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Pay Me In Kind

 — Nubile girl is saved only to fall prey to the savior. by kaama69in  NonConsent/Reluctance03/01/154.25

Seduction of an Indian model

 — Photographer introduces young filly to pleasures of roughsex. by kaama69in  Fetish03/01/153.45

Factors of Change Ch. 07

 — An angry black wolf, a rainy morning, and secrets unveiled. by MarieLynein  NonHuman12/31/144.80HOT

Surrender to the Beast

 — Virgin Tasha taken by werewolf wanting to pass on its curse. by SSX1988in  Erotic Horror11/09/144.23

Another Random Visit

 — I visit you again. by daveclayton1991in  BDSM11/06/144.00

Factors of Change Ch. 06

 — A drive in morning traffic, a happy cat, and a plot twist. by MarieLynein  NonHuman10/22/144.81HOT

Temptation Pt. 02: Desire

 — Allison discovers her desires with the strange "man". by NaughtyGlitterin  NonHuman07/18/144.33


 — Allison is tempted by a strange "man". by NaughtyGlitterin  NonHuman07/13/144.36

A Village Vampire Ch. 05

 — It was not an accident. by braindumpin  Erotic Horror06/28/144.40

City Nights Pt. 01

 — A night out becomes memorable, somewhat. by lesyeuxnoirsin  NonHuman06/28/144.40

A Village Vampire Ch. 04

 — The story darkens as he goes all out to get what he wants by braindumpin  Erotic Horror05/05/144.56HOT

A Village Vampire Ch. 03

 — The end of the beginning for our vampire by braindumpin  Erotic Horror04/24/144.33

A Village Vampire Ch. 02

 — Continuing story of a new vampire, his turning-early victims. by braindumpin  Erotic Horror04/01/144.43

Moonshadows Ch. 07

 — She survived the night, but there's a price. by twilight_songin  NonHuman03/24/144.62HOT

Old Man Discovers... Ch. 25

 — Chapter 25 continued. by tnwriterin  Gay Male03/22/144.15

Moonshadows Ch. 06

 — Alone, she's vulnerable to nighttime predators. by twilight_songin  NonHuman03/03/144.65HOT

A Village Vampire Ch. 01

 — The turning and first hunt for a new vampire. by braindumpin  Erotic Horror02/27/144.40

My Dark Angel Ch. 09

 — James wakes up after his encounter with Iōannēs. by taugerin  Gay Male01/19/144.80HOT

Love Bites

 — The convergence of flesh and blood. by Bridget69in  Erotic Horror11/12/134.32

The Lust of A Wolf Ch. 02

 — She is attacked. Will the Alpha save her? by Darksider1029in  NonHuman10/20/134.37

Blood or Love Ch. 11

 — The end of the vampire. (Conclusion) by naturallysweetin  NonHuman10/13/134.66HOT

Blood or Love Ch. 10

 — Face to face with the vampire. by naturallysweetin  NonHuman10/08/134.79HOT

Blood or Love Ch. 09

 — Preparing for the vampire. by naturallysweetin  NonHuman10/05/134.56HOT

Blood or Love Ch. 08

 — The vampire is out there. by naturallysweetin  NonHuman10/02/134.65HOT

We Are the Day Ch. 02

 — Can Taylor handle the truth? by CrackedChaosin  NonHuman10/02/134.69HOT


 — I show my girlfriend word zones. by dudewithapen2in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/25/130.00

Rough Quickie with an Ex

 — Rough reward for you. by takingyouthereksin  BDSM05/31/134.00

Daddy Caught Me Masturbating

 — Was daddy watching the whole time?? by NeneDeein  Incest/Taboo05/29/133.94

The Thirst Within Ch. 02

 — Zak isn't human, but Oscar doesn't care, where will it lead? by taugerin  Gay Male05/17/134.58HOT

The Ebony Alpha Ch. 12

 — Finding the Luna Stone. by Sultrychocolatesistain  NonHuman03/27/134.75HOT

Mailman Fiasco

 — Sometimes a dog bite isn't so bad... by sexykitten123in  Erotic Couplings01/10/134.17

My Dark Angel Ch. 06

 — James gets injured but their date goes on as planned. by taugerin  Gay Male01/02/134.72HOT

Lunar Dance Ch. 07

 — Tabiti creates her army, Demir proposes to Jozlyn. by sensaninin  NonHuman12/06/124.67HOT

