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Punished for Peeking on My Cousin Ch. 04

 — Joyce's mistake earns her a trip to the barn. by PDeanMurphyin  Incest/Taboo10/15/144.31

Danny Darling Ch. 05

 — I now look forward to kneeling between Darling's legs. by bjmichaelsin  Gay Male09/28/144.31

I'm Glad I Missed the Ballgame

 — I am punished by my mistress for a poor attitude. by PDeanMurphyin  BDSM08/14/144.58HOT

Hanson House Ch. 04

 — Amanda's learns anal and gets extra tuition. by mjar65in  Anal08/06/144.27

The Collar

 — Discovering the true meaning of life. by Tara_Nealein  Novels and Novellas08/02/144.78HOT

Dean and Marie Ch. 03

 — Co-workers continue with her little bag of tricks. by PDeanMurphyin  Erotic Couplings07/28/144.41

Dean and Marie Ch. 02

 — Co-Workers discover spanking and toy play in a cabin. by PDeanMurphyin  Erotic Couplings07/24/144.33

Awakening Ch. 03: Penetrating...

 — Emma ups the ante by adding Derek to the equation. by shakenmartini55in  Group Sex04/17/144.68HOT

Peaches and Cream Ch. 02

 — Another TS joins the party. by BiDrew42in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers03/22/144.74HOT

Peaches and Cream

 — A little something extra. by BiDrew42in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers03/20/144.68HOT

Annie's Big Fling

 — Special goodbye to a special man. by mjar65in  Loving Wives07/17/132.58

Mouth and Pussy Fuckers Ch. 03

 — Suspended - BDSM,Oral,Butt Plugs. by MindFuckerin  BDSM05/15/133.89

Mouth and Pussy Fuckers Ch. 02

 — MMF, domination, submission, oral, cunnilingus, anal, butt plugs. by MindFuckerin  Group Sex05/10/133.84

FILF (Fathers I'd Like To Fuck) Ch. 02

 — Two girls are taken to a BDSM club. by Angelscuckin  BDSM05/06/133.87

Native American Nympho Stoner Ch. 07

 — She does weed, then gets fucked up the ass while passed out. by completeexperiencein  NonConsent/Reluctance03/03/133.17

Almost Enough Gangbangs

 — Rachel remembers her gangbangs. by mitchawain  Group Sex02/09/134.14

Princesses Plug Training

 — Part 2 of training princess. by Michele3790in  BDSM01/04/133.78

She Finds Out Ch. 02

 — More cum, More squirt, and an unexpected visitor. by Aquarius1313in  Loving Wives12/26/123.90

Pleasure and Pain Ch. 01

 — Real life master finally meets Slave he met online. by Doxxin  BDSM12/03/123.50

Honey, I’m Home!

 — Did she catch me having too much fun? by Bottom_upin  Fetish08/05/124.13

Making Francesca Ch. 05

 — Frank learns about riding crops. by Spangoin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers07/10/124.13

Loraine's Quest Ch. 01

 — Lifetime quest to become a TV slave becomes a reality. by loraineveritasin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers06/07/124.33

The Hottest Summer Ever

 — College sophomore falls in love with a notorious drug dealer. by SomeGuyNamedKevinin  Erotic Couplings06/07/124.61HOT

Perils of Paula

 — Her big mouth gets her in trouble with a girlfriend's lover. by walterioin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/14/124.62HOT

Toys for Toots Ch. 03

 — Toots and Larry love each other... and lots of sex toys. by Stultusin  Toys & Masturbation03/06/124.42

Getting Paid for Your mistakes

 — Sometimes You get paid for making Your mistakes. by mick60ain  Humor & Satire01/12/124.00

Husband to Master Ch. 02

 — Joe and his new whore explore new things. by MissBored88in  BDSM12/21/114.45

Kidnapped, Trained and Bred

 — Man is subjected to a test to be turned gay. by mick60ain  Gay Male09/19/113.70


 — What my lady did to me. by isadorein  NonConsent/Reluctance08/09/113.64

Emma's Endurance Ch. 11

 — The Inquisitor Makes a Visit. by ladyredmuffin  BDSM07/29/114.21

Emma's Endurance Ch. 05

 — Emma enjoys some playtime. by ladyredmuffin  BDSM07/06/114.22

Emma's Endurance Ch. 03

 — Emma discovers the plugs and meets Sister Angela. by ladyredmuffin  BDSM06/19/114.30

Emma's Endurance Ch. 02

 — Emma learns what pleases her husband. by ladyredmuffin  BDSM06/15/114.31

The Dream

 — Wife's ass gets trained. by Tdiskin  Anal05/03/114.06

Mean Daddy

 — Butt plugs, spankings, nipple clamps - yup, Daddy is mean! by BaileyNytein  Toys & Masturbation04/27/113.75

The Experiment

 — Will Nurse Richey survive Dr. Clair's sexual experiment? by Dakobstahin  Anal02/26/113.83

Divorced and Available

 — She was married and now he finds she's divorced. by egmontgrigor2010in  Romance08/29/104.38

2008 Ch. 09

 — Construction is almost done. Emily has second thoughts. by Scorpio44ain  Novels and Novellas04/28/104.71HOT

