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Book 02: A Match Made Ch. 05

 — Lissy & Kara are together. Christmas with family & friends. by AVixenLiterallyin  Lesbian Sex03/16/144.80HOT

A Snowball Running Ch. 02

 — The Sudden and Undeniable Arousal of Alicia by LesbianChickLitin  Lesbian Sex03/16/144.57HOT

Book 02: A Match Made Ch. 04

 — Christmas week is busy & eventful for Lissy and Kara. by AVixenLiterallyin  Lesbian Sex03/08/144.83HOT

Book 02: A Match Made Ch. 03

 — Lissy & Kara's journey continues. Finally some movement! by AVixenLiterallyin  Lesbian Sex02/28/144.76HOT

Falling Home Ch. 07

 — A continuation of the story of Adi and Natalie. by MaryJane26in  Novels and Novellas02/27/144.85HOT

Book 02: A Match Made Ch. 02

 — The story of Lissy and Kara's journey continues. by AVixenLiterallyin  Lesbian Sex02/22/144.83HOT

Book 02: A Match Made Ch. 01

 — Lissy and Kara split. This is the story of their journeys. by AVixenLiterallyin  Lesbian Sex02/15/144.65HOT

Afterglow Pt. 01

 — Elizabeth's life will never be the same. by GirlintheMoonin  Lesbian Sex02/15/144.68HOT

Dream Come True Ch. 02

 — Things get steamy. by Rainbow69nowin  Lesbian Sex01/31/144.11

Cindy's Journey to a Lesbian Life Ch. 06

 — An interracial interlude. by SplitLicker69in  Lesbian Sex11/29/133.78

A Royal Love

 — A Royal Bodyguard finds love with a Princess . by Molly_Hartin  Lesbian Sex11/09/134.61HOT

Finding Love Pt. 09

 — All things must end. by Dru_Druthersin  Lesbian Sex10/09/134.65HOT

Back to England Ch. 02

 — A dark stranger enters my life. by sarah_siddonsin  Lesbian Sex10/08/134.29

Finding Love Pt. 08

 — More hurts and fun at the club. by Dru_Druthersin  Lesbian Sex10/03/134.79HOT

Finding Love Pt. 07

 — Hurts, heartaches and sorrows. by Dru_Druthersin  Lesbian Sex09/27/134.79HOT

Finding Love Pt. 06

 — Relationships grow and deepen. by Dru_Druthersin  Lesbian Sex09/21/134.75HOT

Explanation of Love 03

 — "I love you enough to let you hurt me," Terry said. by JimBob44in  Lesbian Sex09/19/134.38

Finding Love Pt. 05

 — Acceptance and new beginnings. by Dru_Druthersin  Lesbian Sex09/14/134.84HOT

Finding Love Pt. 04

 — New lovers, confusion and revelations. by Dru_Druthersin  Lesbian Sex09/08/134.72HOT

Charlie Ch. 06

 — Charlie and Casey find bliss. by slickeyin  Lesbian Sex09/06/134.81HOT

A Surprise for Kay

 — Complications set in for Kay, with someone she does not like. by bigglesin  Lesbian Sex06/28/133.82

Electrical Attraction Ch. 03

 — Will Kayla give in to the lust she feels for Jess? by blued311in  Lesbian Sex05/26/134.69HOT

Emily's Home - Ginger's Out Ch. 10

 — Reenie vists at work, Ginger's surprise, Furniture comes. by AVixenLiterallyin  Lesbian Sex04/16/134.78HOT

Be My Angel

 — Bev and Anna experiment with a little power. by VMKanein  Lesbian Sex04/11/134.46

Emily's Home - Ginger's Out Ch. 06

 — Date night, A surprising interlude, Vacation plans, Shopping. by AVixenLiterallyin  Lesbian Sex03/15/134.69HOT

Allison Wonderland Ch. 02

 — Felicity's love triangle continues. by Yunoin  Lesbian Sex03/11/134.76HOT

Emily's Home - Ginger's Out Ch. 05

 — Thursday plans go very wrong, Jenny & David, Sunday with Mo. by AVixenLiterallyin  Lesbian Sex03/08/134.80HOT

Charlie Ch. 01

 — Charlie's college life and a peak into her future. by slickeyin  Lesbian Sex03/06/134.50HOT

A Kitty for Santa Ch. 04

 — Fear, Pain and Coming Home. by monamantein  Lesbian Sex03/01/134.80HOT

Autumn Surprise

 — Mother falls for daughter's friend. by KendraNin  Lesbian Sex02/22/134.58HOT

Emily's Home - Ginger's Out Ch. 03

 — Kathy, a redheaded surprise. Nora's news. Weekend with Lily. by AVixenLiterallyin  Lesbian Sex02/20/134.76HOT

