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Striking a Balance Ch. 06

 — James returns to Purgatory, Thalia has a realization. by always_yesin  BDSM10/22/144.85HOTNEW

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me A "Clue"

 — A humorous, satiric, parody about BDSM and sex. by Apple_of_Edenin  Humor & Satire10/15/144.22

Postcards Ch. 03

 — Back in Civilization--for a While. by pocketrocketin  Novels and Novellas08/24/144.67

Don't Tease A Dominant!

 — A bratty sub gets punished. by bawdyblokein  BDSM08/19/143.58

An Evening with Daddy

 — Daddy and his princess spend a loving evening together. by curiosa45in  BDSM08/14/143.89

Striking a Balance Ch. 01

 — After the auction. Setting rules and limits. First session. by always_yesin  BDSM07/11/144.77HOT

All Tied Up By My Master

 — Master treats slave to a sensual session. by Temptriannain  BDSM07/04/144.36

Security Binds Her: Epilogue

 — Three months after the auction. by always_yesin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/03/144.76HOT

Rock and Water Ch. 07

 — A night out with friends; a night in with the flogger. by justaholein  BDSM05/03/144.89HOT

Anything For You Sir

 — sub submits to her Master's desires and control. by little_subin  BDSM01/14/144.32

As Good As Guitars Ch. 15

 — They put themselves to the test. by VCHeyshamin  BDSM12/07/134.15

First Time?

 — A tale of dominant fantasy made real. by Warmexplorerin  BDSM11/15/133.96

All His

 — He takes his sub to a building in the middle of nowhere. by little_subin  BDSM09/19/134.29

A Loving Couple's Remedy Ch. 02

 — Jack and Carla delve deeper in D/s. by mntnman64in  BDSM08/01/134.47

Bathtub Pleasures and Pain

 — Pet gets caught pleasuring herself in the bathtub. by eaglejet1in  BDSM07/18/134.07

Orpheus's Fallen Angel Ch. 05

 — Orpheus and Superstar hides out at Topaz's motel room. by Buzzboyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/02/134.86

Beautiful Discovery

 — Master takes his pet to the woods. by CherryPiratein  BDSM04/19/134.36

A Subbie Life Ch. 11

 — The Realization of Life. by Lord_Jokerin  BDSM04/18/134.25

A Beginning

 — Michael is introduced to the world of BDSM. by Beelzebub72in  BDSM03/19/134.28

Happy Friday

 — The day just might be looking up. by lisaEllynin  Lesbian Sex03/15/134.74HOT

Kitten's Pet Ch. 02

 — Kitten gets to play with her pet. by konekochanin  BDSM03/03/134.59HOT

Nadia Closes

 — A continuation in the day and life of Nadia. by LolaBKnoxin  BDSM01/19/134.31

Oh, Sweeeeeet Revenge!

 — Office bitch gets her what's coming to her. by Androgynousotherin  BDSM11/22/124.38

Happy Birthday, Amelia! Ch. 03

 — The first three performers "entertain" Amelia. by Chaingunin  BDSM11/14/124.30

Happy Birthday, Amelia! Ch. 01

 — A party for the guest of honor is way more than she expects. by Chaingunin  BDSM11/12/124.38

Bliss Ch. 05

 — Realizations and revelations - good, bad and indifferent. by wanderingmindgamesin  BDSM10/08/124.81HOT

C's Story

 — Tailored to and with assistance from the requestor. by gushkinbandain  BDSM10/04/123.93

ShadowMistress: First Lesson

 — LadyAngel begins training her newest pets. by DelishuslySynfulin  BDSM08/27/123.94


 — Sub backtalks one time too many. by SoBellein  BDSM08/08/123.89

Angies Funishment Ch. 01

 — A lesbian couple enjoy a night of hardcore play punishment. by DaturaBlossomsin  BDSM07/28/124.03

House Call Ch. 01

 — Fiona gets a visit from Victor and Jade in her own home. by tk5555in  BDSM07/24/124.40

Progressive Discipline Ch. 03

 — Our insurance girl's lesson begins. by irishkenny1974in  BDSM07/12/123.73


 — Master claims his slave, to their mutual delight. by MasterDnlin  Fetish07/08/123.65

