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After Hours Alicia Ch. 13

 — Alicia bargains at Bargain Mart... by NewAgeEroticain  Group Sex11/22/144.12NEW

Anything For You, My Dear Ch. 02

 — Danny and Sue continue to try new fantasies. by JustALittleCrazyin  Group Sex11/12/144.23

Arms of the Ocean Ch. 11

 — Another tour of the inside of a dungeon. by TheWanderingCatin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/04/144.86HOT

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 78

 — The Palm Springs Affair. by hollywoodjimin  Erotic Couplings10/28/144.78HOT

Adventures in Rosieland Ch. 03

 — Rosie & Steve, the morning after the night before. by SteveGxin  Loving Wives10/16/143.50

A Young Wife's Journey

 — Inexperienced wife begins first job. by trikeboy5in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/12/144.20

A Week on the Lake Ch. 01

 — Recently dumped, Will vacations with two couples. by Megamuffinin  Group Sex09/24/144.66HOT

A Voyeur Pays the Price Ch. 04 (Epilogue)

 — An eventful reunion for Peter, Heather and Claire. by LaVoixin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/01/144.73HOT

Arthur's Story Ch. 01

 — Arthur could never fathom the night life of his girlfriend. by ViceaRoniin  Group Sex07/22/143.52

Another Interlude

 — Mystery man and new woman. by uglyman2378in  Erotic Couplings07/08/144.50HOT

Arrogant Auntie v Naughty Nephews

 — To the victors go the spoils. by sammbelttin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/29/144.32

Annabelle Ch. 03

 — Our heroine prepares for the Hard side. by interqueenin  Interracial Love06/25/143.86

Adultery on the High Seas

 — A wife's voyage into debauchery. by Cadizin  Erotic Couplings03/02/144.36

Annie's Double Fun

 — She really takes two guys at once. by mjar65in  Group Sex01/16/144.35

Ashley's Dark Times

 — Unforgettable interracial encounter. by redking99in  Group Sex10/14/134.20

Afternoon at a Love Hotel

 — Sharing my Japanese girlfriend with two buddies. by ZzyzyxRoadin  Group Sex10/08/134.38

Abducted Ch. 02

 — Two friends join her captor to take their turn with her. by thisgirlistroublein  NonConsent/Reluctance09/30/134.13

As My Wife Rides the Stranger...

 — Seduction and trickery allow a couple to fulfil a fantasy. by DominoVinkein  Group Sex07/01/133.70

All for One

 — A woman experiences her threesome fantasy . by VendiVulpesin  Group Sex05/13/133.92

Ally Ch. 06

 — Ally tries to get her video back. by BadJin  Group Sex02/27/133.65

Almost Enough Gangbangs

 — Rachel remembers her gangbangs. by mitchawain  Group Sex02/09/134.13

Ally Ch. 05

 — Ally is introduced to group sex. by BadJin  Group Sex01/17/133.96

Abused at Work by My Evil Boss

 — A secretary is ambushed by her boss' brutal ass treatment. by sydneydomin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/11/123.85

Ashley's Going Away Party Ch. 01

 — They can't send her away without a "BANG!". by drdirty8in  Group Sex12/07/123.82

A Triangle of Angel, Demon, Human

 — Draco gains freedom - and some happiness. by JosephGibbsin  NonHuman12/02/123.57

AC Repairs

 — Redhead tenant's complaints in heat wave yield mixed results. by beauguestein  Interracial Love12/01/124.33

Ashleigh's Carnal Friends Ch. 12

 — Ashleigh gets her gang bang. by a_diamond_geezerin  Group Sex11/13/124.11

Alex Tests Sarah Ch. 07

 — Alex & Sarah make use of Jess & Marco - Sarah gets DP. by Alexandsarahin  BDSM09/15/124.00

Amy Pond: The Big Bang

 — Amy Pond thinks a gangbang may be just what she needs. by leon01in  Celebrities08/08/124.49

An Offer He Can't Refuse

 — A quiet dinner leads to MMF threesome. by jimmybcklin  Loving Wives08/08/124.08

Abbie's Summer

 — Inexperienced student finds passionate fulfillment. by abigailcin  Anal06/07/124.74HOT

Anne and Tom Ch. 04: Vegas Pt. 03

 — Her fun after the swingers club continues. by scojo14in  Loving Wives04/05/124.22

Ariadne and The Chair

 — A woman in a futuristic world enjoys a fucking machine. by LaChatteNoirein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/05/124.20

