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Meeting Daddy Ch. 02

 — Day two with daddy. by Daddylover02in  Erotic Couplings08/02/144.23

Meeting Jenna

 — She looked so good in those little shorts... by Alex_Lockheedin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers07/05/144.73HOT

My Daughter Takes Charge

 — Beth witnesses her mother's punishment. by susanstorytellerin  Incest/Taboo03/16/144.37

My Dark Fantasy

 — Being pleasured by two Sir and a stranger. by needtoexpressin  BDSM02/07/144.25

Mom's New Owner Ch. 01

 — The plan is set in motion. by Wyldnightin  Novels and Novellas01/14/144.40

Minus One

 — Going to Masters' to be punished. by GasMaskSlaveGirlin  BDSM09/24/133.48

Michele's New Collar

 — We meet a sexy friend while shopping for her collar. by Jabibilrousin  Group Sex09/16/134.69HOT

Medieval Discipline

 — Female boss requests discipline. by davro40in  BDSM09/10/134.11

Michaela and Jacob (A BDSM Romance)

 — An 18th century journey into submission. by elianaliorain  BDSM07/22/134.28

My Career Ch. 02

 — A barber's adventures in shaving women's genitals. by memorable_eventin  Novels and Novellas04/01/134.75HOT

Merry Christmas, Toy

 — Master gives his sexy little girls their Christmas present by butterflibabyin  BDSM12/31/123.75

Morning Arousal

 — He enjoys her warmth before leaving for work. by thewantonwifein  BDSM12/22/123.67

Mickie's Mine Ch. 04

 — Mickie makes her choice. by MTL17in  Celebrities12/22/124.74HOT

Moonlit Fuck

 — Late night public training session . . . by ditto79in  Text With Audio12/12/124.14

Master's Request

 — They had never been called to serve at the same time. by kayngelspiritin  BDSM11/27/124.04

Momoko Ch. 02

 — Albert gains a slave girl Momoko. by Taunusin  BDSM11/03/124.14

Meeting Michelle Ch. 07

 — Michelle plays John's sex slave. by masterslave00in  BDSM10/10/123.64

Masterful Surprises

 — Patrice is confused & excited about discovering her submission. by MsQuotein  BDSM09/26/124.31

Mastering Submission Ch. 21

 — Be careful what you wish for! by sdbnncin  BDSM09/13/124.36

Mr. Towner Ch. 02

 — The Next Lesson. by MissPrincessOreoin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/11/123.97

Miles Away

 — Debbie keeps getting distracted... by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control07/29/124.34

Mr Valens Back Door Policy

 — Lawyer has anal sex with young cleaner. by eroticveronikain  Anal07/14/124.54HOT

Ms. Lane's Master Ch. 02

 — Ms. Lane gets anal for the first time by her Master. by KittyFlowerin  BDSM07/13/124.15

Ms. Lane's Master Ch. 01

 — Amber is forced into slavery by her boss. by KittyFlowerin  BDSM07/09/123.70

Ms. Kara and Her Little Cumkitten

 — A young mistress falling for her sweet, little pet. by johnny_yongin  BDSM07/01/124.07

Miss You

 — Fujiko's friends are sure she's back with Roger. Is she? by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control04/17/123.74

Mickie's Mine Ch. 03

 — The contest between Melina and Trish comes to an end. by MTL17in  Celebrities02/24/124.78

Masturbating Pt. 02

 — Rebekka masturbates to her audio story "Three Nights-Part 2". by RebekkaBrownin  Text With Audio02/09/124.33

Masturbating Pt. 01

 — Rebekka masturbates to her audio story "Three Nights-Part 1". by RebekkaBrownin  Text With Audio12/21/114.47

Meeting Master

 — After so long, we finally meet. by phoebelenin  BDSM12/01/114.24

Movie Night In

 — An innocuous date escalates to intense teasing and pleasure. by curiouspetin  BDSM09/06/114.23

Mastering Submission Ch. 07

 — Fun and games during rainy weather. by sdbnncin  BDSM07/16/114.56HOT

Mistakes of Ryli Kate Ch. 01

 — Ryli Kate upsets her Master. by Mouthy_submissivein  BDSM06/03/113.67


 — Mickey explains how she became Mistress Michelle's slave. by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control04/23/114.41

