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Slave to a Couple Ch. 03

 — I am punished, fucked in the ass, and given my first orgasm. by SecretPirateWenchin  BDSM01/13/114.47

Star Wars: Captured Jedi

 — Jaina, Tahiri, & Alema Rar get captured by sleemo slavers! by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities01/03/114.22

Slave to a Couple Ch. 02

 — I give my virginity and begin my life as a slave. by SecretPirateWenchin  BDSM12/14/104.49

Tamed Cougar Ch. 02

 — Tammy's evening with the girls continues. by Tappy_McWidestancein  Lesbian Sex12/04/104.59HOT

My Dirty Little Wife Ch. 07

 — She serves her Master. by formywifein  Loving Wives10/07/103.72

Roxy's New Life

 — Women discovers new life when she becomes the family pet. by rk4567in  BDSM08/16/103.90

Self Help Destruction

 — He wants self-destuction, she know what he really needs. by Harry_Ballsoniain  BDSM08/10/104.62HOT

The Fuckerware Party Ch. 07

 — Tina is shown how to please her husband by Mistress Faith. by Tappy_McWidestancein  BDSM07/31/104.42

The Long Weekend Ch. 15

 — Home from the Club. by beachsf1in  Incest/Taboo07/20/104.35

Weekend Excursion

 — He meets her at the Hotel. by Rich4goodgirlin  BDSM06/30/104.41


 — Testing her desire to submit. by dr_mabeusein  BDSM05/19/104.63HOT

Collared and Owned

 — Master wants to use his slave. by HoldsTheLeashin  BDSM03/31/104.17

Good Girl

 — A Master teaches His girl to be good. by Karalangorain  BDSM03/12/103.95

Cuckold-Foot-Slave's Everyday Life

 — A day in the life of a cuckolded foot slave. by cuckold_footslavein  Fetish01/26/104.04


 — A good girl services strangers to please her man. by VioletHisOwnin  BDSM12/11/094.35

My Dirty Little Wife Ch. 04

 — She wants her body to be used for my pleasure. by formywifein  Loving Wives12/10/093.95

Caught Again Ch. 03

 — She continues her over sexed behavior, with fun consequences. by Thisslein  NonConsent/Reluctance12/03/094.30

Caroline, Customer or Commodity? Ch. 02

 — Caged,Caroline wakes naked after her nightmare. by abroadswordin  BDSM11/24/094.46

The Reverse Job Interview

 — He interviews her for job, but finds he's being evaluated. by Littl1in  NonConsent/Reluctance11/17/093.96

Earning Wally an A

 — Teaching the art of submission to another. by mklit74in  Gay Male11/08/094.26

Worshipping Wally's Prick

 — Learning to be a submissive cock lover. by mklit74in  Gay Male11/01/094.33

The Dog Trainer Ch. 01

 — Obedience training from the Mistress. by FableAngelin  BDSM09/10/094.11

Aeriel: Oral Slave Ch. 01

 — Her lover has decided to take their rough play even further. by dlyons61in  BDSM07/15/090.00

Humiliated and Tortured

 — Dominant photographer takes control of a young man. by radassatin  BDSM06/12/094.03

We Have A Date

 — A sexy sub has a date with her Mistress. by Aimersin  BDSM06/11/093.71

A Harem of Men Slaves

 — A slave owner introduces a woman to her slaves. by radassatin  BDSM03/19/093.77

Club Switch

 — Husband and wife visit an unusual power-exchange club. by switchboy257in  BDSM03/04/094.05

My Master's Bitch Ch. 02

 — The night continues for the sub slut. by dommanctin  BDSM02/19/094.33

My Master's Bitch

 — Sub slut gets dog and piss training. by dommanctin  Fetish02/16/093.97

Way of Life

 — Jennifer takes her punishment like a good submissive by Selena_Kittin  BDSM01/01/094.13

Lover on a Leash

 — She likes to take orders in a special way. by Boxlicker101in  Fetish12/03/084.56HOT

Sandy's New Role Ch. 03

 — Slut wife gets her fill. by mjar65in  Loving Wives11/02/083.76

Tink's Torment: The Transformation

 — Bitchy girlfriend put in proper role. by INDYpendent207in  Illustrated10/30/084.26

Rachael's Awakening Ch. 07

 — How many 'firsts' would Rachael's evening hold? by Victoria_2001_02769in  BDSM10/14/084.50HOT

White Slaves of Eban Ch. 06

 — White couples working on a resort designed for black clients. by Karenkayin  Interracial Love09/21/084.15

Training Celina Week 01 Ch. 02

 — Celina's training gets seriously underway. by The_Bear_Manin  BDSM08/30/084.38

Hard Luck P.I.

