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Lovebites Ep. 01

 — A young woman in London acquires two tastes. by Iggy_Egoin  Lesbian Sex05/29/123.92

Modern Pantheon: Athena

 — Athena seeks out a challenge at a gaming store. by deathlynxin  NonHuman05/29/124.20

The Roommate Ch. 02

 — My girlfriend, Kara, expands her horizons. by CalLorensonin  Group Sex05/26/124.38

Like Peaches Ch. 02

 — A mother and daughter make love for the first time. by fionamorganin  Incest/Taboo05/18/124.56HOT

Like Peaches Ch. 01

 — A mother and daughter make love for the first time. by fionamorganin  Incest/Taboo05/17/124.45

Anniversary Gift

 — Erik gives Elise a gift: Mandy, and a spanking new dildo. by kelouisain  Toys & Masturbation05/15/124.62HOT

Making a New Friend

 — Girls night out ends very differently than expected. by snowboin  Lesbian Sex05/14/124.44

Glass Catalyst

 — Sometimes it can't be helped. by Magda_Seain  Lesbian Sex05/14/124.33

Mythbusters: Kari's New Show Ch. 03

 — Kari films her final scene to seal her interview. by Pyrofanityin  Celebrities05/13/124.42

Hallway Hero

 — She is saved from her beast of an Ex by her neighbour. by TKBabylonin  Lesbian Sex05/03/124.44

Ch. 01 I Kissed a Girl

 — I kissed a girl... by secretsxywriterin  Lesbian Sex04/23/124.66HOT

Jackie Makes a Move

 — Jackie blackmails Nurse Callaway with her sound byte. by Destiny_Parkerin  Lesbian Sex04/19/124.45

My Gym Partner Ch. 01

 — Playful romp through the workout room and beyond... by Sensual_Goddessin  Loving Wives04/18/123.58

Megan's Advice

 — A mother's lust causes tease session to spin out of control. by ruppin  Incest/Taboo04/16/124.57HOT

Choices Ch. 01

 — In a bad marriage, she meets a woman that changes her life. by CaraDaileyin  Lesbian Sex04/13/124.58HOT

Going Down a Slippery Slope

 — A recent college grad finds herself on an unexpected path. by -Ripley-in  Lesbian Sex04/12/124.57HOT

Babes in the Woods

 — Two friends are liberated by lust on a camping trip. by LacieLovegoodin  Lesbian Sex04/09/124.12

Redhead Vixen

 — Sexy redhead takes meek brunette on a wild ride. by 0oXanao0in  Lesbian Sex04/06/123.89

Chapter 01: My Beginnings

 — How I came to enjoy the intimacy of another woman! by mairigibsonin  Lesbian Sex04/03/123.89

Jen and Alice Through Until Morning

 — Continued love making for a first time couple. by Topographicin  Lesbian Sex03/19/124.29

Revenge Sex

 — Kaylee learns that revenge is best when its very hot. by Flying_lowin  Group Sex03/04/124.58HOT

The Roommate

 — College roommates reconnect on several different levels! by mtangelloin  Erotic Couplings03/02/124.45

Seducing Carmen Completely

 — Lesbian boss plans seduction of a young employee. by AVixenLiterallyin  Lesbian Sex02/28/124.34


 — Claire accepts an invitation to a sexual fantasy event. by JonnyD1in  Lesbian Sex02/22/123.63

Visiting The Girls Of Amsterdam Ch. 02

 — The Education continues with Galena. by puppopin  First Time02/17/124.72HOT

Pet Teacher: Lesbian Club

 — Teacher Pet must pleasure three strangers at lesbian club. by silkstockingsloverin  Lesbian Sex02/16/124.66HOT

Forgetting Her Mistake

 — She touches me to ease the pain. by rush4torquein  Lesbian Sex02/16/124.08

New Material

 — Four young women evaluate a new fabric. by evildigzin  Lesbian Sex02/16/124.25

The Conference

 — A middle aged woman begins her sexual awakening. by jcssexadventuresin  Lesbian Sex02/15/124.39

Choices Ch. 04

 — Commitments are finally made and are nearly shattered. by Choices101in  Incest/Taboo02/06/124.61HOT

Cheerleader Submission: A Love Story

 — A female coach and a shy sub cheerleader fall for each other. by silkstockingsloverin  Lesbian Sex02/02/124.58HOT

Anna's First Time

 — Anna meets Alex and just can't wait to make it happen. by Andi_200621in  Lesbian Sex02/02/123.85

