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Serving Up My Dirty Little Secret

 — Wife teases out the secret of his cream pie fetish. by david73in  Fetish12/21/074.62HOT

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 38

 — The party begins with a humiliating ceremony for the cucks. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives12/20/074.03

Bringing Her Around

 — Thoughts and fantasies on sharing his wife. by socabi50in  Loving Wives12/20/073.85

A Night I Can't Escape From Ch. 02

 — Man almost loses his mind watching man take his wife. by weaponxin  Loving Wives12/20/073.43

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 37

 — Friends arrive early for some kinky preparty fun. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives12/19/074.33

A Night I Can't Escape From

 — Man loses wife to dance partner. by weaponxin  Loving Wives12/19/073.45

Viagra Cuckold

 — Kinky wife loves to abuse cuck with hard cocks. by Anal Slavein  Fetish12/18/074.10

The Maid Will See To You Now

 — Sexy wife plans a surprise for her husband: a French maid. by WickedTemptationsin  Loving Wives12/15/074.22

The Original Sin

 — A pretty blonde wife makes atonement for The Original Sin. by jmcox261in  Interracial Love12/15/074.13

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 36

 — The final preparations are made for a very kinky sex party. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives12/14/074.14

The Wife - Alyce and Her Surprise

 — Alyce presents Dave with an extra-marital gift. by masteryallin  Loving Wives12/14/073.37

Stephanie's Home Surprise

 — Stephanie was told she'd be fucked, but not by whom. by masteryallin  Loving Wives12/14/074.14

Little Things Kill Ch. 01

 — His wife's boss opens her eyes to his 'shortcomings'. by Lumberjackedin  BDSM12/14/074.03

Roger Harder Visits Swappington Ch. 01

 — No nonsense American makes changes to English village. by Nigela Lamontin  Loving Wives12/13/074.15


 — Husband shares wife with another guy. by elia_cdlin  Loving Wives12/12/073.75

Why I Love Black Men

 — An Asian woman explains her fetish for black cock. by blacklovrin  Interracial Love12/10/074.13

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 34

 — The women throw a very kinky party. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives12/10/074.13

My First Encounter With Maryann

 — A closet subs first encounter with a dominant woman. by buttercupboyin  BDSM12/09/074.41

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 33

 — Barry fucks Julie before they walk through the new house. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives12/05/074.32

To Late to Talk About It

 — Something we need to talk about, another sequel to Niccie's. by RealDocin  Non-Erotic12/04/073.82

Perchance to Dream

 — He dreams of her with another man - but is it just a dream? by mixoscopistin  Erotic Couplings12/01/074.29

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 32

 — Sandra returns home after spending the night with Roger. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives12/01/074.30

Fucking My Friend's Wife

 — There's nothing more exciting. by UP2Uin  Loving Wives11/30/073.77

Mother-in-Law Inspects the Goods

 — Her mom looks into relationship problems. by SissyHubbyin  Incest/Taboo11/30/073.00

Teresa's Torture!

 — Bobby's Mum was in an underground BDSM porno film. by cuckoldbobin  BDSM11/27/074.39

Humiliated By Our Guests

 — She is awakened, he is humbled. by SissyHubbyin  Fetish11/24/073.74

Helping My Wife to Cheat

 — Wfe tries cheating with help from husband. by derridain  Loving Wives11/24/074.11

My Husband the Virtual Cuckold

 — Wife cheats with online lovers, then tells husband. by blacklovrin  Loving Wives11/22/073.26

Wife Deborah Is Taken By The Boss Ch. 10

 — Innocent wife is now a full prostitute. by wifelvrmanin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/19/074.01

Caught Ch. 04

 — His fantasy of wife with black man continues. by eroghostin  Interracial Love11/19/074.38

The Gardner

 — Hot wife seduces young gardener. by gandrolin  Mature11/19/074.12

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 30

 — Stevie and the girls go to Baxter's and meet new friends by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives11/17/074.29


