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The Secret Life of Lisa Corbin

 — Successful business woman has an insatiable sex drive. by walterioin  Group Sex09/11/124.25

Dare, Double Dare

 — He watched his wife's sexy play. by onwardbobin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/10/123.96

Stephanie and Her Friends Ch. 01

 — Lit reader enjoys my story, and shares her life with me. by TysonsHomein  Mature09/10/124.44

Fucking Mom in Hong Kong

 — Mom and Son take relationship abroad and to the next level. by motherfucker2020in  Incest/Taboo09/09/124.59HOT


 — Chapters 1 through 6. by Sara692in  Erotic Couplings09/08/124.67HOT

The Epidemic

 — Can Kat and Heather survive the sex epidemic. by rot_teufelin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/07/124.40

NYC: In the Window Ch. 02

 — As we meet, our passion explodes. by MLabontein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/07/124.53HOT

Amy Sue and Maxine Ch. 01-04

 — Two young women fuck their way around the country. by reddbunnzin  Group Sex09/06/123.82

Dad, I Have a Question Ch. 05

 — Bill, Jamie, and the others. by wantsomefun1951in  Incest/Taboo09/04/124.69HOT

What the Hell Just Happened?

 — Stephanie finally meets the man she fantasizes about. by AylahAyresin  BDSM09/04/124.33

Blackmailing Ms. Bitch Tits

 — Korina gets what she deserved. by erotogal87in  NonConsent/Reluctance09/04/123.56

A Gentleman's Bargain

 — Plumbing the depths of her physical liberation. by ButtNastyToddin  Loving Wives09/03/123.94

A Special All-Girls School 06

 — New roommates,family loving and Valerie is busted. by walterioin  Lesbian Sex09/02/124.54HOT

Unfaithfully Yours

 — Wife punishes hubby for cheating with the babysitter. by rot_teufelin  BDSM09/02/124.12

Summer BeachTrip

 — Fiona meet Victor at a Beach Resort. by tk5555in  Group Sex09/02/123.94

The Present Ch. 02

 — Dinner and a show. by Rickypillowin  Group Sex09/01/123.91


 — Working in a summer stock theatre has some unique benefits. by the_gripping_handin  Erotic Couplings08/31/124.49

Street Party Ch. 03

 — Mum and daughters find lots of sex on holiday. by Simitooin  Incest/Taboo08/30/124.46

The Designer Ch. 12

 — The weekend ends with a celebration and goodbyes. by HankDolworthin  Mind Control08/29/124.82HOT

Her Ass is Up For Grabs

 — In the burbs is where it's at. by cowboy109in  Anal08/28/123.67

Casie's Very Happy Birthday

 — A stranger joins Casie and her sisters for a private party. by AJWriter1in  Incest/Taboo08/27/124.35

Logical Ch. 05

 — Sister is prepared for sex with brother by sister-in-law. by clarkrobertsin  Incest/Taboo08/26/124.46

The Designer Ch. 10

 — A working dinner, then hotel fun with a new friend. by HankDolworthin  Mind Control08/25/124.81HOT

Welcome Home, Lover

 — She wanted a gangbang; he wanted her best friend. by old_n_dirrtyin  Loving Wives08/25/124.39

Labor Day Party Ch. 02

 — Hubby is drawn into his wife's activities. by nullyin  Group Sex08/25/124.08

Evil Bitch Ch. 12

 — Jon is betrayed and he takes it out on the Twins and Mom. by Lost Boyin  Incest/Taboo08/25/124.55HOT

Her Rainy Afternoon in Paradise

 — She fulfills his fantasy and perhaps her own. by GeeGee2in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/25/124.65HOT

School's Out

 — A wild camping romp. by Odysseykerin  Incest/Taboo08/25/124.68HOT

The Great Outdoors

 — Three young couples become more than friends on a river trip. by curlyspursin  Erotic Couplings08/25/124.60HOT

Huddled Together Ch. 07

 — One For All. by WritersUnblockin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/22/124.62HOT


 — A chauvinist pig gets a taste of his own medicine. by YDB95in  NonConsent/Reluctance08/21/123.73

Tested and Chosen

 — Entered in a cock sucking competition. by Hubeein  BDSM08/21/124.22

Maid Marion Needs A Big One

 — The Sherriff has a big surprise for the unsuspecting Marion. by walterioin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/21/124.52HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 48

 — The Appleton saga continues. by Reindeer58in  Incest/Taboo08/20/124.76HOT

Of Sisters & Brothers Pt. 02

 — A brother finding his way back. by u06la14bin  Incest/Taboo08/20/124.57HOT

Happy birthday, Trent!

