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Flesh: Sacrifice Ch. 04

 — Dani is little more than a sexual object in Manqus Wasi. by Wonderstormin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur02/23/104.71HOT

Bobby's Ring Ch. 03

 — Bobby and friends whip a mall food court into a frenzy! by LiteroticaFirstTimerin  Mind Control02/23/104.52HOT

Brothers and Sisters

 — Before and after the night at the club. by radiant7224in  Incest/Taboo02/22/104.76HOT

Terri and Jennifer

 — Married women experience sex, religion, guilt together. by jennifer31_32in  Lesbian Sex02/22/104.33

Bitsy's Inhuman Submission Ch. 07

 — Morning after, lesbian interlude, and near confessions. by unpublaauthorin  BDSM02/22/104.57HOT

Little Black Ball Ch. 01

 — Husband takes revenge on cheating wife. by Seuratin  Erotic Horror02/21/104.15

Lovers' Veil

 — Prince sees faerie princess and falls in love with her. by Scott_Harperin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/20/104.67HOT

Sam and Lara - Interlude

 — Lara gets the phone call she's been waiting all week for. by stalfordin  Romance02/18/104.31

My New Assistant Settles In

 — Adian & I are caught but find a new playmate. by winter2bbluein  Lesbian Sex02/18/104.49

Anitole's Red Riding Hood Ch. 02

 — A rival for her lover's affection, and a deeper story looms. by Anitolein  NonHuman02/16/104.63HOT

Lady Desirée's Proposal

 — Dominant woman offers to submit to older man. by BigMeaniein  BDSM02/16/104.16

Taboo 2010 Ch. 02

 — Hot threesome breaks out in the hot tub after dinner. by rogereyesin  Incest/Taboo02/15/104.27

A Tale of a Tail

 — Sarah Owens tries on the beast within. by Cal Y. Pygiain  BDSM02/15/104.28

Suburban Underbelly Ch. 04

 — An Escape: A Chase: A Battle: An Orgy: A Beginning. by fastandsloppyin  BDSM02/15/104.39

Found Freedom and Into the Wind

 — A lesbian faery story. by vrosej10in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/14/103.67

The Amnesia of Beth's Father Ch. 03

 — Cindy gets aggressive and the tension builds! by sethpin  Incest/Taboo02/14/104.42

The Sarah Owens Story Ch. 23

 — An alternate ending. by Cal Y. Pygiain  BDSM02/12/102.61

Tara Ch. 03

 — Tara gets some work, and drags Epona along. by nikipinzin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/11/104.22

Harem Girl

 — Harem girl learns females pleasures. by Bakebossin  Lesbian Sex02/11/103.39

It's Been a Long Time Pt. 02

 — His luck continues as he ends up with two women. by squangoin  Group Sex02/09/104.65HOT

The Sarah Owens Story Ch. 22

 — Home, Sweet Home! by Cal Y. Pygiain  BDSM02/09/104.42


 — A MFFF swinging foursome. by splendid_in  Group Sex02/09/103.80

The Sarah Owens Story Ch. 20

 — Sarah hears the worst news of her life. by Cal Y. Pygiain  BDSM02/08/104.03

Executive Platinum Ch. 05

 — Another weekend, another city. by BenLongin  Erotic Couplings02/08/104.73HOT

Poker Night Ch. 02

 — Daddy and Daughter invite some friends over to play. by pheonixstar82in  Incest/Taboo02/08/104.23

Your Hired

 — They needed a maid. by Jeffery89in  Group Sex02/08/103.76

My Fantasy Becomes Reality

 — Accidental veiwing of a lesbian video piques her curiosity. by meandu2in  Lesbian Sex02/08/104.35

Simon Pendleton Ch. 04

 — A little of everything for Thanksgiving. by zef4600in  First Time02/07/104.71HOT

Robin & Lisa Ch. 05

 — Finals week and Lisa must find some place quiet to study. by cymoril0001in  Lesbian Sex02/07/104.55HOT

Training Tanya Ch. 01

 — Formerly innocent girl is seduced into kink by another girl. by BrettJin  Novels and Novellas02/06/104.49

Mary Catherine

 — A young woman with many internal and external conflicts. by espeterohin  Non-Erotic02/06/103.86

Kallie Discovers a New World Ch. 01

 — A soccer mom realizes that there is more out there. by Ironwill1995in  Loving Wives02/05/104.11