 — Wayward male submissive is recaptured by his Mistress. by macccerin  BDSM11/16/074.03

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 29

 — Julie and Stevie go college shopping. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives11/14/074.27

Cuckold Beginnings Ch. 02

 — A relationship is ruined, and a fantasy is taken too far. by tehwatcherin  Loving Wives11/14/073.04

Cuckold Beginnings Ch. 01

 — How his cuckold lifestyle began. by tehwatcherin  Loving Wives11/13/073.86

Satisfying Rachael

 — After the first orgasm, her husband couldn't satisfy her. by licksitin  Loving Wives11/13/073.53

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 28

 — The girls party with other guys while Stevie goes to Dallas. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives11/12/074.08

Kim Uses Me Again

 — He visits Kim for dominatrix fun. by gandj130in  Group Sex11/11/073.96

It Was HIS Idea

 — Request for wife to cuck him became her fun. by Leggy_Teaserin  Loving Wives11/11/073.90

A Man, Two Women, and a Cuckold

 — Husband begins a journey into cuckolding. by grizzley123in  Loving Wives11/10/073.67

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 27

 — After buying the house the realtor fucks Julie on the table. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives11/08/074.32

Fun with My Young Lover

 — She has fun with while her husband watches. by gandj130in  Loving Wives11/08/074.16

Sold in Singapore

 — A wife sells herself in Singapore sex trade. by orientaddictin  Loving Wives11/08/074.02

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 26

 — Sandra is late for a meeting because of a date with Bob. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives11/07/074.25

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 25

 — The girls return from their parties with a little surprise. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives11/03/074.33

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 24

 — Sandra and Julie take Stevie to an unusual night club. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives11/02/074.15

The Allotment Ch. 03

 — Final part of the old codger gets his way. by lucy54in  Loving Wives11/01/074.34

The Making of a Slut Wife: Marilyn

 — Pretty blonde wife is made into a black-cock loving slut. by jmcox261in  Interracial Love10/31/073.88

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 23

 — Sandra and Julie feminize Stevie. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives10/30/074.17

Cum Vampire Ch. 01

 — She gains immortality with a hitch to suit her slutty ways. by policywankin  NonHuman10/30/074.29

The DeVilles Ch. 01

 — The Good Neighbor: hellish influence descends on Blanton. by MonikerSmithin  NonHuman10/28/074.60HOT

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 22

 — Sandra and Julie party with two real estate agents. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives10/26/074.29

A Creamy Birthday Present

 — Neighbours help her give a creamy present to husband. by DiggerDavein  Fetish10/26/074.68HOT

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 21

 — Sandra, Julie, & Stevie have a kinky little ceremony. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives10/24/074.30

The Beautiful Seduction

 — Wife seduces virgin friend with her husband's consent. by Lord_Londonin  Loving Wives10/24/074.15

Abuelo Ch. 02

 — Lactating Latina housewife seduces Grandfather. by venuzianin  Incest/Taboo10/23/074.63HOT

A Perfect Match in Paris

 — Satisfying trip with friend's wife, then they share her. by Lord_Londonin  Loving Wives10/23/074.12

Michael's Visit

 — An old friend joins in a hot menage-a-trois. by Lauries Husbandin  Loving Wives10/21/073.83

From Open to Shut: I am Cuckolded!

 — Wife shuts the door on their open marriage. by grizzley123in  Loving Wives10/20/072.75

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 19

 — Sandra humiliates Stevie in front of their realtor. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives10/19/074.34

Halloween Mom

 — Costumed teen takes sexy mother on back lawn. by scouriesin  Incest/Taboo10/19/074.22

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 18

 — Stevie drives Sandra to a hotel to meet a lover by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives10/16/074.31

Suburban Style

 — The sequel to Suburban Strip: the next level. by Nottinglyin  Group Sex10/14/074.62HOT

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 17

 — Stevie comes home and finds Sandra with another man by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives10/14/074.27

