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I'm in Heaven

 — A husband discovers his wife with a man. by wynona_tvin  Interracial Love04/30/103.83

Chance Encounter Ch. 01

 — Interracial cuckold unfaithful wife. by Miguel59in  Loving Wives04/30/103.56

The New Client Ch. 08

 — Husband watches wife take on two black cocks. by TuWatchuin  Interracial Love04/30/104.37

Just Say No Ch. 01

 — A girl's new career. by chasingDanin  Group Sex04/30/104.29

The Sexual Adventures of Maxwell Ch. 02

 — The continuing adventures of Maxwell Atkins. by tgjenniin  Interracial Love04/30/103.52

Apples to Apples

 — Andrew runs into his sister and offers her shelter. by Slappy101in  Incest/Taboo04/30/104.43

Time Differences Ch. 05

 — Epilogue: the dance of sex in the far future continues. by Spinneretin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/29/104.59HOT

Dark Pussy Ch. 04

 — Judith turns the tables and straps on. by hohoundin  Interracial Love04/28/104.19

The New Client Ch. 07

 — Husband reveals his cuckold past; delivers his wife. by TuWatchuin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/28/104.51HOT

King University's New Slut Ch. 10-11

 — Chapter 10 & 11: A New Star Is Born by BlaqJm18in  Gay Male04/27/104.42

Metamorphosis Ch. 04

 — Tina's second experiment. by FrederickJonesin  Loving Wives04/25/104.09

Gobsmacked Ch. 01

 — Getting the surprise of your life coming home. by BigKahunaCat21in  Group Sex04/24/104.38

Amie Does Black Lovers for Hubby

 — Blonde Amie fulfills husband's interracial fantasy. by nehighlanderin  Loving Wives04/23/104.38

The Chronicles of Erica Bradson Ch. 02

 — The continuation of Erica Bradson's debauchery. by Pervosuxx Marinain  Interracial Love04/23/104.38

Lisa's Payback Continues

 — Ex-boyfriend continues punishing humiliation. by asknoin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/23/103.98

Post- Game Party Pt. 02

 — The Middleton MILFs score after the fourth quarter. by zrobin  Mature04/23/104.63HOT

The Black Cock Club

 — Cuckold adventures at the club, culminating in pregnancy. by TomWardin  Interracial Love04/22/104.06

The Cuckold's Clinic

 — Lucy's cuckold husband visits the clinic for instruction. by TomWardin  Interracial Love04/22/103.99

Controlled Ch. 07

 — Kinky couple turn to a writer to spice things up a bit. by colesneil37in  Mind Control04/22/104.36

Dark Moon Ch. 13

 — Disappointment and Goodbyes. by HorniBunniin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/22/104.67HOT

Post- Game Party Pt. 01

 — The Middleton MILFs score after the fourth quarter. by zrobin  Mature04/19/104.55HOT

Stay Another Day

 — Lust turns to love. by Jay_Lloydin  Romance04/19/104.61HOT

Grading Submission

 — A prof submits to the outrageous demands of a BBW student. by HaddenIndustriesin  Fetish04/18/103.15

Slut is Just a Four Letter Word

 — Brooke comes home from college. by whiteslutwifein  Incest/Taboo04/17/104.23

Dark Moon Ch. 12

 — Celebration soon turns to business, an allies falls through. by HorniBunniin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/16/104.55HOT

The Arrangement

 — Wife goes black, with some help from hubby. by Chasanovain  Loving Wives04/15/103.77

Dark Moon Ch. 11

 — Will Passion make the right decision? by HorniBunniin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/15/104.65HOT

The Chronicles of Erica Bradson Ch. 01

 — The tale of a loving Housewife and her infidelity. by Pervosuxx Marinain  Interracial Love04/13/104.38

Dark Moon Ch. 10

 — The day of the duel arrives and Joshua is betrayed. by HorniBunniin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/12/104.66HOT

Christine's First Anal

 — It's a night of firsts for young Christine. by Donkeepuncherin  Anal04/11/103.87

King University's New Slut Ch. 09

 — Chapter 9: Mystery Solved. by BlaqJm18in  Gay Male04/11/104.53HOT

Dark Moon Ch. 09

 — The past comes back to haunt Passion. by HorniBunniin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/11/104.60HOT

King University's New Slut Ch. 08

 — Chapter 8: Another Unexpected Twist. by BlaqJm18in  Gay Male04/10/104.17

Dark Moon Ch. 08

 — Joshua learns about the pack. Passion comes to a decision. by HorniBunniin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/10/104.71HOT

