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She Dreams of Cum Ch. 02

 — A perfect world. by k80sin  Fetish04/19/104.65HOT

Lilith Of Fire And Brimstone Ch. 06

 — The defilement of Sister Mary Clare. by PlasticJanein  NonHuman04/19/104.41

Teaching Summer

 — Best friends learn to pleasure each other. by FantasyRedin  Lesbian Sex04/19/104.27

A Holiday Adventure Ch. 02

 — Cassie enjoys watching Nadine, then Jenny's new toy. by jenny4herin  Lesbian Sex04/18/104.15

Dear Diary

 — Witty 18 yr old lesbian. by shaunacraigin  Lesbian Sex04/18/103.97

Therapy Uninterupted

 — A woman's release. by tootsyin  Loving Wives04/17/104.27

Cross Country Ch. 06

 — Three's a crowd, but four is amazing! by VentureVin  Incest/Taboo04/17/104.81HOT

Damp Panties

 — Friends with benefits play their parts. by spellofasirenin  Erotic Couplings04/15/103.48

Seduced by a Stepdaughter Ch. 04

 — Michelle shows a friend what she learned. by blondesubmissionin  Lesbian Sex04/15/104.49

Homecoming Meal Ch. 02

 — Cassie and Jenny invite the waitress to join in the fun. by jenny4herin  Lesbian Sex04/14/104.33

Grace Ch. 02

 — Hot group sex in wet dark forest. by aristidisin  Group Sex04/13/103.80

The Apartment

 — Elise performs lesbian sex acts for her female client. by aristidisin  Lesbian Sex04/13/103.68

The Backpackers

 — Two girls travel the world performing lesbian sex acts. by aristidisin  Lesbian Sex04/13/103.21

A Holiday Adventure

 — Cassie and Jenny enjoy each other, and then Nadine does. by jenny4herin  Lesbian Sex04/13/104.20

Grace Ch. 01

 — Exhibitionist lesbian sex in the dunes. by aristidisin  Group Sex04/12/104.06


 — Blindfolded wife gets a surprise. by jlea1982in  Group Sex04/12/104.12

The Pledge Mistress Ch. 26

 — Lisa tightens her control over Kathleen. by caligula97236in  Novels and Novellas04/12/104.70HOT

Brandi and Kelly Ch. 01

 — Two girls visit a BDSM club. by StoryTeller07in  BDSM04/12/104.38

Confessions of a Wild Chick Ch. 04

 — Teri takes Sam's ass before she gives her first blowjob. by Wildchick1977in  Lesbian Sex04/10/104.48

Beth's Favorite Dream

 — Beth has doomed herself to friend-land, can it ever change? by bethswildestdreamin  Lesbian Sex04/10/103.75

The Four Seasons of Sex

 — Vivaldi's Four Seasons concert brings a threesome to orgasm. by eroticbrin  Group Sex04/10/103.56

A Mid Summer's Day Lunch

 — One woman gets to know her new neighbors. by AR_eroticain  Interracial Love04/10/104.14

Good Girl, Bad Girl

 — Five days, one man, & four horny women are trapped together. by midnightfalconin  Group Sex04/09/104.03

Chronicles of Perversia Ch. 00

 — Prologue. by DaveBarkingin  Erotic Horror04/08/103.89

A Friend In Need Ch. 03

 — Jen's sister cums to town for a visit. by janesaysstopin  Lesbian Sex04/08/104.47

Jean's Path to Self Discovery Ch. 01

 — She goes to a speed dating event to open herself. by Tetrianain  BDSM04/08/104.44

Out of Body Experience

 — Two coed dorm mates swap bodies. Sort of. by en_extasein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/07/104.42

Pursuing Joanna

 — Lesbian cougar tries to bed a hot college girl. by Milenein  Lesbian Sex04/07/104.72HOT

Libidinous Ch. 01

 — Meeting the neighbors. by a_libertinein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/07/104.66HOT

Karen's Revelations Ch. 04

 — Karen reveals how she taught Georgia. by SilkenLacein  Lesbian Sex04/07/104.63HOT

Daughters - Rebecca Ch. 03

 — Rebecca indulges her darkest desires with Karen. by Lisa Summersin  Incest/Taboo04/07/104.60HOT

Confessions of a Wild Chick Ch. 03

 — Jennifer instructs Samantha how to be a submissive lesbian by Wildchick1977in  Lesbian Sex04/06/104.65HOT

Mirror, Mirror Ch. 03

 — A wicked queen rules through terror, pain and sex. by Silken_Steelin  Erotic Horror04/06/104.56HOT

