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An Afternoon in a Porn Theatre

 — Just like it says. by bluelaces288in  Gay Male02/20/143.61

One Night on the Metro

 — Guy finds friendly men on the train. by subwryterin  Gay Male01/30/133.82

Blow Job in San Francisco

 — This was my first experience with sex with a gay man. by Boxlicker101in  Gay Male05/14/124.08

A Huge Birthday Surprise

 — My 21st birthday begins with a new experience. by bigandphysicalin  Gay Male10/24/114.26

In a Public Toilet Ch. 01

 — Encounter in a public toilet with three alternative endings. by tazsis1in  Gay Male09/27/113.77

Teacher's Pet

 — Student and teacher have an encounter after class. by ljp6in  Gay Male04/08/114.15

Bi-Curious Dads

 — Dads at the beach find a new way to bond with wives away. by Stephen7Redoin  Gay Male11/27/104.51HOT

Give It To Me, Now!

 — Married guys go a little cock crazy and need it right away. by danielbluein  Gay Male11/12/104.25


 — Two men share a sexy meal. by weasel4shorein  Gay Male08/24/103.29

Swedish Sauna

 — A visit to spa turns erotic. by Animus90in  Gay Male08/16/104.03

Beach Pickup

 — Two handsome twinks hook up unexpectedly at the beach. by SpeedoTwinkin  Gay Male06/23/104.41

A Good Day on the Trail

 — Cocksucker gets some cum on the beaten path. by turbocs37in  Gay Male04/29/103.94

Junction Ch. 01

 — Introduction to my cruising experiences by muffinbodin  Gay Male04/14/104.04

I Get Fucked in Public

 — Remembering a time I got fucked in a public restroom. by AllNamesAreTakenin  Gay Male01/23/104.12

A Forest Gangbang

 — A man learns what it feels like to be fucked. by rjohnsin  Gay Male04/04/094.14

Cock Slave at the Movie Theater

 — Willing cock slave fucked hard in bathroom of movie theater. by HornyShakespearein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers02/02/094.21

The Toilet

 — An unexpected erotic encounter. by thorbetin  Gay Male11/23/084.16

Next Door Neighbor Ch. 02

 — New neighbor blows me outside by MI_guyin  Gay Male09/12/084.56HOT

Then Ch. 03

 — Sex in the park. by ssvt1138in  Gay Male07/19/084.06

Try it with a Friend

 — Or, testing the furniture before you buy it. by sabbin  Gay Male06/13/084.27

On The Block

 — Father and son's last time before they are sold. by Ywasherein  Celebrities05/31/084.38

Fun in Train

 — Train journey can become exciting if there are four friends. by sunmisin  Gay Male05/16/083.09

Mr Truman Ch. 01

 — A chance encounter. by st3ph1066in  Gay Male05/11/084.09

Desiring Man Juice

 — Encounter at a park restroom. by OneVike56in  Gay Male05/10/084.46

They Are A-OK Ch. 13

 — A kidnapping and taking charge of a wide receiver. by fantasyhunter2in  Gay Male05/06/084.62HOT

How I Became A Cock Slave Ch. 04

 — A birthday present for the slut. by bearlover1689in  Gay Male04/08/084.32

Discovering Glory

 — Returning with new eyes. by glory_firstin  Gay Male03/22/084.27

The Dream City Film Club

 — Sex and death in a London porn cinema. by noisymotherin  Erotic Horror02/29/083.86

A Sexy Film

 — An introduction to sex in the cinema. by Ryterin  Gay Male02/16/084.02

Fun Night at the Movies

 — They play with each other in the dark. by bruce49in  Gay Male01/19/084.01

Bus Stop Blowjob

 — College boy learns he belongs on his knees. by kneelsoftenin  Gay Male01/19/084.47

