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Learning Accountability

 — Charlotte is shown her place after a fender bender. by JerseyGirlBcomin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/04/154.09

La Vie Boheme Ch. 00: Prologue

 — A sensual dream to begin his tale. by HoldBackTheRiverin  BDSM12/18/144.38


 — You force me through the grind... by redhotbotheredin  Text With Audio10/22/144.47

Letting Me In

 — Some secrets are best shared. by WordsNotDeedsin  BDSM09/23/144.71HOT

Learning the Rules Ch. 03

 — The novice ignores all the warnings. by Apple_of_Edenin  BDSM09/09/144.58HOT

Living With a Goddess Ch. 01

 — John meets a sex goddess and becomes her disciple. by WellHungNerd1in  Group Sex07/22/144.68HOT

Land of Men Ch. 01

 — He gets a new slave & more than he bargained for. by Temptriannain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/29/144.40

Li's Story Ch. 02

 — Li struggles to find direction after Master's death. by TheArcticFoxin  BDSM03/09/144.00

Long Night with My Pet 01: Arrival

 — A very long, very kinky, evening with my pet begins. by aslygrinin  Text With Audio01/28/143.30

Lady and the Scamp Ch. 03

 — Calli's fires unleashed. by Chiara23in  Romance11/18/134.74HOT

Lisa's Story Ch. 01

 — A cruise starts a new chapter in her life. by misty_girlin  BDSM11/14/134.22

Lacey Learns

 — Lacey begins to learn submission from her new Papa. by Cupcakeein  Fetish10/13/134.18

Lazy Sunday

 — Her plans for a lazy Sunday nap don't exactly pan out. by Mona_Fionnin  Fetish07/03/133.73

Lily's Independence Day

 — Short story about a woman who discovers her interest in BDSM. by eselenin  BDSM06/29/134.41

Laelia Ch. 01

 — Being a slave girl in ancient rome is...perilous. by digital_bathin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/17/134.35

Life With "Daddy" Ch. 02

 — The First TIme... by daddyslittlegirl18in  BDSM05/13/134.17

Little One Meets Her One Ch. 03

 — Tara begins to grow in her knowledge. by LadySneakin  BDSM01/10/134.76HOT

Lil's Visit

 — A shared ravishment fantasy. by Robin_Gin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/18/124.15

Lana and Ian

 — Lana realizes she has a dark, kinky side to her. by PrincessErinin  BDSM11/29/124.56HOT

Lauren in Mexico

 — Corrupt police trap young tourist. by dave_devilin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/11/123.99

Laine Goes to the Ball

 — It's not a fairy tale when Laine attends the Fetish Ball. by TinyBethin  BDSM10/05/124.72HOT

Like to Like

 — A girls goes to get a tattoo. by Brokenanguissettein  BDSM06/22/124.37

Little One Meets Her One Ch. 02

 — Tara faces her first consequences and learns lessons. by LadySneakin  BDSM05/11/124.40

Late Arrival

 — Is He asleep? Or does He know she is late? by curiouspet69in  BDSM04/30/124.26

Lisa Learns Her Place Ch. 02

 — The nightmare continues as Brad tightens his control. by Ling00in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/18/114.13

Lisa Learns Her Place Ch. 01

 — A white businessman dominates his female Asian co-worker. by Ling00in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/17/113.97

Little One Meets Her One

 — Tara is introduced to the lifestyle. by LadySneakin  BDSM12/02/114.49

Kyros-giolla Institute Ch. 06

 — A virgin submits to her Master. by FeeltheAchein  BDSM08/10/114.35

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 18

 — Prodigy by VirtualScottin  Mind Control07/19/114.86HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 17

 — Sun and Sand by VirtualScottin  Mind Control07/18/114.68HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 16

 — Birthday Presents by VirtualScottin  Mind Control07/17/114.66HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 15

 — Unintended Consequences by VirtualScottin  Mind Control07/16/114.66HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 14

