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A Lesson in Confidence

 — I have one hour to give a blowjob to a stranger. by Nameless_Rosein  BDSM02/11/154.13

The Princess and Her Majesty

 — Dedicated to a special someone. by VictorCreed24in  BDSM12/27/143.83

Learning the Rules Ch. 08

 — "Ready, Willing, and Able!" by Apple_of_Edenin  BDSM12/25/144.79HOT

Daddy's Dumb Whore

 — Daddy treats me like the whore I am, and I love it! by Mike_Madisonin  BDSM09/10/143.77

A Porn Star Is Born

 — I capture my girlfriend's descent into a slut on film. by Mike_Madisonin  BDSM09/02/143.75

Momma Slut Ch. 04

 — Both mother and daughter become more addicted. by goamz86in  Interracial Love08/27/144.49

His Highness Jon Ch. 03

 — Sammi's slow torture begins... by BrattyAlly83in  BDSM08/20/143.92

Celestial Wars Ch. 03

 — The third chapter of the direct sequel to Celestial Matters. by Noble_Truthin  Mind Control07/23/144.88HOT

His Highness Jon Ch. 01

 — A stranger rocks Sammi's world during public scene. by BrattyAlly83in  BDSM07/20/144.31

Jennifer Takes A Dare

 — An innocent woman discovers the pleasure of submission by kalkstein1970in  BDSM06/09/144.29

Momma Slut

 — Kimberly is a slut for her daughter's boyfriend. by goamz86in  Interracial Love03/27/144.52HOT

Maid Adventures

 — A man gives in to the feelings for his slave. by stormwolf3710in  Interracial Love03/12/144.38

Little Lamb

 — She finally finds who she needs. by amatorypandain  BDSM01/14/144.12

Celestial Wars Ch. 02

 — The second chapter of the direct sequel to Celestial Matters. by Noble_Truthin  Mind Control12/27/134.87HOT


 — Two lovers meet up and push the boundaries. by Ericfin  Erotic Couplings12/24/134.50HOT

Whip and Em Ch. 02

 — Em meets Dan, Em asks Whip and Dan a question. by bcruel2mein  BDSM12/18/134.54HOT

The "Cleaning Process"

 — Cassandra's first BDSM experience. by BDSMGirl69in  BDSM10/28/133.51

Facade: The Student / More to Cum

 — Linda learns not everything is as it seems, but it can be. by lauradin  BDSM10/21/133.26

Whiskey and Rye Ch. 05

 — “Make me shiver”: Playing harder the second time around. by small_town_girlin  BDSM10/20/134.79HOT

Facade: The Student / The Beg Ining

 — A good woman has her secret desires exploited. by lauradin  BDSM10/20/133.82

Whiskey and Rye Ch. 04

 — “Make me smile”: First play session at Rye’s place. by small_town_girlin  BDSM10/10/134.77HOT

Whiskey and Rye Ch. 02

 — "Teach me how to dance real slow" – mind-play & groun rules by small_town_girlin  BDSM10/01/134.73HOT

Whiskey and Rye Ch. 01

 — "If I had my chance" - Naomi begs Rye to take her as his sub. by small_town_girlin  BDSM09/28/134.68HOT

Bent and Twisted

 — Rena meets her match. by butchbabein  Romance09/26/134.41

Sweet Intrusion

 — A surprise visit leads to surprise first threesome. by petofkeonin  BDSM09/15/134.06

Master's Angel Ch. 01

 — Angel Submits to Master's Inspection. by Morgaiain  BDSM07/21/133.95

You're Such a Tease...

 — You tease me as I desperately beg for more. by RoleplayerGirlin  Mature07/21/134.29

Internet Meeting Ch. 05

 — The final part. by johm55in  BDSM06/01/134.75

In The Woods Ch. 01

 — A submissive young woman goes on a wet hike with her master. by Parthenokinesisin  Fetish02/21/134.23

Training the Princess Ch. 02

 — Isola's training continues at the hands of the king. by lynneaudenin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/11/134.39

Sunday Drive

 — A submissive young woman is degraded on the side of the road. by Parthenokinesisin  BDSM01/22/133.83

Training the Princess

 — A princess is captured by her kingdom's enemy. by lynneaudenin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/17/134.19

