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 — Cute slave owner claims Rea for his own. by Lessahin  BDSM03/18/154.02


 — Demons. by offtotheracesin  BDSM03/12/154.50

Seven Days of Service - Epilogue

 — The game has finished; where to from here? by Hatsudain  BDSM11/25/144.82HOT

Seven Days of Service - Day 02

 — The first threshold is crossed. by Hatsudain  BDSM11/16/144.78HOT

Deep Undercover Ch. 06

 — Madison gets a peek at the truth...but it may cost her. by JouesRougesin  BDSM11/15/144.77HOT

Seven Days of Service - Day 01

 — An unlikely contest begins - ground rules are set. by Hatsudain  BDSM11/12/144.61HOT

High Society to Chain Gang

 — Wall Street crash- a jailed socialite sells herself to eat. by abroadswordin  BDSM06/04/143.89

Cavern Bay

 — What do the Caverns hold? by guard_sub94in  Erotic Couplings05/26/144.33

Nelly Pt. 01

 — A European slut meets her American master. by sandgoseekin  Erotic Couplings04/09/144.41

Lebanon Hostage Ch. 08

 — We take a trip. by talestitcherin  Gay Male12/20/134.25

Lebanon Hostage Ch. 07

 — Transferred to an apartment. by talestitcherin  Gay Male12/06/134.54HOT

Lebanon Hostage Ch. 06

 — Transferred to an abandoned office. by talestitcherin  Gay Male11/24/134.77HOT

Submissive Retreat

 — Submissive goes to a retreat to relearn the basics. by mick60ain  BDSM09/04/133.42

A Walk in the Dark Ch. 01

 — A walk introduces Nan to her most erotic desires. by AtoZ123456789in  NonConsent/Reluctance04/06/134.00


 — Pop star Donna is sold as a sex slave. by abroadswordin  BDSM08/15/123.89

The Assassin

 — A story of pain, pleasure, death and life. by totakeuinhandin  BDSM05/29/124.58HOT

Abduction Ch. 01

 — Waking up in places that I never went to sleep. by CandiCamein  Erotic Horror04/24/123.44

I See a Red Door Ch. 04

 — A dominant woman and her male prey. by sublockedin  BDSM03/10/124.02

The Last Herd

 — All actions, no matter how big, have consequences. by Slash_Raptorin  Non-Erotic02/23/123.57

Slaves of the Damned Ch. 03

 — Carla and Burcu's secret is no more. by SeleucusNicatorin  Erotic Horror02/12/124.35

Training Her Master

 — A slave trains her already well versed Master. by SheIsNovacainein  BDSM11/28/114.11

The Venus Club Ch. 02

 — Exploring the BDSM scene. by nvioxosin  BDSM11/21/114.50HOT

The Sighs of the Priestess Ch. 04

 — Treachery & the Fall of the City of Uruk. by TaLtos6in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/19/114.87HOT

Training a Cock Princess

 — Devotion to loving The Cock. by Michele3790in  BDSM09/14/113.82

The Sighs of the Priestess Ch. 02

 — The beginning of the priestess' plan. by TaLtos6in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/08/114.79HOT

GOR Fantasy Come True

 — A young man finds himself living on Gor with a Slave. by shocker99in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/01/114.48

Chained Submission Ch. 01

 — Carmen wakes up chained to someone else's bed. by Alainnin  BDSM05/20/114.00

Bathroom Encounter

 — Man teased and dominated in public restroom. by purplewaxin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/01/114.07

Absolute Professional Ch. 02 V. 01

 — A surprise in the Playground. by RoooftheWoodsin  BDSM11/01/104.20

The Ellis Twins - Harlan & Mick

 — Sexy twin brothers take the next step helped by a girl. by AkshunLovein  Incest/Taboo06/17/104.45

My Loving Master Ch. 01

 — A lesson learned. by NekkedKittyCatin  BDSM03/15/104.21


 — Awakening in a strange place, she is taken by him. by PrincessS85in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/08/104.41

Magical Christmas

 — If destiny wants it this way, so be it. by ArtOfLovein  NonConsent/Reluctance12/08/094.49

The Dog Trainer Ch. 01

 — Obedience training from the Mistress. by FableAngelin  BDSM09/10/094.11

The Little Redhead Ch. 06

 — The owner gets a surprise. by SpeakerForTheDeadin  BDSM06/09/094.22

The Little Redhead Ch. 05

 — The owner takes control. by SpeakerForTheDeadin  BDSM06/06/094.14

Teaching Cristina Ch. 02

 — Bubba teaches Cristina a darker side of sex. by likebadfunin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/02/093.96

