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Sandra and Stevie Ch. 13

 — Stevie tells Sandra his plan. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives10/05/074.21

An Unexpected Catch

 — Three old ex fisherman get their best catch in an old hotel! by LEATBTin  Group Sex10/03/074.39

A Cuckold for the Night

 — She made him a cuckold for the night. by luvulongtime507in  Interracial Love10/03/073.62

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 12

 — Stevie calls Sandra. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/29/074.06

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 11

 — Stevie tells Julie about his fantasies. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/28/074.26

Rosh Hashana Blessing Ch. 02

 — Rosh Hashana fun continues. by tangeerinein  Loving Wives09/28/073.19

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 10

 — In the midst of a lonely celebration, Stevie gets a visitor. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/27/074.17

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 09

 — Stevie gets an email from Sandra. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/26/074.06

Becoming a Voyeur

 — He catches his wife in the act. by manhattan77in  Loving Wives09/20/073.29

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 08

 — Stevie imagines Sandra in the arms of her lover. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/19/074.01

The Alley of No Return Ch. 10

 — A wife is thrilled to be bad again. by fursmoke11in  Fetish09/19/074.28

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 07

 — Stevie encounters Sandra at a dinner party. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/18/073.92

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 06

 — Stevie discovers Sandra's terrible secret. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/17/073.94

Jocasta Complex

 — Candace can't stop cheating on her husband with her sons. by Oeddiein  Incest/Taboo09/16/074.06

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 05

 — Sandra and Stevie experiment with sexual domination. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/15/074.23

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 04

 — Two new lovers discuss their relationship over dinner. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/14/074.30

Borrowing His Friend's Wife Pt. 02

 — John leaves his friend alone with his wife. by The Big Bopperin  Loving Wives09/14/074.51HOT

Young Man for Wife

 — Wife wants a young man in bed, with a twist. by afj69in  Incest/Taboo09/13/073.78

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 03

 — He explores his submissive desires with her. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/13/074.28

Risking Judy Ch. 05

 — Judy and the boss go to a private island. by Chris Seagatein  Loving Wives09/12/073.82

How It All Got Started

 — Man must submit to Master before wife gets pleasured. by weaponxin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/09/074.10

Coming Out

 — A wife teaches him to eat cum and suck cock. by Gizmo19in  Loving Wives09/09/074.24

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 02

 — Shy young man is seduced by a beautiful woman. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/09/074.27

I Lost the Poker Game Ch. 04

 — New rules and new uses for Sean. by belted and teasedin  BDSM09/09/074.53HOT

I Lost the Poker Game Ch. 02

 — Sean experiences shame...Maria experiences ecstasy. by belted and teasedin  BDSM09/08/074.34

Tanya Takes It Up The Ass

 — Private investigators punish slut-wife for her infidelity. by DrMickin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/07/074.06

Father's Day

 — A story about coming-to-America and Becoming. by RedskullWhitehatin  Novels and Novellas09/07/073.67

Creampie Rewards Program

 — Sign me up today! I want to be a frequent eater. by sharingissogoodin  Fetish09/06/074.43


 — New wife reluctantly helps hubby's career at fundraiser. by luciarochesterin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/06/074.12

Borrowing His Friend's Wife Pt. 01

 — John sends his wife to his friend when the friends wife dies. by The Big Bopperin  Loving Wives09/04/074.46

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 12

 — Husband has cleanup chores after his wife's lover leaves. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/03/074.10

A Matter Of Attitude

 — Attitude throws stud out of the saddle. by luvpsyin  Loving Wives09/02/073.50

With My Husband's Permission

 — Wife begins an extramarital affair with a black coworker. by Ellenryanin  Interracial Love09/01/073.86

Anthropological Expedition Ch. 02

 — Husband & wife scientists journey into the jungle. by yourteddybearin  Loving Wives09/01/073.96

The Ultimate Wimp

 — A man, his wife, her lover, & the awful neighbors. by Bigdenvermanin  Humor & Satire09/01/072.86

