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Sugar Heart Ch. 04

 — Richard and Buddy finally get in each other's pants. by tamgreenin  Gay Male12/01/144.73HOT

Sugar Heart Ch. 03

 — Richard falls hard; sweet little Buddy gets bolder. by tamgreenin  Gay Male10/28/144.79HOT

Sugar Heart Ch. 02

 — Richard's secret admirer steps up just in time. by tamgreenin  Gay Male10/26/144.76HOT

Sugar Heart Ch. 01

 — Richard is oblivious to his crush as his life goes off the rails. by tamgreenin  Gay Male10/24/144.52HOT

As You Are Ch. 06

 — Shaun learns to love. by LOVENESS20094in  Gay Male08/09/144.77HOT

Broken Days

 — Mark's day just got worse... Or did it? by ShadowWriter96in  Gay Male08/01/143.95

Montana Winter

 — Sequel to Montana - Find out what happens to Noah. by MJRobertsin  Gay Male07/27/144.92HOTContest Winner

Football Season

 — Gay Romance/Erotica. by xLoupNoirxin  Gay Male07/24/144.55HOT

How to Bang Ch. 03

 — "Rhythm of Love" by MJRobertsin  Gay Male06/19/144.83HOT

How to Bang Ch. 02

 — Bassist tries to get drummer to teach him the rhythm. by MJRobertsin  Gay Male06/18/144.80HOT

How to Bang Ch. 01

 — Drummers know. But can this one be convinced to show? by MJRobertsin  Gay Male06/17/144.67HOT

First Blush Ch. 01

 — A math geek gets more than he bargained for. by MJRobertsin  Gay Male04/29/144.82HOT

Pizza Boy at the Door Ch. 20

 — Finding the needed strength to be able to go on. by JKendallDanein  Gay Male04/15/144.85HOT

Pizza Boy at the Door Ch. 19

 — Josh finally meets Kyle's family. by JKendallDanein  Gay Male04/06/144.84HOT

Straight Through - Paul and Brandon

 — A straight guy wonders... but will he find out? by MJRobertsin  Gay Male03/31/144.49

Pizza Boy at the Door Ch. 18

 — Josh moves in and then takes Kyle home to meet his parents. by JKendallDanein  Gay Male03/21/144.71HOT

Undying Flame

 — We are still hot for each other. by mtsukiin  Gay Male03/04/144.51HOT

A Change of Heart for Leander Ch. 05

 — The boys confess... by RobMontaguein  Gay Male02/01/144.02

Last First Kiss

 — Ryan thinks Phillip forgot their first kiss. But has he? by pipervaughnin  Gay Male01/31/144.71HOT


 — Some promises are just very hard not to break. by kingofdeceitin  Gay Male09/11/134.53HOT

Simplicity Ch. 01

 — Luke starts college and a new life. by lessthanperfectin  Gay Male06/08/134.50HOT

The Shiver of a Man Ch. 01

 — One night in club changes Alex's life forever. by djstoriesin  Gay Male06/02/133.88

A Sinner's Love: Redux Ch. 04

 — The beginning of something. by SusukiRedd99in  Gay Male04/06/134.50HOT

A Shot into Darkness Ch. 01

 — Two friends find each other after a terrible event. by cassie_17in  Gay Male02/04/134.57HOT

Closeness Ch. 05

 — The Decision. by PS_Lopezin  Gay Male01/05/134.60HOT

Eyes Like Winona Ch. 08

 — The End. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male11/27/124.86HOT

Your Fallen Hero Ch. 01

 — Introduction - Joe explains how he met Jacob. by Urfallenheroin  Gay Male09/28/124.22

Eyes Like Winona Ch. 07

 — An uneasy quiet. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male09/13/124.83HOT

Eyes Like Winona Ch. 06

 — Change of Heart. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male08/11/124.87HOT

Eyes Like Winona Ch. 05

 — Bad pennies have a way of turning up. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male07/21/124.72HOT

Sweet Spot Ch. 06

 — Paul comes out to his family. by podgain  Gay Male07/11/124.86HOT

Sweet Spot Ch. 05

 — Paul meets the parents and Andy meets the brother. by podgain  Gay Male07/07/124.82HOT