Following Instructions

 — Female sub being instructed. by CathyO1955in  BDSM03/19/103.93

Playfulness & Punishment

 — He plays with & punishes His slut. by rosesubslutin  BDSM02/09/104.28

Laura's Weekend of Debauchery

 — Leading Lady seduces naive aspiring young actress. by walterioin  Lesbian Sex01/06/104.34

AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 04

 — The popular beach resort yields some wid women. by walterioin  Anal11/26/094.69HOT

One Week Ch. 03

 — Testing times push Louise to her limits. by Louise69in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/05/094.75HOT

Power Plays Ch. 26

 — Joe and Alayna continue to enjoy their new dungeon. by Ice_Teasein  BDSM10/29/094.69HOT

Second Night in Panties

 — More mother love to a recovering adult son. by SissyJanein  Incest/Taboo10/24/093.78

A Bizarre Corporate Takeover Ch. 01

 — Co-owner and secretary scheme to avoid sale of a company. by walterioin  Novels and Novellas09/22/094.37

Power Plays Ch. 25

 — Alayna and Joe break in the new dungeon furniture. by Ice_Teasein  BDSM08/15/094.80HOT

A Morning in Bed

 — Me and my sex toys. by st3ph1066in  Gay Male06/11/094.25

An Anal Seduction

 — An ass lover seduces his curious neighbor. by walterioin  Anal05/10/094.62HOT

Through Artemisia's Window Ch. 01

 — Fundamentalist Christian woman is corrupted. by Jayded_Lustin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/15/094.68HOT

My MastrMIC

 — You get ready for a night out together. by funinthesun56in  BDSM12/29/084.36

Winter with Aunt Marin

 — 18-year old troubled youth finds aunt is agreeable to sex. by Egmont Grigorin  Novels and Novellas11/23/084.67HOT

A Secret Life Ch. 04

 — Other secret desires are discovered. by ingarlmin  Gay Male11/16/084.74HOT

Evelyn's Debt Ch. 02

 — College student learns price of rebellion. by SplendidSpunkin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/14/084.22

Her Fantasy

 — Sir tells her to write out one of her anal fantasies. by Mistress_Belle_Mortein  BDSM09/14/084.15

A Surprise for a Slave

 — A generous Master gives his slave the ultimate gift. by insatiable_whorein  BDSM05/25/084.06

A Birthday Party for Maria Pt. 02

 — Adriana, Maria, and me. by exjockin  Loving Wives04/22/084.28

I Saw What She Did

 — Sometimes a masochist meets the perfect sadist. by Scorpio44in  BDSM03/25/084.42

A Weekend with 'k' Ch. 02

 — Exploring a mutual fantasy; she submits. by Hubeein  BDSM03/22/084.17

The Wilde Side Ch. 04

 — The trio is joined by Bella who pleases each of them. by StiffClitin  Group Sex03/09/084.38


 — Cheating is a pain. by Scorpio44in  Loving Wives01/09/084.47

Mistress's Vacation Ch. 01

 — Slut invites Mistress to a decadent vacation. by Decadent5in  BDSM09/03/074.52HOT

Anastasia's Journey

 — Can reality ever be as exciting as the fantasy? by DJMariein  BDSM05/31/074.14

Forced Slut

 — Sneaking into her house, he finds her alone. by Itzkatin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/12/074.44

Dear Sir

 — (Letter) Long distance domination. by Maya_deSommerin  BDSM04/27/074.50HOT

Panty Boy Ch. 08

 — Further adventures of Stacy and Megan. by vieuxbleu202in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers03/02/074.72HOT

Panty Boy Ch. 07

 — Megan continues Stacy' feminization. by vieuxbleu202in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers10/09/064.62HOT

Alicia--Another Excerpt

 — Alicia and Phillip's second honeymoon night. by Oldguy45in  BDSM09/30/064.58HOT

Which Will It Be?

 — Mistress requires slave to submit two fantasies. by Amandas_toyin  BDSM04/19/064.13

Shadow Club

 — Kidnapped and forced to serve the Shadow Club. by Subcoliein  NonConsent/Reluctance06/06/053.77

My Little Secret Ch. 02

 — He starts to worry about his new life. by scottca74in  BDSM03/31/053.91

Office Play Ch. 06

 — The first part of Diane's weekend punishment. by Goldeniangelin  BDSM01/26/054.47

Anal Reluctance

 — Wife surprises husband. by vampy vixenin  Loving Wives05/14/044.17

Give Me What I Want

 — She teaches her man to love anal. by analplaypleasein  Anal10/24/034.47

Getting What She Needs

 — This Brat need punishment to Cum. by thick9in  BDSM07/31/033.95

Sister Act Ch. 02

 — Beth and Sandy take turns with strap-ons. by krista3900in  Lesbian Sex06/12/034.28

New Toy; New Boy

 — Practice makes perfect; Monica thinks about Anal sex. by L O Reinsin  Anal01/25/034.17

First Time For Everything

 — Girl introduces best friend to anal pleasures. by lovechild27in  Anal06/05/024.44

My Worst Nightmare?

 — worst nightmare or fantasy come true? by bella26in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/28/013.99

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