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The Curse of Preg Site

 — The funny story of how one couple conceives their children. by wife2hotblkin  Humor & Satire08/06/093.80

Logan n Zoe Ch. 02

 — A Misunderstanding. by 2CHaNcesin  Interracial Love08/05/094.50HOT

The Hills: Something in the Water

 — Jamal's cheating ways catch up to him. . .sorta. by Sean Renaudin  Group Sex08/01/093.95

Debi's Jungle Fever Ch. 02

 — Debi makes sure that my (and her) fantasy comes true. by Beeman2005in  Interracial Love08/01/090.00

Sammie: Alone in the Hood

 — Danger lurks in the shadows after dark. by lusty Vampin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/31/094.15

An Unexpected Assist

 — Female professor helps male grad student get back on track. by acfireringin  Erotic Couplings07/31/094.05


 — A human emmisary bonds with her exotic bodyguards. by limitless_loverin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/30/094.23

Making Her Mine Ch. 03

 — Missy begs for black cock. by ebonimasterin  Interracial Love07/29/094.27


 — A man wants to be a father. by Lefreakin  Erotic Couplings07/28/094.05

Life with Melvin

 — Widow gets over grief with help of young stud. by ImNotBadin  Romance07/24/090.00

Submissive Shannon

 — Sweet Surrender. by LustyLee77in  Lesbian Sex07/22/094.05

Our Sexual Awakening

 — Husband and wife experience a renewed sexual awakening. by j267in  Loving Wives07/22/094.12

A Jacuzzi, Annette And The Guys

 — A MILF is the center of attention when three guys hang. by Philibertin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/22/094.25

Hart Family at an African Retreat

 — Hart and his wife left their daughters at the retreat. by JonathanTin  Interracial Love07/21/094.39

Making Her Mine Ch. 02

 — Missy gets her first taste of black cock. by ebonimasterin  Interracial Love07/20/094.39

Z at the Adult Theater Ch. 03

 — Mature Women visit for the final and wildest time. by ZandMEin  Mature07/15/094.20

Broverly Luv

 — Twin figure it out. by wife2hotblkin  Incest/Taboo07/14/094.23

Conversion: The Clinic

 — A racist white girl and a black cock nightmare. by AnotherHotWifein  Interracial Love07/12/094.42

Black Bottom Dessert

 — A young coach enjoys a special surprise from his lover. by wife2hotblkin  BDSM07/12/094.00

A Husband's Revenge Ch. 01

 — A husband finds out his loving wife is cheating. by Slirpuffin  Loving Wives07/12/094.37

Lost Luggage Ch. 03

 — Ajay sees just how wild his new friends are. by nangamanin  Novels and Novellas07/09/093.50

High Marks

 — Getting busy while learning English. by spoonlilyin  Romance07/08/094.36

Master Teaches Her A Lesson

 — Gangbang. by AlexandraRasputinESin  BDSM07/08/093.88

What Happens at the Nudist Resort..

 — Marketing firm works on Nude Day ad campaign, fun ensues. by JMaxwell69in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/07/094.47


 — A female cop goes undercover as an escort. by Undercover409in  NonConsent/Reluctance07/07/094.35

Jolene Listens Ch. 12

 — The last chapter: Jolene wakes up! by rivertown_ratin  Loving Wives07/06/093.81

Fringe Benefits

 — His hairdresser gives him good service and fantasy true. by jacker6in  Erotic Couplings07/06/093.67

School's Nearly Over

 — A young couple get some last use out of their school uniform by starbelliedboyin  BDSM07/04/093.95

First Night Together

 — No condom, no pill, but a very horny Indian girl. by starbelliedboyin  Anal07/04/094.24

The Talons of a Dark Heart Ch. 07

 — Aricin life continues & the green-eyed man of conflict. by TalyisBagleyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/02/094.52HOT

Ain't Budging

 — White biker in the 1970's rescues a black female hitchhiker. by Midnight_Fluxin  Interracial Love07/02/094.58HOTEditor's Pick

A Dirty Dog Doggin' Around Ch. 11

 — A young black girl learns about sex from every angle. by mccrayjin  Anal07/02/094.53HOT

Ritual of Honor

 — Saved from domination and abuse by a Japanese lover. by sr71pltin  Gay Male07/02/094.74HOT

The True Secret of World Peace

 — Nude Day delivers world peace. by ndbf4everin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/01/093.60

