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A Jaguar's Mate Ch. 03 Page 02

 — A leap into his story. by jtoughkatin  NonHuman02/26/154.62HOT

The Watcher Pt. 02

 — Kristie's brother in-law comes to visit. by stickyfatein  Erotic Horror01/30/154.19

A Jaguar's Mate Ch. 03 Page 01

 — A leap into his story. by jtoughkatin  NonHuman01/20/154.41

The Watcher: A Haunted House Story

 — Young couple move into a haunted house. by stickyfatein  Erotic Horror11/03/143.97

Porno Apocalypse: Hardcore Classics Ch. 01

 — The first of a series creating an imaginary porn canon. by Dr_Vrilin  Erotic Horror10/10/141.00

The Fall of Rowland Graves

 — How a man became a monster. by DeathAndTaxesin  Erotic Horror10/05/144.83HOT


 — Girls have to search a haunted house. by Ashsonin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/26/144.23

F5: Heirlooms of a Wicked Time

 — The lawyer told him it was only for the one night. by MSTarotin  Chain Stories06/16/144.03

The Spider's Brothel

 — A team of ghost investigators go to the Spider's Brothel. by Miles63in  Erotic Horror10/24/134.26

Kellingpoint Mansion

 — A man enjoys a sex-filled Halloween night, but at what cost? by SaltPillarSagasin  NonHuman10/23/133.96

Every Midnight to Dawn

 — Paranormal activity leads to Mother/Son incest. by HeyAllin  Incest/Taboo10/07/134.44

Rude Awakening

 — Ben finds himself in the company of something unworldly. by Tatsel24in  Erotic Horror08/26/134.11

Hauntings of the Unexpected Ch. 03

 — Parting is such sweet sorrow, but is freedom what they want? by Xeloverin  Group Sex07/22/134.25

Hauntings of the Unexpected Ch. 02

 — Was sealing their fates the right thing for Heather to do? by Xeloverin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/21/134.46

Hauntings of the Unexpected Ch. 01

 — This erotic haunted house isn't as bad as she thought... by Xeloverin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/20/134.45

The Mansion

 — Sorority sister is challenge to stay overnight in old mansion. by chinookwindin  NonHuman06/12/134.51HOT

Ghost Lover

 — A seance may have let an insatiable ghost into a man's life. by ErotickWriterin  NonHuman05/23/134.65HOT

The House by the Ocean Ch. 01

 — A group of friends encounter strange happenings on vacation. by Quentin Rileyin  Novels and Novellas04/24/134.32

Haunted House

 — Two women overnight in a haunted house by Ashsonin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/10/133.93

Paranormal Research Club Ch. 03

 — Adventures with ghosts, gods, treasure, and beautiful women. by GPLockwoodin  Incest/Taboo02/11/134.81HOT

Paranormal Research Club Ch. 01

 — Family, friends, a road trip, a haunted church, and dreams. by GPLockwoodin  Incest/Taboo12/13/124.80HOT

A Brother's Love Ch. 05

 — Lena is rescued. by ethereal_dancerin  Novels and Novellas12/09/124.76HOT

The Last Night IN Bldg. 617

 — A ghostly email from the janitor. by ktfa1in  Non-Erotic10/06/124.88

The Haunting in Hollow Brooke

 — A brother and sister fulfill all their desires. by turner1116in  Incest/Taboo10/06/124.23

Lisa's Inheritance

 — Lisa is given an old farm in the middle of nowhere. by daddyduckettin  Erotic Horror07/31/124.06

Savannah's Sacrifice

 — Will Beauty's Innocence Save the Beast? by Amileighin  Erotic Horror06/19/124.53HOT

A Sister Haunted

 — Isabelle will get her way, no matter what. by kaizen4everin  Incest/Taboo06/13/124.79HOT

Samantha's Big Break

 — Samantha was driving to her vacation spot. by Tiffany109in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/02/123.14

Geist Ch. 01

 — What happens now? by Gweallin  Gay Male03/17/124.71HOT

Cousins Ch. 03

 —  by Slambeastyin  Incest/Taboo01/21/122.27

The Haunted Cottage of Love

 — An aunt buys a haunted cottage. by Moondriftin  Incest/Taboo01/16/124.45

The Road

 — Father and daughter on a lonely road meet someone/something. by sarhadin  Erotic Horror12/22/112.88

Quick Silver

 — A woman inherits a castle complete with a new lover. by NaughtyAngel1369in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/03/114.18