 — Goodbye, Angela by VirtualScottin  Mind Control07/15/114.68HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 13

 — Masterwork by VirtualScottin  Mind Control07/14/114.68HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 12

 — Reconciliation. by VirtualScottin  Mind Control07/13/114.76HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 11

 — Heartbreak by VirtualScottin  Mind Control07/12/114.68HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 10

 — Spring Fever by VirtualScottin  Mind Control07/11/114.77HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 09

 — Saving Glory by VirtualScottin  Mind Control07/10/114.20

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 08

 — The Party by VirtualScottin  Mind Control07/07/114.69HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 07

 — Angela's Other Life by VirtualScottin  Mind Control07/06/114.66HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 06

 — Doing Susan by VirtualScottin  Mind Control07/05/114.70HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 04

 — Baby Steps by VirtualScottin  Mind Control07/03/114.50HOT

Lloyd's Angel Ch. 01

 — Night and Day. by VirtualScottin  Mind Control06/24/114.35

Lisa's First Session

 — A submissive meets her Dominant for the first time. by Kobain  BDSM04/10/114.21

Lauren's Lesson Ch. 02

 — Bitch learns the new rules. by JackandJilldoin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur03/29/114.04

Lee's Submission Ch. 02

 — Lee learns a different side of Michael. by celtic_rose6in  BDSM03/18/114.38

Learning New Words

 — A student learns more than Chinese from her professor. by frenchfry61in  BDSM02/28/114.48

Last Time

 — Master and slave have a final evening. by slavespfin  BDSM07/04/104.00

Life Changes Ch. 03

 — Life changes suddenly for a married couple. by deadeye_76in  BDSM06/23/104.57HOT

Lewd Awakening

 — She is woken for an evening of painful bondage and abuse. by S_Pricein  BDSM06/16/103.73

Lea's Fantasy

 — Naughty slut follows her Master's orders. by TheLeanansidhein  Text With Audio01/26/104.00

Lessons in Kink Ch. 01

 — Master invites a guest to learn to wield a paddle. by MidnightSunin  BDSM01/11/103.50

Let's Go Home

 — Katie's Daddy finally comes to take her home. by LittleGirlKatiein  BDSM11/01/094.02


 — Begins as thoughts from an internet chat with my Master. by zoey69cumspongein  BDSM09/18/093.71

Laura's Delivery

 — The first day in the life of a new slave. by Ferawynin  BDSM08/05/094.05

Ladies Room

 — a brief encounter between a Dom and his sub. by questioningscarletin  BDSM06/18/093.97

Liverpool Ch. 10

 — Party day. by Navajazzin  BDSM05/23/094.38

Liverpool Ch. 05

 — Fight and flight. by Navajazzin  BDSM03/13/094.27

Liverpool Ch. 03

 — Asking for His attention. by Navajazzin  BDSM02/22/093.75

Life as a Pain Slut

 — Pain as part of submission. by sdbnncin  BDSM01/13/094.61HOT

Laura Jean Ch. 01

 — Good girls like bad boys who give them kinky sex. by justanotherjoein  Erotic Couplings01/10/093.87

Leading "Sweetness" Further Astray Ch. 01

 — Secret desires all coming true for a previously timid woman. by tall_dark_sinisterin  BDSM01/01/094.25

Lechku and Nechku: Darkscape

 — Elizabeth's dream is violated by a foreign presence. by pinkgothicin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/10/083.94

Letting Go by Letting Go

 — Bondage frees her to cum. by Amigovioin  BDSM10/05/084.45


 — Donna's quest for the truth reveals what her own limits are. by Many Feathersin  BDSM09/21/084.55HOT

Life in the Harem Ch. 08

 — Lady Martha pays Master a visit in exile with a surprise. by sirsemegain  BDSM06/07/084.41

Learning her Place

 — Missy is learning a new place in the world. by Chrissy1066in  BDSM06/03/084.09

Leena Submits Again Ch. 02

 — Leena humiliated and enjoying it. by dan57in  BDSM05/30/084.48

Life in the Harem Ch. 06

 — Intrigue and maneuverings happen the higher you go. by sirsemegain  BDSM05/30/084.40