 — Surprise! by Cinnerin  Group Sex08/20/124.10

Taralee's Canoe Trip

 — A night in Algonquin Park ends with an orgy. by cubaloverin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/19/123.65

Jamie's Confessions Ch. 03

 — Jamie gets a new job with numerous benefits. by indigoharveyin  Group Sex08/18/124.37

Emmerdale Sex Stories Ch. 06

 — Amy & Victoria enjoy a threesome. by sexysue_ukin  Celebrities08/17/124.57HOT

Three Weeks in the Wilderness

 — Straight guy has bi-sex with two cute gays. by walterioin  Gay Male08/17/124.44

The MILF and The Mexican

 — How a white, married, mother of four became a Mex-addict. by Heaven_Leein  Interracial Love08/16/123.91

A Special All-Girls School 05

 — Brooke and Rachel, Monica and Faculty, Valerie on the prowl. by walterioin  Lesbian Sex08/16/124.46

Amanda's Life-Changing Decision

 — An ordinary woman's extraordinary adventure. by SearchingCouplein  Group Sex08/15/124.68HOT

An Unexpected Foursome

 — Open Marriage Couple, a guy and girl after a softball game. by walterioin  Group Sex08/15/124.47

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 16

 — Gwen and Jamie leaves Freddie alone with his bad self. by SusanJillParkerin  Mature08/15/124.49

Homelands Pt. 06 Ch. 06

 — The conclusion of Part Six. by jdnunyerin  Incest/Taboo08/14/124.58HOT

The Holiday Ch. 03

 — I managed to fuck a guy next to Steph who was fucking! by Kellylifestoryin  Group Sex08/14/124.04

Homelands Pt. 06 Ch. 05

 — Promises, promises. by jdnunyerin  Incest/Taboo08/13/124.64HOT

Kate & Alex Ch. 02

 — Alex knelt near her sister's bed, her patience wearing thin. by FireEyein  Incest/Taboo08/13/124.62HOT

Endless Cum

 — Fulfillment of a fantasy. by theguidinggoddessin  Group Sex08/12/123.86

Homelands Pt. 06 Ch. 04

 — The consequences. by jdnunyerin  Incest/Taboo08/12/124.62HOT

Huddled Together Ch. 06

 — A Type Of Freedom. by WritersUnblockin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/11/124.63HOT

Homelands Pt. 06 Ch. 03

 — Crossing the line. by jdnunyerin  Incest/Taboo08/11/124.47

Homelands Pt. 06 Ch. 02

 — Adjusting to new realities. by jdnunyerin  Incest/Taboo08/10/124.58HOT

Anarchy of the Heart Pt. 07

 — The two couples explore their sexual boundaries together. by MaxSebastianin  Novels and Novellas08/10/124.39

The Hunt Ch. 13

 — Making-up sex is the best sex. by i_wouldin  Lesbian Sex08/10/124.43

The Hunt Ch. 09-10

 — The hunters still remember last night's performance! by i_wouldin  Toys & Masturbation08/08/124.53HOT

I'll Let You Be In My Dreams

 — Where does real-life end... and erotic fantasy begin...? by tristantrotskyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/08/123.89

Cock-Sucker: The Rake's Progress 03

 — In which I fall in lust, and face the consequences. by tristantrotskyin  Gay Male08/08/124.62

The Hunt Ch. 08

 — Her first lesbian experience comes in a very unexpected way. by i_wouldin  Lesbian Sex08/07/124.31

Alexis's Revenge

 — Husband's online fantasies become a reality. by WantingMore411in  Fetish08/07/123.82

Anarchy of the Heart Pt. 06

 — Leo finds out about Caitlyn's night with Marco. by MaxSebastianin  Novels and Novellas08/07/124.37

The Club Ch. 05

 — The Gathering (Part 2). by ClubStoriesin  Erotic Couplings08/06/124.44

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 10

 — Jamie, where's Lynn? by SusanJillParkerin  Mature08/05/124.84HOT

A Special All-Girls School 04

 — Parents weekend arrives and there are many surprises. by walterioin  Lesbian Sex08/05/124.50HOT

The Hunt Ch. 03-04

 — The game begins. Will she be found? by i_wouldin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/04/124.22