Midlife Correction Ch. 03

 — Consummation. by dr_mabeusein  BDSM02/28/094.74HOT

Asians for Auction Ch. 01

 — Two Asian coeds are tricked to participate in an auction. by jkimin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/28/093.95


 — His plan to help her conquer one of her fears. by WFEATHERin  BDSM01/14/093.73

Aaliyah and Mr. Anderson Ch. 01

 — Young woman at the mercy of older, alcoholic neighbor. by artsychica34in  NonConsent/Reluctance01/09/094.08


 — A light BDSM story set with old nordic folk lore characters. by Karleksknopin  BDSM11/22/084.00

The Piano Lesson

 — Lorraine teaches Andrew a stern lesson. by dr_mabeusein  BDSM11/13/084.62HOT

Chains in the Candlelight

 — She chains him up, and he loves every minute. by ArmyPandorain  BDSM10/04/084.48

Nikky's Confession

 — Nikky's confession to her hardworking boyfriend. by Msia Exhibitionistin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/29/083.65

An Ordinary Man

 — A sub meets her Master for the first time. by aussie_ellain  Anal09/22/084.39

The Dungeon Master Ch. 04

 — Master Begins. by _kyrie_in  NonConsent/Reluctance06/04/084.37

The Dungeon Master Ch. 03

 — Elayna awakens. by _kyrie_in  NonConsent/Reluctance06/02/084.12

Tina's First Time

 — Tina finally gets what she has spent her whole life craving. by Fred31267in  BDSM05/27/084.18

Dear Kevin Ch. 03

 — This is what I want to do to you next. by garcher27in  BDSM03/25/084.00

Enslaving Ev 01 Pt. 07

 — Ev is auctioned for a night. by The_Bear_Manin  BDSM03/05/084.49

A Night I Can't Escape From Ch. 03

 — Husband finds out what happened during the week by weaponxin  Loving Wives02/21/082.66

Torment: The Princess

 — The princess uses her charms to rule over her people. by Ashynein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/04/083.76

Impregnating Alice Ch. 08

 — Alice meets her match in a dangerous man. by eatourein  BDSM01/19/084.31

My Saturday

 — An evening for lovers. by Dark_Capricornin  BDSM12/15/074.11

i am His, and He is mine

 — Exploring the passion with pain. by Teddybearsubmissivein  BDSM07/20/074.46

Paying the Price

 — You learn how to pay the price. by stephen_sinin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/21/063.96

Photo Snapper Ch. 01

 — Offer of extra work opens more than his eyes. by hotchkissin  BDSM07/05/064.27

Tell Me Something BDSM Related

 — A Master gives his slave an online story. by WFEATHERin  Letters & Transcripts05/12/064.50

Chained Freedom

 — Friends bond over leather and chains. by Marcus-70in  BDSM07/24/054.33

Tears of Sadness, Tears of Joy

 — One date, two graduation ceremonies. by WFEATHERin  BDSM05/08/054.17

The Tandem Chain Dance Ch. 02

 — The chain connects a blonde & a redhead. by Joseki Koin  Text With Audio01/03/053.31

Her Capture

 — A Gorean slave girl is captured in the city of Ar. by simply_cynin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/12/043.51

Riddick in Chains

 — "Pitch Black" star is in chains. by Moonscribein  Celebrities05/28/044.58HOT

Flesh: Prologue

 — A biologist is held as property in a Bolivian village. by Wonderstormin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/15/034.72HOT

Morzhay Cosmetics Ch. 02

 — Doing Jennifer. by dr_mabeusein  BDSM01/30/034.70HOT


 — A new pleasure is discovered. by The Gentle Manin  BDSM12/17/023.50

An Enslavement Ch. 1

 — Kidnapped woman learns to like her torments. by avaloniain  NonConsent/Reluctance05/31/024.25

Being Used

 — Disobedient sub gets used and abused by Dominant. by lfnikita123in  BDSM01/17/023.40

Margaret Ch. 4

 — Sister Bennet gives advice. by richard-newtonin  BDSM10/07/014.34

Sweet Surprise

 — A day the two of you will never forget. by SeductiveSorrowin  BDSM09/27/013.91

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