Discovering Me

 — She remembers an encounter with her best friend. by lilythompsonin  Lesbian Sex02/02/124.13

Keep Me Awake! Ch. 02

 — After ten years away, finally the red hot sequel! by puppopin  Mature01/30/124.41

The Adventures of Brooke Ch. 01

 — Brooke turns her best friend into a lesbian. by JosephBarnoskyin  Lesbian Sex01/27/124.21

Retreat and Surrender

 — It was August when Amber got on the bus to her woman's retreat. by tristiancin  Lesbian Sex01/12/124.35

Lily & Celia

 — Lily's true sexuality is released on Celia. by CaptainSquigglesin  Lesbian Sex01/10/124.24

A Friend in Need

 — Desperate for sex, she gets unexpected help. by Sluverin  Anal01/05/120.00

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 05

 — Waking her up around noon shows to be sooo exciting. by femadorerin  Erotic Couplings01/03/123.64

The Raven Haired Vixen's Liselle

 — Danny seduces Liselle for a night of oral sex. by katienightin  Lesbian Sex01/02/124.50HOT

Wash Day

 — Mother and daughter discover a big new toy, and each other. by BlueYonder63in  Incest/Taboo12/26/114.58HOT

Cat Among the Pigeons

 — Two friends are inducted in the mysteries of their classmate. by Twistedpleasuresin  Celebrities12/09/114.17

MILF Teacher: Becoming a Present

 — A widowed white straight teacher is dommed by a black teen. by silkstockingsloverin  Interracial Love12/05/114.49

Student Teacher Conference

 — Lesbian first time. by Ash2611in  Lesbian Sex12/05/114.10

Beginning as Friends Ch. 03

 — The progression of Alison and Paris' story. by SashaWMin  Lesbian Sex12/02/114.54HOT

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 04

 — Urging needs, leading over to a night of Debauchery. by femadorerin  Erotic Couplings12/02/113.15

The Villa in Spain Ch. 01

 — Immogen and Judit get the week started off right. by Tallrunnerguyin  Group Sex11/26/114.53HOT

Learning To Swing Both Ways Ch. 05

 — Straight girl Dawn goes gay with Gwen and then goes bi. by walterioin  Lesbian Sex11/25/114.66HOT

An Unexpected Consecration Ch. 02

 — An apartment in heat. by femadorerin  Group Sex11/24/114.08

Resolution Loophole

 — Josie swears off men and enjoys a night out wth the girls. by Jemma_Janein  Lesbian Sex11/18/114.41

When I Realized

 — Two girls catch eyes at a dance and find a fun time. by LuvFoveverin  Lesbian Sex11/11/114.33

Strangers in the Girls Room

 — Sensual first time encounter with another girl. by nymphofaeriein  Lesbian Sex11/11/114.43

Then, She Kissed Me

 — The story of ElectricGinger's first time with a girl. by ElectricGingerin  Lesbian Sex11/06/114.12

Bedding the Babysitter Ch. 05

 — Jenny’s Mom tells how she ended up a sub to an 18-year-old. by silkstockingsloverin  Lesbian Sex11/03/114.71HOT

An Unexpected Consecration Ch. 01

 — The Party was boring...but now... by femadorerin  Lesbian Sex10/30/114.05

Growing Pains

 — It's not a story of raging lust. It's painful, it's love. by cloudy_dayin  Lesbian Sex10/23/113.92

At Work with Amber

 — Normal work day turns hot. by bigred45in  Lesbian Sex10/21/113.61

The Dressing Room

 — A mishap leads to more. by erxticwhxrein  Lesbian Sex10/14/114.16

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 03

 — Finally alone, and she's losing self-consciousness. by femadorerin  Erotic Couplings10/13/114.00

Lost and Found

 — She learns what a happy ending is, and more. by echolaliain  First Time10/03/114.00

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 02

 — Nightly Caring inflames her Glow. by femadorerin  Erotic Couplings10/02/113.91

Emma's Dilemma

 — Emma tells Julie how she cheated, in explicit detail. by JoeVWadein  Loving Wives09/28/113.21

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 01

 — Day Care leads to deeper understanding, and harmony. by femadorerin  Erotic Couplings09/26/113.58

To My Surprise

 — Bringing strangers to our bed was more than I imagined. by avideroticreaderin  BDSM09/22/114.40

Two Daiquiris

 — Two friends let lust take over after a sunny beach trip. by SoCaliComfortin  Lesbian Sex09/20/114.48

