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Draconian Breed

 — A fertile elf falls prey to a Lizardman, and breeds. by uh-ohin  NonHuman02/20/154.12

Malomar Ch. 02

 — A questing hero meets with a cruel and beautiful monster. by lucki_271in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/03/154.20

Alien Encounter Pt. 02

 — Interspecies encounters. by IrishFantasyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/15/143.83


 — Selena goes hunting for a beast, but it finds her first. by wuthering_heightsin  NonHuman03/13/134.28

Conjugal Shoreleave

 — Alien officer on leave seeks relief in her private retreat. by Aestuin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/11/124.20

New Life in a New World Ch. 03

 — John meets a beautiful necromancer in a small village. by johneb87in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/29/124.81HOTEditor's Pick

Stormy Night

 — Caitlin enjoys a threesome with the gods Fujin and Raijin. by sheepyboyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/06/124.60HOT

Turning Japanese

 — One woman's erotic encounter with an Oni . by sheepyboyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/03/124.43

New Life in a New World Ch. 02

 — John meets the Lady of the Mountain and learns his destiny. by johneb87in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/26/124.79HOTEditor's Pick

New Life in a New World Ch. 01

 — A young soldier is thrown into a world of fantasy and danger. by johneb87in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/20/124.73HOTEditor's Pick

The Pearl Ch. 14

 — The Jorogumo on the run. by Thistlethornin  NonHuman09/14/114.80HOT

The Pearl Ch. 11

 — The Lady Lies. by Thistlethornin  NonHuman07/16/114.78HOT

The Pearl Ch. 10

 — An interesting proposition. by Thistlethornin  NonHuman06/30/114.79HOT

The Pearl Ch. 09

 — Speak to the shadows, listen to the moon. by Thistlethornin  NonHuman05/23/114.79HOT

Hidden Love

 — A dragon and woman fall in love. by Galadreyilin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/14/114.10

The Pearl Ch. 08

 — By the light of the silvery moon. by Thistlethornin  NonHuman05/04/114.79HOT

The Pearl Ch. 04

 — Sebastian and Dakota at the buffet. by Thistlethornin  NonHuman01/19/114.81HOT

The Pearl Ch. 02

 — Continuing the oriental dragon story from part 1. by Thistlethornin  NonHuman12/18/104.74HOT

H. Erectus

 — Meeting between two species of early man. by al_Ussain  NonHuman12/16/103.95

The Pearl

 — Oriental dragon. by Thistlethornin  NonHuman12/09/104.62HOT

The Return of Man

 — Gay Erotic Science Fiction. by Wreybiesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/21/094.75HOT

Bamboo Lovin' Ch. 01

 — A panda and a grizzly, together at last! by SoTightUCantHandleItin  NonHuman07/21/073.93


 — Her satisfier resides in the aquarium. by WFEATHERin  NonHuman12/29/064.00


 — A sci-fi tale of fated lovers. by WFEATHERin  Non-Erotic10/28/064.31

Feldare Tales: Oathtaker

 — She makes a rash vow to save her would-be lover's life. by mack_the_knifein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/21/054.75HOT

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