 — A novice Private Investigator winds up in over his head. by moondreamerin  Novels and Novellas08/28/084.30

Devilbliss Ch. 02

 — Devilbliss meets Master Kane. by xlilkittenxin  BDSM07/05/084.17

The Dungeon Master Ch. 05

 — Elayna's first training session. by _kyrie_in  NonConsent/Reluctance06/25/084.28

Dark Redemption Ch. 11

 — He parades her naked in the sex shop. by BarbraNovacin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/21/084.11

Lena Ch. 11

 — Lena is taken out to dinner - and a gang-bang. by Buzzboyin  BDSM05/07/084.06

One Little World Ch. 10

 — Commitment and conclusion. by The_Fractal_Kingin  BDSM04/23/084.63HOT


 — Uncle Mitch puts a doggie collar on his bad niece.. by rockandrollerin  Incest/Taboo04/19/084.52HOT

One Little World Ch. 09

 — Getting comfortable. by The_Fractal_Kingin  BDSM04/17/084.69HOT

A Jar of Snakes

 — Benji is rejected by the Snakes. by darkstone57in  BDSM03/26/084.10

A Weekend with 'k' Ch. 03

 — It's starting to get a bit kinkier now. by Hubeein  BDSM03/23/084.24

The Gift Ch. 04

 — The young wife gets a new family. by techkenin  BDSM02/19/084.29

The Gift Ch. 02

 — The young wife's evening gets more exciting. by techkenin  BDSM01/11/084.30

Lydia Becomes his Prison Slut

 — Sexy public defender gets caught in prison riot. by naughtycakesin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/10/084.27

The Gift Ch. 01

 — Young wife receives a gift and a surprise. by techkenin  BDSM12/29/074.21

A Submissive's Journey Ch. 01

 — Floating. by AnneDeBerhamin  BDSM07/09/074.11

The Dog

 — A chaste man gets leashed for bad behavior. by GirlWithBootsin  BDSM06/11/074.35

Dinner at Mistress Sarah's

 — Slut is introduced to another couple. by PassionateWolfin  BDSM06/09/073.69

Show Off

 — She experiences the social side of being a slave. by His toyin  BDSM06/04/073.95

Good Puppy

 — Ryan teaches Katie how to bark like a dog. by zomgpuppyin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/16/074.06


 — His first time being topped. by improbcatin  BDSM04/10/073.52

Dinner and a Nap

 — An evening with her Master. by CollaredBitchin  BDSM01/17/074.41

Walking My Bitch

 — Master wakes up to his Bitch whimpering. by CollaredBitchin  BDSM01/10/073.67

Elise Never Does Until Now

 — Good Girl gets dramatic intro to BDSM. by Crystal_L_Veeyin  BDSM12/19/064.48

Owed Ch. 03

 — She goes shopping. by Lissa sin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/30/064.44

Slave Auction

 — Female harem slave dances naked while auctioned off. by Excalibur541in  Romance11/11/064.56HOT

Top of the Lighthouse

 — Lighthouse exploration turns into painful journey. by The_Wolffin  BDSM07/25/064.38

Doggie Style

 — Master takes her for a walk. by darkdayladyin  BDSM07/06/064.27

My Master's Approval

 — A female slave lives to please her master. by commax69in  BDSM05/26/063.85

Caught Ch. 02

 — After he's caught his wife takes the upper hand. by Spiraltibin  BDSM03/20/064.36

Leash Journey Ch. 02

 — Pet-girl completes training. by CherryCumminsin  BDSM12/05/054.28

Taming Alexis

 — You are used for Master training. by Edge23in  BDSM11/27/054.11

Pet's Dream

 — Slave dreams of performing. by CherryCumminsin  BDSM11/21/054.33

Education of Chelsea: Leashed

 — Chelsea's first experience on a leash in public. by simply_cynin  BDSM10/14/054.32

The Night The Girls Took Charge

 — New mistresses play with their toys. by UK29Markin  BDSM09/23/054.31

Lisa's Birthday

 — A night of lesbian love gets rough. by pixie2002in  Lesbian Sex09/22/054.27

Maria Teaches Allen a Lesson

 — Shy teacher by day - sexy Domme by night. by Leather & Lacein  BDSM08/30/054.47

My Wife's a Whore

 — Married couple find public humiliation/sex a turn-on. by SexOrnatein  BDSM08/19/054.40


 — You come home to please your Mistress. by SusInColoradoin  BDSM08/19/054.32

The Slavery of Leia

 — The princess dances for Jabba the Hutt. by Excalibur541in  Celebrities07/24/053.87

Dabbling with a Leash

 — A fantasy about an internet friend. by Brinain  BDSM07/23/054.12

Pussy Leash

 — Subduing the Ego by leash. by fromthestarzin  BDSM06/22/054.11

Kate's Capture Ch. 02

 — Missy tries to make a deal with the Captain. by PassionStJohnin  BDSM05/16/054.56HOT


 — Gothic club owner makes his Princess happy. by asankisaysin  Group Sex05/12/053.62

An Evening Adventure

 — Public nudity & mild bondage make for fun evening. by Nrlynkdbabein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur03/04/054.51HOT

Oops Again?

 — slave will learn self control one way or another. by simply_elegancein  BDSM06/20/034.41

Want Ad

 — A male stripper starts undressing the female customers. by Haroldxin  BDSM03/25/034.71HOT

Shopping From Heaven (Or Hell?)

 — sub is degraded during trip to mall. by loversdemonin  BDSM12/04/024.22

Full House On Your Birthday

 — Birthday celebration begins with quiet dinner. by safari99in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/05/023.82

Blind(folded) Date

 — Date turns into erotic encounter. by Surrenders2youin  BDSM06/11/014.24

Goliath Ch. 2

 — Her 'pet' gets a bath. by Cerriin  Fetish05/30/014.17

His Wife's Whore

 — A man learns to be careful what he wishes for. by InYoin  Fetish03/29/014.38

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