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Please Don't Stop! Ch. 02

 — Dany wants to try sex toys. by alexcarrin  Gay Male08/02/144.10

Danny Darling Ch. 02

 — I try to forget my past in the arms of a beautiful girl. by bjmichaelsin  Gay Male07/01/144.41

Danny Darling Ch. 01

 — A young man leaves his over-protective mother. by bjmichaelsin  Gay Male06/28/144.23

Masturbate Fantasy #131

 — A sexy shower. by writedoctorin  Gay Male03/09/144.12


 — Author tries erotic hypnosis as the subject. by lpmsain  Gay Male02/12/143.76

Destiny in Daytona

 — From painting the house to painting the ceiling. by JKendallDanein  Gay Male11/12/134.30

Rough Velvet: Alternative

 — Frustrations of a gay virgin man after hours. by Purple_Ravenin  Gay Male10/07/134.05

The Vacation House Ch. 08

 — Father and Son build a house and their new life together. by 1Puck1in  Gay Male07/24/134.16

Professional Affair Ch. 01

 — Alex fantasizes about his new boss. by bigguyajtin  Gay Male03/05/134.11

Extended Hours at the Gym

 — Jon explores a side of him he didn't know he had. by bedtimewordsin  Gay Male02/27/134.53HOT

Rising From Nothing

 — A divorcee finds love in the arms of another man. by Aragon_Dracoin  Gay Male12/28/124.22

My New Roomie

 — I discover that I like the taste of another man's cock. by phardy_30in  Gay Male12/26/124.14

Soccer, Foot and Other Balls Ch. 01

 — Xander starts college soccer. by sinnaro13in  Gay Male11/30/123.81

Of Course I was Nervous

 — A young man poses for an artist. by JohnWesleyWalshin  Gay Male09/29/124.66HOT

Kingdom Cum

 — A perfect relaxant. by alexcarrin  Gay Male09/18/123.36

Stop the World to Get a Better View Ch. 08

 — Gabriel, an achitect in Greg's firm, discovers he's gay! by Kaidenin  Gay Male09/03/123.87

Teachers Pets

 — A group of college students learn the art of an orderly life. by MelvinMhkin  Gay Male05/02/124.22

Backstage Romance Ch. 01

 — Stage manager catches leading man's eye. by ikhneumonin  Gay Male03/17/124.75HOT

A Carol for Rev. Ebenezer Ch. 02

 — A gay churchman is haunted by past winter solstices. by blondeallover_00in  Gay Male12/20/114.04

In a College Shower Ch. 02

 — The Ending: young man is seduced. by 0ra11yfix8edin  Gay Male10/16/113.99

AU Ch. 01

 — College student finds love in a bar. by FangsAnarchyin  Gay Male10/03/114.63HOT

Roommates Ch. 04

 — Roomates continue their mutual exploration. by michaeliamin  Gay Male09/17/114.45

Hold Me Ch. 02

 — Gabe moves in, but can Davis control himself? by itsashamwowin  Gay Male09/03/114.31

The Video Ch. 01

 — Frat House Troopers: Donnelly's side of the story. by AkshunLovein  Gay Male08/05/114.66HOT

Morning Menage-a-Trois

 — A morning threesome is a great way to start the day. by the_apocalypsein  Gay Male06/07/114.08

Hardcore Holiday Ch. 11

 — Dan, Mikey and Jackson finally confront Franco together. by the_apocalypsein  Gay Male05/14/114.68HOT

Hardcore Holiday Ch. 07

 — Dan watches DVD and gets the shock of his life. by the_apocalypsein  Gay Male04/29/114.18

David and John Ch. 03

 — John begins to take control. by thorbetin  Gay Male04/14/114.40

David and John Ch. 02

 — The two men get together. by thorbetin  Gay Male02/17/114.48

David and John

 — Neighbours discover a mutual attraction. by thorbetin  Gay Male02/11/113.90

Self Therapy! Ch. 02

 — I'm getting to grips with my curiosity. by danielrogerashleyin  Gay Male01/19/113.86

From a Finger to Fucking Ch. 06

 — Paul experiences full gay sex for the first time. by the_apocalypsein  Gay Male01/08/114.34