Sweet Spot Ch. 04

 — Paul faces further consequences and Andy makes an offer. by podgain  Gay Male07/04/124.76HOT

Sweet Spot Ch. 03

 — Paul confronts his boss and Andy proposes a weekend away. by podgain  Gay Male06/29/124.84HOT

Charles Ch. 02

 — More fun with Chuck. by Afterhours22in  Gay Male06/21/124.22

The Goats

 — A cruel ritual ends in happiness. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male06/20/124.74HOT

Eyes Like Winona Ch. 04

 — Scars run deep, for everyone. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male06/10/124.84HOT

Eyes Like Winona Ch. 03

 — Clients are rough, but Drake and Neil get closer. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male05/26/124.65HOT

Run and Hide Pt. 04

 — Ace fights to win Paul back. by CC_Ryderin  Gay Male05/22/124.87HOT

Run and Hide Pt. 03

 — Coming out is harder than he thought. by CC_Ryderin  Gay Male05/21/124.85HOT

Run and Hide Pt. 02

 — It's just as hot when they meet the second time. by CC_Ryderin  Gay Male05/20/124.86HOT

Run and Hide Pt. 01

 — Ships in the night crash into each other. by CC_Ryderin  Gay Male05/19/124.85HOT

Eyes Like Winona Ch. 02

 — Trying to eke out a routine. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male05/14/124.69HOT

Eyes Like Winona

 — Times are hard. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male05/01/124.74HOT

Superfragilisticexpialidocious with David

 — The feel of true love. by alexcarrin  Gay Male04/25/123.17

Tenderness Ch. 07

 — The End. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male04/03/124.83HOT

Chris and Luke

 — Luke loves Chris and will stand by him to the end. by Nephylimin  Gay Male03/31/124.80HOT


 — The final chapter in my love life. by trippy64in  Gay Male03/30/124.47

The Slave Boy 01

 — A face from the past. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male03/28/124.71HOT

A Sinner's Love: Redux Ch. 02

 — Dates, tears, and a pass that just won't be forgotten. by SusukiRedd99in  Gay Male03/19/124.18

The New World Ch. 07

 — The End. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male03/18/124.73HOT

Tenderness Ch. 06

 — Everything's looking up. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male02/07/124.78HOT

Can't Go Back

 — Jared misses the chance to confess his love to Avery. by Ikokoin  Gay Male02/03/124.32

Christmas Wishes

 — A Christmas love story. by krysmin  Gay Male12/25/114.60HOT

A Sinner's Love: Redux

 — The meeting and promises. by SusukiRedd99in  Gay Male12/02/114.29

Tommy, Again

 — Two college roommates reunite ten years later. by billhudleyin  Gay Male11/30/114.64HOT

Life: It Gets Better Ch. 03

 — The sex was everything he knew it would be. by TheRealThinggin  Gay Male09/07/114.49

Life: It Gets Better Ch. 01

 — After heartbreak Nathaniel meets a beautiful man. by TheRealThinggin  Gay Male09/03/114.39

Right Where I Belong Ch. 02

 — Matt and Tom's relationship grows. by anon_temptationsin  Gay Male08/20/114.78HOT

God's Angel Ch. 08

 — Kyle and Gabe start a life. by dagan732in  Gay Male07/19/114.83HOT

Joe Tom Ch. 03

 — Marc finally fucks Joe Tom while Archie and Lester watch. by perihelionin  Gay Male06/17/114.62HOT

The Boy from the Sea Ch. 05

 — We learn Adriel's story. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male06/14/114.59HOT

Tenderness Ch. 01

 — A young man is brutally attacked, and finds love after. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male06/11/114.72HOT

The New World Ch. 03

 — Matteo finds a new home. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male05/22/114.63HOT