Leena Submits Again Ch. 01

 — Leena submits to her greengrocer. by dan57in  BDSM05/20/083.89

Last Dark Hurrah

 — Spurned husband has his way with her one last time. by Doc Redfieldin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/09/083.63

Life in the Harem Ch. 02

 — More intrigue and politics within the harem. by sirsemegain  BDSM04/23/084.42

Life in the Harem Ch. 01

 — New slave as she struggles to live in a modern harem. by sirsemegain  BDSM04/22/084.17

Learning to Fly - Claire

 — A new experience for Claire. by Dualduetin  BDSM03/22/083.87

Lake Tahoe

 — The delicate Dom by temperancelessin  BDSM02/21/084.35

Life of a House Pet

 — Amy talks of her life as a 'pet'. by DaddyHeartin  BDSM01/18/083.86

Learning to Dance

 — she learns an important lesson. by Kajirahin  BDSM01/11/084.74HOT

Leona - An Incident in Time

 — A meeting between Master and sub. by WickedTeachin  BDSM10/12/073.27

Laura and the Impaler

 — Laura goes in search of Vlad. by Calandriain  Novels and Novellas09/26/074.58HOT

Late for a Very Important Date

 — She should pay more attention. Discipline is no fun. by Jezelbezelin  BDSM05/21/073.72

Living Sex Doll

 — Sub woman is the lots in an auction. by niteowl2003in  BDSM05/20/073.65

Leah's Interview Ch. 01

 — Leah's previous indiscretions. by lala1205in  NonConsent/Reluctance03/24/074.33

Locked Out

 — She'd seen him before. by shybethin  BDSM03/19/073.65

Late, But Well Worth the Wait

 — Late home, early to rise... by hiddenmotifsin  BDSM01/01/074.33

Lessons Learned

 — Debbie has to learn her lesson the hard way. by FeistyLilKittenin  BDSM09/18/064.14

Ladies Tailor

 — Hot trophy wife submits to her tailor. by nextcenturyromeoin  Loving Wives07/28/064.44

Little Ones Disgrace Ch. 02

 — Master arrives home. by Vudu6in  BDSM05/13/064.12

Learning to Submit Ch. 02

 — Slave Violet gets broken in. by sweetpink1in  BDSM05/05/063.45

Learning to Please

 — Dee Dee learns the meaning of obedience. by Many Feathersin  BDSM04/28/064.47

Linda and the Lash Ch. 05

 — Linda gets an offer she can't refuse. by adorationin  BDSM04/15/064.55HOT

Little Miss Fifth Period

 — Slutty 18-year-old Catholic school girl is taken hard. by Epithetin  BDSM02/26/064.24

Leaving a Good Impression Ch. 02

 — They're just getting started. by lne_iiiin  BDSM02/25/063.75

Linda and the Lash Ch. 04

 — Linda learns new disciplines. by adorationin  BDSM01/29/064.40

Linda and the Lash Ch. 03

 — Linda enjoys a lustful week-end. by adorationin  BDSM01/22/064.41

Living Arrangements Ch. 02

 — He dominates a mother & her 19-year-old daughter. by sastonin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/19/064.47

Linda and the Lash Ch. 02

 — Librarian's discipline heats up. by adorationin  BDSM01/13/064.41

Little Minx Ch. 08

 — She's tied, whipped, spanked and sodomized. by Goldeniangelin  BDSM01/13/064.55HOT

Linda and the Lash Ch. 01

 — A librarian learns to love the lash. by adorationin  BDSM12/28/054.51HOT

Lady Arianne's Domain

 — Jess finds her place in submission. by Lady LeStat -A-in  Lesbian Sex10/28/054.23

Lancie Pants

 — A tough Dom has to make a tough choice. by KillerMuffinin  Humor & Satire09/24/024.62HOT

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