Heather Ch. 09

 — More French lessons with Isabelle. by maudecardyin  Group Sex02/05/104.71HOT

You're Welcome, My Pet Ch. 03

 — Master ties Her slut up and plays. by xYoursxin  Lesbian Sex02/04/104.21

Willing Prey

 — Straight Lisa meets a persistent Butch bent on seduction. by CaroleS36in  Lesbian Sex02/04/104.44

The Sarah Owens Story Ch. 17

 — Sarah fills in for the school mascot--permanently. by Cal Y. Pygiain  BDSM02/04/104.23

The New Neighbors

 — Neighbors move in and take possession of couple next door. by watchdwagin  Erotic Couplings02/03/104.45

Brooke's Fantasy

 — Woman with freaky sexual appetite meets her match. by foxxcin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/03/104.54HOT


 — Seduction in a tempest. by useraeoin  Erotic Couplings02/03/103.80

Home for the Winter Quarter Break

 — More of our little fuck-slut, Rook. by leatherteacherin  Incest/Taboo02/03/103.96

The Sarah Owens Story Ch. 16

 — Sarah shares her dreams with her dad. by Cal Y. Pygiain  BDSM02/03/104.21

Heather Ch. 07

 — Isabelle makes three. by maudecardyin  Group Sex02/03/104.57HOT

That Special Someone

 — Kelsey has been waiting for her Mr Right for a long time. by adam applebiterin  First Time02/02/104.79HOT

In Xanadu Ch. 01

 — What have sex and orgies got to do with it? by ILienBagbyin  Novels and Novellas02/01/104.06

Kenya: Another Tropical Night

 — Lesbian tryst becomes a hetero threesome. by Watamuin  Lesbian Sex01/31/104.11

Lessons From My English Teacher

 — A lesbian student pursues her teacher. by xYoursxin  Lesbian Sex01/31/104.14

Shear Excitement

 — Beauty school turns out to be a learning experience. by shawnsgrl22in  BDSM01/31/104.24

The Sarah Owens Story Ch. 15

 — Sarah joins a threesome. by Cal Y. Pygiain  BDSM01/29/103.95

Just Like Heaven

 — Shelley and Trisha have been secretly in love for ages. by alana9in  Romance01/28/104.71HOT

Two Girls, One Cupid

 — Two neglected and loveless young ladies catch a Cupid. by Stultusin  Romance01/27/104.19

Nasty with the Girl

 — Daisy tutors a slutty amature in a public restroom. by shes_gotta_have_itin  BDSM01/27/104.49

My Older Secretary

 — Fucking my older secretary leads to amazing threeway by carlf1918in  Mature01/26/104.45

Beth's Affair

 — A college sophomore's experience with a married couple. by BiBiBethanyin  Group Sex01/26/104.15

Christie's Regular Occurrences

 — If she thought she was babysitting, she was WAY wrong. by dartharachnisin  Fetish01/26/104.58HOT

The Family Chauffeur

 — After a few year's service Alex's life suddenly changes gear. by Xanderbnin  Incest/Taboo01/25/104.39

Walker Family Incest Ch. 05

 — My Mother stays the night with us. by CMatthewsin  Incest/Taboo01/25/104.44

The Sarah Owens Story Ch. 13

 — Sarah's dad surprises her with an undeserved spanking. by Cal Y. Pygiain  BDSM01/25/103.51

The Broussard Sisters Ch. 09

 — College life for Paul and his girls. by JimBob44in  Group Sex01/25/104.76HOT

Quick Fuck

 — Two lesbian strangers have sex -- hot, heavy, fast. by Sweetsimplein  Lesbian Sex01/24/104.03

The Battle for Brynhildr

 — Valentine's day is near. Battle is inevitable. by CopperSkinkin  Group Sex01/24/103.50

Saturday Night Fever - The Sequel

 — College coeds play Truth or Dare with swingers. by watchdwagin  Group Sex01/22/104.49

Laura, Her Sister, and Friends Ch. 05

 — The wild weekend with my girl, sister, and pals concludes. by johnnydramain  Incest/Taboo01/22/104.66HOT


 — A lucky find that will change the world. by Neorotoxinin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers01/22/104.45

Dream Girl

 — Love lands in Valerie and Melissa's hearts. by Lisa Summersin  Romance01/22/104.30

Sorority Pt. 00 Prologue

 — One step-sister touches another in a way that is welcomed. by toocoldin  Incest/Taboo01/21/104.08

Incandesent Fires

 — Hot fantasy. by Isabella777in  Erotic Couplings01/20/103.07

Salesladies Dilemma

 — lingerie salesperson gives special service. by Bakebossin  Lesbian Sex01/20/103.75

The Sarah Owens Story Ch. 12

 — Sarah and her fellow cheerleaders exercise--in the nude! by Cal Y. Pygiain  BDSM01/20/104.53HOT