Erfurt 1982

 — A coming together of East and West during the Cold War. by generalurkoin  Lesbian Sex01/18/134.00

A Very French Connection Ch. 02

 — The continuing story of Karen and Celestine in Toulon France. by AdamZassein  Lesbian Sex12/09/124.59HOT

Best & Breese Ch. 02

 — Loyal gets what she needs. by ii_yahhin  Lesbian Sex09/09/124.18

A Stringed Instrument Ch. 06

 — Phoebe introduces Yvonne to her secret crush. by Bramblethornin  Lesbian Sex09/07/124.81HOT

Choices Ch. 04

 — The morning after. by CaraDaileyin  Lesbian Sex08/30/124.67HOT

All in... Ch. 10

 — Sometimes, endings are just beginnings.... by jaismithin  Lesbian Sex07/21/123.88

Curiosity Ch. 03

 — Years have gone by ,but have their feelings gone too? by freelancer722in  Lesbian Sex06/28/124.70HOT

Curiosity Ch. 02

 — Will Jamie and Bethany get past their denial? by freelancer722in  Lesbian Sex06/12/124.48

A Stringed Instrument Ch. 04

 — Yvonne visits Phoebe, and they do a lot of talking. by Bramblethornin  Lesbian Sex06/01/124.78HOT

A Tangled Web Ch. 05

 — Plots, more plots and counter plots. by MissLisaJonesin  Lesbian Sex11/10/114.71HOT

Fighting For Her Ch. 04

 — Never realized that what we had would come to a crashing end. by YoursTruly101in  Lesbian Sex11/04/114.71HOT

A Tangled Web Ch. 01

 — Vera is recruited as a spy. by MissLisaJonesin  Lesbian Sex11/02/114.49

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 11

 — Semester pressures and boredom lead Tess to.....? by boo_dreauxin  Lesbian Sex10/09/114.41

Dying to Come Out Ch. 02

 — Samantha and Victoria settle some things, but not together. by les_sammy_0211in  Lesbian Sex09/23/114.70HOT

Arizona Heat Pt. 02b

 — Jenny gets a phone call and begins an illicit affair. by K_Finneganin  Lesbian Sex09/09/114.48

Chasing a Waterfall Ch. 07

 — Shauna comes to visit. Mary Jane makes a discovery. by spellofasirenin  Lesbian Sex03/13/114.80

Chasing a Waterfall Ch. 06

 — Helena possibly discovers something about her sister. by spellofasirenin  Lesbian Sex03/04/114.50

Correcting a Mistake

 — A past mistake will be remedied. by PAhornyin  Lesbian Sex09/27/103.89

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 15

 — Hanna and Jovita break a taboo. (no sex) by jtufin  Lesbian Sex09/04/102.29

Fighting For Her Ch. 02

 — With a tragic past, she saves another girl from a gang. by YoursTruly101in  Lesbian Sex07/27/104.59HOT

Fighting For Her Ch. 01

 — With a tragic past, she saves another girl from a gang. by YoursTruly101in  Lesbian Sex07/26/104.52HOT

Contamination Ch. 01

 — Scientists at hazmat lab get contaminated in a bad way. by LukeCoolhandin  Lesbian Sex03/22/104.54HOT

Accidents Can Happen for a Reason Ch. 02

 — Alex and Kate fall in love. by ColdCatin  Lesbian Sex03/04/104.68HOT

Faith and Fate Ch. 02

 — Another small tidbit of the story of Faith and Faith. by GinaKincadein  Lesbian Sex02/23/104.49

Accidents Can Happen for a Reason

 — Can Alex find love on her doorstep? by ColdCatin  Lesbian Sex02/12/104.67HOT

Amy Ch. 07

 — Mona and Eve continue their lovemaking. by Paris Watermanin  Novels and Novellas12/15/094.47

Fever Ch. 01

 — Was it the fever or the heart? by YoursTruly101in  Lesbian Sex08/20/094.21

A Girl by the Name of Alayna Ch. 02

 — The morning after: strawberries, shower, and a striptease. by islandshortyin  Lesbian Sex07/22/094.74HOT

Before the Vows Pt. 01

 — Woman relieves stress before her vows. by karmaANDeffectin  Lesbian Sex06/22/094.08

A Pair for Comparison

 — What an interesting diversity in Life. by Dotrice1in  Lesbian Sex05/16/093.61

Art Teacher Romance

 — An art teacher meets a woman on the train ride home. by JulieArtin  Lesbian Sex04/24/094.57HOT

Five Penny Piece Ch. 02

 — It continues. by lipsticklesin  Lesbian Sex04/10/094.35

Butch Ch. 03

 — Ryan woke at 9 am to the chill... by DaphneXin  Lesbian Sex03/21/094.55HOT

Aloha Lovers Ch. 06

 — Kylie & Keylani re-unite, David & Allyce away on "business". by BrettJin  Novels and Novellas01/29/094.52HOT

