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The Five Forms of Kimber Ch. 01

 — Kimber discovers a treasure trove, and a new search begins. by PervOtakuin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/01/154.45

Jessica: The Female Centaur's Love

 — A female centaur love story. by The_Virgin_Priestessin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/25/143.75

Zebra Centaurs

 — How do we test the third candidate for a polygamy? by theilluminaughtyin  Fetish06/14/143.64

My Travels with Clytemnestra Ch. 08

 — An adventure with a human woman and a female centaur. by ZoZain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/08/144.50HOT

The Paranormal Pursuit

 — Suddenly, paranormal creatures abound. by AlmostTimein  Celebrities01/01/144.27

Star Chosen

 — Junus is kidnapped by a centaur filly to be his consort . by Cheznyin  NonHuman07/15/134.60HOT

Gift of the Old Ch. 02

 — Lisa returns and Madi experiences her new powers. by sexgundam666in  NonHuman05/11/134.43

My Travels with Clytemnestra Ch. 06

 — An adventure with a human woman and a female centaur. by ZoZain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/21/134.65HOT

My Travels with Clytemnestra Ch. 05

 — An adventure with a human woman and a female centaur. by ZoZain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/07/134.67HOT

My Travels with Clytemnestra Ch. 04

 — An adventure with a human woman and a female centaur. by ZoZain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/01/134.71HOT

My Travels with Clytemnestra Ch. 03

 — An adventure with a human woman and a female centaur. by ZoZain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/12/124.65HOT

My Travels with Clytemnestra Ch. 02

 — An adventure with a human woman and a female centaur. by ZoZain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/26/124.47

Viridian Ninja

 — The tale of an escaped slave and a deadly forest beauty. by Perentiein  NonHuman11/23/124.88HOTContest Winner

My Travels with Clytemnestra Ch. 01

 — An adventure with a human woman and a female centaur. by ZoZain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/08/124.31

A Walk in the Woods

 — Lisa learns the dangers of the woods. by sexygirl76in  NonHuman08/16/124.14

Horse Play

 — An erotic performer faces the process of becoming a centaur. by Nate_Walisin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/22/124.50HOT

Mila and Balthazar Ch. 03

 — The Orc and the Minotaur face the slavers. by jimmy_jamesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/11/124.50HOT

Roger's Mirka Ch. 04

 — It is a fight for Mirka when a tragedy accures. by masked_maidenin  NonHuman10/11/114.70HOT

The Carousel

 — A carnival carousel gives Katie the ride of her life. by inkytaurin  NonHuman09/08/114.57HOT


 — Shemale Centaurs take advantage of siblings. by Dugfunnyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/05/113.98

Night at Amber's Ch. 03

 — Amber concludes the anal orgy and begins dreaming. by simple_jackin  Anal06/01/113.78

Mila and Balthazar Ch. 02

 — The Orc and the Minotaur form a Pact by jimmy_jamesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/14/114.36

Mila and Balthazar Ch. 01

 — How the Orc Mila and the Minotaur Balthazar met. by jimmy_jamesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/30/114.20

Lorna's Fairy Tale Ch. 04

 — The sprite's attentions become clear. by Manofthehillpeoplein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/23/104.48

Roger's Mirka Ch. 02

 — Mirka is left in Rafa and Isabella's care. by masked_maidenin  NonHuman11/15/104.54HOT

Roger's Mirka Ch. 01

 — The dragon Roger saves Mirka from the slavers. by masked_maidenin  NonHuman10/01/104.53HOT

Isabella Ch. 03

 — rafa's tribe is danger when werewolves come to get Isabella. by masked_maidenin  NonHuman05/01/104.70HOT

The Centaur and the Sea Nymph

 — Escape from a fantasy zoo. by CmdPromptin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/22/104.08

The Thorns

 — Her encounter with a centaur takes an unexpected turn. by Princess_Roflcopterin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/05/104.65HOT

Isabella Ch. 02

 — Rafa gets hurt, and Isabella shows a special gift. by masked_maidenin  NonHuman01/12/104.47

Wyxt and Sia Sinblade Ch. 05

 — Sia decides to put on a bit of a show for her newfound love. by Purrversionin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/11/094.67