Brothers and Sisters Ch. 05

 — Jake and Carmen. Carmen, Kate and Cindy. by radiant7224in  Incest/Taboo01/20/104.76HOT

A Cool Saturday for a Fuck Slut

 — A Saturday in the life of a bored college fuck slut. by leatherteacherin  Group Sex01/20/103.98

My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 22

 — Christmas break turns out to be amazing. by Lucy_Pin  Incest/Taboo01/20/104.61HOT

Walker Family Incest Ch. 04

 — Our family spends the day at the nude beach. by CMatthewsin  Incest/Taboo01/19/104.32

First Orgasm

 — 18-year-old discovers herself. by Krissy9in  Lesbian Sex01/18/104.25

The New Boss Ch. 03

 — Miss Ryan does an overnighter. by cyravancein  Group Sex01/18/104.60HOT

A Spider's Web Ch. 08

 — The final chapter in the web head's sexual journey. by Lithium_hoboin  Celebrities01/18/104.34

Who Watches the Watchers? Ch. 02

 — Our voyeurs find some other very different sort of watchers. by Stultusin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/17/104.64HOT

Coffee Break

 — Heidi stops time to teach a rude woman a lesson. by king_wesleyin  Mind Control01/17/104.26

Swedish Delight

 — Twin sisters discover just how close they really are. by ThePoisonedThornin  Incest/Taboo01/16/103.79

My Wife's Best Friend

 — Wife finally gets her best Friend. by Beths_Bullin  Loving Wives01/15/104.07

Laura, Her Sister, and Friends Ch. 04

 — Weekend with my girl, her sister and friends continues. by johnnydramain  Lesbian Sex01/15/104.49

Brothers and Sisters Ch. 04

 — Kate and Cindy have their own adventures. by radiant7224in  Incest/Taboo01/15/104.66HOT

A Second Letter From Maggie Ch. 01

 — Maggie has first anal with Sara and chosen friends. by c7racerin  Incest/Taboo01/14/104.28

Sex Writer Symposium: 04

 — Direct Me, Elle baby. by PenningFreerin  Group Sex01/13/105.00

Bitsy's Inhuman Submission Ch. 02

 — Stuart takes Bitsy's "virginity"...or she gives it freely? by unpublaauthorin  BDSM01/13/104.56HOT

Loving Stepdaughter Ch. 05

 — An unexpected turn on Sue's road to forced masochism. by leatherteacherin  BDSM01/12/104.34

Deidre in the Islands Ch. 16

 — The suspension is thrilling her. by eatourein  BDSM01/11/104.44

Maracie's Date

 — Jane lies and listens while roommate gets it on. by mattwatt43in  Erotic Couplings01/11/104.28

Brothers and Sisters Ch. 02

 — More pictures are taken. by radiant7224in  Incest/Taboo01/11/104.50HOT

The Butt Plug

 — Jimmy has Arane try out a new invention. by Diamond_Girlin  Toys & Masturbation01/11/104.28

Lustful Lyrics Ch. 07

 — I kissed a girl and I liked it. by Bakebossin  Chain Stories01/11/103.67

Brothers and Sisters Ch. 03

 — Kate has fun watching dvd's with her brothers. by radiant7224in  Incest/Taboo01/11/104.53HOT

Help My Wife! Ch. 03

 — Dawn talks to her mother and it goes further. by NaughtyWendyin  Incest/Taboo01/10/104.48

Laura, Her Sister, and Friends Ch. 03

 — The wild weekend with the girls continues. by johnnydramain  NonConsent/Reluctance01/10/104.23

Starr Search Ch. 05

 — Starr & Julian go to a club. by Julianin  Romance01/10/101.00

My New Mother-in-Law Ch. 02

 — Edith and I encounter Freda. by Nettles7069in  Mature01/09/104.60HOT

A Conversation Online with Joan

 — Jim introduces his wife online. by sarahloveittin  Loving Wives01/08/100.00

Magic Girls Ch. 07

 — The Roaring Phoenix (1): Cindy accepts a club's invitation. by tmgstoriesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/07/104.75HOT

Minabi and Sia2 (BWC5)

 — Minabi and Sia let go of their reservations in the cantina. by Purrversionin  Celebrities01/07/103.75

Walker Family Incest Ch. 01

 — My son's lesbian friend comes over to visit. by CMatthewsin  Incest/Taboo01/07/104.39

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 03

 — Susan's lust frees inhibitions, Mark's along for the ride. by kknightsfin  Group Sex01/06/104.35

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