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Just One of Those Things Ch. 05

 — Facing facts. by cforester44in  Gay Male01/23/144.75HOT

Just One of Those Things Ch. 04

 — Vince and Jack realize what they need. by cforester44in  Gay Male01/05/144.82HOT

Into the Woods Ch. 06

 — An Unexpected Hiker. by vividcoloursin  NonHuman12/05/134.56HOT

Into the Woods Ch. 05

 — The first meeting. by vividcoloursin  NonHuman11/24/134.51HOT

The Secret of Anthony Albrecht

 — Anthony's secret is not the only one. by Cromagnonmanin  Romance09/05/134.34

The Descending of Jessica Ch. 06

 — More young love in suburbia before her world falls apart. by Jessie92in  Erotic Couplings08/08/134.66HOT

Adara Holds Her Ground

 — Driven to desperation, she insists that he acknowledge her. by Polylover18in  Romance07/28/133.93

CJ and Sherri Ch. 03

 — We succumb; are we dreaming? by VoyeuristicMinxin  Erotic Couplings06/20/131.67

Duplicity Ch. 09

 — Field of nightmares... by partial2passionin  Interracial Love06/02/134.70HOT

In Search of Flesh Blood Ch. 01

 — A royal family must find new bloodlines to stay in power. by VinsanityOrElsein  Incest/Taboo03/20/133.43

Behind the Green Veil Ch. 06

 — Outcast Persian woman fully surrenders to her secret desires by Jayded_Lustin  Anal02/27/134.71HOT

Behind the Green Veil Ch. 05

 — Caught between worlds, outcast Persian woman must choose. by Jayded_Lustin  Novels and Novellas12/25/124.70HOT

Behind the Green Veil Ch. 03

 — How will she deal with the guilt? by Jayded_Lustin  Novels and Novellas08/18/124.46

Behind the Green Veil Ch. 02

 — Tension builds in their forbidden relationship. by Jayded_Lustin  Novels and Novellas08/16/124.63HOT

Behind the Green Veil Ch. 01

 — Persian woman unveils hidden passion after chance encounter. by Jayded_Lustin  Novels and Novellas08/15/124.51HOT

Eyes Like Winona Ch. 04

 — Scars run deep, for everyone. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male06/10/124.81HOT

Narcissus' Second Chance

 — Narcissus gets a second chance at love. by odaxin  Erotic Couplings04/14/123.30

The Lovers

 — A love affair that won't end. by Mari12in  Romance04/12/122.56


 — Forbidden love, a decade in the making. by Maidnchainsin  Romance03/26/124.12

His Personal Assistant

 — Rich bachelor gives in to his fantasy! by Angellica1612in  Romance01/07/124.54HOT

A Tale of Two Kingdoms

 — Love between two people from opposing, warring kingdoms. by giltmirrorin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/04/114.66HOT

Stolen Vows Ch. 03

 — Their passion is discovered; the church seeks Gabriel out. by lamoureusein  Erotic Couplings08/24/114.68HOT

Matching Day

 — To love risks more than just her heart. by SmallTownPrincessin  Romance08/23/114.49

Stolen Vows Ch. 02

 — Passion wins over guilt for this cleric and his new lover. by lamoureusein  Erotic Couplings07/08/114.72HOT

Hannah's Need Ch. 02

 — Sam gets to know the family. by WithAuthorityin  Incest/Taboo06/03/114.47

Teacher's Pride

 — Sarah and Mrs.Ostrom share a weekend together. by teacherspet_xoin  Lesbian Sex05/11/114.27

Thank Your Lucky Stars Ch. 02

 — An Iowa farm family fights off an alien invasion. by Rob_mDearin  Incest/Taboo03/11/113.87

La Petite Mort

 — Rebecca is forced to betray her husband and to enjoy it... by EvelynEvelynin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/29/114.11

A Licentious Affair

 — A story of forbidden love. by BlueMoonWriterin  Lesbian Sex06/17/104.57HOT

Journal Entry # 01

 — Journal of Romance and Forbidden Sexuality. by demigoddessin  Erotic Couplings05/27/104.12

Family Tree

 — Wild sanctuary reignites love-reminds them of a promise kept. by TCBannerin  Incest/Taboo03/30/104.69HOT

The Conquest of Janet

 — An intimate evening with my friend's wife. by spongecatin  Erotic Couplings03/11/104.25