From a Finger to Fucking Ch. 02

 — Man receives his order and starts trying them out. by the_apocalypsein  Gay Male12/29/104.21

Watching Scott's First Time

 — A little adventure in the world of porn. by Ashlandgreyin  Gay Male12/26/104.02

Mark and Barry Ch. 04

 — Exploration with someone new. by sam8in  Gay Male09/11/104.57HOT

The Lawn Rangers Ch. 06

 — Road trip leads to ass play for the buddies. by texaswadein  Gay Male06/20/104.63HOT

Jerking Buddies

 — One REALLY erotic day. by SPB3561in  Gay Male03/09/104.39

Joe's Video Camera Adventure

 — Getting busy with a special video camera! by joehard_007in  Gay Male01/16/104.60HOT


 — He watches as friend gets fucked in the ass. by jimmitoin  Gay Male10/26/094.39

The Keys Pt. 02

 — A young man meets his dad's friend during their guys weekend by velokevin  Incest/Taboo09/16/094.11

Hand Job Lover Ch. 01

 — She loves to watch men masturbate. by WalterCiein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/08/094.11

Gentlemen's Club Ch. 10

 — Tricks, in more ways than one. by Ywasherein  Gay Male08/07/094.32

Traveling Ch. 07

 — Massage time. by jjdtxin  Gay Male07/31/094.44

March Madness Ch. 02

 — Man loses bet to buddy as he slips further into domination. by watchdwagin  Gay Male07/10/094.46

March Madness Ch. 01

 — Straight guy experiences a little madness of his own. by watchdwagin  Gay Male07/04/094.41

The Audition

 — His bi curiosity leads to a hot, kinky ultimatum. by curio_69in  Gay Male05/18/090.00


 — Closeted bottom lets it all out. by mr_moonshinein  Gay Male03/17/094.43

Peeping Tom

 — When the stalker initiates contact, hot sex ensues. by ElfenDreamin  Gay Male03/13/094.52HOT

All Holes Were Created Equal

 — Straight college boy learns from his gay roommate. by walterioin  Gay Male03/05/094.49

Romeo, Where Art Thou Going in Life? Ch. 02

 — Romeo expands his chosen career and sex life. by walterioin  Gay Male02/14/094.60HOT

Black Auntie Seduces White Nephew Ch. 06

 — Nephew introduces self to Uncle. by fidofashionin  Incest/Taboo02/13/094.03

A Valentine For One

 — Self love reaches a new climax. by darktwinin  Toys & Masturbation01/27/093.04

Lunch by the Lake

 — Man submits to curiosity and find his submissive side. by mikecjr1998in  Gay Male01/19/094.24

Bisexual Camping Adventures Ch. 01

 — College friends begin a summer of bisexual exploration. by christian_hmin  Gay Male12/26/084.39

Cocklust Repression

 — Young man recounts the beginning of repressed cocklust. by reg_rochin  Gay Male12/08/084.33

Tales Of A Seminar Slut

 — White lawyer begs Black client to fuck him. by fidofashionin  Gay Male10/28/084.27

A Virgin No More Ch. 03

 — Lance introduces Bobby to the world of gay porn. by walterioin  Gay Male10/19/084.59HOT

The Beast Takes Beauty

 — A beast stakes his claim of the son of a seduced man. by blondeallover_00in  Gay Male10/17/084.42

Falling Into Place

 — Prequel to the Becker/Michaels series. by Mephisophelesin  Gay Male09/11/084.75HOT

Travel Buddies

 — Road warrior learns new tricks to deal with the road. by BACarterin  Gay Male08/15/084.68HOT

Caught with a Wedgie

 — Neighbor spies straight guy masturbating by marriedhubbiin  Gay Male07/18/084.27

Vampiric Lust Ch. 01

 — A young man named Lokan is sired in erotic fashion. by Slappy101in  Gay Male07/11/084.61HOT

Caribbean Cocktail

 — A young carnival reveller slakes his thirst. by trevormin  Gay Male07/10/084.14

Sacrificed Under the Full-Moon

 — Ensuring a plentiful harvest. by sabbin  Gay Male07/07/084.21

Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

 — Handsome young man gets a bit more than expected by trevormin  Gay Male06/13/084.21

