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Pretty Paula's Poodle Skirts

 — Fun times in the fifties. by RetroFanin  Erotic Couplings10/11/144.28

Goddess Cana in Training

 — Clive gets a date with Cana but falls for Faye. by suckurtoesiesin  Fetish10/08/144.14

Dracula's Daughter

 — Save the men of London from Dracula's Daughter! by TamLin01in  Erotic Horror10/01/144.51HOT


 — A midsummer nightmare. by TamLin01in  Erotic Horror08/21/144.45

More than Friends: Ch. 02

 — She loves him, but he loves... by subdued_passionin  Romance07/05/144.60HOT

Longhorns Ch. 03

 — A party game leads Meredith to discover her desires. by TheWorldSpinsin  Romance06/17/144.71HOT

Choices and Sacrifices Ch. 08

 — A love... polygon. by CoCoNiy101in  Interracial Love06/16/144.70HOT

Untitled Ch. 03

 — Confusion and Advice by brittybeein  Interracial Love05/04/144.18

Bride of A Demon

 — Where The Love Triangle Begins. by RatedMin  Gay Male04/28/143.76

It Didn't Work Out Ch. 10

 — Don tries to fix things with Bridget while Sian struggles. by -Ripley-in  Novels and Novellas03/26/144.70HOT

One Plus One Ch. 02

 — Caleb has something to add by lovewordsin  Interracial Love03/04/144.51HOT

I Want You

 — If it's really love... by lovewordsin  Interracial Love02/28/144.13

Learning to Forgetting to Love Ch. 01

 — Tom is set up on a date, but things do not go as planned. by sk11in  Romance02/24/144.24

Learning to Forgetting to Love

 — Tom is set up on a date, but things do not go as planned. by sk11in  Romance02/18/144.24

What Came Next Ch. 02

 — Jane deals with the fallout of her bombshell. by radiodemonin  Erotic Couplings01/28/144.43

Chameleon in Chrome Ch. 01

 — A man on a spaceship remembers as he worries. by TaLtos6in  NonHuman12/06/134.68HOT

Old Fashioned Love Ch. 02

 — Thomas, Jake and Isabel's love triangle continues. by trcyevelandin  Romance09/14/130.00

Old Fashioned Love Ch. 01

 — Two brothers, one woman, and a triangle of romance by trcyevelandin  Romance09/13/130.00

Ink My Heart, Pen My Soul Ch. 03

 — They can commit, but can they adjust? by AfroEroChubbiezin  Novels and Novellas08/30/134.54HOT

I Never Meant To Fall In Love Ch. 04

 — It's getting interesting by vickivalein  Interracial Love08/20/134.24

Ink My Heart, Pen My Soul Ch. 02

 — A curvy intellectual finds love in 3 very different places. by AfroEroChubbiezin  Novels and Novellas08/17/134.47

Breaking the Norm Ch. 01

 — Follow the wild and crazy life of Brandon. by yblack5in  Novels and Novellas08/08/133.83

Ink My Heart, Pen My Soul Ch. 01

 — A curvy intellectual finds love in 3 very different places. by AfroEroChubbiezin  Novels and Novellas07/25/134.39

The Cat's Meow

 — Right when she thought everything was perfect... by mitechain  NonHuman07/16/134.46

Into the Blue

 — Dakota finds release amid relationship tensions. by ErikaKanein  Erotic Couplings06/12/134.17

Rhinoceros Envy

 — Is jealousy a measure of love? by case28in  Loving Wives04/28/131.96

The Quiet Friend Pt. 02

 — The conclusion... by clarkcrowin  Novels and Novellas04/01/134.74HOT

Cornish Cliffs

 — Young conflicted British girl in a love triangle. by SweetDreemzin  Romance03/24/134.14

Allison Wonderland Ch. 02

 — Felicity's love triangle continues. by Yunoin  Lesbian Sex03/11/134.76HOT

Triangled Up in Blue

 — Love triangle between a son, his mother and her best friend. by BonnevilleFlatsin  Incest/Taboo03/08/134.24

Loving Husband/Loving Wife Ch. 08

 — A perfect triangle. by diagonesin  Novels and Novellas02/25/134.30

A Bittersweet Moment

 — Two women have a passionate fight. by LovelySweetDreamin  Lesbian Sex01/05/134.02

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 13

 — Patrick's Fledgling Chapter 13. by Bellstoiresin  NonHuman12/22/124.70HOT

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 12

 — In the aftermath. by Bellstoiresin  NonHuman11/29/124.71HOT

Missed Connection Ch. 08

 — Flashbacks and Fun. by Bizzy_Bishin  Interracial Love09/19/124.56HOT


 — A cold, pitiless hunger. by TamLin01in  Erotic Horror09/14/124.45

Phantom: A Love Story.

