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New Year

 — Erotic New Year's eve adventures change my life. by Scorpius1945in  Erotic Couplings01/18/153.71

Northern Escape Ch. 02

 — Young woman moves to the big city. by gracesnowpawin  Erotic Couplings11/18/144.42

Night Swimming

 — Maggie Gyllenhaal and Marion Cotillard go skinny-dipping. by TromeoQuein  Celebrities08/24/143.89

Night of Erica's Twenty-First

 — Friends in bed have fun. by verysimplegalin  Group Sex07/03/144.14

New Girl - A Little Help Pt. 01

 — Jess & Cece need each other. by irishboy2000in  Celebrities04/19/144.00

Night Down Under

 — Nina Dobrev & Phoebe Tonkin vacation in Sydney by TheBigLove126in  Celebrities03/31/144.38

New Roommate

 — Woman talks to future roommate about her unusual pet. by MissHoney24in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/11/133.58

No Love

 — A man has intimacy issues with his wife. by blackdove55in  Non-Erotic12/04/132.83

No Limits Ch. 04

 — The twins find a new girl for a threesome. by CatRunin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/18/134.76HOT

No Limits Ch. 03

 — Alexa learns what her unit can really do by CatRunin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/17/134.73HOT

No Limits Ch. 02

 — Alexa uses her unit for the first time and can't get enough. by CatRunin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/29/134.65HOT

No Limits Ch. 01

 — A girl with an extra part just wants to be normal. by CatRunin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/24/134.25


 — A woman gets taken by her butch cellmate. by BitterIchorin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/21/134.14

Noah Hamilton, Slave Owner Ch. 03

 — Exploits of a Northern Physician Moving South in the 1800s. by montco724in  Erotic Couplings03/02/134.18

No Future Ch. 48

 — 2038: Betty and Lakeisha live together. by bradley_stokein  Novels and Novellas02/16/135.00

Night Dance Ch. 01

 — Two lost souls meet, and begin their dance. by libra_ladyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/29/134.67HOT

New Student Escort Loses Her Pubes

 — Clare experiences pleasure-pain. by KissedManyin  BDSM11/22/124.08

No Future Ch. 14

 — 2042: Diane and Doris help the poor and wretched. by bradley_stokein  Novels and Novellas11/14/124.50

Next Weekend

 — Another hot campout for Ron, Tracy and Debbie. by Odysseykerin  Erotic Couplings10/01/124.65HOT

New Girl Rises

 — Cece reminds Jess why she needs to live life to its fullest. by terminatrix92in  Celebrities09/14/124.21

New Girl

 — Liz has to share a room with the new girl on the team. by HarperBlissin  Lesbian Sex07/16/124.30

Nicole In Our Bed

 — A nervous wife has her first threesome. by JayWhettin  Group Sex05/24/124.82HOTContest Winner

Night in the Library

 — Guys gets late night surprise in the stacks. by NYCLatexin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/29/123.62

New Adventures in Sin City

 — Wife finds new friends to fuck and make subs. by marriednotmatedin  Loving Wives04/26/123.82

Nina and Renee Return Ch. 05

 — The girls agree that Kyle is very thick and nice. by wet_specialin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/29/124.27

Night Full of Surprises

 — His slave is given a night she will never forget. by EzmereldaKajirain  BDSM02/28/123.68

Nina and Renee Return Ch. 03

 — Madman trying to cheat eternity finds a new obsession. by wet_specialin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/27/124.14

Night Shifts Ch. 04

 — The girls are told what is happening to them. by willcopein  Mind Control02/17/124.36

Night Shifts Ch. 03

 — The girls try to stop their bodies changing. by willcopein  Mind Control02/13/124.42

New Year's Eve Ch. 03

 — They all come together. by nevets13in  Incest/Taboo02/03/124.65HOT

Nobody Does It Better

 — A woman tries to convince her friends she's a hypnotist. by JukeboxEMCSAin  Humor & Satire12/29/114.10

New Years Eve Gang Bang

 — My first story ever. by Nexyin  First Time11/25/113.97

Nevaeh's Adventures Ch. 01

 — Nevaeh gets, what Nevaeh wants. by AnonymousAuthorin  Lesbian Sex10/10/113.91

Night Of Fun

 — Evening of blindfolded fun with friends. by jacki73in  Group Sex08/23/114.50HOT