Mastering Submission Ch. 02

 — Rebecca's instruction begins. by sdbnncin  BDSM02/13/114.54HOT


 — He made her His whore by murphy621in  BDSM01/19/114.38

Master's Little Slut

 — Master brings a friend. by SarahLou81in  BDSM01/17/113.71

Morning After Ch. 01

 — You enjoy the afterglow of a beautiful evening. by cedarloomanin  BDSM12/30/104.64HOT

Meg Visits Her Daddy

 — Young woman tells about her "daddy". by littleslutgrlin  Incest/Taboo11/15/103.81

Meeting Master

 — A fantasy about meeting my Master. by MasterNealsSlavein  BDSM10/21/104.23

Melanie Ch. 03

 — The slave is trained by StoryTeller07in  BDSM07/17/104.37

Motel Bound

 — She awaits her reward for good behavior. by LadyDonaLeein  BDSM05/21/104.13

My Dear Dandy Ch. 02

 — Waiting for a spanking. by poisonbabyin  BDSM05/02/104.06

Muscles Aren't Just For Show

 — You ask if his muscles are real, then for them to dominate you. by Jawaddein  Text With Audio02/16/103.42

Meredith's C Plus

 — A girl is punished by her boyfriend for getting a bad grade. by RoughLovein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/23/094.06

Missing my Master

 — Submissive young woman needs to cum so badly. by vrywetslutin  Text With Audio09/22/093.70

Mickie's Mine Ch. 02

 — Trish and Melina take turns with Mickie. by MTL17in  Celebrities09/22/094.68HOT

Mickie's Mine

 — Trish and Melina fight over Mickie. by MTL17in  Celebrities07/20/094.48

Mistress Turned

 — Mistress Jackie learns the true gift of submission. by Sascha_Iin  BDSM04/18/094.12

My Berlin Summer Ch. 06

 — The Auction. by cece3457in  BDSM02/07/094.44

More Than Just Dancing...

 — A night on the town proves more than just entertaining. by CitySinsin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/01/093.97

Meeting My Master

 — Online sub meets Master in person. by kinkyspetin  BDSM11/29/084.14

Meet & Greet Ch. 01

 — Destined Master and Sub meet to start their journey. by Unique Spiritin  BDSM11/15/084.14

Master, slave, playtime

 — He walks into the bedroom... by bewitchedblackcatin  BDSM10/12/083.32

Mind Bending Ch. 01

 — Man is thrust into a new perspective. by SolShadowin  BDSM08/29/084.50HOT

My Daughter's Best Friend

 — Catching her sneaking in led to her punishment. by Azuldrgonin  BDSM07/07/083.42

Mike's New Job Ch. 04

 — Heidi is surprised by Isabella. by andy_charlesin  Novels and Novellas06/08/084.47

Mike's New Job Ch. 03

 — A new opportunity raises its head for Mike. by andy_charlesin  Novels and Novellas06/07/084.23


 — Laina learns that a broken-down car may be a good thing. by sweet_angelic_onein  BDSM06/07/084.40

Meeting Master J and His Precious

 — A woman discovers her submissive side. by needastrongmanin  BDSM05/21/084.14


 — A lesson learned in the midday sunlight. by WFEATHERin  BDSM05/11/084.14

Middle of the Night

 — Just a little interruption in a peaceful sleep. by cheveuxrouxin  BDSM05/04/083.67

Master's Love

 — A day with Him. by sassybutsub4uin  BDSM04/30/083.56

Mick Britton: Third Lesson

 — Home tutoring. by Xantuin  BDSM04/17/084.62HOT

Mind Control Slave Meeting

 — You finally take the girl you've made your slave in a hotel. by hopedrmzin  Mind Control03/15/084.15

Menage a Trois

 — Tonight was the first time. by Switch83in  BDSM12/14/073.38

Ms. Shellie Gets a Puppy

 — A slave becomes a Suited 'Puppy'. by Sarahcheerin  BDSM12/07/074.22

Master's Surprise Ch. 01

 — Eager submissive awaits her Master's surprise. by DefiantSpiritin  BDSM11/19/073.67