My First Lesbian Experience

 — Kristen my college roommate. by JanetM1550in  Lesbian Sex09/19/114.30

My First Lesbian Experience

 — I meet a woman like me who turns me on. by patdownin  Lesbian Sex09/15/113.44

From Here

 — Short and sweet; how I would, if I could, make you come. by finchesterin  Lesbian Sex09/11/113.93

Rebecca and Alan and the Summer

 — A brother and sister begin a sexual summer adventure. by abiguyin  Incest/Taboo09/04/113.62

Summer Solstice

 — Riley and Katey more than a summer fling. by monamantein  Lesbian Sex09/02/114.75HOT

A Part of Us

 — The perfect girl brings life-long friends together. by Eviantin  Group Sex08/29/114.66HOTEditor's Pick

Casey's Night Out

 — First lesbian experience for two young brunettes. by MsRoseEvansin  Lesbian Sex08/26/114.04

Hurricane Season

 — 1st lesbian sex, 1st anal sex caught on camera. by patientleein  Group Sex08/26/114.52HOT


 — It was her first time with a woman... by livinfreein  Group Sex08/12/114.56HOT

Anne's Story Ch. 03

 — Anne and John's partner Grace become lovers. by p3sevenin  Lesbian Sex08/11/114.70HOT

Fudgie Ch. 02

 — A massage is even better than fudge. by Charlotte35fin  Lesbian Sex08/06/114.57HOT

This Time...

 — A second chance to start over again. by cawastedyouthin  Lesbian Sex08/05/114.62HOT

Fudgie Ch. 01

 — It takes more than fudge to console a fishing widow. by Charlotte35fin  Lesbian Sex08/05/114.52HOT

Don't be Shy

 — Naughty co-ed gives shy girl her first time. by angeloftemptationin  Text With Audio08/02/114.23

Innocent Amber Ch. 03

 — Roommates finally give in on a beach. by missygold123in  Lesbian Sex07/21/114.62HOT


 — A college coed is tutored in Lesbianism. by kotoriin  Lesbian Sex07/19/114.14

Day at the Gym

 — A story of first time curiosity. by Prodigy01in  Lesbian Sex07/19/114.08

Super Girls Vol. 02

 — The two heroines face further dangers. by supergalsin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/08/114.45

The Birthday Present

 — Her sexy birthday present goes crazy. by Beejaynein  Humor & Satire07/07/114.19

Sinful Seduction

 — Policewoman seduces married friend. by Naughtykittykat13in  Lesbian Sex07/04/114.35

Super Girls Vol. 01

 — Two super heroines face a new challenge. by supergalsin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/03/114.44

The Story of D Ch. 01

 — College freshman, Rachel decides to seduce Danielle. by Paris Watermanin  Lesbian Sex07/01/114.54HOT

Clique Ch. 01

 — The Bitch. by PencilSketchin  Illustrated06/30/113.71

Lesbian Massage - and I Had No Idea

 — My initiation into lesbian sex. by Catmoorein  Lesbian Sex06/26/114.49

The Witch and The Bitch

 — Is there something that can change her attitude? by adambishopin  Lesbian Sex06/25/114.12

Unexpected Pleasure

 — A closet lesbian is coxed into a beautiful experience. by Shorncantin  Lesbian Sex06/23/114.01

Cocktails for Three

 — Cindy learns to lust with a mysterious couple. by Flying_lowin  Group Sex06/23/114.74HOT

A Hard Ride on the Train

 — Sexual encounter on Train Journey. by sexharvesterin  Lesbian Sex06/11/113.31

Work Mates And Maybe More?

 — She wants her co-worker and gym instructor, Jess. by Mog80in  Lesbian Sex06/09/114.16

My First

 — A small recounting of my first time. by brokendarkonein  Lesbian Sex06/07/113.87

King or Two Doubles?

 — Co-workers share a room at a conference. by CoyoteGirl69in  Lesbian Sex06/04/114.36

Trish's Place... Ch. 08

 — New neighbor, new adventures. by jaismithin  Lesbian Sex06/03/114.61HOT

First Time at the Strip Club

 — I took my wife to the Strip Club for her first time. by drudyxin  Loving Wives06/03/114.03

Riki and Cassandra Ch. 01

 — The first in a series of firsts. by warmandgentlein  Lesbian Sex06/01/114.58HOT

Alicia, Shelly, and the Hunting Cabin

 — Two teen girls discover latent lesbian attractions. by simaddictin  Lesbian Sex05/27/114.40

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