Experimentum Cruces

 — A psychologist tries to cure her patient of an "illness". by QueenOfTheNilein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/01/094.47

Cumslut on the Prowl

 — Horny Japanese woman picks up men when her man is out of town. by japacumslutin  Illustrated07/01/094.19

Island Romance

 — A story for me from Trudy. by SomeAussieGuyin  Text With Audio06/30/094.47

Annoying Roommate

 — Taking advantage of annoying roommate. by cacdude555in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers06/28/093.45

Taboo Series: My Big Black Daddy

 — Days before the wedding, Rachel gets to know he new daddy. by DracnKittenin  Incest/Taboo06/27/094.50HOT

Famous Anus

 — A butt-slut is born. by no1fanboyin  Anal06/27/092.26

Race Play Ch. 05

 — Black couple plays with white man. by Samuelxin  Group Sex06/27/093.05

MILF Chronicles Ch. 14

 — The final chapter: Payback. by rivertown_ratin  Loving Wives06/25/093.90

Curiosity: Wife's Warm Up

 — Husband's plan to increase his wife's sex drive goes awry. by AnotherHotWifein  Loving Wives06/23/094.17

The Parable of Mr. Lim

 — Mr. Lim lust for his young employee is finally realized. by njailarheein  Interracial Love06/23/094.39Editor's Pick

A Day at the Mall

 — Going shopping with a couple of friends. by blackbbwloverin  Incest/Taboo06/21/092.08

Tiffany and Dexter

 — They have fantasies. They live them out. Trouble ensues. by Matt Moreauin  Loving Wives06/19/093.83

Wife is Slave For Him and Me Ch. 04

 — BBW is desperate for Aussie stud, but is denied/ by Aurymanin  BDSM06/18/093.88


 — They see how it’s done. by alan55in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/18/094.33

Leah's Adventures in Porn Pt. 03

 — A young woman's sexual journey. by Sunupperin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/16/094.64HOT

Sistas Ch. 02

 — A flashback to Giselle's eighteenth birthday. by Slappy101in  Incest/Taboo06/15/094.53HOT

Gardening with Granddad Ch. 24

 — Old Black Reg leads Jimmy to her destiny - young cock whore. by blondboi22in  Incest/Taboo06/11/094.36

Lisa's Payback

 — black woman gets payback from white ex-boyfriend by asknoin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/10/093.65

Vegas Baby: Deuces Wild

 — Marilyn finds a pair she's wild about, but in different ways. by BrettLynnin  Incest/Taboo06/10/093.86

Gardening with Granddad Ch. 23

 — Closing the Family Circle. by blondboi22in  Incest/Taboo06/10/094.32

Cruise Control 02: The Beginning

 — Wife begins her week long adventure on the island. by blkbondin  Interracial Love06/07/093.76


 — Shes unsatisfied with him and needs something more. by morena_69in  Interracial Love06/07/093.66

Naked Dare Ch. 02

 — The dares get riskier. by yakboy69in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/05/094.60HOT

A Dirty Dog Doggin' Around Ch. 03

 — One white, one black, one petite for two. by mccrayjin  Anal06/04/094.54HOT

Bad, Bad, Boy

 — He's taught a lesson in respect. by AfroerotiKin  BDSM06/04/093.58

Ann Ch. 01

 — Young black doctor gets blowjob from teasing white wife. by 99_percent_oralin  Mature06/03/094.17

His Wife Fucks a Black Man

 — Wife cuckolds her husband with Jamal. by Wifesboyin  Loving Wives06/03/093.72

Obsession: Corrupting Becky

 — His wife has her first lesbian experience. by AnotherHotWifein  Loving Wives06/02/094.14

Two Flies

 — He is not alone in her web. by ewalshin  Erotic Couplings06/02/094.14

Ebony And Ivory Lesbian Athletes

 — Interracial lesbian orgy. by Samuelxin  Group Sex06/01/092.65

Weekend Lovers Ch. 02

 — The continuing development of two friends relationship. by buddhaearlin  Interracial Love05/30/094.07

All Work and No Play

 — All work and no play makes Lee and Rob very horny. by hotdeserthoneyin  Erotic Couplings05/28/093.53

Clarence and MIllie

 — She forgets that in marriage decisions are made by two. by hilarynhugoin  Loving Wives05/27/092.75

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 05

 — Chuck the black intern plays with Sharon. by rivertown_ratin  Letters & Transcripts05/24/094.44

Magic Fingers Ch. 04

 — Journey to money, fame and love while making women cum. by Old_Bluein  NonConsent/Reluctance05/24/094.71HOT

Jolene Listens Ch. 11

 — Tom tells of training Jolene to become a submissive slut. by rivertown_ratin  Loving Wives05/22/094.31

Mum! Mum?