Nina's Night Out Ch. 02

 — Two's company, three's a blast... and four? by Nina21in  Group Sex08/03/114.05

Nina's Night Out

 — A little too much JD and Nina discovers a hidden talent. by Nina21in  Lesbian Sex07/27/114.31

Night of the Living Ch. 01

 — Kristy and Brandi celebrate their 3 year anniversary. by kucooziein  Erotic Couplings06/01/114.40

No More Monkeys... Ch. 04

 — Two sisters bouncing on the bed for Daddy. by sirhugsin  Incest/Taboo02/22/114.66HOT

No Limits

 — One married couple introduces another to an erotic game. by InfiniteBlissin  Group Sex02/04/114.35

No Accounting For Chaos Ch. 12

 — Marcie's fantastic Indian adventure begins. by ElRoylkin  Novels and Novellas01/22/114.44

New Friends

 — Gradual sexual enlightenment of a group of new friends. by graynsamin  Group Sex01/20/114.47

No Such Thing as an Ex-Slut Ch. 04

 — The Great Dildo Caper. by fastandsloppyin  Group Sex12/11/104.67HOT

New Years Three Way

 — Couple invites neighbor into their bed for New Years. by Bakebossin  Group Sex11/24/103.98

Nicole's Secret Ch. 04

 — Enter Rachael. by Coarchin  Novels and Novellas08/30/104.67HOT

Nicole's Secret Ch. 03

 — Nicole visits the doctor. by Coarchin  Novels and Novellas08/16/104.30

Nicole's Secret Ch. 02 Pt. 02

 — Last part of Chapter 2 by Coarchin  Novels and Novellas08/16/104.35

Nicole Explores

 — Nicole's saucy scrub-up. by ThoughtsOfNikkiein  Lesbian Sex08/13/104.66HOT

Nicole's Secret Ch. 02

 — Nicole visits the doctor. by Coarchin  Novels and Novellas08/09/104.00

Nicole's Secret Ch. 01

 — I'm a girl! I want the love that is due me. by Coarchin  Novels and Novellas08/08/103.70

No Negotiating

 — Bossy woman's tactic backfires; she reluctantly submits. by tiger1018in  NonConsent/Reluctance07/17/104.57HOT

No More Monkeys... Ch. 02

 — Will friend join bouncing on the bed? by sirhugsin  Incest/Taboo07/08/104.64HOT

Nos Faux Ratu Ch. 05

 — The hunted become the hunters. by Evil Alpacain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/17/104.84HOT

Nos Faux Ratu Ch. 04

 — A shift in the balance of power, and a secret revealed. by Evil Alpacain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/15/104.83HOT

Nos Faux Ratu Ch. 03

 — Jenna's fight is happening very close to home. by Evil Alpacain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/11/104.87HOTContest Winner

Nos Faux Ratu Ch. 02

 — Enemies to friends and friends to enemies. by Evil Alpacain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/10/104.81HOT

Nos Faux Ratu Ch. 01

 — They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. by Evil Alpacain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/07/104.79HOT


 — Blindfolded wife gets a surprise. by jlea1982in  Group Sex04/12/104.11

New Year, Old Friends

 — College girl returns to hometown and celebrates the New Year by randallangdonin  Erotic Couplings01/05/104.40

Nikki Meets Natalie Portman

 — She unexpectedly gets sexual with Natalie Portman. by nikki_2021in  Celebrities05/11/094.58HOT

Nobody Does It Like You

 — Danielle's ex comes for a visit. by shysub19in  BDSM02/03/094.47

Next Door Neighbors Ch. 02

 — What happens next door? by Lana212in  Group Sex01/27/093.76

No Going Back Ch. 11

 — Terri wants more. by Devotedadmirerin  Novels and Novellas10/05/084.43

Nikki and Ana Ivanovic

 — Nikki encounters Ana Ivanovic & gets personal. by nikki_2021in  Celebrities08/09/084.60HOT

Nightclub Desserts

 — Messy foodsex assault with Rohypnol, bananas and syrup. by sexotics2006in  NonConsent/Reluctance07/27/084.38

Never Too Much Pregnancy Ch. 04

 — Lydia sports a bump & a triple finish to a group scene. by ZotDragonin  Fetish05/12/084.47

Never Too Much Pregnancy Ch. 03

 — Lydia comes looking for a quick fuck and a cream pie. by ZotDragonin  Fetish05/11/084.50HOT