An Uneventful Visit

 — Robert and Deepthi have a visitor for an uneventful weekend. by writingn00bin  Loving Wives03/24/123.62

Amber Butterfly Ch. 06

 — Johnson manipulates Amber into an orgy--filmed of course. by Longshadowin  Group Sex03/13/124.55HOT

A Threesome With Katie

 — I share an exciting evening with Katie and her husband. by FitJimin  Loving Wives01/09/123.62

Alraune Mandragora

 — Walking in the woods, Marna falls into a sunken hollow. by wafflecone111in  NonHuman11/29/114.11

A Vixen's Desire

 — Birthday delights. by Mavrixin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/20/114.29

Amy's Gangbang Dream Comes True

 — Amy turns into a cock hungry slut at her first gangbang. by luckylucasin  Group Sex09/05/114.30

Alicia's Adventures

 — Asian wife brings home a stranger for threesome with husband. by ltp799in  Loving Wives05/04/114.39

Amber's Enchantment Ch. 05

 — Some truths come to light, to then horror of some Destrans. by dweaver999in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/20/114.69HOT

A Trucker Team Takes My Wife

 — Hotwifes learns that truckers often work in teams. by houseboyservitudein  Loving Wives07/21/103.70

A Wife's Fantasy

 — Her journey begins. by NorwegianWood79in  Loving Wives04/03/104.02

Anniversary Gift

 — He gives his girl a special present at a hotel. by ExpeirmentalGrahamin  Group Sex03/17/104.14

After Ripeness Fades

 — Washed-up model becomes a willing submissive to three brutes. by fastandsloppyin  BDSM02/26/104.36

April's Anal Adventure

 — April admits her fantasy of being DP'd. by damonXin  Anal02/01/104.62HOT

Ann the Chocoholic

 — Tonight Ann gets a fix for her addiction. by bbflashgordonin  Group Sex01/09/104.19

Art, The Story Ch. 05

 — Arilla dresses Arty as 'Annie' and inserts a new toy. by art4realin  Novels and Novellas01/09/104.54HOT

Ann: A Love Story Ch. 46

 — After the party ends, Neil and Ann have the afterparty. by mimasterin  Erotic Couplings11/20/094.83HOT

An Avid Viewer

 — A husband makes a discovery. by CafeExtremein  Group Sex10/01/094.08

All the Perks

 — She wins an all-inclusive vacation, but gets extra perks. by RejectRealityin  Group Sex09/07/094.56HOT

Ann: A Love Story Ch. 38

 — Going home, Ann takes Neil downtown. by mimasterin  Erotic Couplings09/02/094.69HOT

Abby's Lesson in Sexual Relations

 — MaryBeth tries to teach her daughter Abby to be modest. by RedRooster45in  Incest/Taboo07/26/093.73

Anal with American's in Oxford

 — Victoriaslice enjoys some American Cock at the University by Victoriaslicein  Anal07/24/093.80

All I Ever Wanted Ch. 03

 — An ex-wife's tale. by 0131ajin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/28/094.30

Ann Gets Her Wish

 — Hot fun in the Southwest. by vk6033in  NonConsent/Reluctance06/25/094.19

All I Ever Wanted Ch. 02

 — Ex-wife entertains husband and stranger. by 0131ajin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/18/094.31

An Uncertain Fate Ch. 02

 — Maggie learns that what people watch turns into what they do. by bluechick1976in  NonConsent/Reluctance05/28/094.37

As I Am Told

 — F is ordered to serve her boyfriend & his business partners. by alluringprospectin  BDSM05/03/094.06

A Wife's Fantasy

 — Wife's pleasure from reading. by Stringer321in  Loving Wives03/19/094.08

Adventures in Camping

 — Brad goes on a camping trip with his friends. by BradBigBrainin  Group Sex12/31/084.55HOT

An After Party Christmas Present

 — Husband gives his wife a very fun after party christmas gift. by AnythingGoes2008in  Group Sex12/07/084.16

A Very Lucky Man

 — Harley 'meats' two lesbians. by oPENsexin  Group Sex11/05/084.58HOT

A Threesome to Remember

 — Couple is mesmerized by a sleek youth & his huge tool. by libidinalin  Group Sex09/20/084.43

Adam's Family Ch. 04

 — Two at a time for Becky and Christine. by LesLumensin  Incest/Taboo05/27/084.69HOT