 — A bored housewife seeks solace with her son. by Mag58in  Incest/Taboo05/21/094.41

Wife is Slave For Him and Me Ch. 03

 — BBW gets hardbanged by Aussie with hubby's help. by Aurymanin  BDSM05/21/094.00


 — The dominating ghost of encounters past. by sr71pltin  Gay Male05/21/094.38

White Woman Dominates Black Slut

 — White housewife turns tables on black businesswoman. by Samuelxin  Lesbian Sex05/21/093.32

Wife is Slave For Him and Me Ch. 02

 — BBW continues gangbangs and gets first spanking. by Aurymanin  Loving Wives05/20/093.85

Controlled Ch. 05

 — The night draws to a close. by colesneil37in  Mind Control05/18/094.56HOT

Catching the Wife Vol. 04

 — Husband catches wife with black neighbor, finale. by chasseur11in  Interracial Love05/18/093.62

What a MILF! Ch. 03

 — Patrice discovers what Otto and Stacey are doing. by ottohauser1977in  Group Sex05/15/093.13

White Wife

 — Jake wanted Emily to let loose. by bobfrin  Loving Wives05/13/094.40

The School Teacher

 — School Teacher takes on her black principal. by Innocent2in  Loving Wives05/12/094.24

The Pact Ch. 03

 — Ian and Des finally sample Blanca and Cristina. by SEVERUSMAXin  Interracial Love05/11/093.70

Wife is Slave For Him and Me Ch. 01

 — BBW confesses she had a black gangbang affair. by Aurymanin  Loving Wives05/11/093.79

Beth's Awakening Ch. 07

 — Boat Trip. by spawnerin  Novels and Novellas05/09/094.68HOT

Obsession: Ten Interracial Orgasms

 — White wife's obsession leads her to her first black lover. by AnotherHotWifein  Interracial Love05/08/094.27

Ethan and Marie

 — Husband catches over-sexed wife with his boss--not good. by Matt Moreauin  Loving Wives05/05/094.32

Center of Attention Ch. 02

 — Lil' queer in heat enjoys more cock. by michbicsin  Gay Male05/04/094.37

Blackmail Saga

 — She is blackmailed and forced to be a sex slave. by joan658in  NonConsent/Reluctance05/03/094.48

Jessica Submits to Black Male

 — 19-year-old girl has a choice to make: gangbang or jail. by Jaythedogin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/01/094.39

Mistress Ch. 03

 — Xenobia must reveal her career to her new boyfriend. by Assexin  BDSM04/29/094.51HOT

The Spanish Dancer

 — Dancing at a festival changes couple's life. by fanatic282in  Loving Wives04/29/093.84

Preaching Conversion Ch. 02

 — Preacher's wife joins Jake and him for a bi threesome. by MajesticDeep2in  Group Sex04/29/094.47

Black Woman's White Female Slave

 — Strong black woman dominates white sluts. by Samuelxin  Lesbian Sex04/28/093.32

The Empathetic Girlfriend Ch. 03

 — 18 year old Yuna gives in to her new Daddy. by StudStoryin  Loving Wives04/27/094.08

Controlled Ch. 03

 — Kinky couple turn to a writer to spice things up. by colesneil37in  Mind Control04/26/094.59HOT

Controlled Ch. 02

 — Kinky couple turn to a writer to spice things up. by colesneil37in  Mind Control04/25/094.37

Controlled Ch. 01

 — Kinky couple turn to a writer to spice things up a bit. by colesneil37in  Mind Control04/24/094.17

Rachel Stevens: Sweet Sins

 — Even a pop tart has to pay bills. by MJKAin  Celebrities04/23/094.38

And His Sister Was Pretty Too

 — A friend's little sister proves impossible to resist. by starbelliedboyin  Interracial Love04/23/094.00

King University's New Slut Ch. 01

 — Tyler's first year at an all black college. by BlaqJm18in  Gay Male04/23/094.27

Emmy Rossum: Been Too Long

 — The multi-talented beauty in an interracial tryst. by MJKAin  Celebrities04/22/094.05

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