More Than You Asked For

 — Be careful what you ask for; she may give you more. by Isabel_Blyssin  Fetish09/01/074.30

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 11

 — She lets another man fuck her while husband watches. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/01/074.16

Cuckold Humiliation

 — Dominant wife is in the mood to go dancing at a local club. by cuckcreampieloverin  Loving Wives08/31/073.71

Double Standards

 — She can, but he can't. by hairy4135in  Loving Wives08/31/072.84

A Cuckold is Seduced Ch. 02

 — The cuckolding is consummated. by wants2bsubin  Loving Wives08/31/074.20

Asian Date

 — Asian wife's affair found on video tape. by Billybond06in  Loving Wives08/29/073.20

Risking Judy Ch. 04

 — Judy begins to enjoy the boss's gifts. by Chris Seagatein  Loving Wives08/27/074.19

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 10

 — A wife brazenly brings another man home. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives08/26/074.18

A Cuckold is Seduced

 — Black bull wins white husband's consent to pursue his wife. by wants2bsubin  Loving Wives08/25/074.21

Coquette and her Cuckold Ch. 03

 — Husband taken to extremes. by Clayton Longin  Loving Wives08/24/074.40

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 09

 — Wife tells her husband she's bringing a man home. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives08/23/074.25

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 08

 — His wife taunts him as he drives her to a nightclub. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives08/21/074.17

At The Grindhouse

 — Couple's visit to an adult cinema leads to a wild time. by Catesbyin  Loving Wives08/20/074.45

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 06

 — A dominant wife toys with her submissive husband. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives08/16/074.27

A Taboo Affair

 — His wife has an affair with a black man. by 1711in  Interracial Love08/16/074.03

Risking Judy Ch. 03

 — Judy submits to the boss. by Chris Seagatein  Loving Wives08/15/074.16

Tease Ch. 02

 — Husband gets sloppy seconds. by rene_txin  Loving Wives08/14/073.88

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 05

 — She feminizes her husband then plans to cuckold him. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives08/13/074.07

Open Marriage Ch. 11

 — Faith and Hank put on a show for a cuckold. by Karenkayin  Interracial Love08/12/074.22

Coquette and her Cuckold Ch. 02

 — His wife teaches him some new strokes in the pool. by Clayton Longin  Loving Wives08/11/074.37

Hostess with the Mostest

 — The busty hostess singles him out in a crowd. by LanceVin  Erotic Couplings08/11/074.44

Our New Business

 — Couple buys a hotel; cuckolding ensues. by litman2in  Loving Wives08/11/074.12

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 04

 — She and her husband revise the rules of their marriage. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives08/09/074.24

Maureen, My Queen of Spades

 — White wife has a thing for black cock. by nocluescoobyin  Interracial Love08/08/074.11

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 03

 — She learns about her husbands fantasies. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives08/08/074.24

Creampie Cuckold Humiliation

 — First time being cuckolded and how it all started. by cuckcreampieloverin  Loving Wives08/07/074.33

The Office Party

 — The office party yields a few surprises. by jnw001in  Gay Male08/07/074.43

Risking Judy Ch. 02

 — Husband reluctantly helps boss pursue Judy. by Chris Seagatein  Loving Wives08/06/074.13

Four Fabliaux

 — An account of a sample of Medieval sex stories. by Cal Y. Pygiain  Reviews & Essays08/05/074.19

Marital Competition: Everyone's Loss

 — Wife's long term adultery leads to tragedy. by RealDocin  Loving Wives08/04/074.23

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 02

 — Married couple discuss her freedom to play around. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives08/03/074.22

Moving Day

 — Sara confronts me about toys found during move. by ready2subin  BDSM08/02/074.30

Brenda and Bobby

 — An adventurous wife learns she is free to have affairs. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives08/02/074.25

Lizzie Ch. 02

 — Sam's special bond with Lizzie. by SamFrenchin  Fetish08/01/074.61HOT

Thou Shall Commit Adultery

 — Slutty wife confesses to her sinful ways. by Catesbyin  Loving Wives08/01/074.10


 — Amazonian stranger introduces him to a new lifestyle. by HerLittlePiggyin  Loving Wives08/01/074.15

The New Neighbours Ch. 01

 — Wife opens up to two ball playing neighbours. by stevietin  Loving Wives08/01/074.32

Love Thy Neighbor?