A Friend In Need Ch. 02

 — One week after Jen and Joann's first encounter. by janesaysstopin  Lesbian Sex04/06/104.48

Exploring My Bisexuality Ch. 10

 — Karen and I connect spiritually. by Haley__Fin  Lesbian Sex04/06/104.71HOT

Eternal Hearts Ch. 08

 — Kylie and Dannii attend to a forgotten Pet. by Nojin  Celebrities04/06/104.80HOT

A Sexual Reunion

 — AnnaLee's holiday enjoys a suprise with her teacher. by amaranthus01in  Lesbian Sex04/05/103.42

Home Alone Ch. 04

 — After her neighbour catches her watching, they play together. by jenny4herin  Toys & Masturbation04/05/104.48

Mirror, Mirror Ch. 02

 — A wicked queen uses sex to rule Snow White's stolen kingdom. by Silken_Steelin  Erotic Horror04/05/104.12

Be My Arm Candy?

 — Another chapter for Lucy and the hunger she has for Blake. by ragmamaragin  Lesbian Sex04/05/104.10

Captain Lee's Dirty Secret Ch. 04

 — The Captain's dinner party gets out of hand. by Jack Greenin  Group Sex04/05/104.45

Is 3 A Crowd? Ch. 05

 — Faith is taught to be a slave, but Rob gets a surprise. by SexyLexy41in  Group Sex04/05/104.56HOT

Heather Ch. 13

 — Heather's weekend continues. by maudecardyin  Mature04/04/104.68HOT

The Pledge Mistress Ch. 17

 — Lisa is forced to work for her professor in the nude by caligula97236in  Novels and Novellas04/03/104.44

Sorrow's Sweetness

 — A daemon comforts her angelic sister. by CelestialLovein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/02/104.47

Confessions of a Wild Chick Ch. 02

 — Older dyke seduces college coed. by Wildchick1977in  Lesbian Sex04/01/104.64HOT

Is 3 A Crowd? Ch. 04

 — Faith forgets her meeting with Rob so he comes to her. by SexyLexy41in  Erotic Couplings04/01/104.29

Maipenrai Loving

 — The art of being deeply in like. by sr71pltin  Loving Wives04/01/103.77

My Friend Melissa

 — Erica has fun with her friend and friend's brother. by unowen1987in  Incest/Taboo03/31/103.94

The Regional Directors' Meeting Ch. 05

 — The Country Girl needs a favor. by ChazThainin  Lesbian Sex03/31/104.12

A Rewarding Marraige Ch. 02

 — Bobbi gets surprised twice. by NYBossin  Romance03/31/104.43

Cassies New Friend

 — Cassie is taken in by Jenny, then taken by Jenny. by jenny4herin  Lesbian Sex03/31/104.27

Housemate Wanted / Room for Rent

 — An advertisement with a difference. by PnkOcelotin  Romance03/31/103.75

Table Manners

 — Sexy escapades in the kitchen. by stalfordin  Lesbian Sex03/30/104.42

Exploring My Bisexuality Ch. 09

 — Webcam sex & confessions. by Haley__Fin  Lesbian Sex03/30/104.66HOT

Gypsy Ch. 02

 — Learning to deal with her guilt and lust. by Fortunatain  Lesbian Sex03/29/104.66HOT

A Trip Down Memory Lane

 — 3 ex-girlfriends get it on with a couple. by handyGmanin  Group Sex03/29/103.82

A Phone Call

 — A horny woman calls her girlfriend for some sexy fun. by jenny4herin  Toys & Masturbation03/28/104.07

21st Century Subterranean Slavery Pt. 01

 — A young woman is abducted and sold into slavery. by Reavantwoin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/28/103.70

A Daemon-Horn Blade Ch. 02

 — Our hero shares an interlude of love with his beloved. by Stultusin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/28/104.66HOT

Gypsy Ch. 01

 — Straight woman's lust unleashed at a private lesbian club. by Fortunatain  Lesbian Sex03/28/104.36

The Education of Emily Rose Ch. 02

 — A college student embarks on a sexual journey. by MysteryMaidenin  Lesbian Sex03/27/104.18

The Pledge Mistress Ch. 10

 — The pledges receive a lesson about male anatomy. by caligula97236in  Novels and Novellas03/27/104.20

When Wife Is Away Ch. 03

 — Both woman serve the master and mother punishes daughter by indianmaster2005in  NonConsent/Reluctance03/27/103.65

The Guest Room

 — Sophie rents a guest room with a secret. by sophiewilliamsin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur03/26/104.01

The Twighlight Zone Ch. 03

 — Elizabeth learns the cost of betrayal. by Seuratin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/26/104.23

