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My Man's Surprise

 — Surprising my man for his birthday. by MonicaJane6969in  Erotic Couplings04/18/144.05NEW

She was Jealous

 — P.I. Remy Charron enjoys his assistant's jealousy. by RjThoughtsin  Erotic Couplings04/11/144.24

Brittany Ch. 01: Connection

 — A voluptuous young nympho meets a guy to satisfy her. by Tommiefrazierin  Anal03/28/144.47

The Encounter

 — A surprise arousing of more than curiosity. by blushingsilencein  Romance03/20/144.11

Wrongfully Accused

 — Man accused of rape has his day in court. by Swillyin  BDSM02/18/144.60HOT

Randy Randy

 — Just another Pornomancer in a satirical romance. by Hypoxiain  Humor & Satire01/23/145.00

My Loving Gym Teacher Ch. 01

 — Fucking the new gym teacher. by SexiiArielin  Erotic Couplings01/10/143.98

Re-Awakening Pt. 02

 — Taking it by JRRoarkin  Erotic Couplings01/09/144.89

Sharon and Ian

 — Sharon is in desperate need of a lover who can sate her. by InSearchOfThePerfectEncounterin  Erotic Couplings01/07/143.80

His Equal

 — John and Sienna were opposites in every sense. by Siennagrayin  Interracial Love12/08/134.10

The Sleep Over

 — A couple fulfills her fantasy when a friend drops in by cyberlookurin  Loving Wives12/06/134.12

Ron's Journal 03B

 — Ron roams east of the Rockies in wintertime. by Hypoxiain  Novels and Novellas11/25/134.75

Ron's Journal 03A

 — Ron roams east of the Rockies in summertime by Hypoxiain  Novels and Novellas11/24/134.12

Enslaved by Marilyn Ch. 06

 — CFNM pool party goes swimmingly well. by Philnominalin  BDSM11/03/133.94

Vampire Encounter Ch. 02

 — A week after Halloween, and Mary wants more... by ava23in  Erotic Horror10/31/134.42

Ron's Journal 03

 — Ron follows the hippie trail nationwide, to marriage. by Hypoxiain  Group Sex10/27/134.47

My Beauty & The Beast Ch. 01

 — My Version of Beauty and The Beast. by EgyptsGoddessin  NonHuman10/25/134.53HOT

Vampire Encounter

 — The sexy vampire Mary bumps into is the real thing... by ava23in  Erotic Horror10/15/134.27

A Ghost of a Chance Ch. 04

 — To celebrate her new home, Katherine has a special sleepover by BrettJin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/14/134.66HOT

Naked Portraits Pt. 04

 — A threesome and an exorcism. by eagelwolfin  Novels and Novellas10/10/134.63HOT

I Dream of Wahine

 — A man seeks a cure in Paradise. by nedthebundlerin  Erotic Couplings10/08/133.22

Coffee Shop Hookup

 — K.C. and Casey are introduced by mutual friend Miranda. by BrettJin  Mature09/13/134.48

Sister Aquinata: A Nasty Bitch Ch. 01

 — Sister Aquinata explores the forbidden. by Hauntingin  Fetish09/04/133.96

A Soldier's Seduction

 — A young soldier is seduced by his neighbors. by Lovetolistenin  BDSM09/01/134.16

The Dealer's Girl Ch. 01

 — Dave's pot dealer has a hot new girlfriend. by DonaldBellein  Novels and Novellas09/01/134.41

Gavin Screws Up Ch. 05

 — But his love rescues Ellie from a sexualised breakdown. by GemmaRaphaelin  Romance07/29/133.80

Complications Ch. 02

 — Man... Girls are Weird. by 3raserin  Romance07/11/134.26

Billy Turns Tables on Step Sister Ch. 03

 — Stepmom and Stepsis would do anything for Billy. by Swillyin  Incest/Taboo07/04/134.58HOT

Last Hope for Salvation Ch. 01

 — A Paranormal Endeavor story: Kyrin and Feya. by AsheniaRyein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/01/134.13

Complications Ch. 01

 — Jeff finds love in the most unexpected places. by 3raserin  Incest/Taboo06/21/133.95

Great Sex After Marriage

 — A happily married couple get a little wild. by ava23in  Toys & Masturbation06/17/134.40

Gail and Darian Ch. 01

 — Strangers meet, this is their story. by LateNightReader121in  NonHuman06/16/134.47