Two Towels

 — Visit to all-male sauna fulfils a fantasy. by ksopen1in  Gay Male12/31/074.16

After Room 117 Ch. 03

 — A late night reunion at the theater. by barry_ninein  Gay Male12/14/074.52HOT

Rugger Buggers Make Out In Mud

 — Rugby players have sex on a muddy field. by danielbluein  Gay Male10/06/074.41

Cinematic Glory Ch. 02

 — Enjoying the theater's next showing. by glory_firstin  Gay Male07/13/074.15

Cinematic Glory Ch. 01

 — Enjoying the theater. by glory_firstin  Gay Male06/30/074.07

Chuck and John's Public Pool Fun

 — Recent high school graduates discover underwater fun. by tomnielsen54in  Gay Male06/20/073.58

Meeting Barry at the Public Toilet

 — Teenage guy meets older gent late at night. by luke_g87in  Gay Male06/19/074.14

The Park

 — He meets two men and joins in. by MajesticDeep2in  Gay Male06/16/074.52HOT

18 Years Old and Curious

 — Curious teen finds older man online. by noisein  Gay Male06/08/074.31

In the Park, In the Dark

 — Hot male sex in the park. by available269in  Gay Male05/12/074.21

Trek in the Woods

 — A trek into the woods turns up Trumps. by l1sa1974in  Gay Male03/10/074.37

The Black Rose Ecstasy Ch. 01

 — The opening chapter in my exploration of gay kink. by twohot4wordsin  Gay Male03/10/073.64

Bisexual Bears By The Sea

 — Big, beefy guys share beachside orgy with a difference. by danielbluein  Gay Male03/08/074.19

Rest Stop Slut Ch. 03

 — The final chapter of a roadside adventure. by sergebricwittlein  Gay Male02/10/074.14

Rest Stop Slut Ch. 02

 — More roadside shenanigans with a stranger. by sergebricwittlein  Gay Male01/09/074.06

Headbanger's Ball

 — It's rock and roll & he likes it. He really likes it. by Araddionin  Gay Male10/29/064.53HOT

Pillow Talk

 — What he said to the tight-assed blond hustler. by Araddionin  Gay Male10/29/064.42

First Time - In a Stockroom

 — His first time in a stockroom with a stranger. by newboiin  Gay Male10/14/064.04


 — A visit to a porno theatre gets hot. by SoloActin  Gay Male09/26/064.20

Stranger on the Train

 — Straight but curious guys seduce each other on the train. by _V_in  Gay Male09/18/064.45

A Rough Night

 — One man's weakness is another's pleasure. by Dreams of Desirein  Gay Male08/04/064.47

Sucking at the Picnic

 — Caught misbehaving by his wife. by bullfrogtsin  Gay Male08/02/064.43

What Show was Playing?

 — Two strangers at the movies. by dirtyjoe69in  Gay Male07/06/064.26

Bum Chums Have Fun In The Sun

 — A virgin stud loses his cherry to 4 hot men on the beach. by danielbluein  Gay Male06/17/064.50HOT


 — A strange happening in church. by cheto1in  Gay Male06/10/064.08

Motorcycle Hitchhiker

 — Ride in the country is a magical experience. by JoeCamelToein  Gay Male05/13/064.09

Jizz Me With Your Jerk Juice

 — Big blonde 'bear' begs to be facialized by circle jerkers. by danielbluein  Gay Male02/09/064.09

Park Cruising Ch. 02

 — His adventure continues to deepen. by Bttmboiin  Gay Male02/04/064.46

Park Cruising Ch. 01

 — He finds more in the woods than animals. by Bttmboiin  Gay Male01/27/064.29

A Quiet Country Lane

 — Out after dark looking for some action. by HappyHarry1973in  Gay Male01/25/063.75

Salacious Resolution

 — New Year's Eve party is more exciting than expected. by 4degreesin  Gay Male01/07/064.24

Cum Glazed

 — Bi guy gets a cum bath and goes public. by turbocs37in  Gay Male10/08/054.19

In Public Ch. 02

 — They stop at a photo booth in an amusement park. by Goldeniangelin  Gay Male09/05/054.38

In Public Ch. 01

 — Boyfriends get it on in an empty movie theater. by Goldeniangelin  Gay Male09/04/054.21

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