New Neighbours, New Love

 — Bible Belt turns out not to be uptight. by sirhugsin  Group Sex05/01/084.12

Next Generation Christian Kingdom Ch. 07

 — Marcia's got it. by perl10in  BDSM04/08/084.27

New Panties Ch. 04

 — The party ends, but not the weekend. by givemenevergetsin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/21/074.74HOT

New Panties Ch. 03

 — Cori arrives at the party. by givemenevergetsin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers10/20/074.59HOT

Next Generation Christian Kingdom Ch. 03

 — Marcia learns why. by perl10in  BDSM10/16/074.13

New Panties Ch. 02

 — Cori has fun. by givemenevergetsin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers10/11/074.61HOT

New Panties

 — Cory finds a great costume. by givemenevergetsin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers10/10/074.43

Next Generation Christian Kingdom Ch. 02

 — Marcia learns submission. by perl10in  BDSM10/05/074.41

Next Generation Christian Kingdom Ch. 01

 — Marcia's introduction. by perl10in  BDSM09/28/074.53HOT

New Paint

 — Back from college, a newly painted bedroom provides new love. by BobbieWallacein  Incest/Taboo03/25/074.47

New on the Beach

 — A bi girl's first day on the job. by DireLilithin  Lesbian Sex03/23/074.39

New Brew

 — A coed party-girl gets drunk on love. by Selbrythin  Fetish03/14/074.29

Night Images

 — The loss of her sister, her lover, or herself? by freemeprofundisin  Non-Erotic12/18/063.67

Nicks Good Times

 — Hot and fun. by 3xamuttin  Group Sex11/19/064.20

Night On The Town

 — Claire gets a shown how to have a night out with the girls. by purplepussin  Lesbian Sex10/08/064.11

Nikki and her Brother Ch. 02

 — Things go much further between, Nikki, Diane and Ed. by nikki_2021in  Incest/Taboo09/28/064.79HOTContest Winner

No One Understands

 — Brother and Sister can't keep lovers. by marybethfin  Incest/Taboo09/11/063.34

Nikki and Daniela Hantuchova

 — Nikki goes to wimbledon & meets Daniela and Martina Hingis. by nikki_2021in  Celebrities08/14/064.66HOT

Noises Through the Wall

 — 9. Lindsay entertains; Kelly hears things she shouldn't. by taleseroticin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/02/064.40Editor's Pick

North Shore

 — I am what you desire, one night only. by M-Y-Eroticain  Erotic Couplings07/20/064.80HOT

Nikki and her Brother

 — Nikki experiments with her friend, then her brother. by nikki_2021in  Incest/Taboo05/13/064.76HOT

Nighttime Confessions 2: Sunrise Pt. 02

 — The group struggles with unexpected difficulties. by MacDukein  Loving Wives03/04/063.70

Night of Swing

 — Mature reader seduces a babe to lesbian foursome. by pussylove69in  Lesbian Sex02/19/064.33

New Experiences in London

 — Voyeuristic black man seduces two girls to bi-sex. by pussylove69in  Group Sex12/17/054.51HOT

Nikki Works with Charlize

 — Nikki gets a job with Charlize Theron and it gets personal. by nikki_2021in  Celebrities09/14/054.62HOT

New Love

 — Two women find each other. by brit_tamiin  Lesbian Sex06/02/054.29

New Neighbor Ch. 06

 — Ty gives Colin a surprise. by caramelzin  Interracial Love05/26/054.61HOT

New Dawn Ch. 06

 — Dawn entertains a whole bar and enjoys a large husband. by dconradin  Novels and Novellas05/25/054.43

Night of Changes Ch. 02

 — Wedding night with a twist. by explorateurin  Group Sex05/12/054.59HOT

Nightwatch Ch. 03

 — The video surveillance concludes with unexpected results. by mpqm1968in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/27/054.40

Nigel's Story Ch. 03

 — Sabrina and Susan learn of each other's secret. by Summorein  BDSM03/03/044.62HOT

No Limits Ch. 01

 — The surprises never stop. by OneCuteMin  BDSM04/06/033.87

New Year's Wish

 — Four couples get together for New Years. by xnadryin  Group Sex12/28/023.51

New in Town

 — Renee and Michelle teach Laurie a lesson she'll never forget. by FreshPeachin  Lesbian Sex11/09/024.20

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