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English Rose Ch. 08

 — Marcus and Joan...again. by Gojenngoin  Romance09/18/124.79HOT

Breakfast with Billie Holiday Ch. 01

 — A widower looks back on loved ones lost. by Heathen Hemmingwayin  Romance09/15/124.56HOT

You Don't Choose Love Ch. 02

 — Hal and Karen look back, 25 years on. by demure101in  Romance09/15/124.69HOT

Matty Meets Kimmy Ch. 02

 — Matt and Kim visit her folks then take a camping trip. by smithE101in  Erotic Couplings09/13/124.67HOT

Going "Down Under"

 — Chris moves countries to be with the one he loves. by BiJesus1794in  Erotic Couplings09/12/123.94

All My Fault

 — A wife's plan to divorce her husband goes awry. by Vulcezin  Loving Wives09/05/124.65HOT

Deep in the Heart of Me Ch. 03

 — Playing dangerous games. by Brunnein  Romance08/31/124.86HOT

What She Needs Ch. 11

 — Laura and David talk. by kajira_girlin  Mature08/23/124.32

Kellie and Brad Ch. 05

 — Sometimes, true love is about getting your rocks off. by drteethoin  Romance08/22/124.73HOT

Best Summer of Our Lives

 — She taught him to lust and he taught her to love. by GoodyGoodyTwoShoesin  Romance08/21/124.84HOTContest Winner

Kiss of the Sun

 — A woman chases a dream and finds her heart. by ILmonamourin  Romance08/21/124.74HOT

Moral Climate Ch. 03

 — Had a couple live in girlfriends. I wanted something more. by DG Hearin  Romance08/16/124.66HOT

I Am 69

 — It was a summer of travel & mystery. by stickivickiin  Incest/Taboo08/13/123.72

How to Tame a Dragon Ch. 09

 — She only agreed to do it as a favour to her sister – but he. by totallyateasein  Romance08/02/124.76HOT

Kellie and Brad Ch. 04

 — True love aims for shot rock. by drteethoin  Romance07/24/124.58HOT


 — The beauty of life outshines the fear of death. by thatbluecatin  Lesbian Sex07/21/124.54HOT


 — She submits to her needs. by Fabledin  BDSM07/16/123.76

How to Tame a Dragon Ch. 04

 — She only agreed as a favour to her sister – but he... by totallyateasein  Romance07/10/124.72HOT

How to Tame a Dragon Ch. 03

 — She only agreed to do it as a favour to her sister – but... by totallyateasein  Romance07/07/124.69HOT

Rebecca's Story

 — Jack and Rebecca. (A sequel to The Lake House Lessons) by JayDavidin  Romance07/06/124.67HOT

How to Tame a Dragon Ch. 01

 — She only agreed to do it as a favour to her sister – but... by totallyateasein  Romance06/30/124.58HOT

I Haven't Seen You In Years Ch. 02-03

 — A woman runs into the boy she was inlove with 8 years later. by dreamsex1130in  Romance06/23/124.32

Unexpected Interest Ch. 05

 — Natasha and Bobby... The conclusion. by CoCoNiy101in  Interracial Love06/20/124.70HOT

Say My Name

 — He won't say 'I love you.' He won't even say my name. by rjordanin  Romance06/19/124.16

Things Get Better

 — A woman with a hard life meets a doctor. by sweetnymphomaniain  Romance06/18/124.72HOT

Serenade Ch. 02

 — Amira and Aiden's story continues. by ShatterMein  Incest/Taboo06/13/124.50HOT

The Balance in Love Ch. 05

 — Emergencies. by AshiraDatyain  Novels and Novellas06/13/124.57HOT

The Law of Attraction Ch. 08

 — Ashley's Story: Everything is possible. by hottchicin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers06/12/124.79HOT

They Meet For First Time

 — Two people meet by hellbound_heartin  Romance06/11/124.29

Eyes Like Winona Ch. 04

 — Scars run deep, for everyone. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male06/10/124.81HOT

Need For Revenge Ch. 04

 — Final chapter. Questions answered. by DG Hearin  Romance06/06/124.51HOT

Courting Miss Greene Ch. 05

 — Abby and Thomas make a new start. by JuneSummersin  Novels and Novellas06/04/124.75HOT