Black Breeding Jocelyn

 — Wife wants a baby & she picked a black man to do the job. by Karenkayin  Interracial Love04/10/103.99

Proper Housewife to Slut in One Day Ch. 03

 — Cindi falls deeper into her new life. by whiteslutwifein  NonConsent/Reluctance04/10/104.30

A Mid Summer's Day Lunch

 — One woman gets to know her new neighbors. by AR_eroticain  Interracial Love04/10/104.14

Jordan and the Lady Ch. 02

 — Jordan and Meg continue their passions. by numbertwelvein  Mature04/09/104.03

Neighborly Relations Pt. 17

 — The Porter Family spreads the pleasure around. by R_D_Eddyin  Incest/Taboo04/09/104.68HOT

Dark Moon Ch. 07

 — Date Night, New Friends, and Annoying Revelations. by HorniBunniin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/07/104.62HOT

Being Neighborly Ch. 02

 — Redhead's affair with blk neighbor continues. by chasseur11in  Interracial Love04/06/104.36

Lynn's First Black Experience

 — Wife has her first black cock. by floridaguy2001in  Interracial Love04/05/104.41

Dark Moon Ch. 06

 — Minor trouble for Joshua, bigger trouble for Passion. by HorniBunniin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/05/104.63HOT

Dark Moon Ch. 05

 — Some secrets are revealed. by HorniBunniin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/04/104.61HOT


 — A devoted wife strays, what does the husband do? by MikelGin  Loving Wives04/04/103.85

Odd Jobs

 — Cleaning a garage leads to an afternoon of art. by TheHofin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/03/104.36

Dark Moon Ch. 04

 — Joshua and Passion return to Oak Falls. by HorniBunniin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/01/104.70HOT

Predator Chick

 — Really horny chick loves to grind. by Stones1968in  Interracial Love04/01/102.06

Maipenrai Loving

 — The art of being deeply in like. by sr71pltin  Loving Wives04/01/103.77

Being Neighborly

 — Redheaded housewife gets to know black neighbor better. by chasseur11in  Interracial Love03/31/104.35

Ultimate Temptation

 — Forbidden interracial love and temptation. by Arrow27in  Interracial Love03/30/104.38

Chloe's Internship Ch. 07

 — Chloe has a date with Sanjay. by mchuchain  Exhibitionist & Voyeur03/30/104.48

A Shared Experience

 — A half-Asian goth sub pleases us both. by penbeatswordin  Group Sex03/29/103.97

To The Rescue

 — Two Paramedics provide "therapeutic" treatment to an RN. by penbeatswordin  Group Sex03/29/104.70HOT

Blindfold Gangbang Ch. 01

 — When my toys weren't enough, I went and got more! by SweetMarie2010in  Group Sex03/27/103.62

Tammy and the Gold Anklet Ch. 04

 — Tammy begins her 'initiation' as a hot wife. by jackfntammyfin  Loving Wives03/26/104.23

Florida Cougar Ch. 03

 — Connor and Mrs. Debra meet a new friend. by GentlemanTin  Mature03/25/104.72HOT


 — Lesbian group sex in a big tub of popcorn. Pass the butter! by Giselle_Renardein  Group Sex03/25/103.00

The Facility Ch. 02

 — Oreo Dessert - white girl with two big black cocks. by call_me_danain  Interracial Love03/25/104.13

A Black Safari for Sophie Ch. 02

 — Both mother and daughter subjected to African lust. by JonathanTin  Interracial Love03/24/104.36

A Big Mistake...or Not? Ch. 02

 — Wannabe cuck watches wife fucked for first time. by llienoin  Loving Wives03/23/104.22

Dark Moon Ch. 03

 — Joshua and Passion meet. by HorniBunniin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/22/104.70HOT

How I Became a Chastized Cuckold Ch. 05

 — Wife wants more and I become a cuckold. by gizzardin  Loving Wives03/21/104.43

Dead Ends

 — 'Stillborn' stories for authors to revive. by Cal Y. Pygiain  Reviews & Essays03/20/104.00

Chocolate and Gold Ch. 01

 — They met on the Riviera, and it was a fantasy at first sight. by coaster2in  Novels and Novellas03/20/104.64HOT

Moving to a Retirement Community

 — Senior citizen life in a retirement community. by JJgreenvillein  Mature03/18/103.45

Nikki tells all

 — Remember Darling Nikki? Here's Nikki's side of the story. by DonnieMagazinoin  Celebrities03/18/104.00

