOT

A Dare Gone Right

 — Dildo shopping in a thin summer dress. by sammiconin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers01/08/124.31

Cheating to Cum Slave

 — Bisexual cum eating bondage. by bisexaddictin  Fetish10/11/114.30

A Panty Boy Confession Ch. 01

 — Learning she likes guys who dress spurs confession. by Creativekinkin  BDSM08/05/114.37

First Time With A Girl

 — Girl's bicuriousity leads to a weekend of fun. by lauragirlchatin  Lesbian Sex03/16/114.22

Beyond Vanilla

 — A swinging couple converts vanilla friends. by cloudynightsin  Group Sex01/26/114.63HOT

New Horizons Ch. 05

 — Jim gives it to me in the end! by 69plus1in  Gay Male09/23/104.52HOT

Chuck, Chaps and Beer

 — How two bicurious men get their cherrys popped. by mick60ain  Gay Male08/12/103.83

Bi-Curious Ch. 01

 — Husband and wife discover they want to try something new. by SexxxyCuriosityin  Group Sex07/21/104.32

Mario, Maurice and Me

 — A man confused or curious? by Peccatoin  Gay Male04/05/103.87

Blowjob Training Ch. 01

 — He is too shy to give a blowjob, so he gets lessons. by FlufferBoyin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/14/103.69

Giving Thanks

 — The power of community. by Stephanie_Rosein  Lesbian Sex12/11/094.37

A Girl's Weekend in Amsterdam

 — Porn, live sex on stage and two ladies in a hotel room. by SooBeein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/26/094.51HOT

Like Minded Neighbors Ch. 04

 — Beth masturbates in front of Shelly. by BethBin  Fetish08/19/094.72HOT

An Empty Nest

 — A married woman explores with her daugher's friend. by Rckymtn110in  Lesbian Sex06/25/094.43

Caramel Sundae

 — It all started with that first little lick... by Stephanie_Rosein  Lesbian Sex06/10/094.56HOT

Curious Guy Becomes Bi-curious Pt. 01

 — High school senior house sits for his gay neighbors. by walterioin  Gay Male05/02/094.32

Getting An Itch Scratched

 — First date leads to passion with another man. by Rckymtn110in  Gay Male02/17/094.56HOT

An Afternoon 'Bi' the Pool

 — A guy new to town gets set up with a new friend. by Rckymtn110in  Gay Male02/17/094.37

A Night in Paradise

 — African American swinger's club + Lesbians = Hot Sex. by Stephanie_Rosein  Lesbian Sex12/24/084.59HOT

"Exploring" Gets a New Meaning

 — Ron discovers a side of himself he never knew. by Disbiin  Gay Male12/21/084.48

My Neighbor's Secret Ch. 05

 — I open myself to something new and hard. by Caliber345in  Gay Male12/21/084.45

My Neighbor's Secret

 — I never imagined I was my neighbor's fantasy. by Caliber345in  Gay Male11/24/083.96


 — Two beauties create sparks during a citywide power outage. by Stephanie_Rosein  Lesbian Sex08/03/084.27

Finally Bi

 — Curious guy gets face fucked by a verbal Asian stud. by bi9555in  Gay Male07/15/084.33


 — Two friends explore during a camping trip. by agent5150in  Gay Male05/30/084.53HOT

Bisexual Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 02

 — He & his wife invite Doug to join them again. by member814in  Loving Wives05/16/084.68HOT

Booth Adventures

 — Bi-Curiosity in an adult book store. by lckscknfck7in  Gay Male04/09/084.39

Ad For Swinging Ch. 02

 — Different combinations explored before meet as foursome. by hotpupin  Incest/Taboo03/18/084.46

Hot Session at the Gym

 — He has a bi-curious adventure. by poetlaureatein  Gay Male02/10/084.28

Bi Truth or Dare

 — Couples get together sexual truth or dare ffmm. by upsidedownskysin  Anal01/26/084.31

Bi-Curious Erotic Massage

 — Bi-curious guy is convinced to get an erotic massage. by Luv2pleeesin  Gay Male10/16/074.64HOT

Fantasy fulfilled

 — Wife fulfills one of her husband's fantasies. by poohbr1963in  Loving Wives10/07/074.22

Kimberly Cums Out

 — Bi-curious wife is taken by three strangers. by pallesin  Lesbian Sex10/07/073.62

Brenda and Jennifer Ch. 08

 — The end of the story. by jennifer31_32in  Lesbian Sex08/30/073.68

Brenda and Jennifer Ch. 07

 — Will the married cyberlovers finally meet? by jennifer31_32in  Lesbian Sex07/03/074.48