Of Hell and Heaven Ch. 02

 — A young man falls in love with his teacher. by bmunchausenin  Romance06/02/124.71HOT

Sabella & Malcolm Ch. 15

 — Day of Reckoning. by mspatin  Interracial Love05/27/124.83HOT

Just a Crush Ch. 05

 — Caught. by NataleeFin  Romance05/25/124.54HOT

In the Cards

 — Sometimes we just get stuck. by Malinovin  Romance05/21/123.55

Kellie and Brad Ch. 02

 — Can true love survive some rocky times? by drteethoin  Romance05/19/124.77HOT

The New Ending

 — Some stories deserve a new ending. by Malinovin  Romance05/18/124.45

People are Strange

 — They are not what they seem. by cantbuymyin  Romance05/16/124.46

The Water Nymph Ch. 07

 — He lights a path for her...and a conclusion. by beatrice_dreamsin  Romance05/16/124.85HOT

I Liked You When

 — Boy meets fat girl. Then she meets him right back. by shanierin  Erotic Couplings05/16/120.00

Finding My Way Home Ch. 01

 — Wounded soldier returns to small town. by deadeye_76in  Romance04/21/124.57HOT

Not What It Seems Ch. 08

 — Will this complication ever end? by Asciiin  Romance04/10/124.70HOT

Hired Help

 — You take what you can get. by magmamanin  Romance04/04/124.59HOT

The Highwayman

 — Classy 56 year old wife surrenders to a black artist. by Cockelburin  Loving Wives03/24/123.69

You Don't Choose Love

 — It takes a nightmare and a friend's help to find out. by demure101in  Romance03/22/124.64HOT

Would You Die For Me?

 — What would you do for true love. by cantbuymyin  NonHuman03/20/124.01

Kellie and Brad

 — True love. On the rocks. by drteethoin  Romance03/20/124.66HOT

No One's Out of Your League

 — Dominic meets Rebekah and things really surprise him! by blackstallion21in  Romance03/18/124.29

My Jill

 — Peter loses the love of his life - and then they re-unite. by BrettJin  Romance03/12/124.54HOT

Courting Miss Greene Ch. 04

 — Two brothers for two sisters. by JuneSummersin  Novels and Novellas03/12/124.88HOT

The Water Nymph Ch. 06

 — The dark secrets begin to unravel... by beatrice_dreamsin  Romance02/24/124.82HOT

Your Hand In Mine Ch. 03

 — Darcy and Cassie's relationship continues. by WriterMonkeyin  Lesbian Sex02/08/124.55HOT

Choices Ch. 04

 — Commitments are finally made and are nearly shattered. by Choices101in  Incest/Taboo02/06/124.61HOT

The Water Nymph Ch. 05

 — Darkness from the past threatens to tear them apart. by beatrice_dreamsin  Romance02/05/124.75HOT

Lost and Found

 — Will Rosie's temper cost her her true love? by rachlouin  Romance01/29/124.32

The Beach Hut

 — Married man revisits. by IsabellaKingin  First Time01/07/124.43Editor's Pick

His Lover & Me

 — Husband & wife in first mff threesome. by IsabellaKingin  Group Sex01/07/124.46

Christmas Wishes

 — A Christmas love story. by krysmin  Gay Male12/25/114.53HOT

Your Hand In Mine Ch. 02

 — Darcy and Cassie get closer. by WriterMonkeyin  Romance12/06/114.64HOT

Your Hand In Mine Ch. 01

 — Cassie's story begins. by WriterMonkeyin  Romance11/30/114.39

The Time Traveller's Servant

 — Tragedy brings a new life and opportunity, but at what cost? by Hot_Sisterin  Romance11/28/114.59HOT

Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 11

 — Amy and Hank take another step. by jerseybluein  Novels and Novellas11/26/114.53HOT

Courting Miss Greene Ch. 02

 — Lizzy falls for an older man. by JuneSummersin  Novels and Novellas11/20/114.59HOT

Merry Christmas, Darling

 — A couple spends a romantic Christmas together. by LovelyLittlePixiein  BDSM11/20/114.00

Courting Miss Greene Ch. 01

 — Shy virgin marries the love of her life. by JuneSummersin  Novels and Novellas11/17/114.61HOT