Mistress Orange

 — You learn to love Orange. by mick60ain  BDSM04/18/123.59

Finding Her Master Pt. 11

 — Robin gets a major surprise, Joe meets Robin's mom. by Ropeteasein  BDSM02/19/124.60HOT

Crime and Punishment

 — Musings on submission and my love of rough sex. by Bellatrixiein  Text With Audio01/17/124.07

Sir Punishes Jessica

 — Devon must punish Jessica again. by SmokinJin  BDSM11/25/114.13

Sinful Pleasure on a Rainy Night

 — Stranded motorist learns the men in blue aren't so scary. by RedHairedandFriendlyin  Group Sex11/12/114.52HOT

Retribution Symphony

 — A symphony of erotic sensations is used as punishment. by wolfbackin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/10/114.20

Not For Me

 — I found out I am not into the BDSM lifestyle. by mick60ain  Reviews & Essays10/26/113.14

A Day with Mistress Afro

 — His first session with a Black Domme. by mick60ain  BDSM10/19/113.62

A Slave to the Servants Ch. 17

 — An ex intergalactic sex slave's changing role in her world. by DoctorWolfin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/22/114.80HOT

Our First Trip Together

 — A new sub takes a trip with her Dom but plans change. by 2belong2Uin  BDSM08/08/114.43

Love Bites

 — Emily is compeled into a night of bondage pleasure. by Naughtykittykat13in  Lesbian Sex07/25/114.37

Finding Happiness Ch. 09

 — Remembering Duty: Donna takes over Junie's training. by Xantuin  BDSM06/14/114.60HOT

Educating Kate Ch. 01

 — A young woman is educated in the finer arts of BDSM. by Mentor de Lyonin  BDSM05/18/114.26

Cellar Session

 — Oliver trains his wife for the first time. by Blue_Suziin  BDSM05/10/114.01

At the Commander's Disposal Ch. 00

 — When a big bad navy SEAL makes Macy run away. by ChynaMariein  BDSM04/14/114.59HOT

Lisa's First Session

 — A submissive meets her Dominant for the first time. by Kobain  BDSM04/10/114.23

One Night

 — A woman is taken and abused by a stranger. by GirlWithBootsin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/04/113.86

Rachael's Awakening Ch. 08

 — A punishment finds Rachael unprepared. by Victoria_2001_02769in  BDSM01/31/114.56HOT

Sorodna Dusa

 — At the heart of every legend lies a kernel of truth. by Sir Galahadin  BDSM01/08/114.82HOT


 — A little bondage and a very pink ass. by Morriguin  BDSM11/28/104.24

Bobby's Big Break Ch. 01

 — His first Mistress breaks him in. by MsRoseEvansin  BDSM11/16/104.11

Meagan's Eyes

 — You changed the rules, Master. by markellyin  BDSM11/03/104.77HOT

Master Wants to Play Ch. 03

 — she gets disciplined by You. by mistyrayin  BDSM10/12/104.31

Another Session with Mistress

 — Her Mistress asserts complete control. by Fran26in  BDSM10/11/104.70HOT

La Contessa's Slave Girl

 — She rescues girl and intiaties her as her slave girl. by SlaveNanoin  BDSM09/20/104.60HOT

Day 02 Pt. 01

 — Mika and DW wake up. by coyoteuglyin  Novels and Novellas08/15/104.00

Bringing Wall Street to his Knees

 — Demure teacher by day, fiery dominatrix by night. by Cherokee Rosein  BDSM06/20/104.29

Black Book

 — It feels like forever from the car to inside your house. by intothingsin  BDSM05/16/104.46

Meeting for Lunch

 — A Mistress' first encounter with a new boy. by NightGirl359in  BDSM05/14/104.70HOT

Making of a Sex Slave Ch. 04

 — My Desire to be a Sex Slave Becomes a Reality. by BADSAM689in  BDSM05/05/104.35

2008 Ch. 06

 — Pete meets Beth's sub sister, she moves in. by Scorpio44ain  Novels and Novellas04/19/104.63HOT

