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First Night with My Indian Bhabhi

 — Kanchana deflowers her brother's new bride. by SUGUNA123in  Lesbian Sex03/26/153.67NEW

Bath Night Revisited Ch. 05

 — Brooke becomes a 'party favor' at a lesbian birthday party! by Dumpingtonin  Lesbian Sex01/14/154.16

Unlucky at Cards, Lucky at Love?

 — A gorgeous young woman learns the benefits of losing! by Dumpingtonin  Lesbian Sex01/08/154.11

Rollerderby Hotwife

 — Married BBW gives in to lesbian temptation with teammate. by Sliverhivein  Loving Wives09/11/143.97

As I Want You to Be Ch. 02

 — Mia shows the cute boi to her apartment and a real strapon. by LesbianChickLitin  Lesbian Sex08/25/144.68HOT


 — Love and fireworks on the lake. by Saxon Stonedykein  Lesbian Sex08/23/144.75HOT

Lady of My Heart Ch. 06

 — Flying high. by Saxon Stonedykein  Lesbian Sex07/23/144.75HOT

Lady of My Heart Ch. 05

 — The battle begins. by Saxon Stonedykein  Lesbian Sex07/22/144.67HOT

Lady of My Heart Ch. 04

 — Healing a Dragon and sealing a bond. by Saxon Stonedykein  Lesbian Sex07/20/144.82HOT

Lady of My Heart Ch. 03

 — The journey begins. by Saxon Stonedykein  Lesbian Sex07/19/144.64HOT

Lady of My Heart Ch. 02

 — Defender of my soul. by Saxon Stonedykein  Lesbian Sex07/18/144.61HOT

Lady of My Heart Ch. 01

 — Sparks fly between Warrior and Mage. by Saxon Stonedykein  Lesbian Sex07/16/144.51HOT

As I Want You to Be

 — Mia names a stray baby dyke and makes her first time public. by LesbianChickLitin  Lesbian Sex03/04/144.54HOT

Hot Bitch Ch. 03

 — All hope for self control is sent reeling away ... by shysub19in  Lesbian Sex02/06/144.49

Crimson and Clover Ch. 01

 — Butch meets girl. by LesbianChickLitin  Lesbian Sex02/02/144.61HOT

A Rainy Night in London

 — The butch of my dreams is at the bar. by gotherellain  Lesbian Sex12/11/134.45

Butch Ch. 06

 — Ryan and Alex have an encounter. by DaphneXin  Lesbian Sex12/05/134.59HOT

Hallway Princess

 — Divorced woman is seduced by former high school teacher. by CamScorpin  Lesbian Sex12/02/133.93

Sarah's Stud

 — Sarah and Kori are both in uncharted territory. by FiveWolvesin  Lesbian Sex11/08/134.59HOT

An Encounter With Alex

 — Lee meets, and fucks, Alex. by Miscreancyin  Lesbian Sex08/27/134.36

Audrey Escapes The Patriarchy

 — A Butch-Femme Romance. by Rutabaga72in  NonConsent/Reluctance07/22/133.70

A Girl Called Shine: Work and Play

 — Shine blows off some steam with a fan. by qcmastersin  Lesbian Sex07/17/133.82

Annabelle Ch. 02

 — Max the hero. by bwelchin  Lesbian Sex05/09/134.47

Annabelle Ch. 01

 — Max meets Annabelle. by bwelchin  Lesbian Sex05/06/134.24


 — A woman gets taken by her butch cellmate. by BitterIchorin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/21/134.14

Blue Summerhouse

 — In builders the get Tracy and Jack. by MissLisaJonesin  Lesbian Sex03/08/134.64HOT

A Letter to You

 — Story of losing someone. by ThegeekIamin  Lesbian Sex12/29/124.33

Moth to a Flame

 — A degrading, kinky tryst with a heartless butch girl. by ultra_femmein  Lesbian Sex11/20/124.09

Rank River Rd.