Ad For Swinging Ch. 03

 — Sex gets wilder as fifth joins in by hotpupin  Incest/Taboo03/19/084.48

An Aspiring Goddess's Photo Shoot Ch. 02

 — The Goddess evens up. by ex_expatin  Loving Wives02/16/083.85

Alexi's Massage

 — A massage gets out of control. by angstypleasurein  Group Sex01/07/084.07

An Afternoon with Rachel

 — A beautiful woman enjoys the attention of three men by deepblue32in  Group Sex10/22/074.41

An Unexpected Meeting Ch. 02

 — At Tom and Pam's house after the nudist club. by istanbulnoirin  Loving Wives09/26/074.19

And Mother Makes Four Revisited Ch. 10

 — Families, friends, teachers and students. by walterioin  Incest/Taboo09/16/074.70HOT

And Mother Makes Four Revisited Ch. 09

 — Kim & Sandy visit Marla's family; other action abounds. by walterioin  Incest/Taboo09/06/074.69HOT

And Mother Makes Four Revisited Ch. 08

 — Active weekend for parents, students & at Marla's. by walterioin  Incest/Taboo08/24/074.61HOT

And Mother Makes Four Revisited Ch. 06

 — Three families enjoy each other as students do, too. by walterioin  Incest/Taboo08/10/074.68HOT

A True Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Jade and Nick finish what they started in the tub. by J-Nitein  Erotic Couplings07/20/074.42

And Mother Makes Four Revisited Ch. 02

 — The Senior Class girls and new students & families. by walterioin  Incest/Taboo07/19/074.56HOT

And Mother Makes Four Revisited Ch. 01

 — Marla's family and teachers continue their sexual activities. by walterioin  Incest/Taboo07/14/074.74HOT

A Trip to Melbourne

 — A couple finds some new playmates. by hornypair85in  Group Sex05/13/074.22

Amy's Story Ch. 06

 — Amy’s Ménage à trois by venturer15in  Interracial Love04/27/074.44

Amy's Story

 — What Amy did next. by deepblue32in  Group Sex04/04/074.52HOT

All Things to All People Ch. 02

 — Time's running out while Cythia learns what's happening. by dweaver999in  Mind Control03/21/074.48

Abused Masseuse

 — A massage session turns into a forced foursome. by REINER BENTin  Gay Male01/18/073.82

An Experience to Remember

 — Her first experience with three major sexual events. by Pain_Janein  Group Sex12/26/064.26

An Air Tight Fantasy Comes True

 — Reading won't make it happen, will it? by Save the Worldin  Group Sex12/07/064.14

A Transit Stop at Bangkok Airport

 — A short transit stop, and a memory of a lifetime. by ex_expatin  Erotic Couplings08/11/063.93

Ace in the Hole

 — A drama filled story of double penetration. by miss_apple_tartin  Group Sex08/10/064.03


 — A long-time chat friend comes to visit. by passiflorain  Loving Wives08/09/063.69

Afternoon Delight: The Switch

 — Her boyfriend made her fantasy come true. by Promiscousgyrlin  Group Sex07/21/064.18

A Wedding Gift For Darcy

 — Some old home movies are always appropriate. by Mike Franklinin  Toys & Masturbation06/14/064.11

A Valentine Date to Remember

 — Wife's date to dinner party. by jakeiupin  Loving Wives03/02/063.76

An Icy New Year

 — Alice gets burned by Jake, then gets revenge. by Rodrigo Santeriain  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/27/064.30

An Aspiring Goddess's Photo Shoot

 — Long term friends stay that way, except for one night. by ex_expatin  Loving Wives11/19/054.35

Amber's Dark Secret Ch. 01

 — Her secret is bound to be trouble. by erinluvsjay04in  BDSM11/06/053.96

Afternoon Delight

 — Frisky friend makes it a threesome. by SueandStevein  Loving Wives10/27/054.25

And Three Makes Company

 — Husband and friend surprise sunbathing wife on her b-day. by LuciousBi-Writes4Uin  Group Sex10/03/054.06

Adventures of Ariel

 — Ariel is watched during her first group sex. by celestijain  Group Sex08/29/054.02

As You Say Sir, and Yes Mistress

 — A light bondage threesome, with DP. by SpikesNaughtyGirlin  Group Sex06/01/054.47

Anniversary Sex

 — Her gift is in the bedroom. by shapeshifter37in  Erotic Couplings05/15/054.33

A World of Possibilities

 — Valentine's Day snowstorm leads to second chance. by Gauchoin  Group Sex02/18/024.44

Amy's Double Dildo Delight

 — Amy experiences double dildo penetration. by Hudsonin  Toys & Masturbation01/08/024.35

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