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A New Temptation Ch. 03

 — Elaine and Alex: More Adventures in 18th Century England. by Writingfanaticin  Romance07/27/144.63HOTNEW

A Victim's Revenge

 — A Briton warrior woman avenges her ravishment. by Iwasagoodgirlin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/26/134.02

Adam's Story

 — A fresh look at the first Loving Wife and her partner. by escribein  Loving Wives12/25/132.34

A Lesson Learned Ch. 01

 — A maid in a country house gets a little more than she plans. by EJSimpsonin  Group Sex09/04/134.24

A Day in the Woods

 — Margarete sees and gets more than she expects. by golden smogin  Erotic Couplings09/01/134.28

A Demon's Desire

 — Historical Victorian era erotica with demon and human. by anais_vin  NonHuman07/16/134.59HOT

Abby Ch. 25

 — Abby searches for her roots and finds something else. by Kezza67in  Novels and Novellas07/12/134.86HOT

A Factory Girl's Examination

 — A rebellious sex factory worker is tested in alt-1929 USSR. by Case21in  BDSM07/09/134.21

Abby Ch. 05

 — Abby searches for her roots and finds something else. by Kezza67in  Novels and Novellas06/23/134.78HOT

A Lady or a Cock Whore? Ch. 05

 — An opportunity to head in a new direction arises. by gaelen33in  NonConsent/Reluctance05/25/134.04

A Study in Scarlett

 — A Victorian erotic fantasy. by AlenaDarein  Erotic Couplings04/20/134.16

After Action:From Bridget's Nights

 — Bridget returns from a WWII mission. by patricia51in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/30/134.55HOT

A Spanish Beauty

 — A young woman in a vulnerable position is taken advantage of. by doitrightin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/07/134.16

A Love in War

 — Resistance and occupation in World War II France. by HLDin  Novels and Novellas02/14/134.76HOT

Above an Alpha Ch. 05

 — Leah begins Adria's story, and worries about Trent. by PlainJane12in  NonHuman12/09/124.69HOT

A Win-Win

 — Runaway aristo uses her sexy captor to get revenge on fiance. by legALLiEblondein  NonConsent/Reluctance11/27/124.38

A Warrior of My Own

 — Her savior and his temptation. by picollamiain  Romance06/27/124.49

A Victorian Milkmaid Ch. 03

 — Rosa goes to her first ball and meets the Baron's friends. by semanticdreamingin  Novels and Novellas06/23/124.23

A Victorian Milkmaid Ch. 02

 — Rosa goes to live the Baron and begins her education. by semanticdreamingin  Novels and Novellas06/10/124.55HOT

A Letter from Old India Ch. 02

 — She writes husband of her adventure in colonial India. by battleaxe_babein  Letters & Transcripts02/26/124.32

A Letter from Old India

 — A Dutch noblewoman writes home from colonial India. by battleaxe_babein  Letters & Transcripts12/24/114.44

A Jealous Submission

 — Amanda does not believe she is what her Lord desires. by jewelsarehotin  Romance11/18/114.49

A Hanukkah Gift

 — A German soldier helps a Jewish girl escape the Gestapo. by PrivateRickmersin  Non-Erotic11/12/114.10

3 for Poe

 — 3 shorts marking the horror master's 7 Oct death anniversary. by sr71pltin  Non-Erotic10/06/114.17

A Handsome Offer

 — "You remind me of my fellow men..." by notquitesexyin  Gay Male08/10/114.22

A Spy Too Far Pt. 02

 — Nazis try to get revenge on Tony. by Sirdarin  Erotic Couplings05/09/114.54HOT

A Ride in the Country

 — An older and younger guy have fun in a stable. by shropshire125in  Gay Male02/08/114.36

African Girl Spanked by Scarlett

 — Black maid humiliated by spoiled white girls. by sarahscarlettlondonsmithin  Lesbian Sex01/30/114.00

A Spy Too Far Pt. 01

 — A war story about the Royal Navy. by Sirdarin  Erotic Couplings12/23/104.74HOT

Alexandros: Ch. 38-39

 — The tale of a banished Spartan warrior. by JoeBarnoskyin  Novels and Novellas12/15/100.00

Alexandros: Ch. 12

 — The tale of a banished Spartan warrior. by JoeBarnoskyin  Novels and Novellas11/28/100.00

A Prince's Voyage to Slavery

 — Savage prince finds he is a male sex toy. by webbyhosein  Gay Male10/23/103.83

A Red Rose and The White

 — A historical spanking, based on fact by MarkCanein  BDSM10/02/104.13

Adventure in Longwood Day 05

 — Continued western tale about a bounty hunter pair. by emapin  Novels and Novellas09/01/104.56HOT