Forgetful Not

 — He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me... by RubiDeein  Interracial Love10/24/094.48

By Custom [Q]

 — Even the Pharaoh cannot always have the woman he loves. by Rob_mDearin  Incest/Taboo09/10/094.35

Ancient Grudge

 — Feuding vampire clans. by DreamerOnein  Gay Male07/11/094.57HOT

Birch Tree Island

 — A private dick doesn't give up on his longest, hardest case. by YourLittleAngellein  Novels and Novellas04/04/094.35

Just Being Wolfy Ch. 01

 — She fell in a forbidden love; she must forget it. by Jayleen88in  NonHuman02/09/094.45

Something In Her Eyes Ch. 03

 — The end of the forbidden saga; Jordan is taken by force. by Jayded_Lustin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/19/094.58HOT

Shades of Gray Ch. 03

 — If they cannot be together, they must say goodbye. by Dieziin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/06/084.53HOT

Brother and Sister No More

 — Siblings take forbidden desires to whole new level. by Archer2050in  Incest/Taboo08/01/084.59HOT

The Dreamer Awakes

 — A long-secret fantasy comes to life. by BridgetteCarolinin  Erotic Couplings07/12/084.50

My Love's Brother

 — She loves his brother, but she wants him. by lovelesmistiein  First Time06/21/084.11

Jason's Journals Ch. 08

 — Jason seduces his cousin, Ellen. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITERin  Incest/Taboo01/27/084.20

A Brother's Love Ch. 03

 — Six years later... by ethereal_dancerin  Novels and Novellas12/21/074.59HOT

Queen of the Sea Ch. 01

 — A naval officer goes undercover to capture a pirate. by Lady_Katkain  Romance08/07/074.62HOT

Light in the Darkness

 — Forbidden love between Dark Age Abbot and Abbess. by Nigel Debonnairein  Romance06/12/070.00

The Black Sheep

 — Betrayed sibling finds love in his older sister's arms. by Adam_Hicksin  Incest/Taboo05/15/074.64HOT

A Family Get-Together

 — A forbidden night of passion. by superglide52in  Incest/Taboo11/19/064.18

In the Light of the Christmas Tree

 — Cousins meet & become lovers on a Holiday visit. by TE999in  Incest/Taboo11/16/064.65HOT

A Night That Should Not Have Been

 — You couldn't be with her in the end. by IamNotTellingin  Romance11/01/063.50

Epistle To My Captain Ch. 06

 — Passion ignites as Elissa answers Cadmus' letter of rumors. by RedHairedandFriendlyin  Letters & Transcripts08/14/065.00

Epistle To My Captain Ch. 05

 — She tells him of the ivory balls she'll keep. by RedHairedandFriendlyin  Letters & Transcripts06/27/064.80

A Letter to Barbara

 — Will she answer? What will her answer be? by Ronnie Wachukain  Letters & Transcripts06/16/064.55HOT

Epistle To My Captain Ch. 04

 — Politics with a bit of love woven in. by RedHairedandFriendlyin  Letters & Transcripts05/29/065.00

Epistle To My Captain Ch. 02

 — Queen tempts lover with more words of erotica. by RedHairedandFriendlyin  Letters & Transcripts04/24/064.60

The Age Old Rhythm

 — 1700s: the beginnings of cuckoldry. by MistyMorganin  Loving Wives03/13/063.75

The Artist

 — She makes him an offer he finds hard to refuse. by redUKin  Erotic Couplings01/09/063.62

Brotherly Lust

 — Brother and sister share their love. by fantasex13in  Incest/Taboo12/15/053.97

Barbara and the Priest

 — Love for a man of the cloth. by BANJARin  Romance11/15/054.35

The Enlightenment of Bay Ch. 01

 — A young Jedi's frustration over his mistress. by Kawaii Animein  First Time07/24/053.70

My Daughter, My Lover

 — He finds himself loving his daughter. by 75cornerin  Incest/Taboo03/25/054.74HOT

A Forbidden Love

 — A horny brother-in-law finally takes his wifes sister. by Fernando Santiagoin  Incest/Taboo03/22/044.18

The Hunt For Monique

 — He hunts for her by scent and taste. by _Lady1SensuaL1Fire_in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/22/024.42

A Forbidden Love

 — Two people embrace the forbidden love. by mistycin  Romance12/04/013.44

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