Loving James Ch. 04

 — Trusting James. by zolia_lilyin  Gay Male04/30/114.74HOT

Always, Forever and a Day

 — Tyler and Matt carry on there relationship. by Baby789in  Gay Male04/27/114.45

A Sinner's Love Ch. 04

 — Revelations... by SusukiRedd99in  Gay Male02/16/114.45

A Sinner's Love Ch. 03

 — OH MY DAMN!!! by SusukiRedd99in  Gay Male02/14/114.45

A Sinner's Love

 — The begininng. by SusukiRedd99in  Gay Male02/08/114.13

Prince Charming Ch. 04

 — Does the truth come too late? by alana9in  Gay Male01/27/114.76HOT

Desire Ch. 03

 — Happily ever after really does exist. by SoullessCynnerin  Gay Male01/10/114.72HOT

Desire Ch. 02

 — Jules makes his decision. by SoullessCynnerin  Gay Male01/09/114.60HOT

Desire Ch. 01

 — Luke is talked into staying for dinner. by SoullessCynnerin  Gay Male01/08/114.54HOT

Coming Out with the Truth Ch. 07

 — John realises just what he's thrown away. by zolia_lilyin  Gay Male10/22/104.87HOT

More Than You Know Ch. 01

 — A loss, a meeting. by tml_writerin  Gay Male10/19/104.68HOT

Coming Out with the Truth Ch. 06

 — Keith learns a hard truth. by zolia_lilyin  Gay Male10/18/104.86HOT

Coming Out with the Truth Ch. 05

 — Cracks begin to show. by zolia_lilyin  Gay Male10/15/104.85HOT


 — Ten years after Reunited. by PS_Lopezin  Gay Male08/05/104.54HOT

My Handyman

 — Cliff begins a relationship with a closeted contractor. by robcub32in  Gay Male07/14/104.81HOT

Flitting Wings of a Hummingbird

 — Love lost, love gained. by mtsukiin  Gay Male07/13/104.66HOT

The Dirty Pleasures Incident Ch. 12

 — End. by Transversein  Gay Male04/03/104.83HOT


 — A moment of pleasure between two men. by German_Butterflyin  Gay Male03/26/104.32

Nickolas and Jason Ch. 07-Alternate

 — A different ending. by RobMontaguein  Gay Male03/26/104.65HOT

First Lust: First Love

 — 18-year-old twink loses his cherry & falls in love. by danielbluein  Gay Male03/16/104.61HOT

They Are A-OK Ch. 37

 — Changes good and bad occur in John's world. by fantasyhunter2in  Gay Male03/13/104.62HOT

Old Friends

 — One confession leads to passion in the bedroom. by Gothickunin  Gay Male03/07/103.91

Off to College Ch. 01

 — Making the right choice. by JTQuintonin  Gay Male01/29/104.08

Heart's Desire

 — A lonely man searches for love. by Pelaamin  Gay Male01/27/104.67HOT

And Now I Know

 — He'd always wondered. by Transversein  Gay Male01/22/104.65HOTContest Winner

Beau et le Bete

 — Beauty is the lovers' gift. by Pelaamin  Gay Male01/12/104.65HOT

A Bend in the Road

 — A middle-aged straight man finds love with a young gay man. by Oldguy45in  Gay Male11/24/094.59HOT

Endings Ch. 04

 — Developments. by ingarlmin  Gay Male11/20/094.78HOT

Endings Ch. 03

 — A surprise meeting. by ingarlmin  Gay Male11/17/094.75HOT

The Polaris Effect Ch. 09

 — Floating. by Riley_Jamesin  Gay Male08/14/094.71HOT

Brothers in Arms

 — Two lost souls find each other. by Spykkein  Gay Male07/30/094.21

Love Letters

 — Two men share the intimacy of their love with pen & ink. by yukonnightsin  Gay Male07/30/094.37

Skaters Romance

 — Gay romance between best friends. by dreamcatcher549in  Gay Male07/17/094.69HOT

Dancing Ch. 04

 — Finding the way forward. by ingarlmin  Gay Male07/11/094.85HOT

A Moments Kiss Ch. 01

 — Can love replace sadness? by RoseBlossomsin  Gay Male07/11/094.23

Dancing Ch. 03

 — Learning more and everything changes. by ingarlmin  Gay Male07/10/094.85HOT

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