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Gee... 52

 — It wasn't Bingo his girlfriend's Mom was playing. by JustLikeEwein  Mature01/09/094.50HOT

The Freedom of Being Helpless

 — Texas Ranger finds passion with a bondage buff. by lineryder1000in  BDSM11/16/084.61HOT

Rod Stewart Plays Albany

 — Monica's dancing catches Rod's eye. by JustLikeEwein  Celebrities11/05/084.71

Mecha Bitches Ch. 03

 — The Bitches are snared in a Space Monster trap. by Froctoin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/12/083.17

A Special Treat Ch. 08

 — The girls decide to throw a party. by flying_nuggetin  Group Sex03/11/084.50HOT

Singing Cricket, Mountain Fucker

 — Warrior on vision quest, captured by virgin giantess. by Baba8in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/23/083.61

XXXecil's: Silverfox

 — They had warned her about the dreams. by xxxecilin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/16/084.33

Gym Teachers Want to Play, Too

 — Big black gym teacher offers herself to big white jock. by Archer2050in  Interracial Love02/02/084.47

The Operative: File 03

 — The operative hates field work. by SizeQueenSupremein  Fetish01/08/084.58HOT

The Operative: File 01

 — An epic erotic spy serial. by SizeQueenSupremein  Fetish12/12/074.27

Happy Anniversary Joni

 — Dean's present was for both of them. by furryfanin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/06/074.44

Adventures of the Cohort Ch. 01

 — Mikael's first task with the Cohort... and it's vampires. by Soebek110in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/31/074.75HOT

Katie aka Sandi aka Sandra

 — His youngest cousin is a real hottie. by brooxin  Incest/Taboo11/19/064.20

Breast Play

 — A woman spends time with her huge breasts. by wetsexgirlin  Toys & Masturbation08/25/064.03

Martha's Gift

 — Woman and lover turn the tables on her best friend. by msxxlin  Group Sex08/18/064.20

Sisters of the Cohort Ch. 02

 — Mikael reaches the Sanctuary at last. by Soebek110in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/14/064.81HOT

Photo Booth Encounter

 — A loving wife with DD tits. by stealinghomein  Loving Wives07/10/063.51

It's My Life: Seven

 — When you think you've done it all, meet Randi. by RebeccaBrowningin  Group Sex03/13/064.75HOT

Interracial Wife Swap Ch. 02

 — Their first hot meeting continues. by KYauthorin  Interracial Love12/12/054.57HOT

Rani's Going Away Party

 — She wanted Adam to have fun too. by adamaxillain  Group Sex09/27/054.55HOT

Alias: Agent Bristow

 — Sydney Bristow steals a Rambaldi device. by bigwilliestylein  Celebrities03/28/054.04

Auditor Tales Ch. 02

 — BBW shares her golden juices. by peeloverin  Fetish02/11/054.32

The Sensitive Sculptor

 — Laeticia Casta models for public sculpture. by Rockwellin  Celebrities12/10/044.40

My Adventures in Pleasure Ch. 10

 — He continues with cousin and her mom. by Sunrajin  Incest/Taboo10/13/044.51HOT

All Bark & Little Bite Ch. 05

 — Saundra reveals a little about her past. by Exogenousin  BDSM05/09/044.55HOT

Katherine Ch. 13

 — She offers bound friend. by quimmasterin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/27/044.52HOT

The Size Formula 3.3

 — Justin meets a girl who likes BIG toys. by Richardlsin  Group Sex01/09/044.35

My Adventures in Pleasure Ch. 04

 — My first time with two women. by Sunrajin  Group Sex07/28/033.95

Badge of Dishonor Ch. 29

 — Maude comforts Eileen after the rape. by D.C. Roiin  Novels and Novellas06/08/034.28

The Homecoming Dance

 — Sara makes quite a hit at the Homecoming Dance. by BobDogwoodin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/12/034.30

Mammary Mansion Ch. 06

 — Grandma goes anal. by dass4450in  Mature05/07/034.48

Rita Cosby Snow Queen Ch. 01

 — Fox News fox has a good time thanks to a blizzard. by robynfanin  Celebrities04/08/033.71

The Doctor

 — An inticing wet, erotic story for women by poeticjustizein  Lesbian Sex03/05/034.36

Big Bold Beautiful Busty Blonde

 — Big beautiful woman has lawn needs & personal needs. by Gardenwriter1952in  Erotic Couplings01/15/034.23

A Big One for the Nurses

 — A teenage stud gets to plow four nurses with his huge cock by BigTimmyin  Group Sex01/11/034.45

Divine Milk

 — Tenshi (Angel) Tianshaonu had lactation problems. by Mitorain  Fetish10/28/024.03

The Reunion

 — Master gives his slave proper pain & ecstasy. by crimson_skyein  BDSM12/10/014.06

One Hot Saturday Night

 — Couple makes the most of a night together. by mrsdozerin  Toys & Masturbation11/28/013.95

Second Crossing of the 'GAP'

 — WWF starlets make college guy's day. by Bad-mintonin  Celebrities08/09/013.82

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