A Girl Called Sami Ch. 19

 — A cruel twist of fate leads to a loss of faith. by t_girl_3in  Lesbian Sex01/12/094.68HOT

Amiable Ch. 04

 — They meet again and this time it is special. by lindianain  Lesbian Sex12/27/084.37

A Girl Called Sami Ch. 13

 — AJ takes Sami on a ride; Bonnie gets a ride from Sami. by t_girl_3in  Lesbian Sex12/26/084.62HOT

A Girl Called Sami Ch. 12

 — Bonnie receives sad news; Sami spends time with a coworker. by t_girl_3in  Lesbian Sex12/25/084.52HOT

A Girl Called Sami Ch. 06

 — Aftermath of 'rum night', and a belated birthday present. by t_girl_3in  Lesbian Sex12/12/084.58HOT

A Girl Called Sami Ch. 05

 — Secrets revealed and baby steps taken. by t_girl_3in  Lesbian Sex12/11/084.65HOT

A Girl Called Sami Ch. 03

 — A new semester brings changes and a moral question. by t_girl_3in  Lesbian Sex12/07/084.47

Almost There Already

 — Prim senator's daughter is caught in a lesbian web. by Couturein  Lesbian Sex12/07/084.52HOT

A Girl Called Sami Ch. 02

 — Sami meets her roomie and finds a friend on the team. by t_girl_3in  Lesbian Sex12/06/084.40


 — To adore - or to be adored? by krr1957in  Lesbian Sex11/22/084.70HOT


 — Family vs Love - who will win in the end? by KillerRomancein  Lesbian Sex09/04/084.53HOT

Bruises and Kisses Ch. 02

 — I think she hates me. by irma_irenein  Lesbian Sex08/14/083.49

Amiable Ch. 01

 — You never know when or where you will meet that special one. by lindianain  Lesbian Sex06/19/084.05

Accidental Fantasy Ch. 04

 — Danni catches up. by fantac64in  Lesbian Sex05/03/084.62HOT

Accidental Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Danni's angel returns. by fantac64in  Lesbian Sex04/22/084.23

Choices: That Old Flame

 — Will Barb lose Lee to a old lover? by patricia51in  Lesbian Sex04/21/084.61HOT

Colors of the Rainbow - Regrets

 — Lily meets Safara for the first time by TheBriarRosein  Lesbian Sex02/11/083.32


 — Undercover - and under the covers. by krr1957in  Lesbian Sex10/22/074.73HOT

Diana's Dark Desires Ch. 06

 — Diana's Mistress leaves her in charge. by Calandriain  Lesbian Sex10/13/074.77HOT

Beth's Night of Mistakes

 — One ill-timed impulsive move threatened everything. by fazza91in  Lesbian Sex09/04/074.55HOT

Doctor of Desire Ch. 06

 — Tit for Tat: Casey is drafted to be a sperm donor. by LargoKittin  Lesbian Sex08/18/074.49

Cops & Hookers

 — Two women discover they are alike but on different sides. by happydayin  Lesbian Sex08/18/074.15

Coming Clean Ch. 02

 — Melodie, Kat and Kitten ride into trouble. by TE999in  Lesbian Sex08/14/074.56HOT

A University Education Ch. 02

 — Hayley follows in her mother's footsteps. by Pussyriderin  Lesbian Sex05/22/074.53HOT

Awakening Ch. 02

 — The only way is up once you've hit rock bottom. by rachlouin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/08/074.47

Awakening Ch. 01

 — She hadn't realised there's more to life, love & sex. by rachlouin  Lesbian Sex03/07/074.67HOT


 — She finds the love of her life. by smj54apin  Lesbian Sex01/15/074.79HOT

A Spurned Lover's Revenge Ch. 01

 — Sexual memories spur on Natalie's need for retribution. by leekeyonein  Lesbian Sex12/24/064.28

Alex Ch. 01

 — Elise wants Alex, but has Piper instead. by CatherineKissesGirlsin  Lesbian Sex12/15/064.53HOT


 — Not so light, this breeze. by Unsung Musein  Lesbian Sex11/25/064.31

Exposing Life's Cruel Irony Ch. 04

 — Pam seeks to understand Betty's action by cdhawkeye96ain  Lesbian Sex10/24/064.26

E & J Ch. 03

 — The eye of the storm. by destinie21in  Lesbian Sex08/07/064.52HOT

After the Game

 — Janeys find girls are as much fun as boys. by Taylor_bin  Lesbian Sex05/13/064.56HOT

A Psychological Turn of Mind

 — On her knees: is this what she really wants? by krr1957in  Lesbian Sex03/10/064.70HOT

Beauty Ch. 01

 — The obession with true beauty has no limits. by Rosellein  Lesbian Sex03/09/063.95

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