 — Butch/Femme. by i_am_martiin  Lesbian Sex11/12/124.56HOT

Somebody That I Used to Know Ch. 03

 — Leaving the past behind and starting a new chapter in Life. by monamantein  Lesbian Sex10/27/124.78HOT

Butch Ch. 05

 — An erotic party in Twin Peaks. by DaphneXin  Lesbian Sex09/12/124.45

The Cure

 — A journey of self discovery. by LiveCatin  Lesbian Sex08/24/124.56HOT

Dog Days

 — A ringtone leads to fun at the lake. by Saxon Stonedykein  Lesbian Sex08/24/124.34

Office Pet Ch. 02

 — Alex stuffs Serena's holes & controls her orgasms. by MonaHazein  BDSM07/18/124.32

Somebody That I Used to Know Ch. 02

 — Sometimes the rules need to be bent. by monamantein  Lesbian Sex06/11/124.79HOT

A Wild Life

 — Bobbie Huskey leads a very wild life indeed! by Saxon Stonedykein  Lesbian Sex03/28/124.48


 — Power can work both ways... by Wallace2424in  BDSM03/14/123.65

Lucky Day

 — A bad day turns good for a southern butch. by Saxon Stonedykein  Lesbian Sex03/11/124.19

I Love Her Motorcycle

 — It was love at first sight! by Closetbusterin  Lesbian Sex12/04/114.26

My Favorite Halloween

 — Nicole finally notices me. by Closetbusterin  Lesbian Sex10/20/114.46

Gender Bender

 — Sometimes it is hard finding the perfect mate. by PAPATOADin  Romance10/14/110.00

How We Became An "Owned Couple" Ch. 09

 — Young couple sign a slave contract with new owners. by watchdwagin  Loving Wives08/04/114.36

Meeting Robby

 — A young lover for Elaine. by Stella_Omegain  Lesbian Sex07/23/114.49

Sadie's Travels

 — Naive Southern girl finds love in the big city. by MercuryLove31in  Lesbian Sex07/09/114.83HOT

Texas Heat Ch. 03: Redemption

 — The final chapter. by MercuryLove31in  Lesbian Sex05/07/114.77HOT

Talking Without Speaking

 — A story about YOU and me and me and YOU. by manpantsin  Lesbian Sex03/08/113.90

Dyke or Queen Choice for Halloween

 — Audrey used the cover of Halloween to step out of the closet. by andtheendin  Lesbian Sex10/12/104.06


 — The male counterpart to my ex-girlfriend. by KansasTroublein  Lesbian Sex03/13/103.00

Butch Ch. 04

 — Alex and Sara are introduced. by DaphneXin  Lesbian Sex02/10/104.44

Willing Prey

 — Straight Lisa meets a persistent Butch bent on seduction. by CaroleS36in  Lesbian Sex02/04/104.44

The Landlord

 — College girl rooms with an older butch lesbian. by hr6183in  Lesbian Sex09/10/094.50HOT

At Last

 — Butch/femme lesbians give in to their desires at last. by kitnkittykatin  Lesbian Sex02/26/094.44

Sunday Shower

 — A lesbian couple enjoying a shower together. by kitnkittykatin  Lesbian Sex02/26/094.44

Doing Dishes

 — Butch/femme lesbian couple have a little strap-on fun. by kitnkittykatin  Lesbian Sex02/19/094.21

Katie Gets Over It By Britt's Help

 — What happens when these two leave the movies? by sexplz_xin  Lesbian Sex02/07/094.27


 — Mature butch & college coed have fling on a remote island. by hr6183in  Lesbian Sex01/09/094.49

How Did That Happen?

 — You lose some, you win some. by Dotrice1in  Lesbian Sex11/06/084.10

The Internship: Consequences

 — A college girl can't get away from her butch lover. by hr6183in  Lesbian Sex10/19/084.52HOT

Butch Ch. 02

 — The girls share strap-on fun. by DaphneXin  Lesbian Sex10/19/084.33


 — Serena finds herself fantasizing about non-butch things. by patricia51in  Lesbian Sex08/31/084.42

The Internship

 — Mature butch woman and college intern find love. by hr6183in  Lesbian Sex08/13/084.55HOT

Clothes Shopping

 — Butch finds shopping more fun than she ever thought. by patricia51in  Lesbian Sex06/14/084.41

Lesbian Home Invasion

 — Two women shopping, bring home more than expected. by Bokimbolin  Lesbian Sex06/13/083.97

Twenty Minutes

 — A nurse falls for her rescuer. by MercuryLove31in  Lesbian Sex05/28/084.65HOT

Queen's Questions

 — Enter a new twist & a reunion. But is it really over? by TMAJOin  Lesbian Sex04/27/084.76HOT

Serena and the Flutist

 — Black butch is surprised by the actions of a petite musician. by patricia51in  Lesbian Sex01/28/084.46