The Model - Week 01

 — A young artist struggles with how to pay her nude model. by CM_Haidenin  BDSM01/15/133.74

Vishal's Whore Ch. 03

 — Filled like never before. by Babli5in  BDSM05/15/124.11

The Friday Affair Ch. 02

 — Some tough love in the boss's office. by Redkatein  BDSM04/07/124.40

A Foreign Exchange Ch. 01

 — The beginning of Jenna and Christoph's BDSM experiment. by Sub_missivegurllin  BDSM03/24/124.47

Uncle Jake Ch. 14

 — Uncle Jake invites some friends over. by Amerilyssin  BDSM03/13/124.61HOT

Uncle Jake Ch. 13

 — Uncle Jake plants some seed. by Amerilyssin  BDSM03/12/124.49

Uncle Jake Ch. 12

 — Babygirl gets a taste of what Uncle Jake has been wanting. by Amerilyssin  BDSM02/25/124.66HOT

Vishal's Whore Ch. 02

 — A lesson in restraint and denial. by Babli5in  BDSM01/05/124.27

Vishal's Whore Ch. 01

 — Desire is born of humiliation. by Babli5in  BDSM01/05/124.41

Little Scandal #02: Maya

 — Naive Maya learns just who she's working for. by honeyblondenymphin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/11/113.95

Last Call

 — A lonely bartender get a very good ending to her shift. by kinkybutcutein  BDSM12/02/114.49

Dancing to His Commands

 — I submit to my husband and become a slut to black cock. by CheriSMin  Interracial Love07/15/114.51HOT


 — Her imaginary lover turns the tables on her fantasy. by misterfrizin  BDSM07/09/114.04

Her Lessons Begin

 — Phone relationship transitions to real-life training. by Genevrain  BDSM04/04/114.18

Playing the Game/Dancing the Line

 — Dom & sub verbally spar. by yieldingcompulsionin  BDSM01/26/114.13

A Great Lesson

 — A "BDSM family grows closer." by novicewritermikein  BDSM11/16/104.03

Sarah's Submission Ch. 01

 — A teacher is blackmailed by a student. by ssnatchin  BDSM09/19/104.44

Cabin in the Woods

 — A husband's fantasy is lived out in a cabin in the woods. by CheriSMin  Loving Wives07/28/104.26

Enslaving Chloe

 — I ask Master to allow Chloe to become his slave. by visviva2in  BDSM05/29/104.19

How Was Your Day?

 — She gets welcomed home by her master. by Ursinusin  BDSM05/09/104.42

He and She

 — Handcuffs, begging, a collar... all the fun stuff. by Ursinusin  BDSM05/09/104.42

Fantasy For a Friend No. 02

 — On a pet's birthday, she enjoys bindings and a knife. by Ursinusin  BDSM05/08/104.43

Fantasy For a Friend No. 01

 — A misbehaving pet is punished with a knife. by Ursinusin  BDSM05/07/104.27

My First Morning with J

 — A romantic first time. by Elliasonain  BDSM04/23/103.92

Following Instructions

 — Female sub being instructed. by CathyO1955in  BDSM03/19/103.93


 — A foursome with my boss. by Michaelsmom92009in  BDSM03/01/103.62

Just a Coffee Pot

 — A spanking a whipping and a caning all wrapped into one. by Michaelsmom92009in  BDSM02/25/103.58

Shear Excitement

 — Beauty school turns out to be a learning experience. by shawnsgrl22in  BDSM01/31/104.18

The Limo

 — She is introduced to the driver. by hiswickeddirtygirlin  BDSM01/03/103.50


 — A meeting in a airline lounge - it was perfect. by Lil_Lucyin  BDSM12/12/094.46

My New Place Ch. 09

 — Andrea has more than her AC worked on. by p_c352006in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/11/094.46

Christina: Yes Mistress

 — Christina Samuels learns what it means to be a sub. by Christina Samuelsin  Lesbian Sex10/26/094.05

The Devil's Equinox Ch. 05

 — Couple begin their descent into madness at a sex club. by coldfire69in  Novels and Novellas10/04/094.25

Subby Secretary gets Subbier

 — Shop assistant joins the threesome for night to remember. by realbigsid69in  BDSM08/30/094.15