Midnight Visit

 — Another plot from Em, after an evening in. by ck3891in  Group Sex06/12/134.42

Virgin Sacrifice Ch. 02

 — Charlie meets James' parents. by Oupa99in  Romance05/29/134.75HOT

Womanizing Golf Pro Changes

 — Tragedy brings lovers back together. by Swillyin  Romance05/14/134.56HOT

The Early Years: My First

 — I bet my first time was different than most. by gi_janetin  First Time03/30/134.30

Your Husband's New Girlfriend Ch. 03

 — Maybe a change of venue will be good. by LyricallySpokNin  Toys & Masturbation02/28/134.20

The Decision Ch. 01

 — A college girl chooses to be the ultimate sex slave. by Valentine_Goosebumpsin  BDSM02/07/133.70

Windows Of The Soul

 — Psychics Vane and Shyla try to unwind after work. by OctavianEarthin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/06/134.40

Neighbours Ch. 01

 — A mother and daughter scheme to seduce a neighbour. by chinookwindin  Mind Control11/18/124.43

Jai and Valini

 — A couple reminisce about their first year of marriage. by Cinnerin  Romance11/13/124.06

Eden's Christmas Stocking

 — Eden's dream comes true at Christmas. by Cinnerin  Mature11/12/124.16

Emily and I, Do You Trust Me?

 — Yes I trust you. by seattlejackin  Loving Wives10/23/124.18

M's Chronicles Ch. 02

 — Forever New Year's- Part 2 by EgyptsGoddessin  Mature09/19/124.42

M's Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Love is Reality- Part 1. by EgyptsGoddessin  Mature09/16/124.42

Better Ch. 14

 — Robert and Andrea make a date. by MsQuotein  Novels and Novellas08/07/124.80HOT

Better Ch. 13

 — Michael has some tough decisions to make. by MsQuotein  Novels and Novellas08/06/124.50HOT

The Motel

 — A stranger & I share a night at a motel... by Pinkpeony101in  Text With Audio07/25/123.94

Better Ch. 10

 — Andrea gets another surprise. by MsQuotein  Novels and Novellas07/24/124.72HOT

Better Ch. 08

 — Michael acknowledges his true feelings for Andrea. by MsQuotein  Novels and Novellas07/22/124.71HOT

The Illicit Proposition Ch. 01

 — The Meat Market. by bigcarl796in  Loving Wives07/16/123.62

Better Ch. 04

 — Andrea almost slips as an encounter with Michael reminds her. by MsQuotein  Novels and Novellas07/12/124.32

Better Ch. 03

 — Michael surprises Andrea in more ways than one. by MsQuotein  Novels and Novellas07/07/124.37

At the Park

 — We meet at the dog park... by Pinkpeony101in  Text With Audio06/13/123.77

First Love Burns Brightest

 — An on and off high school love is reunited years later. by caramiaskissin  Erotic Couplings06/13/123.74

All in... Ch. 07

 — The weekend getaway that gotaway... by jaismithin  Group Sex06/03/124.47


 — The first time. by Finding_Mein  BDSM05/14/123.89

Egyptian Princess Of New Egypt Ch. 05

 — Andreas returns to find a wanton goddess. by EgyptsGoddessin  Erotic Couplings04/25/124.26

Stephan Becomes Stacy

 — Stephan gets to become a real woman and get her man. by JuanVatoin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers04/24/124.39

Hunger Ch. 02

 — Her weekend of exploration and frustration continues. by openzipperin  Toys & Masturbation04/17/124.00

From Japan to San Fran

 — Moving to the US is 1 thing making Hideki smile - Yuri's # 2 by BrettJin  Romance04/12/124.49

The Woman from his Fantasies

 — Comic fan meets a woman who has emerged from his fave book. by BrettJin  Romance03/20/124.61HOT

Two Worlds Ch. 06

 — Neo and Milody. by EgyptsGoddessin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/10/124.33

Two Worlds Ch. 03

 — Octavia learns much more. by EgyptsGoddessin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/07/124.31

Two Worlds Ch. 02

 — Lutane and Octavia. by EgyptsGoddessin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/06/124.43

Two Worlds Ch. 01

 — Octavia goes to visit her cousin. by EgyptsGoddessin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/05/124.15

Happy Home

 — Loving couple in Yoga angles... by sujitha20in  Loving Wives01/15/123.24

Year-The Future

 — The Finale by EgyptsGoddessin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/14/114.18

Egyptian Princess Of New Egypt

 — A New Ancient twist. by EgyptsGoddessin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/14/114.43

My Best Friends Father Ch. 07

 — Mr P tells his daughter some home truths. by _Kushiel_in  Romance11/15/114.72HOT

My Best Friends Father Ch. 04

 — Left alone again with Mr P, what will he do to her now? by _Kushiel_in  Romance11/12/114.65HOT

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 15

 — Jo returns and the sibs go on the prowl. by boo_dreauxin  Incest/Taboo11/07/114.47

While You're Sleeping...