Adventure in Longwood Day 03

 — Continued western tale about a bounty hunter pair. by emapin  Novels and Novellas08/25/104.54HOT

Adventure in Longwood Day 02

 — Continued western tale about a bounty hunter pair. by emapin  Novels and Novellas08/22/104.58HOT

A Lord and His Maid, Chapter the 02nd

 — Lady Caroline comes home from the crusades a little early. by TheEarlofRothwellin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/13/104.38

A Lord and His Maid, Chapter the 01st

 — Gwen discovers there's more to being a medieval maid. by TheEarlofRothwellin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/12/104.11

A Victorian Dalliance

 — Alexi helps Gordon with some research. by angstypleasurein  Erotic Couplings07/21/104.12

A Mistress Is Better Than A Master

 — Mistrees and a maid find happiness. by bruce4672in  Lesbian Sex07/06/103.71

A Love out of Time Ch. 04

 — Regency time travel. by cellophanesmilein  Romance02/23/104.55HOT

Abbey of Saint Gall

 — Medieval struggle with sexual repression. by cowboy109in  Erotic Couplings02/16/104.05

A Serving Girls Tale

 — A busty servant has her assets cashed in. by tony090909in  NonConsent/Reluctance11/23/093.72

A Creole Princess Ch. 02

 — Their desire become too much. by Blondie2187in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/25/094.23

A Creole Princess

 — The story of a Creole Princess Vampire. by Blondie2187in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/24/093.77

Adeline in Paradise

 — She left home to find work in the world's oldest profession. by kimbelinain  Group Sex08/15/094.41

A Lady of Leisure & Pleasure Ch. 01

 — Laura returns home eager to explore her burgeoning sexuality by Cavortin  Erotic Couplings07/31/094.26

Adventures of Charlotte Ch. 02

 — She is passed over to the First Mate for training. by QueenofDesirein  NonConsent/Reluctance07/24/094.04

A Love out of Time Ch. 03

 — Finley's love life. by cellophanesmilein  Romance07/09/094.77HOT

A Royal Visit

 — Loyal subject succumbs to her king. by SugarNSexin  BDSM06/20/093.86

Adventures of Charlotte Ch. 01

 — She is taken by pirates and a handsomely ruthless Captain. by QueenofDesirein  NonConsent/Reluctance06/16/090.00

A Unique Vampire Ch. 02

 — What happens when a rapist attacks this kind of Vampire. by midnightdeathwriterin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/20/093.44

A Unique Vampire Ch. 01

 — A different kind of Vampire. Have you met her? by midnightdeathwriterin  Erotic Horror01/19/093.75

Ah Paris!: From 'Bridget's Nights'

 — Bridget recalls three visits to Paris over the centuries. by patricia51in  NonHuman01/18/094.66HOT

A Faraway Shore

 — Shipwrecked Cora is rescued by mysterious native girl. by IoTheNymphin  Lesbian Sex01/12/094.38

A Sixties Story

 — A shy young man finds a sexual solemate. by Norfolkboyin  First Time01/02/094.34

Alexander and Julie

 — A mage abducts a maiden. by magicneophytein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/25/084.03

A Marq's Woman Ch. 07

 — A turn of events. by KillerRomancein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/21/084.71HOT

A Marq's Woman Ch. 06

 — An impending wedding. by KillerRomancein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/28/084.72HOT

A Flashback to the Sisties

 — An account of life in the sixties. by Bakebossin  Group Sex11/14/083.95

A Ghoul for a Husband Ch. 01

 — Freedom craving lady runs. by FrenchescaDollin  Romance11/13/084.39

Alais's Settlement Ch. 03

 — She continues in her forced marriage. by VelvetDarknessin  BDSM11/12/084.33

A Love out of Time Ch. 02

 — Regency time travel. by cellophanesmilein  Romance11/12/084.62HOT

A Cure for Melancholia

 — A story of sexual lesbian domination in the late 1800s. by Couturein  BDSM09/29/084.50HOT

Alexander & Hephaestion Ch. 04

 — Ecstacy. by sjsjsin  Gay Male08/28/084.54HOT

Alais's Settlement Ch. 02

 — She learns what her new duties are to be. by VelvetDarknessin  BDSM08/16/084.68HOT

A Victorian Lord Ch. 05

 — Charlie sets his Aunt and Cousins to work as whores. by MustafaFuchin  Novels and Novellas08/09/084.27