 — Couples compete for real estate & sexual dominance. by cffreakin  Fetish07/31/074.63HOT

Natalia's Bitch Ch. 02

 — Natalia's femdom saga continues. by proprietrixsin  BDSM07/28/073.75

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 11

 — The anniversary party. by nocluescoobyin  Loving Wives07/27/073.94

Cuckold in the Making

 — He wants her blacked, or does he really? by SamMcsterin  Interracial Love07/27/074.14

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 10

 — The situation grows even more sexually charged. by nocluescoobyin  Loving Wives07/26/074.19

Journey of a Cuckold Ch. 04

 — Sameer finally gets a taste of Rohini. by vyasyain  Loving Wives07/24/074.44

The Allotment Ch. 02

 — The Old Codger gets the wife again. by lucy54in  Loving Wives07/23/074.40

Whole Famn Damily Ch. 05

 — He has rough sex with his aunt. by oedipalin  Incest/Taboo07/23/074.55HOT

What Do You See In Him?

 — Her husband wondered about her choice of men. by TopflightWifein  Loving Wives07/22/073.92

Good Neighbors

 — His wife tries the man next door. by CXXXLewisin  Loving Wives07/20/073.83

Michelle Teaches Husband a Lesson

 — Strong-willed wife gets revenge on husband. by deven7934in  BDSM07/19/072.92

A Black Baby, Maybe?

 — White wife is talked into sex with a Black friend. by Deena472in  Interracial Love07/19/074.02

Cuck Dreams Ch. 02

 — Husband and wife follow different paths for same Master. by mdp_2004in  BDSM07/15/073.91


 — Colleagues help each other out. by SamFrenchin  Fetish07/11/074.67HOT

From Curious to Cuckold

 — A vacation threesome doesn't go as planned. by cplin  Loving Wives07/11/073.81

Suntan Voyeur

 — You invite a voyeur over for a nude swim. by John49686in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/09/074.11

She Couldn't Help Herself

 — He wants his boss to make his wife a slut. by elia_cdlin  Loving Wives07/09/074.11

Angel & Naughty: Dinner

 — Steven dirty talks Todd's wife as he fucks her sister. by Steven_Dessmirin  Group Sex07/06/074.36

Wife Deborah Is Taken By The Boss Ch. 03

 — Deborah is pimped; husband forced to watch & clean her up. by wifelvrmanin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/30/074.29

Risking Judy Ch. 01

 — Boss pursues his employee's young wife. by Chris Seagatein  Loving Wives06/30/074.03

Journey of a Cuckold Ch. 03

 — Rohini & Sameer make contingency plans for the weather. by vyasyain  Loving Wives06/26/074.25

Married Cocksuckers, Deb and Jerry

 — Surprisingly he's pleased to find his wife is a slut. by quutooin  Loving Wives06/22/074.20

Journey of a Cuckold Ch. 02

 — Rohini ensures the seeds sprout and the roots grow deeper, by vyasyain  Loving Wives06/22/074.25

Same Ol' (Sci-Fi) Story

 — An unsuspecting male, a cheating fem, and the male’s revenge. by SoCalOvidin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/19/074.44

Paula: An Unfaithful Wife? Ch. 02

 — Sequel to the story by MelnMe. by OpenMouthin  Interracial Love06/15/073.17

The Ex

 — Ex-girlfriend invites him over. by the_scribblerin  Loving Wives06/10/073.40

You Can't Do That

 — A wife feels she should take a lover. by Harddaysknightin  Loving Wives06/08/074.53HOT

Spiral Into Oblivion Ch. 02

 — Brother controls Terry's wife as a sub-slut. by Dr_Knowin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/07/073.47

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