Birthday Surprise

 — When I surprised my girlfriend on her birthday. by joetgmin  Group Sex03/25/103.91

House Warming Party

 — Old friends bring a special house warming gift. by heatroundin  Group Sex03/25/104.28


 — Lesbian group sex in a big tub of popcorn. Pass the butter! by Giselle_Renardein  Group Sex03/25/102.85

Jo Versus Elin

 — Will Jo or Elin end up as my lover. by miedsalin  Romance03/25/104.14

The Journey of Grace Ch. 10

 — The conclusion: Grace finds happiness. by -Ripley-in  BDSM03/24/104.71HOT

Bred Wee, to Serve Ch. 03

 — A midget slave is beaten by a cruel mistress. by Reavantwoin  BDSM03/24/103.82

Daughters - Rebecca Ch. 02

 — The sexual conspiracy becomes very personal. by Lisa Summersin  Incest/Taboo03/24/104.47

Bella Ch. 02

 — A female killer seduces an older man. by Whitesocksin  Mature03/23/104.86HOT

The Johnson Party Ch. 02

 — The high-priced swingers weekend continues. by Orgin Grinderin  Group Sex03/23/104.80HOT

Robin & Lisa Ch. 06

 — Robyn and Lisa's relationship is clearly defined. by cymoril0001in  Lesbian Sex03/23/104.56HOT

My Desires in an Email

 — A women experiences a swing party. by eroticbrin  Group Sex03/23/103.43

A Night with Doctor Tiffany

 — An apology to her boyfriend. by PnkOcelotin  Letters & Transcripts03/23/103.75

Corruption of a Heroine

 — An amatuer heroine attempts to subdue a villainess' spree. by SSabrein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/23/103.76

Empty Collars Ch. 04

 — Final Chapter: A shrink finds out what makes him happy. by CM_Haidenin  BDSM03/23/104.53HOT

A Drive to Remember

 — A womans journey is interupted by a female cop. by jenny4herin  Lesbian Sex03/22/104.04

Teri, Please Don't!

 — Two flatmates play a game with unintended consequences. by bingochalicein  Toys & Masturbation03/21/104.35

The Journey of Grace Ch. 09

 — Grace finally accepts herself. by -Ripley-in  Lesbian Sex03/20/104.69HOT

Executive Platinum Ch. 06

 — Another button of shyness undone. by BenLongin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur03/20/104.73HOT

At the Villa Ch. 08 Pt. 03

 — "Iona at your service and pleasure, Sam." and Xenia left. by uvlas45in  Erotic Couplings03/20/104.62HOT

My Sex Diary, 2010: Ch. 05

 — I break new ground at Sarah's birthday party. by jennifer_bridgesin  Romance03/20/104.37

The Freshman Ch. 23

 — Cecilia becomes a nude model for Suzanne. by caligula97236in  Novels and Novellas03/20/104.60HOT

A Massage to Remember

 — Morning massage has a lasting impression. by Tetrianain  Lesbian Sex03/19/103.61

TMGS 01-01 - The Revelation

 — Cindy's old college roommate reveals her sexy magical powers by tmgsagain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/19/104.69HOT

True Nature

 — Woman learns to embrace Lesbian Servitude. by DarkerAngelsin  BDSM03/19/104.56HOT

What's On Logo?

 — Television fare for the GLBT crowd. by Cal Y. Pygiain  Reviews & Essays03/18/103.60

Kelly's Story: A Beach House Extra

 — Payback is a bitch - read AFTER Chapter 7. by artiepuyin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/18/103.50

The Start Of Something New

 — Jamie finds the love of her life at a charity soccar event. by RoxanneMillanin  Lesbian Sex03/18/104.19

Premium Therapy

 — Lisa gets offered the full treatment at a spa. by Skolin  Group Sex03/17/104.00

Being Snippy

 — Two girls, two scissors, one night of fun. by EctoJohnin  Fetish03/17/104.41

The Tattoo Parlor

 — She was getting her first tattoo. by heatroundin  Lesbian Sex03/17/104.34

Daughters - Rebecca Ch. 01

 — No man saw the greatest conspiracy of all time coming. by Lisa Summersin  Incest/Taboo03/17/104.50HOT


 — She plays boss with her submissive officemate. by Phyllidain  Lesbian Sex03/16/103.92

Been Had

 — Lusty woman has tables turned in a bathroom. by Phyllidain  Lesbian Sex03/16/104.15

Shower Time

 — After a jog, Laura and Polly get together to cool down. by StarlessNightin  Lesbian Sex03/16/104.30

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