A Touch of Cinnamon Ch. 03

 — Erich the masochist. by french_toastin  Romance11/06/114.52HOT

A Touch of Cinnamon Ch. 02

 — Their first kiss. by french_toastin  Romance11/05/114.51HOT

A Sentimental Heart Ch. 04-05

 — A cool head against a warm heart; which will win in the end? by totallyateasein  Romance10/30/114.75HOT

The Mission of the Heart Ch. 03

 — Will Seventy-six find peace or war if she pursues her love? by YoursTruly101in  Lesbian Sex10/28/114.80HOT

Love in the Cross Hairs Ch. 02

 — Two lost and lonely souls struggle to get by. by carvohiin  Romance10/21/114.69HOT

Why Me?

 — A young man's unusual path through life. by sagacious21in  Romance10/21/114.48

Gender Bender

 — Sometimes it is hard finding the perfect mate. by PAPATOADin  Romance10/14/110.00

The Taming of Dane Ch. 01

 — A sexually consumed nurse meets her soulmate. by cuntlybabein  Romance10/13/114.40

For Sacrecco

 — She found her true love at last. by qualitywheatin  Interracial Love10/13/114.14

Perspectives Series: Jess Pt. 02

 — Jess & Simon's love affair continues. by D_Lynnin  Erotic Couplings10/02/114.48

Slayer's Wolf Ch. 02

 — The wolf studied me. by PixxiecooNymphoin  NonHuman10/01/114.56HOT

Perspectives Series: Jess Pt. 01

 — Bondage & D/s play sparks love affair. by D_Lynnin  BDSM10/01/114.79HOT

A Dream Come True

 — A long but simple love story. by MoogPlayerin  Romance09/29/114.73HOT

A Train Ride to - Love Ch 04

 — Lots of talk, and not all of it constructive! by totallyateasein  Romance09/27/114.49

Puppy Love Ch. 04

 — Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead. by honey28in  Romance09/26/114.70HOT

The Queens Maid Ch. 03

 — Tales from the French Court. by Lucreacein  Celebrities09/24/114.19

A Train Ride to - Love Ch 03

 — A woman of the world. by totallyateasein  Romance09/23/114.45

Puppy Love Ch. 03

 — Closer. by honey28in  Romance09/22/114.79HOT

Stardust Ch. 02

 — Tyler is smitten. by MsLaLa31in  Interracial Love09/18/114.86HOT

Love Bite Ch. 06

 — Passion. by RavenMoonin  NonHuman09/14/114.66HOT

Better with Time

 — It takes time to develop love. by 1gearheadin  Erotic Couplings09/03/114.03

In a New Light

 — Two friends come together to find what they knew deep down. by countrychic2014in  Romance08/27/114.23

Right Where I Belong Ch. 04

 — The final chapter. by anon_temptationsin  Gay Male08/26/114.73HOT

Return to the Land

 — Man moves to the country changes his life and falls in love. by SW_MO_Hermitin  Romance08/25/114.82HOT

Right Where I Belong Ch. 03

 — Tom opens up, & Matt has an unwelcome visitor. by anon_temptationsin  Gay Male08/25/114.79HOT

Right Where I Belong Ch. 01

 — Matt stays with friends after a messy break-up. by anon_temptationsin  Gay Male08/18/114.69HOT

It Been a Long Time

 — An old girlfriend shows up in my life. by iamno1tooin  Romance08/17/114.12

Fear Falls Away

 — James battles his anxiety and ends up finding love. by anon_temptationsin  Gay Male08/11/114.65HOT

But I Do

 — A sweet love story. by MoogPlayerin  Romance08/10/114.72HOT


 — Art can mend a broken heart. by Gotham_Succubusin  Romance08/05/114.17

Life is Complete

 — Adam finally reveals his secret, and is rewarded greatly. by Authoress37in  Romance07/15/114.10

Live Again

 — He learns to live again with help from his step-son. by krysmin  Gay Male06/26/114.52HOT

From A to Z

 — Love heals all wounds. by Chiara23in  Romance06/25/114.61HOT

Getting There Ch. 03

 — The tension continues. by drowsywithdelightin  Romance06/17/114.65HOT

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