The Thirst Within Ch. 01

 — Oscar finds himself drawn to Zak. but what is it about him? by taugerin  Gay Male11/20/124.43

My Dark Angel Ch. 05

 — James meets Niclaus and finds himself relying on magic. by taugerin  Gay Male09/02/124.61HOT

A Vampyr's Kiss

 — First time for Vampyr and Firestarter. by littledarkonein  NonHuman08/28/124.09


 — A short story/fantasy. by sCr3amer4uin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/02/124.00

The Vampire Next Door Ch. 04

 — Samuel and Helen are found and taken. by Magicangeleyesin  NonHuman04/15/124.69HOT

Hard and Ready, Hot and Heavy

 — Taking out my sexual frustration on the newish boyfriend. by josienicolein  Erotic Couplings02/17/124.16

Love Bite Ch. 08

 — An end to an era... by RavenMoonin  NonHuman02/17/124.42

Pawn Among Wolves Ch. 02

 — She is used in a fight between werewolves. by SmileWhenYouMeanItin  NonHuman02/07/124.67HOT

Jamie's Wild Adventure Ch. 02

 — Jamie discovers Adam's secret. by loranain  NonHuman02/07/124.26

The Vampire Next Door

 — Who knew I lived next to a hot Vampire by Magicangeleyesin  NonHuman01/26/124.36

Bonded by Blood

 — I’d never get those bloodstains out. by missfangbangerin  Erotic Horror01/22/123.88

From Dusk Til Dawn

 — A werewolf finds his mate. by KittenBitein  Erotic Horror01/10/124.43

Obsession: A Love Story Ch. 03

 — Christian's desires darken as the plan unfolds... by dreamalittledreamin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/19/114.03

Technical Difficulties Episode 13

 — A trashy vampire serial. (Ryan and Zach get it on, until...) by LucyHin  Gay Male11/09/114.70HOT

Love Bite Ch. 07

 — Let the healing begin... by RavenMoonin  NonHuman10/28/114.67HOT

Love Bite Ch. 06

 — Passion. by RavenMoonin  NonHuman09/14/114.69HOT

Love Bite Ch. 05

 — Instincts. by RavenMoonin  NonHuman09/08/114.48

Love Bite Ch. 04

 — Lion's Den. by RavenMoonin  NonHuman08/25/114.60HOT

Love Bite Ch. 03

 — Questions and unwanted solutions. by RavenMoonin  NonHuman08/10/114.53HOT

Love Bite Ch. 02

 — Painful memories are brought to the surface. by RavenMoonin  NonHuman07/27/114.51HOT

My Beloved. My Dream. My Vampire

 — A vampire stalks his future love interest. by darkmagik69in  Erotic Horror07/11/114.12

The First Encounter

 — You learn not to say no. Or do you? by danson8705in  BDSM06/22/114.28

Jena's Story: A BBW Story Ch. 02

 — Jena's story continues with boss and wife... by FlowerOfCuriosityin  Group Sex06/17/114.53HOT

A Noble Sacrifice Pt. 02

 — part two of A Noble Sacrifice by DictionDoctorin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/15/114.19

Halloween Fun

 — The party is a scream. by littlegirlnaughtyin  Erotic Horror05/12/113.53

Wicked Weather Continues

 — Josh gives Britney what she asks for. by RedHotLadybugin  NonHuman05/11/114.57HOT

Spring Storm

 — Dangerous weather unleashes her dark side. by Apathalenein  Fetish04/01/114.04

I Was Born This Way Ch. 01

 — Lonely girl meets lonely man who has a secret. by Phoenix30092in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/21/114.33

A Soldier's Gypsy Ch. 05

 — Morgan finds out. by indianfirein  Erotic Couplings01/05/114.56HOT

The Dragon

 — A redheaded goth unwillingly meets a strange man. by VixenVampiressin  Erotic Horror12/21/104.17

And So A Fetish Is Born

 — Love bites, kinky sex, and the perfect woman. by moonlight58in  Fetish08/04/104.18

Lighting Her Fire

 — She had no idea who he was, but she wanted him anyway. by sexynightshadein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/11/104.00

Bitten Pt. 02 Ch. 01

 — Fighting to keep him alive /her first love or her vampire. by VampJenaiin  NonHuman06/24/104.36

The Gilded Cage Ch. 02

 — Jess learns the rules, the hard way. by MelloTin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/12/104.46