Brenda and Jennifer Ch. 06

 — Married women cyber with each other. by jennifer31_32in  Lesbian Sex05/20/074.50HOT

Dave's Surprise Ch. 02

 — Dave's curiosity turns to excitement at lusty group affair. by Dneal06in  Gay Male04/10/074.52HOT

Brenda and Jennifer Ch. 03

 — Friends masturbate secretly about each other. by jennifer31_32in  Toys & Masturbation03/20/074.49

College Coed Ch. 01

 — Her first of many wild college adventures. by cum_loving_coedin  Erotic Couplings03/08/074.49

Brenda and Jennifer Ch. 02

 — Bicurious women confess online. by jennifer31_32in  Lesbian Sex02/25/074.22


 — Couple's sex life gets a charge thanks to talented stripper. by secrets2729in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur02/11/074.57HOT

Crossdresser Caught in Act

 — Crossdressed man is caught in awkward position. by HornyShakespearein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers02/05/074.49

After Hours

 — Miranda swore off sex until lunch date with friends. by ade773in  Group Sex02/03/074.24

And In The End

 — Is it the end? Or a new beginning? by BabyJamesBoyin  Gay Male12/20/064.33

Halloween leads to something new

 — Wife's choice of costumes leads to new discoveries for both. by writing_guyin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers12/18/063.87

Homesick for the Holidays

 — Successful musician yearns for home - and something else. by BabyJamesBoyin  Gay Male11/13/064.36


 — Curiosity did not kill this cat. by mikec1010in  Gay Male10/25/064.28

Hatred and Love

 — Hetero guy's homophobia leads him on a journey. by Lion24655in  Gay Male09/11/064.20

Beautiful Skies Ch. 03

 — Seductive new opportunities find bored girl on flight. by AnonymousOnein  Lesbian Sex05/10/064.29

Bethany Ch. 01

 — A little girl begins her journey to lesbianism and more. by bi_sassy_sarah_1987in  Lesbian Sex05/08/064.22

After The Match

 — Bi-curious guy gets his wish. by PBridgemanin  Gay Male02/09/064.05

In Days of Olde Ch. 10

 — Friends become lovers. by Leetahin  Group Sex12/25/054.83HOT

My Swinging Life Ch. 01

 — The story of Jennifer and Keith. by lollipop_bewarein  Group Sex11/22/054.25

Lexi and I

 — Bi-curious girl fulfils desires with email friend. by Haley__Fin  Lesbian Sex11/14/054.67HOT

Big Bot, Sex Hot, Breeder Gets Laid

 — Sex-starved guy gives in to gay colleague's desire. by danielbluein  Gay Male10/14/054.43

Lesbian or Bi?

 — Kirsty thinks she loves Trish, but the fantasies remain. by doomed_angelin  Lesbian Sex10/07/052.58


 — Wife sets husband for gay sex. by yesplease8in  Gay Male09/12/054.58HOT

Are You For Real?

 — Reader asks if author really does what he writes. by curiousonesocalin  Gay Male09/11/054.07

Come To Me Pt. 01-03

 — She's home alone, and ready. by ohsoverysassy14uin  BDSM08/17/054.16

Borderline Ch. 07

 — Chris fesses up. by velvetpiein  Text With Audio07/24/054.49


 — Bi sub hubby is caught with a cock in his mouth. by bisubhubbyin  Gay Male07/23/054.38

Borderline Ch. 06

 — The lovemaking begins. by velvetpiein  Text With Audio07/23/054.23

Borderline Ch. 04

 — Chris asks Paul a question. by velvetpiein  Text With Audio07/21/054.41

Kelly: The Beach House Ch. 01

 — Kelly is introduced to an old 'friend'. by O Rangin  Erotic Couplings07/21/054.42

Borderline Ch. 03

 — Paul and Chris share a shower. by velvetpiein  Text With Audio07/20/054.38

Borderline Ch. 02

 — Chris gives Paul a blowjob. by velvetpiein  Text With Audio07/19/054.28

Borderline Ch. 01

 — Chris comes to Paul with a problem. by velvetpiein  Text With Audio07/18/053.44

Black Cocks are Better

 — Married man finds the cock he needs - & it's black. by reaytobeusedin  Gay Male07/01/054.28

Being Curious

 — Fantasy is coached into reality. by wildtiger60in  Lesbian Sex06/22/054.33

Curiosity Satisfied?

 — Curiousity was one thing –finding out was another. by SimonSays1in  Gay Male06/21/054.64HOT

My First was a Waitress

 — A curious married woman's first lesbian affair. by redhedgrlin  Lesbian Sex06/17/053.65

Foursome Away

 — Terry discovers her bi side in an erotic adventure. by dragoncplin  Erotic Couplings09/14/013.58

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