Turn of a Hired Gun

 — He tries to pull one-up on his dangerous colleague. by sweetalmondbrownin  Interracial Love03/18/104.57HOT

King University's New Slut Ch. 05

 — Chapter 5: The Man That Changed Me by BlaqJm18in  Gay Male03/17/104.53HOT

Dark Moon Ch. 02

 — An Alpha dies, a new one must be found. by HorniBunniin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/16/104.51HOT

King University's New Slut Ch. 04

 — Chapter 4: At The Gym by BlaqJm18in  Gay Male03/16/104.39

Dark Moon Ch. 01

 — Introduction to 'Shifters', one man's life is about to change. by HorniBunniin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/15/104.39

How I Became a Slut

 — A night of excess gets out of hand. by BarbKannin  Group Sex03/12/104.43

Criminal Minds: Emily's Surprise

 — What little surprise does Emily Prentiss have for the team? by wife2hotblkin  Celebrities03/12/104.16

The Sleepover

 — Jack recounts his experience at his girlfriend's sleepover. by Slappy101in  Interracial Love03/11/104.46

Tracy's Tease

 — Tracy humiliates Erick and he loves it. by Bakebossin  Loving Wives03/11/103.26

Snowball Effect

 — Ever deeper into the fetish of being taken by black men. by sr71pltin  Gay Male03/11/104.34

Monday Night Football at Home

 — He's watching the game, she wants some of his attention. by LdyAngelin  Romance03/07/104.18

Lost In Translation

 — Esther meets Drew. by MissWizzin  Novels and Novellas03/02/104.35

Beautiful Disaster

 — When disaster hits, she is saved in a most erotic way. by NovemberBabyin  Fetish02/28/104.23

The Oakwood Academy for Young Women Ch. 01

 — A special education for rich girls. by BigMeaniein  BDSM02/27/103.91

Making the Grade Ch. 02

 — Ashley tells the story this time. by wantonlustin  Incest/Taboo02/26/104.36

Fighting For It Ch. 04

 — Chapter four of Shawn and Ally. by stepsonicin  Interracial Love02/26/104.49

Cum Loving Mothers

 — Two moms find a common interest and get frisky. by Yuu Sakagamiin  Incest/Taboo02/26/104.03

Jordan and the Lady

 — Interracial sex between a mature wife and young student. by numbertwelvein  Mature02/24/104.26

Bobby's Ring Ch. 03

 — Bobby and friends whip a mall food court into a frenzy! by LiteroticaFirstTimerin  Mind Control02/23/104.52HOT

How I Became a Chastized Cuckold Ch. 04

 — Hubby gets milked to relieve pressure. by gizzardin  Loving Wives02/22/104.32

Wife Makes Some Money

 — Stewardess wife prostitutes herself on the job. by a_random_userin  Loving Wives02/22/103.39

Queen's Chat

 — An erotic chat between two online lovers. by sweetalmondbrownin  Letters & Transcripts02/21/103.91


 — Is it the car or is it the man? by TrueNorth1969in  Interracial Love02/18/104.07

Sara and the Natives

 — A rich heiress pays to have her fantasy fulfilled. by Sean Renaudin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/18/103.73

Uncle's Black neice

 — Too much temptation for him to resist. by SluttyBabyGirl4uin  Incest/Taboo02/16/103.68

The Therapist Ch. 03

 — White man helps black woman get in touch with herself. by Brownrice_sugarin  Interracial Love02/16/104.52HOT

Suburban Underbelly Ch. 04

 — An Escape: A Chase: A Battle: An Orgy: A Beginning. by fastandsloppyin  BDSM02/15/104.40

Suburban Underbelly Ch. 03

 — Sometimes you're the gangbanger -- sometimes the gangbangee. by fastandsloppyin  Group Sex02/13/104.09

Dark Maggie #01

 — A Spa Party; wild (& wildly fictional) tale of life with my Mistress. by kneeler1138in  BDSM02/13/104.68HOT

She Shows Off in Public and Pays the Price

 — This hot girl loves to tease. by dirtywarrenin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/12/104.15

Dear Aunt Flabby

 — Advice for perverts in love. by Bakebossin  Letters & Transcripts02/12/103.08

Disciplining Portia

 — The new office temp recieves some much needed discipline. by Lionheart72in  BDSM02/12/104.11

CFnm Adventure - 3rd Visit

 — Serving a BBW Dominatrix and her male friend. by lovelicker99in  Fetish02/12/104.42

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