Bi-Sexual Seminar

 — Two straight guys explore bi-sexual fun. by hhart708in  Gay Male05/23/084.02

Desiring Man Juice

 — Encounter at a park restroom. by OneVike56in  Gay Male05/10/084.46

Jono and I

 — College roommates meet for their first time. by bigk1w1in  Gay Male05/02/084.09

A Day to Remember

 — Fun day spent sucking & fondling three male friends. by jackingoff93in  Gay Male05/01/083.95

A Cock in the Hand

 — A mutual masturbation session with an older man. by Paul44in  Gay Male04/14/084.04


 — Drought ends at the original glory hole. by glory_firstin  Gay Male04/14/084.20

Tony Initiates Me to Cock

 — Curious guy gets his first taste of man at conference. by noody2005in  Gay Male02/24/084.61HOT

With A Dildo Up My Ass Ch. 02

 — He knows you will like it. by Kinkykille76in  Gay Male02/16/084.24

A Date with My Barber

 — Accidental touch brings great results. by bruce49in  Gay Male01/17/083.97

Pat, Jim, & Carol Ch. 07

 — Jim and Pat entertain themselves at college. by jt123in  Gay Male01/09/084.37

Time to Try The Real Thing

 — He walks in on his roommate using a dildo. by Versatile2008in  Gay Male01/06/084.49

Fantasy Morning

 — Fantasy starts in the shower and moves to the bed. by wilsuccoxin  Gay Male01/06/084.08

Health 101 -- Jackoff Practice

 — Third installment of series. by jacktar48in  Novels and Novellas01/01/084.45

Surprised and Used Again

 — Gay male, reluctance, and hard sex. by Ryterin  Gay Male12/19/074.27

Business Trip - Night 01

 — Two men chat & explore fetishes via webcam. by OldFizziWigin  Gay Male12/04/073.97


 — Jimmy bids on a job & gets more than he bargained for. by JadeBuchananin  Gay Male11/08/074.17

Payback For Dad

 — Ancient cures for modern problems. by Coxswainin  Gay Male11/06/074.58HOT

Straight Offshore Bunkmates

 — Horniness leads bunkmates to a first time. by AquaMan984in  Gay Male10/28/074.38

Pussyboy Nephew Ch. 01

 — Gay nephew masturbates at aunt’s house. by bufmuck1in  Gay Male09/01/073.33

Gym Jerk Off

 — His first same-sex mutual masturbation with a stranger. by wred222000in  Gay Male08/19/073.83

Some Kind of Voodoo

 — He wants the shaman to give him what he needs. by medvetisin  Gay Male08/03/074.59HOT

Moving On

 — Can new love rise from the ashes of shared scars? by shabbuin  Gay Male07/19/074.66HOT

Cinematic Glory Ch. 01

 — Enjoying the theater. by glory_firstin  Gay Male06/30/074.08

The Test Ch. 01

 — Can she resist them? by phillyinjunin  Group Sex06/16/074.13

Glory Display

 — Cock games in 3D. by glory_firstin  Gay Male05/26/074.48

Croquis Grotesque

 — Discovering a new pleasure. by Ijhelin  Gay Male05/12/074.18


 — A lonely, frustrated evening takes an unexpected turn. by Castisin  Gay Male04/24/074.10


 — He savors a full massage. by julianblakein  Gay Male02/01/074.21

Married Cocksucker Buds: The Beginning

 — How it all started. by mikeman341in  Gay Male01/31/074.40

Top or Bottom Ch. 04

 — Sandy decides what he is. by sandyvalleyladin  Gay Male01/27/074.50HOT

Top or Bottom Ch. 02

 — Continuing his exploration of being a top or a bottom. by sandyvalleyladin  Gay Male01/13/074.58HOT

Second Verse Better Than First

 — Rowan and Bob, the two university buds, take things further. by trybimenin  Gay Male12/26/064.13

Men in Tuxedos

 — Seduction tale of a strange call guy assignment. by sr71pltin  Gay Male11/04/064.37

Field Maneuvers

 — Army buddies and their juicy foreskins. by Araddionin  Gay Male09/16/064.31

My First Bi Experience Ch. 01

 — Hot mutual masturbation with his best buddy. by Luke_25in  Gay Male09/03/064.17

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