Jersey Love: Apple Dreams & Release

 — Jersey Autumn, apples, love coming to fruition, and release. by LunaEroticaMysticain  Romance10/21/114.87HOT

Beak Doctor

 — A dream within a dream. by DomesticBlissin  Erotic Horror09/29/113.82

House For Sale

 — Geanie and Mellissa get more than they expected. by daddyduckettin  NonHuman09/10/113.67

The New Apartment Ch. 04

 — A lesbian orgy started by a ghost! by adambishopin  Lesbian Sex07/18/114.54HOT

The New Apartment Ch. 03

 — Another kind of sister. by adambishopin  Lesbian Sex06/26/114.35

Beyond Room 302

 — Virgin lovers, Halloween night, ghosts. by James Codyin  NonHuman10/19/104.27

A Ghost of a Chance

 — Long ago lovers get a second chance. by meathead96in  NonHuman10/14/104.09

The Mad Monk's Progeny

 — The new house was too good to be true; it was haunted. by RogueAlanin  Erotic Horror10/03/104.58HOT

The Haunting of Ally

 — A young woman's house comes with a perk. by UnfalteringAngelTooin  NonHuman08/06/104.26

A Naked Woman Killed Me On Nude Day

 — A naked woman kills a man on Nude Day in a hit/run accident. by andtheendin  NonHuman07/06/103.84

Katherine's Story - Eternal Love

 — Woman finally finds her match made in Heaven. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITERin  NonHuman03/19/104.00

The Lodge at Murdock Crossing Ch. 01

 — Sex in a haunted lodge. by Pgupin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/03/104.27


 — A lucky lover gets an unexpected visitor. by Crissaegrimin  NonHuman12/24/094.05

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 10

 — Things start to get tense in the house. by yesmasterin  NonHuman12/11/094.18

Secret Visitor

 — A new house proves to be already occupied. by SrahFoxin  Erotic Horror11/08/094.40

A Walk in the Woods

 — Aaron & Marcy go for a walk but are the woods truly haunted? by jayellfieldsin  Erotic Couplings10/09/094.05

The New Apartment Ch. 02

 — The sexy ghost returns. by adambishopin  NonHuman04/03/094.69HOT

The New Apartment

 — She moves into a new apartment and meets a sexy ghost. by adambishopin  NonHuman01/03/094.48

Dorothy's Custom Story.

 — Dorothy and the tall, dark, handsome, albeit blind stranger. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITERin  Erotic Couplings12/16/083.63

Memories Aren't Forgotten

 — Josie is rescued from a stampede by handsome Adam. by dylan_Jin  Romance12/09/084.11

The Velvet Choker

 — Lydia's job cleaning houses uncovers more than she expected. by Selena_Kittin  Erotic Horror10/23/084.51HOT

Wilder West Ch. 03

 — A party with the dead. by Sams_Islandin  NonHuman10/22/084.70HOT

The Old Mill Ghost

 — An old Haunted House proves to be just that. by Many Feathersin  Erotic Horror10/15/084.32


 — Some secrets can never be buried... by alex_din  Erotic Horror10/09/084.56HOT

Cedar Tree Resort Ch. 07

 — Three teenagers experience Halloween at a resort. by PrincessErinin  Erotic Horror10/08/084.29

Cedar Tree Resort Ch. 06

 — Three teenagers experience Halloween at a resort. by PrincessErinin  Erotic Horror10/07/084.24

Cedar Tree Resort Ch. 05

 — Three teenagers experience Halloween at a resort. by PrincessErinin  Erotic Horror10/06/084.11

Cedar Tree Resort Ch. 04

 — Three teenagers experience Halloween at a resort. by PrincessErinin  Erotic Horror10/05/084.22

The Hallows Rest

 — A erotic ghost story. by adrianalalauriein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/03/084.27

Cedar Tree Resort Ch. 02

 — Three teenagers experience Halloween at a resort. by PrincessErinin  Erotic Horror10/03/084.05

Cedar Tree Resort Ch. 01

 — Three teenagers experience Halloween at a resort. by PrincessErinin  Erotic Horror10/02/084.21

Eternal Promise

 — Spirit from an unrealized past returns to reclaim her love. by dizzyliain  Lesbian Sex10/02/084.71HOT

Cedar Tree Resort Ch. 00

 — Prologue: three teenagers experience Halloween at a resort. by PrincessErinin  Erotic Horror10/01/083.63