Meeting for the First Time

 — Online Dom/sub meet for the first time. by availableslave2uin  BDSM11/14/074.39

My Daughter Submits to Me

 — Father releases years of frustration. by sweetbabygirlin  Incest/Taboo08/09/073.94

Mastered By Three

 — She finds herself in a most unusual way. by roxi_WTMin  BDSM06/30/073.95

Melted Music

 — She lets herself be reprogrammed by her Master's music. by Fruin  Mind Control06/24/073.62

Meeting Master Ch. 02

 — Sage and her Master explore their new relationship. by iamsagein  BDSM05/27/070.00

Meeting Taiah

 — A submissive's Master allows her a new pet to play with. by MaledictdeSanguinein  BDSM05/25/074.32

Meeting Master Ch. 01

 — Sage discovers submission. by iamsagein  BDSM05/18/074.71

Megan's Purrfect Night

 — Megan realizes that she was never dominate in the bedroom. by angelgirl9631in  NonConsent/Reluctance03/28/074.21

Me and My Master: First Lesson

 — She waits for you to train her. by Slave_Zoein  Fetish03/08/074.19

Mixed Blessings Ch. 03

 — Laslie discovers the truth about the Sidhe & Dhase. by deathlynxin  NonHuman02/18/074.69HOT

Mr. Martin Takes Me as His Own

 — Submission between arrogant boss and secretary. by Luck7ladyin  BDSM02/14/074.11


 — A young woman plans to leave her mark on the world. by rachelgin  BDSM01/26/074.54HOT


 — He wakes her up to play. by Veronikain  BDSM12/28/063.91

My Dear Master

 — A subbie relates her first lesbian experience to her Master. by teasemedenymein  BDSM08/31/063.40

More Humiliation Games

 — Contining a story of a new slave's degradation and use. by FriskyKittyCatin  BDSM07/24/063.89

Murphy's Law

 — She's late and has to face the music. by softkittenin  BDSM07/20/064.65HOT

Mr. T and the Red Headed Slut

 — Mr. T spends an afternoon with a very buxom, older friend. by brahminin  Mature07/13/064.17

Meeting of the Minds Pt. 02

 — Training. by LadyArielein  BDSM06/11/064.00

Midday Multiples

 — The two of you have phone sex while she uses toys. by moonstormerin  Toys & Masturbation05/26/064.39

Mrs. Hart's Ache Ch. 15

 — Mrs Hart is learning a new position, as James' bitch. by orencoolin  Novels and Novellas04/25/064.69HOT

Masturbating for Them

 — she had a task she needed to complete. by lilraindropsin  BDSM04/21/063.71

Monika, Submissive Ch. 04

 — Monika is finally collared. by Hercules_unleashedin  BDSM04/14/064.60HOT

Monika, Submissive Ch. 02

 — Monika's weekend continues. by Hercules_unleashedin  BDSM03/18/064.35

Max's Sara's Total Commitment

 — Young wife loses total control at new master's hands. by Randy4Surein  BDSM02/26/064.59HOT

Meeting Master Again

 — After 6 years, she and her Master are together again. by Miss Janein  BDSM02/22/064.66HOT


 — Submitting for His approval to a roomful of men. by Ms_Messalinain  BDSM02/16/064.06

Mean Mr. Ionesco

 — Two girls are surprised with a punishment. by bunny bondagein  BDSM12/26/054.12

Mistress Arianne and Her prey

 — What Mistress wants, Mistress gets by Lady LeStat -A-in  Lesbian Sex10/28/054.54HOT

Morning Submission

 — Slave submits to her Master's need at daybreak. by WFEATHERin  BDSM10/28/053.97

Mikey & Ms. Stark Ch. 07

 — Kimiko and Mikey. Need I say more? by LastoftheGreatMikeysin  Novels and Novellas10/16/054.67HOT

Master, Remember Me Always

 — The hunger for more... by angelbitchssin  BDSM07/28/054.00

Master's Little Slut

 — submissive finds her place. by maredin  BDSM01/29/033.68

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