A Victorian Lord Ch. 04

 — Miriam uses Lady Ashfordly as a paid whore. by MustafaFuchin  Novels and Novellas08/08/083.90

Adam & Eve's First Time

 — Adam and Eve meet and mate in the Garden of Eden by MrJackin  Humor & Satire08/07/084.28

A Victorian Lord Ch. 03

 — Charlie saves the estate, Agnes loses her honour. by MustafaFuchin  Novels and Novellas08/07/083.89

Alais's Settlement

 — 12th century duchess is forced to marry her enemy. by VelvetDarknessin  BDSM07/25/084.42

A Love out of Time Ch. 01

 — Return to Margrave Manor. by cellophanesmilein  Romance07/16/084.56HOT

A Girl in the Night

 — When Tom sees girl alone, he must meet her. by JakeRiversin  Romance05/09/084.72HOT

Alexander & Hephaestion Ch. 02

 — A decision that leads to Babylon. by sjsjsin  Gay Male03/14/084.07

Alexander & Hephaestion Ch. 01

 — Hot sultry scene after the battle of Gaugamela. by sjsjsin  Gay Male03/10/084.43

Alexander and Hephaestion

 — The lovers meet again. by sjsjsin  Gay Male02/29/084.12

A Valentine's Day Massacre

 — A sexy retelling of the 1929 event. by naughtychanteusezin  Fetish01/23/084.75HOT

A King's Wife Ch. 02

 — Middle England love and lust. by maxdnamein  Novels and Novellas01/12/084.41

A Prisoner's Tale

 — WWII PoW gets more than he would have expected in Germany. by Cordoba85in  First Time08/25/074.06

A French Resistance

 — Downed English WWII pilot meets a French farmgirl. by Bobbyfomin  Erotic Couplings08/13/074.20

A Royal Sacrifice Ch. 10

 — John goes home with his worries. by deathlynxin  Chain Stories07/31/074.37

A Royal Sacrifice Ch. 07

 — The Chancellor and Housekeeper get closer. by MrsDeathlynxin  Chain Stories07/06/074.38

Agrippina and The Twins

 — Vestal virgins punished for engaging in sex. by naughtychanteusezin  BDSM06/28/073.71

A Royal Sacrifice Ch. 04

 — Prince Drest's half sister Viviane's plans are revealed. by Talynndain  Chain Stories06/15/074.47


 — He carves her a memento before he sails. by l8bloomin  Letters & Transcripts05/27/074.41

A Patriots Tale

 — A True Hero receives a warm welcome. by naughtychanteusezin  BDSM05/02/073.33

A Japanese New Year

 — 13th Century shinto priest is seduced for New Year. by ddimilanoin  Erotic Couplings11/14/064.38

A Virgin in Germany

 — GI Bobby meets 18-year-old sister of friend. by OneWhoKnowsin  First Time11/06/064.30

Adventure in Longwood Day 01

 — Western tale about a bounty hunter pair. by emapin  Novels and Novellas09/24/064.51HOT

A King's Conquest Ch. 02

 — Secrets are revealed. by poisonivy274in  Gay Male05/08/064.46

A Baptist Dirt-wash

 — Events surrounding the beheading of John the Baptist. by sorggavaasalin  Incest/Taboo03/24/063.69

A French Independence Day

 — Antoinette's chambermaid tells of the French Revolution. by ddimilanoin  Novels and Novellas02/02/064.24

A Queen's Knight Ch. 18

 — Alicia confronts Aldwyn. by Cephus Smithin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/28/064.69HOT

A Queen's Knight Ch. 08-10

 — The Rescue. by Cephus Smithin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/07/054.54HOT

A Victorian Masquerade Ch. 01

 — Victorian era girl discovers pleasure. by KAY776969in  Erotic Couplings10/05/053.82

After Shiloh

 — Northern reporter rescues southern widow. by Silverstagin  Romance09/27/054.69HOT


 — Alcibaides, blackmailer of women. by Spartan666in  NonConsent/Reluctance09/25/053.90

Aablar the Neanderthal Ch. 01

 — Aablar captures Leia, a Cro-Magnon blonde. by rxm76in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/12/014.34

A San Francisco Affair

 — Young reporter rendezvous with a revolutionary musician in '60's San Fran. by enjuedevi88in  Erotic Couplings07/06/014.27

A Yank in the Outhouse

 — Wartime G.I.'s and English women cut loose. by shawalphamalein  NonConsent/Reluctance10/23/004.23

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