 — I come upon you while you're asleep, and begin to wake you.. by VintageGrlin  BDSM11/03/114.26

Rosemarie Ch. 06

 — Her story continues. by softkissesin  Romance10/27/114.90HOT

Millie's Mayhem

 — A bad day get worse before it gets better! by _Kushiel_in  Erotic Couplings10/25/114.68HOT

Learning New Steps

 — Dance instructor Helena helps heal Travis' broken heart. by BrettJin  Romance10/12/114.31

The Lap Dance Ch. 01

 — Laetitia changes Stephanie's strip club exploration, world. by rlabodamein  Lesbian Sex09/22/114.19

Incest Neighborhood Ch. 05

 — The Caulfield family unites after two messy divorces. by BrettJin  Novels and Novellas09/06/114.54HOT

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 05

 — Decisions are made for the new semester. by boo_dreauxin  Lesbian Sex08/31/114.55HOT

Vickie's Venture Ch. 06

 — Tonight, Vickie's dad Nathan takes one for the team. by BrettJin  Novels and Novellas08/28/114.45


 — 19 year old gets educated by an exotic dancer. by Autarchic4Everin  Lesbian Sex07/31/114.64HOT

Shift In The Right Direction Ch. 02

 — Charlotte's dream lover has crossed into her real world. by lamoureusein  NonHuman07/21/114.76HOT

John's Options - Boss or Threesome? Ch. 02

 — Soccer Team orgy in Las Vegas hotel. (Ashley's Perspective) by mv8802in  Group Sex07/16/114.45

Erin's Erotic Favor

 — Playboy's Erin Fox does a favor for friend Jessa. by BrettJin  Celebrities07/15/114.58HOT

Our Fantasy Weekend

 — We get together after meeting online. by newbieinmoin  Gay Male07/14/113.84

Trish's Place... Ch. 11 Pt. 03

 — Their trip to 'Sin City' ends but not their fun... by jaismithin  Lesbian Sex06/25/114.54HOT

Trish's Place... Ch. 10

 — In which Ellie shares a tale of seduction... by jaismithin  Lesbian Sex06/10/114.59HOT

An Unexpected Encounter Pt. 01

 — You are pushed to the limit. by roberto28in  Erotic Couplings06/04/114.30

Poor Little Middle Class Whore

 — Naive, struggling Anna tries her first trick. by madisonavajonesin  Erotic Couplings04/13/114.34


 — He loves the earth and the earth loves him back. by Goldeniangelin  Erotic Couplings04/01/114.38

After the Party

 — Man meets woman, man pleasures woman. by justjohn1013in  Text With Audio03/14/114.29

Suprising Visit Ch. 02

 — He continues to surprise her. by UnfetteredMalein  BDSM03/13/114.71HOT

A Day Dream

 — A warm, wet summer day dream. by Billsmilesin  Fetish03/02/114.25

It's Too Darn Hot - Day 64

 — A serious accident changes Greg and Ellen's relationship. by Gary_Alexanderin  First Time11/27/104.69HOT

His First Time Cheating On His Wife

 — Richard and Elaine go to a hotel in New York. by elainepwlin  Mature11/15/104.53HOT

L'Affaire C. 12

 — After-effects of anal; masturbation about a nemesis. by sharkandpenin  Toys & Masturbation11/09/104.53HOT

The Fifth Floor

 — Russ and Diane have temporarily moved to Berry Hill. by thornapplein  Novels and Novellas10/14/104.47

Would You?

 — Think of the delicious ways a mouth can tease... by justjohn1013in  Text With Audio10/12/103.89

Not Just My Hands

 — Soothing hands and sounds bring the relief you crave. by justjohn1013in  Text With Audio10/05/103.33

Cyrus' New Zealand Adventure Ch. 01

 — Cyrus' desire for a new dream. by rd_bombayin  Novels and Novellas09/04/104.47

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