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I Thought We Were More Ch. 17

 — The debut of Dr. Electrogasm. It's gonna be shocking. by DrElectrogasmin  Fetish03/17/153.00

The Life of Miranda Ch. 02

 — Miranda learns the rules and more. by willingsubbieslutin  BDSM02/21/153.83

Before The World Ends...

 — Sleep deprived woman begs for a gangbang. by ChokoLitStixxx332in  Interracial Love11/13/142.94

I ain't the Elevator Man, Bitch Ch. 03: Restored to Service

 — PattySue sees the elevator, put back in service by black fireman and young thug. by ChokoLitStixxx332in  Interracial Love11/12/144.15

I ain't the Elevator Man, Bitch Ch. 02

 — Black fireman deepthroated in a public elevator. by ChokoLitStixxx332in  Interracial Love11/09/143.96

I ain't the Elevator Man, Bitch

 — Woman panics when she gets stuck alone in an elevator with young black thug. by ChokoLitStixxx332in  Interracial Love11/06/143.41

One Hundred Knots

 — A slut's visit to the chamber-the details. by electrik1347in  BDSM10/25/144.50

Adult Corn Maze Only!

 — Katrina makes her way through a provocative corn maze. by thelezforleslezsin  Erotic Horror10/20/144.39

Scene from a Gynoid Service Station

 — A beautiful woman-like machine is repaired and charged. by Case21in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/06/143.70

Sandra Ch. 04

 — Lori gets caned fifty strokes for a master. by Taunusin  BDSM09/06/143.21

Emmy's New Kinks Ch. 12

 — Nick's family punishes Emmy. by cactusaurin  BDSM08/23/144.61HOT


 — A BDSM erotic thriller. by VWSingerin  BDSM08/02/144.21

Shock Therapy

 — A little bit of electricity never hurt anyone... by LadyAydenin  Fetish07/14/144.19


 — Persuading her to cross the ultimate line. by odubhslainein  BDSM06/28/143.20

Frustration Pt. 02

 — A night out on the town becomes an evening of sexual torment. by kalkstein1970in  BDSM04/17/144.46


 — Peter meets a pro domme on the Los Angeles beach. by MustangKathiin  BDSM02/07/144.60HOT

Ghost in the Wires

 — Sibley summons an exotic being. by thewintersofaugustin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/07/144.47

School for Lesbian Subs Ch. 05

 — Meal time, public punishment by Tankpoetin  BDSM01/18/144.30

Hannah Ch. 07

 — Leather, electricity, Hannah tightens the screw... by AndreaJordanin  BDSM10/05/134.32

Kept Hard

 — A little electric shock and I get two hard cocks. by Darkwatchin  BDSM09/30/134.13

A Factory Girl's Examination

 — A rebellious sex factory worker is tested in alt-1929 USSR. by Case21in  BDSM07/09/134.22

CFNM Alien Encounter

 — Man abducted by alien women for sexual research. by sexywriter777in  NonConsent/Reluctance03/04/133.49

Tales From The Psych Ward 06: We Are Not Alone

 — Cassie and I visit a BDSM Circus. by The_Technicianin  BDSM12/26/124.34

Scientific Pet Ch. 02

 — She meets her mate, and they mate like rabbits in a cage. by HotTamale13in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/03/124.12

Lollipop Porn Bitch

 — Amusing Terminator rip-off with a deus sex machina ending. by black7spadesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/24/122.50

Heart of Steel Ch. 01

 — A man endures a trauma from which he must recover. by HammerGodin  BDSM10/13/123.91

Using You Ch. 02

 — A demure woman aptly treated. by Ravisher71in  BDSM09/28/123.93

Ice Gives Way to Fire

 — A sinister queen breaks the mind of a rebel. by HammerGodin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/08/123.71

Lost and Not Found

 — College girl gets drugged, abducted, machine fucked. by im_the_dude_broin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/15/124.02

Enhanced Interrogation Ch. 04

 — Cole and Aleks splash around. by Doctor_Teasein  NonConsent/Reluctance05/29/124.44

The Lust Boat Ch. 02

 — Shanghaied! But she's not enjoying it, is she? by Lexinatrixin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/08/124.32

The Industrial Elf Ch. 04

 — The departure. by TaLtos6in  NonHuman03/04/124.75HOT

Alexia Accumulates Punishment

 — Alexia accumulates punishment during her day of surprises. by gab365in  BDSM12/31/113.93

Mary Returns to Sato's Studio

 — Mary again submits herself to Sato's tender mercies. by anon1940in  BDSM12/07/114.62HOT

Rita Ch. 04

 — Sebastian puts Rita in a Cage, with electrodes attached. by Taunusin  BDSM08/03/113.66

Gearing Up Ch. 01

 — Intrepid hero begins to gather equipment fit for adventuring. by wierdwolfatnightin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/29/114.11

Sable and The Supers Ch. 04

 — New horizons. by Falcinatorin  Mind Control04/13/114.67HOT

The Doctor is In

 — A fantasy fulfilled. by redhdin  Fetish02/01/114.21

Housebound Ch. 05

 — Jen and Amber are bound to be broken on the Gemini machine. by Doctor_Teasein  BDSM12/08/104.63HOT