 — Isabella is taken by a Centaur. by masked_maidenin  NonHuman01/18/094.37

Love Knows no Boundaries

 — An erotic fairy tale. by corinnagirlin  NonHuman11/22/084.46

Under Centaurian Protection Ch. 04

 — Soren finally takes Julia. by AMY_Monacoin  NonHuman04/09/084.74HOT

Rescue Mission Ch. 04

 — A magic carpet ride to immortality. by WerewolfatNightin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/09/084.73HOT

Under Centaurian Protection Ch. 03

 — Soren shows Julia ways to make love. by AMY_Monacoin  NonHuman03/21/084.78HOT

Under Centaurian Protection Ch. 02

 — Julia is brought to camp. by AMY_Monacoin  NonHuman03/12/084.67HOT

Under Centaurian Protection

 — Soren's story: Third in the Centaur Trilogy. by AMY_Monacoin  NonHuman02/29/084.73HOT

A Centaur's Love Ch. 07

 — The final chapter. by AMY_Monacoin  NonHuman02/19/084.78HOT

A Centaur's Love Ch. 06

 — Humans are spotted. by AMY_Monacoin  NonHuman02/15/084.65HOT

A Centaur's Love Ch. 05

 — Acceptance by AMY_Monacoin  NonHuman02/12/084.63HOT

A Centaur's Love Ch. 04

 — Regrets and Desires. by AMY_Monacoin  NonHuman02/10/084.73HOT

The Man From The Sea

 — Immortal being comes to Earth and brings change. by Samuelxin  Non-Erotic02/06/084.14

A Centaur's Love Ch. 03

 — The Ceremony ignites passion. by AMY_Monacoin  NonHuman02/06/084.69HOT

A Centaur's Love Ch. 02

 — Callum's past is revealed to Lila. by AMY_Monacoin  NonHuman01/31/084.69HOT

A Centaur's Love

 — Callum's story begins. by AMY_Monacoin  NonHuman01/25/084.60HOT

Centaur's Reluctant Mate Ch. 05

 — Their union is sealed. by AMY_Monacoin  NonHuman01/12/084.66HOT

Centaur's Reluctant Mate Ch. 04

 — The ceremony begins. by AMY_Monacoin  NonHuman01/06/084.66HOT

Centaur's Reluctant Mate Ch. 03

 — Rose attempts to leave the camp. by AMY_Monacoin  NonHuman12/27/074.60HOT

Centaur's Reluctant Mate Ch. 02

 — Rose starts to adjust to her new life. by AMY_Monacoin  NonHuman12/21/074.57HOT

Fantasy Forest Ch. 02

 — She awakens in the woods. by ksedrn9in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/16/074.53HOT

Centaur's Reluctant Mate Ch. 01

 — Thayer kidnaps a maiden for his own. by AMY_Monacoin  NonHuman12/15/074.48

The Centaur's Captive

 — A maiden is taken captive by a man-beast. by clcarne70in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/30/074.37

Fae Fantasy

 — The merging of a centaur and a beautiful maiden. by Lady_Roguein  NonHuman06/13/074.01

Centaur's Captive

 — A beautiful human is captured by a handsome stallion/man. by clcarne70in  NonHuman05/01/074.46

Fairy Story

 — An adult fantasy story. by Robin Pin  Humor & Satire01/28/074.11

The Haunted House Ch. 11

 — The town square. by DeannaTroiin  NonHuman05/09/064.68HOT

Centaur Breeding Ch. 02

 — Rolan's story concludes. by Goldeniangelin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/12/054.40

The Lust Of Centaurs

 — Farmer is inspired as centaurs abuse his mare. by Akito01in  NonHuman02/28/044.01


 — Is it his own dream or is the centaur bewitched? by Black Tulipin  NonHuman01/21/043.40

Haunted Centaur

 — The beautiful centaur wonders if he really brings bad luck. by Black Tulipin  NonHuman01/20/043.77

Professor Bumram's Dilemma

 — Witch runs afoul of band of centaurs. by DOOJISMin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/06/034.15

Virginity Roleplay

 — A simulated "cyber chat" where her virginity is taken by centaur marein  Letters & Transcripts02/13/033.79

Email from Greece Ch. 01

 — Rosehip goes to Greece to be with her email friend. by Rosehipin  Loving Wives09/05/014.39

XXXanth Novels: Dana 2

 — Dana makes a deal and pays for it. by Athena_e19in  NonHuman05/01/014.30

XXXanth Novels: Dana 1

 — Dana asks the Magician a question. by Athena_e19in  NonHuman04/23/014.34

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