An Anniversary Present

 — He is cuckolded on his wedding anniversary. by grizzley123in  Loving Wives10/14/072.92

The Alley of No Return Ch. 20

 — Revenge is a dish best served cuckolded. by fursmoke11in  Fetish10/14/074.54HOT

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 16

 — After a wonderful day, Sandra informs Stevie she has a date. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives10/12/074.30

Journey of a Cuckold Ch. 05

 — Mayuri becomes Shrini's mistress in the new millennium. by vyasyain  Loving Wives10/12/074.43

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 15

 — Sandra proposes to Stevie and hears some news. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives10/08/074.31

Fantasy fulfilled

 — Wife fulfills one of her husband's fantasies. by poohbr1963in  Loving Wives10/07/074.21

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 14

 — Sandra acts out a fantasy with Stevie. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives10/07/074.32

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 13

 — Stevie tells Sandra his plan. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives10/05/074.21

An Unexpected Catch

 — Three old ex fisherman get their best catch in an old hotel! by LEATBTin  Group Sex10/03/074.40

A Cuckold for the Night

 — She made him a cuckold for the night. by luvulongtime507in  Interracial Love10/03/073.63

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 12

 — Stevie calls Sandra. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/29/074.06

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 11

 — Stevie tells Julie about his fantasies. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/28/074.26

Rosh Hashana Blessing Ch. 02

 — Rosh Hashana fun continues. by tangeerinein  Loving Wives09/28/073.19

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 10

 — In the midst of a lonely celebration, Stevie gets a visitor. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/27/074.17

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 09

 — Stevie gets an email from Sandra. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/26/074.09

Becoming a Voyeur

 — He catches his wife in the act. by manhattan77in  Loving Wives09/20/073.30

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 08

 — Stevie imagines Sandra in the arms of her lover. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/19/074.01

The Alley of No Return Ch. 10

 — A wife is thrilled to be bad again. by fursmoke11in  Fetish09/19/074.28

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 07

 — Stevie encounters Sandra at a dinner party. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/18/073.93

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 06

 — Stevie discovers Sandra's terrible secret. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/17/073.94

Jocasta Complex

 — Candace can't stop cheating on her husband with her sons. by Oeddiein  Incest/Taboo09/16/074.07

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 05

 — Sandra and Stevie experiment with sexual domination. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/15/074.24

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 04

 — Two new lovers discuss their relationship over dinner. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/14/074.29

Borrowing His Friend's Wife Pt. 02

 — John leaves his friend alone with his wife. by The Big Bopperin  Loving Wives09/14/074.52HOT

Young Man for Wife

 — Wife wants a young man in bed, with a twist. by afj69in  Incest/Taboo09/13/073.78

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 03

 — He explores his submissive desires with her. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/13/074.28

Risking Judy Ch. 05

 — Judy and the boss go to a private island. by Chris Seagatein  Loving Wives09/12/073.83

How It All Got Started

 — Man must submit to Master before wife gets pleasured. by weaponxin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/09/074.09

Coming Out

 — A wife teaches him to eat cum and suck cock. by Gizmo19in  Loving Wives09/09/074.24

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 02

 — Shy young man is seduced by a beautiful woman. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/09/074.28

I Lost the Poker Game Ch. 04

 — New rules and new uses for Sean. by belted and teasedin  BDSM09/09/074.54HOT

I Lost the Poker Game Ch. 02

 — Sean experiences shame...Maria experiences ecstasy. by belted and teasedin  BDSM09/08/074.31

Tanya Takes It Up The Ass

 — Private investigators punish slut-wife for her infidelity. by DrMickin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/07/074.05

Father's Day

 — A story about coming-to-America and Becoming. by RedskullWhitehatin  Novels and Novellas09/07/074.20

Creampie Rewards Program

 — Sign me up today! I want to be a frequent eater. by sharingissogoodin  Fetish09/06/074.43

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