Cinder Whore Ch. 04

 — Ellie's brother plots their escape. by LaSaliain  Incest/Taboo08/04/124.25

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 08

 — Lynn and Jamie make love, while Freddie is sleeping. by SusanJillParkerin  Group Sex08/03/124.69HOT

Pizza Boy and the Frat House

 — Party Tray Takes on a Whole New Meaning! by pizzaboyatdoorin  Gay Male08/03/124.16

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 07

 — There's a threesome with Lynn and Jamie with in the middle. by SusanJillParkerin  Mature08/02/124.51HOT

Golf Buddies

 — My Master brought over his golf buddies for me to entertain. by sweet_lusciousdesirein  BDSM08/02/124.13

Cock-Sucker: The Rake's Progress 02

 — In which I consider leaving Luis and going solo. by tristantrotskyin  Gay Male08/01/124.25

A Walk in the Woods

 — Afternoon walk in the woods takes a wicked turn. by tulsalizain  NonConsent/Reluctance08/01/124.20

Lisa’s Summer Vacation Ch. 07

 — The End. by Reefkeeperin  Erotic Couplings08/01/124.82HOT

Weekend Ch. 01

 — A hot weekend of sex. by luvzcockin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers07/31/123.09

Of Sisters & Brothers Pt. 01

 — A brother finding his way back by u06la14bin  Incest/Taboo07/31/124.45

Trying Out the Threesome

 — Sierra and her boyfriend Ben bring another girl into bed. by kittykattt1995in  Group Sex07/31/123.76


 — A radio contest leads a young fan on an unexpected journey. by K_Finneganin  Group Sex07/30/124.55HOT

Little Bird Sings

 — Little Bird satisfies cock, pussy and tit to get a reward! by Hannamariein  Group Sex07/29/124.43

Be Careful Who You Call Prey Ch. 04

 — Resolving a few outstanding issues. by FinalStandin  BDSM07/27/124.49

The Friendly Adult Movie

 — The home made movie that changed our lives. by amratinjonin  Loving Wives07/26/123.79

Better Ch. 11

 — Robert blows the roof off Andrea's fantasy ... and his own. by MsQuotein  Novels and Novellas07/25/124.61HOT

A Tale of the Technician Ch. 04

 — Starting college. by FinalStandin  Erotic Couplings07/22/124.73HOT

Cock-Sucker: The Rake's Progress 01

 — In which I aquire a manager to pimp my sexual prowess. by tristantrotskyin  Gay Male07/22/123.85

Lesbians Wrestle with New Business

 — Jess and Sweet make love, money and have fun. by richfunin  Lesbian Sex07/22/124.11

The Club Ch. 03

 — The Gathering (Part 1). by ClubStoriesin  Erotic Couplings07/21/124.50HOT

Angie's First Time

 — "Truth or Dare" game spirals into a sex filled night. by 5425TVRin  Incest/Taboo07/21/124.39

Seen at the Movies

 — Sex in the movie theatre becomes an orgy. by owned1in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/18/123.80

For The Gander

 — Troubled marriage leads both to stray...but not too far. by jdnunyerin  Incest/Taboo07/16/124.38

Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 17

 — Finally, after fiucking five men, Kathleens has an orgasm. by SusanJillParkerin  Group Sex07/16/124.28

The Easiest Way to Get a Threesome

 — The easiest way to get a threesome is . . . by dominatrixjanein  How To07/15/123.19

Quickie: The Blanket

 — A date at the theatre goes better than expected. by nakerjaybirdin  Erotic Couplings07/15/123.87

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 08

 — Do you have a favorite incestuously, erotic story about me? by SusanJillParkerin  Incest/Taboo07/14/124.23

Simply Irresistible

 — Three white girls are drawn into an older black woman's web. by deliciousthoughtsin  Lesbian Sex07/13/124.69HOT

A Different Kind of Dungeon

 — An Apprenticeship Program. by voluptuary_manquein  BDSM07/12/124.10

Release a Little Tension

 — A little exhibitionism turns into a hot threesome. by NurseChrysanthymumin  Group Sex07/12/124.38

A Very Private Beach Ch. 04

 — After some public fucking, Liz takes Dick home. by jehoramin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/11/124.55HOT

Starr Summer Academy

 — A new teacher is initiated by faculty and students. by LadyKaren50in  Mature07/11/124.32

Cougar on the Prowl

 — Successful business woman likes them young. by walterioin  Mature07/11/124.38

Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 09

 — Dancing naked in front of the window and teasing my friends. by SusanJillParkerin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/09/124.61HOT

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