A Night at the Symphony

 — Black butch meets her elegant lover again. by patricia51in  Lesbian Sex01/21/084.58HOT

We're In The Army Now! Ch. 04

 — Our army recruits' adventures continue. by Crew Cutin  Lesbian Sex09/26/074.37

Cate Wows Me with a Surprise Ch. 02

 — Soon to be realized with you, I hope. by Nicolelabellein  Lesbian Sex08/28/074.36

Nosh Nothings

 — Nothing is what it seems. by TMAJOin  Lesbian Sex08/23/074.77HOT

Cate Wows Me with a Surprise

 — Cate turns the tables. by Nicolelabellein  Lesbian Sex08/21/074.33

Extreme Makeover!

 — Dez is about to undergo an amazing transformation. by cand86in  Non-Erotic08/19/074.42

The Queerest Girl I Know

 — Oh, she's definitely queer. by cand86in  Lesbian Sex08/19/073.85

My Bitch

 — She's in heat. by cand86in  Lesbian Sex08/15/073.93

Bend-Over Boifriend

 — A new twist on an old kink. by cand86in  Lesbian Sex08/15/074.27


 — Some women make their men put on heels, and others, well... by cand86in  Lesbian Sex08/15/074.40

Real Butch, Real Woman

 — Chance encounter between two outsiders stirs confidence. by cand86in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers08/15/074.42

Genderfuck Me

 — Your desire and genderbending. by burntbluein  Lesbian Sex04/15/074.23

Material Martyr

 — The stitch pulls tighter and the blood gets brighter. by TMAJOin  Lesbian Sex04/10/074.65HOT

Una Nuova Famiglia Ch. 04

 — A school teacher falls for a thug. by MercuryLove31in  Lesbian Sex04/09/074.76HOT

Una Nuova Famiglia Ch. 03

 — A school teacher falls for a thug. by MercuryLove31in  Lesbian Sex04/08/074.68HOT

Una Nuova Famiglia Ch. 02

 — A school teacher falls for a thug. by MercuryLove31in  Lesbian Sex04/07/074.34

Una Nuova Famiglia Ch. 01

 — A school teacher falls for a thug. by MercuryLove31in  Lesbian Sex04/06/074.39

Texas Heat

 — Car trouble leads to something more. by MercuryLove31in  Lesbian Sex02/06/074.52HOTEditor's Pick

Fulfillment Ch. 03

 — Four-way fun. by Pholkie Phredin  Loving Wives12/23/064.17

Just Juxtapose

 — Yes, it's a whole lot of trouble. by TMAJOin  Lesbian Sex10/17/064.69HOT

The Hardest Answer: Cars

 — Lauren meets some more of Julia's friends. by cawastedyouthin  Lesbian Sex09/19/063.89

Sweet Women: Marsh

 — Auctioning a heart. by SophiaYin  Lesbian Sex05/08/064.74HOT

I Thought She Was Straight

 — Scary movies lead coworkers into each other's arms. by notabutchin  Lesbian Sex03/02/064.43

In the Arms of a Friend

 — A stranger becomes more. by SophiaYin  Lesbian Sex02/09/064.58HOT

Chance Encounter

 — Mature butch lesbian meets a college girl. by hr6183in  Lesbian Sex01/14/064.33

In the Arms of a Stranger

 — Sex as a balm for a heart. by SophiaYin  Lesbian Sex01/07/064.66HOT


 — A waitress is seduced by a stud. by Tastishain  Lesbian Sex12/17/054.48

Felon Failing Fallen

 — Whoever said Hell stays intact during the holidays? by TMAJOin  Lesbian Sex11/25/054.79HOT

The Bushy Butch

 — A hairy butch is just a woman and nothing but a woman. by Vickympin  Lesbian Sex11/15/054.08

Untitled #01

 — Butch/femme couple invites another woman to play. by  Lesbian Sex11/12/054.26


 — Two lesbian couples get it on in the subway. by  Lesbian Sex11/12/054.30

Hot Romance

 — A young blonde falls for a tall hot butch. by BeautyB52in  Lesbian Sex10/18/054.23

London, 1953

 — Old London butch reminiscences on how it all started. by Richard Donnehyin  Lesbian Sex10/14/054.56HOT


 — Is Mavin ready to feel? by TMAJOin  Lesbian Sex10/08/054.81HOT

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