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Big Game Hunter Vol. 07

 — Chocolate Sunday. by Arkrhuin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/04/104.31

Private Class Ch. 02

 — College teacher is forced to submit to black student. by SScorpioin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/04/104.23

Her Hunger Ch. 02

 — Her second incident is more depraved than the first. by soflabbwlvrin  Group Sex12/04/104.38

Her Hunger Ch. 01

 — A girl will go to desperate lengths to get enough sex. by soflabbwlvrin  Group Sex12/03/104.00

Pay the Genie Ch. 03

 — Scott's ex fiance walks in on he and Ura. by latecaller67in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers12/03/104.62HOT

The American Kiss

 — Teenage boy lusts after live-in Latina beauty. by sterlingdaydreamin  First Time12/02/103.42

My Christmas Angel

 — A struggling student finds comfort with his teacher. by LostInTheDarkin  Non-Erotic12/02/104.31

Sister Golden Hair Delight Ch. 12

 — Nice doing business with you. by calibeachgirlin  Novels and Novellas12/02/104.69HOT

Sister Golden Hair Delight Ch. 11

 — Running, running, running. by calibeachgirlin  Novels and Novellas12/01/104.64HOT

Ebony & Ivory

 — Two long-time friends come together in perfect harmony. by BrettJin  Lesbian Sex11/30/103.94

Sister Golden Hair Delight Ch. 10

 — Home At Last. by calibeachgirlin  Novels and Novellas11/30/104.68HOT

Sister Golden Hair Delight Ch. 09

 — Changing our name but not our game. by calibeachgirlin  Novels and Novellas11/29/104.63HOT

Sister Golden Hair Delight Ch. 08

 — A First Time for Everything. by calibeachgirlin  Novels and Novellas11/28/104.68HOT

A Demonstration

 — Wife's new business leads to hot sex while husband watches. by Hi_Literoticain  Loving Wives11/28/104.43

Darkroom - Saturday

 — The girls take it into the light. by Ambidentrousin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/28/104.77HOT


 — Would getting even be the answer? by DG Hearin  Loving Wives11/27/104.55HOT

Sister Golden Hair Delight Ch. 07

 — The Dinner of a Lifetime. by calibeachgirlin  Novels and Novellas11/27/104.72HOT

Cigarettes, Paper ...You? Ch. 03

 — Jasmine tells her anal story. by white_on_brownin  Anal11/26/104.61HOT

Sister Golden Hair Delight Ch. 06

 — The morning after. by calibeachgirlin  Novels and Novellas11/26/104.75HOT

The Defiled Temple Ch. 02

 — Pugward gets a new pet and his reward. by Lien_Gellerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/25/104.74HOT

Sister Golden Hair Delight Ch. 05

 — Oh, well, Just Fuck Me! by calibeachgirlin  Novels and Novellas11/25/104.60HOT

Marathon Man: Breaking the Family Ch. 02

 — Susan and Mabadi's affair reaches a new level. by Pervosuxx Marinain  Interracial Love11/24/104.36

An Uncommon Love Ch. 01

 — The hired help becomes much more. by PolyLvrin  Interracial Love11/24/104.53HOT

Sister Golden Hair Delight Ch. 04

 — Let's Spend the Night Together by calibeachgirlin  Novels and Novellas11/24/104.74HOT

Sister Golden Hair Delight Ch. 03

 — Just a Walk in the Park. by calibeachgirlin  Novels and Novellas11/23/104.77HOT

Party Favors

 — Sauciness for the geese and a goosing for the ganders. by voluptuary_manquein  Anal11/23/103.98

Private Class Ch. 01

 — College teacher is forced to fist by black students. by SScorpioin  Fetish11/22/104.36

Sister Golden Hair Delight Ch. 02

 — Meet the New Boss. by calibeachgirlin  Novels and Novellas11/22/104.55HOT

Sister Golden Hair Delight Ch. 01

 — Information Is Power as a secretary learns who's coming. by calibeachgirlin  Novels and Novellas11/21/104.35

Paula: An Unfaithful Wife? Ch. 03

 — Developing an extreme cuckold lifestyle with my wife. by OpenMouthin  Loving Wives11/21/103.25

Nighttime Visitor

 — Jayme leaves her window open and gets an unsolicited visitor. by afternoondelight2in  NonConsent/Reluctance11/20/104.14

What a Mistletoe Can Do

 — Two friends stuck in a cabin for Christmas break. by TheIncognitoin  Interracial Love11/20/104.59HOT