 — She's torn between First Love and the Power of a Vampire. by VampJenaiin  NonHuman05/26/104.18

Bite My Cock

 — He tells Jasmine to bite him...bite his hard cock. by Bluzworldin  Erotic Couplings05/09/104.02

An After Work Ass Fuck

 — He comes home after work and fucks my ass. by jenblossomsin  BDSM04/20/104.06

Tales of a Teenage Vampire Ch. 01

 — A teenage vampire must control a once caged beast. by AvisPrototypein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/18/104.26

Lilith Of Fire And Brimstone Ch. 03

 — Lilith's depraved sexual appetite is fed for the first time. by PlasticJanein  NonHuman04/11/104.46

Off the Hook!

 — A young man, a young woman, a crazy party. by Zorgolioin  Erotic Couplings10/24/094.36

Mating Season

 — Deana Returns. by sheppard416in  BDSM07/23/094.08

All Mine

 — A woman has mind-blowing sex with her vampire boyfriend. by AriannaKingin  NonHuman05/16/094.56HOT

Stormy Nights

 — Twilight fan fic, Jasper and Alice enjoying a storm. by CeruleanZeemanin  Celebrities03/17/094.58HOT

Jes Ch. 02

 — Halloween brings out a real life vampiress. by jonmartin22in  Erotic Horror03/02/094.25

My Little Puppy

 — Alice seeks a man to help her tail wag. by Kikoriin  NonHuman01/06/094.62HOT

Blood Bonds Pt. 10

 — Fire and Ice. by phoenixphairin  NonHuman09/11/084.85HOT

The Vampire's Beacon

 — A good old fashioned vampire story. by coldcomfortin  NonHuman08/31/084.53HOT

Behind the Boathouse Ch. 01

 — An affair behind the boathouse fufills his vampire fantasy. by Jeanx2stormin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/06/084.32

Never a Ruby So Deep Ch. 02

 — They find delicious surprises while clubbing. by YourLittleAngellein  NonHuman07/13/084.76HOT

The Popsicles

 — Nice cold treat brings satisfaction in more ways than one. by Teddybearsubmissivein  BDSM06/19/084.50HOT

Weekend Visit

 — A fantasy emailed to a girlfriend. by jonmartin22in  Letters & Transcripts05/28/084.29

Blood Bonds Pt. 08

 — New Beginnings. by phoenixphairin  NonHuman05/17/084.86HOT

Summer Belle

 — Hot day turns into a stormy night. by vixen62in  Erotic Couplings05/01/084.80HOT

Never a Ruby So Deep

 — A sultry night, a pair of lovers, & a kiss of immortality. by YourLittleAngellein  NonHuman05/01/084.59HOT

Eternal Hearts Ch. 02

 — Kylie Minogue explores her new found self. by Nojin  Celebrities02/03/084.45

Haunting Love

 — Love that transcends our realm of thinking. by Rhiannon_Nyxin  NonHuman11/03/074.32

Sometimes, Sex Bites

 — An erotic--yet horrific--encounter with a vampire. by Mac_Gin  NonHuman10/15/074.21

Home on Leave Ch. 05

 — Mom and Mike get some alone time. by barry_ninein  Incest/Taboo10/13/074.58HOT

Forest Encounter

 — Wereanimals, dominate & submission. by WiccanFyirin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/19/073.93

Love Bites

 — Reesa gives Shanda a new experience. by ladylove7169in  Lesbian Sex02/21/074.36

Mercy For Death

 — Vampire has a chance encounter with a whore. by MiddiMediciin  NonHuman01/19/074.21

A Confession

 — A young man shares his secret. by T_Covenantin  Erotic Couplings12/27/064.69HOT

I Want You To Hurt Me, Baby...

 — She writes to him about her bondage fantasies. by candacem4308in  Letters & Transcripts10/14/064.00

Shadows of Ourselves

 — Coed discovers a new, dark side to her ex. by Quinn_76in  Erotic Horror02/04/063.72

Twins in College Ch. 17

 — The holiday break comes to an end for the twins. by WFEATHERin  Incest/Taboo01/08/064.59HOT

Autumn of the Vampire

 — Vampire seeks her out & makes passionate love to her. by SykoSarain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/15/054.37


 — Is the nightmare a forecast of the day ahead? by WFEATHERin  Erotic Horror09/02/054.16

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