Sabrina's Submission Ch. 01

 — The story of a woman's introduction to the life of a sub. by Cyberdiva68in  NonConsent/Reluctance07/27/094.31

Irena in the Chair

 — Soto continues Irena's amorous education. by Nameless_Rosein  BDSM06/17/094.59HOT

Well-deserved Punishment

 — Bratty sub is punished and learns to love the pain. by littledaisiein  BDSM04/29/094.22

Colleen Ch. 02

 — Colleen is prepared for our evening out. by MastrStoryTellerin  Lesbian Sex12/04/084.61HOT

The Pulley

 — You have a devious mind, and a sub that loves it. by lill_snowy_owlin  BDSM09/12/084.50

Jennifer - A Dom/sub Love Story Ch. 02

 — A mature woman experiences BDSM for first time. by jester4747in  BDSM08/24/083.90

Jennifer - A Dom/sub Love Story

 — A mature woman begins her exploration of BDSM. by jester4747in  BDSM08/23/083.78

Further Depravity in Rhode Island

 — Pepper continues to dom Libby and her fiancee. by justincbenedictin  BDSM07/05/083.34

Heather: The Beginning

 — How Heather came to be in the position she is in today. by IOWNUin  BDSM05/23/083.67

Training Ch. 02

 — The honeymoon in London turns to intense sex-slave training. by turtle_writesin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/06/074.62HOT

Awakening Sarah Ch. 03

 — Conclusion. by goregoregirlin  BDSM09/05/074.65HOT

Awakening Sarah Ch. 02

 — Sarah begins to face her hidden desires. by goregoregirlin  BDSM09/02/074.68HOT

Awakening Sarah Ch. 01

 — David kidnaps Sarah & forces her into submission. by goregoregirlin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/31/074.41

Abduction Ch. 02

 — A young woman learns new rules about her captivity. by BearFetishin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/10/074.21

Abduction Ch. 01

 — She finds out captivity does not suit her. by BearFetishin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/09/074.36

Play-Time No. 01

 — Mistress allows guy to fuck her 'kitten'. by Uniqus_Freakusin  BDSM06/28/073.97

An Evening with the Webcam Ch. 07

 — He springs another surprise. by turtle_writesin  BDSM05/27/074.78HOT

I'm His Little Dolly

 — She soon learns the punishments for insubordination. by cyb3r_ch3rryin  BDSM05/12/073.97


 — A female bottom and a new top. by midnightblacklightin  BDSM04/30/074.44

The 4.0

 — What it worth keeping the perfect GPA? by ladyizain  NonConsent/Reluctance02/16/074.10

Dinner's On Amy

 — Curvy blond has to be put back in check. by john71atxin  BDSM08/07/064.35

An Evening with the Webcam Ch. 05

 — Robert's return, a decision, and a failed assignment. by turtle_writesin  BDSM07/24/064.57HOT

Her Fantasies

 — She reveals her fantasies to her Dom. by janna30in  BDSM07/13/064.17

Five Alarm Blaze

 — Savannah gets hammered in Georgia. by _Savannah_in  BDSM06/29/064.30

Ten Minutes

 — Two women, a washroom, ten minutes. by Susan Dreamerin  BDSM06/26/064.45

Ginger Ch. 02

 — How Ginger earned her name. by juicy-jaynein  BDSM02/28/064.15

The New Girl

 — Can she impress him enough to become his sub? by Shadowsmithin  BDSM10/23/054.31

Darling Bound Ch. 3

 — Darling is taken to her limits. by DarklyEroticManin  BDSM07/17/054.09

Avalon Bound Ch. 01

 — Illegal immigrant is abducted into sex slavery. by Blue Dolphinin  BDSM06/09/054.24

A Second Chance

 — Begging for forgiveness. by sweetmissbehavinin  BDSM06/09/054.41

Wednesday in Soho

 — A performance Artist in Soho is publicly stripped. by Mad Lewsin  BDSM05/11/054.55HOT

Intro to BDSM

 — She submits for the first time. by tarquinius1968in  BDSM05/11/054.05

Coming Home

 — Jessica is undressed and taken. by mstrnsvntin  BDSM03/19/054.44

Breaking In My Friend's Girl Ch. 01

 — My friend's girl needs to learn her place. by Michael Herrickin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/13/034.33

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