Lilly's Lust for Leather

 — Lilly Learns just how erotic leather can be. by darlyndin  BDSM03/10/104.20


 — A very particular man gives some punishment. by Lady_Fionain  BDSM12/14/093.50

Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 09

 — The tips of the leather flogger found her pouty cunt lips. by wiley4377in  BDSM11/05/090.00

Inside an Ambulance

 — Slut gets fucked and flogged in an ambulance. by AnaLeePleasuredin  BDSM10/14/093.97


 — A Submissives' Journal Entry in Three Parts. by Blushingsub3262in  BDSM07/16/094.50

Bird Of Paradise

 — Master displays His pet at a BDSM party. by PamelaPlaisirin  BDSM07/14/093.95

Playing House

 — Man breaks into a house for a little entertainment. by Altissimusin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/18/094.44


 — Your first meeting gets wild. by irishrn1994in  BDSM08/11/083.80

A Bed of Nails

 — A Master allows his slave breast torture. by shy slavein  BDSM08/05/083.66

Master's Slave

 — Her time with her Master and some of His favourite toys. by vixen62in  BDSM06/04/084.49

An Unexpected Journey Ch. 01

 — kira finds employment and meets Master Jones. by Sugared_Delightin  BDSM05/27/084.42

I Circle Around You

 — A delicious tale of getting you to submit to Me by LadySneakin  BDSM05/04/083.92

Dance With Me

 — She has a fantasy. by StormRisingin  BDSM04/26/083.50


 — She recalls dominating a man for his pleasure. by windwriterin  BDSM02/25/084.33

A Slave's Gift

 — Aisha finally learns her slavery to her Master. by gemmieHoin  BDSM12/31/074.32


 — Falling asleep is a punishable offense. by slave_laceyin  BDSM08/22/073.88

her Heart Ch. 03

 — He tantalizes her in her fantasy. by Teddybearsubmissivein  BDSM08/20/074.25


 — He was forever stained. by kyrie1595in  Fetish05/11/074.33

Awakening the Beast

 — Your first experiences with domination. by Shay73in  BDSM03/04/074.37

A Brat and Her Master

 — A smart ass masochist and the Master trying to break her. by Shay73in  BDSM11/22/064.32

Breaking Kay

 — A BDSM story told from a different perspective. by kyrie1595in  BDSM10/11/064.47

Joe and Sue Ch. 02

 — Two people contemplating one another. by windwriterin  BDSM10/07/064.32

Hailey's Journey Ch. 10

 — Hit me baby one more time. by nanmarin  BDSM08/06/064.55HOT

Her Date

 — Her special date. by naughti_mynxin  BDSM12/18/054.33

Dominance Corporation, Inc. Ch. 05

 — An erotic conference room meeting. by RJMastersin  BDSM11/28/054.52HOT

My Newest Badges Of Honor

 — A slave receives new markings from her Master. by WFEATHERin  BDSM11/08/053.50

Maria Teaches Allen a Lesson

 — Shy teacher by day - sexy Domme by night. by Leather & Lacein  BDSM08/30/054.49

Headmistress' Slut Ch. 05

 — A deserved punishment for Ms Leoni. by mummys dirty angelin  BDSM08/16/054.65HOT


 — How-to advice on the art of flogging. by Joseki Koin  How To07/18/044.24

A Master's Wish Ch. 03

 — Puppy's journey deepens. by darkestsecreetsin  Incest/Taboo02/24/044.47

Devine's Angel

 — He takes a new submissive. by D A Stonein  BDSM10/09/034.47

Dark at the Bottom of the Stairs

 — Flogging and you mix well. by nontoxic1in  Fetish08/24/034.24

All of Us

 — Our vacation. by kaytein  BDSM07/18/034.34

Hide and Seek Ch. 02

 — You outdoor adventure continues. by Poizonsfirein  BDSM06/25/034.24

His Pain, Her Pleasure

 — She tortures him in Bdsm love. by Kiplingin  BDSM06/17/014.26

Primal Lust

 — Master punishes his sub & comes very close to losing his soul. by Ray Darioin  BDSM04/29/014.30

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