House of Whorers

 — A haunted house has an aura of evil. by _Lynn_in  Erotic Horror10/01/084.08

Addams Family 1977

 — The Empty Mansion. by Aloysius_J_Smithin  Celebrities08/12/083.35

Haunted House

 — Michael gets a ghostly visitor. by Goldeniangelin  Erotic Horror05/17/084.50HOT


 — Seduced by a rock star apparation. by apathykissin  Erotic Horror05/07/084.28

The Haunted Castle Ch. 06-08

 — The supernatural side of sex. by trogg97051in  NonHuman03/30/084.50HOT

The Shower

 — A spectral encounter. by DaddyHeartin  Erotic Horror02/29/083.87

The Bite

 — Actor in a haunted house show turns out to be more than real. by snick5908in  Erotic Horror02/16/084.55HOT

The Old Gothic Mansion Ch. 01

 — When housesitting becomes a threat. by sarah_siddonsin  Erotic Horror12/19/073.65

Jenny's Curiosity

 — A naive young woman is ensnared. by val wranglerin  Erotic Horror10/20/074.40

A Ghost's Tale Ch. 01

 — Don't they say the manor is haunted? by TheSwashbucklerin  NonHuman09/19/074.38

Lord of the Damned Ch. 02

 — Something's stalking them in the woods. by Robardin  Erotic Horror08/29/073.97

Haunted Ch. 01

 — A first for the author - written with women readers in mind. by Randolphin  NonHuman08/18/074.19

Wood Spirit - 1814 Ch. 04

 — Entity claims a new bride. by Keelywritesin  NonHuman07/25/074.51HOT

Wood Spirit - 1814 Ch. 03

 — Entity claims a new bride. by Keelywritesin  NonHuman07/24/074.28

Wood Spirit - 1814 Ch. 02

 — Entity claims a new bride. by Keelywritesin  NonHuman07/23/074.27

Wood Spirit - 1814 Ch. 01

 — The Entity claims a new bride. by Keelywritesin  NonHuman07/22/073.89

Wood Spirit Ch. 06

 — Entity claims a woman left alone in the wilderness. by Keelywritesin  NonHuman07/13/074.13

Wood Spirit Ch. 05

 — Entity claims a woman left alone in the wilderness. by Keelywritesin  NonHuman07/12/074.63HOT

Wood Spirit Ch. 04

 — An Entity claims a woman left alone in the wilderness. by Keelywritesin  NonHuman07/11/074.32

Wood Spirit Ch. 03

 — Entity claims a woman left alone in the wilderness. by Keelywritesin  NonHuman07/10/074.40

Wood Spirit Ch. 02

 — An Entity claims a woman left alone in the wilderness. by Keelywritesin  NonHuman07/09/074.18

Wood Spirit

 — An Entity claims a woman left alone in the wilderness. by Keelywritesin  NonHuman07/08/073.65

Rag Castle

 — A ghoulish tale of grotesques and ghosts. by Beerbanditin  Erotic Horror01/18/073.77

Lord of the Damned Ch. 01

 — Haunted, she tries to escape the ghost. by Robardin  Erotic Horror11/08/064.18

Ghostly Visitation

 — Ghosts pay a visit to a man in his bed. by Erolexiconin  Erotic Horror10/23/064.24

Ghost Ch. 03

 — Part 3 of the 3-part Ghost Story. by Balaakin  NonHuman08/27/064.26

The Haunted House Ch. 13

 — All Hallows Eve strikes in the haunted house. by DeannaTroiin  NonHuman06/04/064.74HOT

The Haunted House Ch. 05

 — Jennifer attempts escape and looks in a mirror. by DeannaTroiin  NonHuman03/09/064.62HOT

The Haunted House Ch. 04

 — Never shower at midnight in a haunted house. by DeannaTroiin  NonHuman03/08/064.57HOT

The Haunted House Ch. 03

 — Never go under the stairs in a haunted house. by DeannaTroiin  NonHuman03/02/064.60HOT

The Haunted House Ch. 01

 — Busty blonde Jennifer Marlowe buys a haunted house. by DeannaTroiin  NonHuman02/24/064.36

Halloween Delight

 — Elderly woman throws a ghostly annual party. by bedtymelover2in  Erotic Horror10/08/052.82

Halloween Dare Ch. 02

 — Jennie encounters father ghost at Haunted House. by n2anal78in  Erotic Couplings10/07/054.53HOT

Halloween Dare Ch. 01

 — Dave visits haunted house on Halloween on a dare. by n2anal78in  Erotic Couplings10/06/054.31

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