Twin Trouble

 — A sexy reporter is the main event at a twin's convention. by GACumSlutin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/19/103.60

The Whyte Butterfly Ch. 10

 — Benita "comes out" to her parents in spectacular fashion. by polymanin  Novels and Novellas11/19/104.52HOT

The Whyte Butterfly Ch. 09

 — Carmen turns to an odd source for help and support. by polymanin  Novels and Novellas11/18/104.66HOT

Fetish Galore

 — A young man’s GM fetish romp in the Caribbean by sr71pltin  Gay Male11/18/104.46

Darkroom - Friday

 — College girls plan to appreciate nice guys in the dark. by Ambidentrousin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/18/104.66HOT

John and Dr. Jenny meet Jamal J.

 — General Hospital was never like this. by rondoriin  Illustrated11/18/104.28

Southern Belle Gets Hers

 — A plantation owner's daughter is taken by a slave. by PerilEyesin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/14/103.71

Getting to Know You

 — A wife reveals her sexual need to be a whore to her husband. by jinxybabyin  Loving Wives11/14/104.16

The Whyte Butterfly Ch. 07

 — Benita must deal with Stacey's rejection, but how will she? by polymanin  Novels and Novellas11/14/104.52HOT

Freedom Ch. 02

 — Daniel and Ella meet in the woods. by virgin_sexpertin  Interracial Love11/14/104.58HOT

The Rich Bitch Ch. 05

 — Kyle's New Bitch by BlaqJm18in  Gay Male11/12/104.28

Zane Ch. 04

 — Blair comes back, but will she stay? by TheIncognitoin  Interracial Love11/12/104.76HOT

Pay the Genie Ch. 02

 — Scott goes even further with his hard dicked genie. by latecaller67in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/11/104.67HOT

Samantha and Milk Ch. 03

 — Her adventures took a different turn. by samcute30in  Interracial Love11/11/104.29

Zane Ch. 03

 — Blair tries to leave Zane. by TheIncognitoin  Interracial Love11/11/104.51HOT

Feline and the Mongrels Ch. 06

 — A tale of interracial cuckolding. by Goforein  Interracial Love11/10/104.00

Rebecca Meets the Frat Neighbors

 — Rebecca shares more than a beer with three frat boys. by edisonCarolinein  Group Sex11/10/104.28

Your Trailer or Mine?

 — Life gives us twists and turns. by BigKahunaCat21in  Erotic Couplings11/10/104.06

The Preacher's Son

 — Walt is intrigued by the black man helping out at church. by robcub32in  Gay Male11/10/104.79HOT

Have You Ever...

 — A young black woman want to suck YOUR cock. by virgin_sexpertin  Interracial Love11/10/104.38

Then The Doorbell Rang Ch. 02

 — Audrey is pleasantly surprised by who is at her door. by darkknight01in  Interracial Love11/09/104.29

Samantha and Milk Ch. 02

 — Wife cannot wait for her would be lover. by samcute30in  Interracial Love11/08/104.15

Big Black Cock

 — Unexpected encounter with a muscly hung black man. by DarkHooderin  Gay Male11/06/104.52HOT


 — Moving from one "shouldn't happen" relationship to another. by 4glory6in  Erotic Couplings11/05/104.05

Looking for Love Ch. 03

 — The truth shall set you free, maybe. by endlesskissin  Novels and Novellas11/04/104.43

Pay the Genie Ch. 01

 — Scott pays hard-cocked ebony goddess genie for his wishes. by latecaller67in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/04/104.57HOT

The Creation of Suzy Slut & Her Cuckold Ch. 02

 — Community service. by AlDevinein  Group Sex11/03/103.88

Golden Gloves

 — It hurts just to think about it! by NCnakedadventurein  BDSM10/31/104.03

Once You Go

 — It's true what they say about interracial sex.. by dangerouslydeadin  Interracial Love10/31/104.10

My Wife Fran's First Black Lover

 — How my young bride was intoduced to interracial sex. by lil_prikin  Interracial Love10/30/104.36

The Witches of Winston

 — A group of cheerleaders become full fledged witches. by roydavis25in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/29/103.97

Sissy Finds Black Cock Bliss

 — Terry's journey to accepting his submissive role. by frezrevupin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers10/28/104.66HOT

Brown Eyes, Blue Smile Ch. 07

 — Eric comes face to face with his daughter. by dsoulin  Romance10/26/104.53HOT

In Memorium...Aunt Jane

 — He lives with a kinky aunt. by Grey Eagle 286in  Loving Wives10/24/104.06

The Apprentice Ch. 05

 — Final: a young man falls for a gay contractor. by srlmortin  Gay Male10/22/104.24