Winter Warming Booth

 — Ona gets far more than a quick warm up. by beast5in  NonConsent/Reluctance11/19/103.92


 — A dirty little Slut and her Master. by ShadowofHopein  BDSM02/25/103.65

Sinaya's Journey

 — A sex-crazed doctor is forced to perform her duties. by sengmengidain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/17/103.91

Hot Savanah Night

 — One sided "cyber sex" conversation written for a girl. by hotkarl44in  Letters & Transcripts11/16/094.05

My Own Heaven Ch. 30

 — Heather is tested while she upacks and learns a new trick. by DaniSub215in  BDSM10/27/094.52HOT

Housebound Ch. 04

 — Emma makes a break for it. by Doctor_Teasein  NonConsent/Reluctance09/28/094.63HOT

Housebound Ch. 02

 — Bound and frustrated, the girls find some relief. by Doctor_Teasein  Lesbian Sex07/27/094.22

Housebound Ch. 01

 — Katie wakes up bound, gagged, taken, teased--and not alone. by Doctor_Teasein  NonConsent/Reluctance07/24/094.10

Heart of a Demon Ch. 03

 — Her incubus master shows her the local flora. by TwistedPassionin  NonHuman07/04/094.55HOT

FO Experimental Group

 — Scientists inflict pleasure on the unwilling. by berg57in  NonConsent/Reluctance05/30/094.43

Sleepless Ch. 05

 — Jane Smith and Toy Euler. by Taunusin  BDSM05/19/092.86


 — Toy Euler uses Jane Smith to obtain information. by Taunusin  BDSM05/06/092.00

The Pool

 — Two people who can't stand each other go for a dip. by the_eddiein  Erotic Couplings04/13/093.84

Master of the Universe Ch. 06

 — My Ling pierces, stretches and wires Harry's sensitve parts. by kelmagin  BDSM12/22/084.35

The Calm Before the Storm

 — Struggling with whether to awaken her. by WFEATHERin  BDSM10/22/084.43

The Dance

 — Do you know just how badly I want you? by Somaticin  Romance10/12/084.15

Stranger Than Truth Ch. 06

 — Valerie has it out with Barry to save the movie by dweaver999in  BDSM03/15/084.83HOT

Little French Kisses

 — On a hot french date. by Chelestein  Erotic Couplings10/14/074.45


 — Dance partners hook up on the way home. by Chelestein  Erotic Couplings10/01/074.08

The Interrogation of Lisa

 — Lisa undergoes BDSM to Become more for Jon. by Thorrein  BDSM07/15/073.85


 — He's testing a new device on you. by WFEATHERin  BDSM07/11/073.23

The Path of Pain Ch. 01

 — Kidnapped by her government, trained as an interrogator. by Silver_Magickin  BDSM07/03/074.07

Stephanie My Cum Slut Slave Ch. 04

 — Two sluts get shocked. by niteowl2003in  BDSM06/27/073.95

Valerie Ch. 10

 — Valerie and Sally's handfasting ceremony. by dweaver999in  BDSM05/10/074.78HOT

Role Play to the Extreme

 — Daisy and Jack get a professional involved. by Thorrein  BDSM03/03/074.58HOT

Role Play Again

 — Jack submits to Daisy. by Thorrein  BDSM01/31/074.07

Role Play

 — Daisy and Jack live out a BDSM fantasy. by Thorein  BDSM01/02/074.39

Normally I Am More Reserved

 — She finds a cure for boredome with you. by second_dayin  BDSM12/31/064.42

Flying Fur

 — Jack demonstrates his new invention to his unsuspecting wife. by Worker11811in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/19/064.53HOT

Senatorial Secrets Ch. 08

 — Light BDSM for Savannah & Mitch in this chapter. by RedHairedandFriendlyin  BDSM12/13/064.56HOT

Hailey's Journey Ch. 05

 — Hailey's awful, horrible, terrible,dreadful, appalling day. by nanmarin  BDSM07/09/063.83

Learning to Submit Ch. 02

 — Slave Violet gets broken in. by sweetpink1in  BDSM05/05/063.45

The Wicked Sorcerer

 — His spell of temptation has been cast. by southernmagnoliain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/27/054.50HOT

Blackout Molestation

 — With nothing else to do during a blackout. by WFEATHERin  Romance10/31/053.43

Girlfriend Ch. 02

 — Simple physics lessons make this girl eager to learn more. by Davids822in  Erotic Couplings09/15/054.37

Kate's Capture Ch. 04

 — They arrive at an island,Kate attempts an escape. by PassionStJohnin  BDSM06/27/054.51HOT

Kate's Capture

 — Kate is taken by slavers on the ocean. by PassionStJohnin  BDSM05/13/054.47

The Hands

 — Please, no, this can't be happening... by Sir_Nathanin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/03/054.44

The Indoor Age

 — A rant about a whole hour spent without any electricity. by Chickletin  Non-Erotic06/09/033.93

Lessons in the Basement

 — Master leaves slave for another to punish. by TXPleasurein  BDSM01/21/034.12

Electric Thrills

 — An electric scene she will never forget. by just_collaredin  BDSM08/24/013.55

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