Sharon Goes Back to School Ch. 12

 — Sharon's new job helps the frat but protects her marriage? by RogueAlanin  Interracial Love10/22/104.61HOT

The Chronicles of Erica Bradson Ch. 04

 — Erica is now forced to choose between lust or love. by Pervosuxx Marinain  Interracial Love10/21/104.36

Journey to Another Life Ch. 12

 — Their journey is completed. by DrPopein  Loving Wives10/20/103.58

The Apprentice Ch. 04

 — A young man falls for a gay contractor by srlmortin  Gay Male10/20/104.23

Depravity Ch. 04

 — Mom finally fucks Son and the others. by DaktoRtoin  Incest/Taboo10/20/104.26

Pam Gives in to Lust Ch. 02

 — Pam goes back to Maureen's and meets four new friends. by millieteasesin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/17/104.34

The Worst Adventure Ever

 — A Silky Adventure. by OneSilkyin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/17/104.41

Looking for Love Ch. 01

 — What's a man to do? by endlesskissin  Novels and Novellas10/16/104.42

It Started in the Bushes Ch. 02

 — Husband's not back; they meet again. by StangStar06in  Loving Wives10/15/104.38

Journey to Another Life Ch. 11

 — His wishes all seem to be coming true. by DrPopein  Loving Wives10/14/104.00

Journey to Another Life Ch. 10

 — The fire ignites; can they cope? by DrPopein  Loving Wives10/13/104.28

Black Pickup

 — Wife picks up a man in bar while husband enjoys cousin. by StarfireMayoin  Loving Wives10/13/104.07

How I Became a CD SLUT Cum Junky Ch. 02

 — A Halloween party before the gang bang and I get too wild! by TonyaTV69in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers10/12/104.73HOT

Ladies of the Lake Ch. 02

 — The aunts' story. by julybear7in  Incest/Taboo10/12/104.61HOT

It Started in the Bushes

 — Her husband left her, what else could she do. by StangStar06in  Loving Wives10/12/104.32

Mistaken Identity

 — Wife mistaken for Thai hooker forced to work as sex slave. by StarfireMayoin  Loving Wives10/12/103.10

How I Became a CD SLUT Cum Junky

 — True to fact embelished origin of my CD life and cum craving. by TonyaTV69in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers10/11/104.65HOT

Goodbye Jave

 — One night lasts a long time. by smokejohn60in  Anal10/11/104.00

How Long Has This Been Going On...

 — Husband discovers why wife is less frigid. by 87gajcin  Loving Wives10/09/102.80

The Quiet Type

 — A scary patient plays with his nurse. by SarahConnor210in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/08/104.29

The King and I

 — A young designer's sexy year with Elvis. by SarahConnor210in  Celebrities10/08/104.80

Journey to Another Life Ch. 09

 — What if they both change their minds? by DrPopein  Loving Wives10/08/104.26

Lambda Lei's Private Party

 — 3 gals, 2 dudes make the best of it when the party stops! by darkphoenix123456in  Group Sex10/08/103.88


 — Young mistress makes a surprise visit. by dragonfire6in  Interracial Love10/07/103.96

Zara Betrayed Ch. 01

 — A night of hot passion leads to betrayal. by zara_chaudryin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/07/103.89

The Return Visit

 — Interracial couple make use of a female slave for the night. by lady moneypennyin  BDSM10/05/104.05

Always Conditions

 — The conditions a young man will accept to have his dog. by sr71pltin  Gay Male10/04/104.50HOT

Be Careful What You Wish For

 — My gf and I get more than we expected at the Gloryholes. by NonGenericBrandin  Group Sex10/04/104.34

Neurofucker Ch. 01

 — The Pink Cushion. by IrmaCerruttiin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/03/104.47


 — Young man rekindles ties with gorgeous supermodel. by pseudonym2005in  Erotic Couplings10/03/104.80HOTContest Winner

The Diary of Lisa

 — Lisa gets in touch with her inner slut in a big way. by dr_grippengropein  Interracial Love10/03/104.10

Darren...Soo Convenient!

 — Young black man satisfies Victoria's cum craving regularly. by victoriapin  Interracial Love09/30/104.15

Steffi's Gang Bang

 — Stood up wife ends up getting fucked- a lot. by formywifein  Loving Wives09/30/104.01

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