 — Who is the Phantom? by TamLin01in  Erotic Horror08/20/124.43

Better Ch. 02

 — Andrea forgets about Robert after picking up Michael. by MsQuotein  Novels and Novellas07/06/124.71HOT

Rory and Sebastian Ch. 05

 — Making things official. by sebastiandoin  Gay Male07/01/124.84HOT

Taking Out the Competition: Alan

 — In a three-way rivalry, Alan is the first to fall. by crazyNorbitin  Gay Male06/02/124.43

Wild Child Ch. 05

 — An old lover tries to come between Tristan and Faye. by fabledfaeriein  NonConsent/Reluctance05/19/124.05

The Letter, a Renegotiation of Love

 — Never satisfied, a spoiled wife wants more but gets less. by SusanJillParkerin  Letters & Transcripts05/11/124.30

Not What It Seems Ch. 08

 — Will this complication ever end? by Asciiin  Romance04/10/124.70HOT

Finding Love in Paradise Ch. 02

 — College sweethearts Austyn and Molly can't get it right. by AustynRaynin  Lesbian Sex03/29/124.64HOT

After the End of the World Ch. 01

 — Can their love survive the aftermath of an alien invasion? by Teurastajain  Erotic Couplings03/14/124.68HOT

Fever 01

 — How people come together in a zombie apocalypse. by Kimtacularin  Novels and Novellas11/28/114.44

The School of Freedom and Love

 — Nate meets Kyle but then...he meets Leo. by Jam18in  Gay Male08/01/113.47

Secret Nudists and a Family Secret

 — She and her brother discover their neighbors' secrets. by MatthewVettin  Incest/Taboo06/20/114.62HOT

Stalker Story Ch. 01

 — elves, mashante, magic and romance, who needs more? by bbgrlbksmithin  Non-Erotic03/10/114.08

Not What It Seems Ch. 04

 — Does Sex Really Complicate Matters? by Asciiin  Romance03/07/114.63HOT

Not What It Seems Ch. 02

 — Confrontations, Truths, and Complications. by Asciiin  Romance02/24/114.64HOT

Not What It Seems Ch. 01

 — Past, Present & Complications. by Asciiin  Romance02/17/114.51HOT

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 19

 — Patrick and Benjamin form a Connection (no sex). by jtufin  Novels and Novellas01/30/112.75

If I Knew Then... Ch. 06

 — Different choices lead to better times, this time, by MVPrimetimein  Group Sex01/22/114.78HOT

Orion's Dog

 — Every two weeks, her ex came over to walk the dog. by EvelynEvelynin  Non-Erotic01/09/113.15

The Reasons for Cheating Ch. 01

 — Love triumphs, but which one? by sk11in  Loving Wives12/17/104.19

As if You Don't Exist Pt. 01

 — A forbidden attraction brings a confusing love triangle. by sultrylovein  Erotic Couplings11/19/104.06


 — A mom gets close to her daughter without getting close. by PerilEyesin  Incest/Taboo11/03/104.32

Under Her Spell

 — Love story between a witch, vampire, and siren. by foxxxyvixxxenin  Erotic Horror10/22/103.39


 — Boy meets girls on a tropical island. by Spurlinggatein  Romance09/10/104.57HOT

A Wedding Day Affair to Remember

 — A story about a bride-to-be on her wedding day. by SexxxyCuriosityin  Erotic Couplings07/23/104.22

Windy City Summer Fling Ch. 02

 — Justine's delicious fling continues as surprises ensue. by AngelPoetin  Mature06/17/104.73HOT

Better To Eat You With Ch. 01

 — A girl has to figure her own path out, even as a Werewolf. by KMudTibbsin  Novels and Novellas05/02/104.48

Tropical Fruit Ch. 01

 — The husband his wife and the deckhand. by PlasticJanein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers04/28/103.84

For Mutual Benefit

 — A husband, a wife, his mistress, her lover. by Thomas Drablézienin  Loving Wives02/26/104.12

The Spirit Girl

 — He pursues girl from dance team. by DrSqueakyin  Romance02/16/104.84HOT

The Best Present Dad Can Give Ch. 06

 — Father/son continue & Trey's jealousy is revealed. by sexyinafin  Incest/Taboo02/11/104.68HOT

Bits on the Side

 — A woman tries to cope with loving two men. by Catmoorein  Erotic Couplings01/16/104.22

In Love, in Hate: Sisters Ch. 01

 — She sees something special in him; so does her sister. by sk11in  Romance01/11/104.63HOT

A Thanksgiving Seduction

 — A Thanksgiving dinner and two sisters want the same man. by MsGinger77in  Erotic Couplings11/10/093.80

The Other Woman Ch. 01

 — A woman finds her perfect lover - who loves another girl. by portiabin  Erotic Couplings10/31/094.05

Hero's Life Ch. 15

 — Heather is glad to be home again. by PacoFearin  Erotic Couplings09/17/094.79HOT

The Trio

 — Together they were mind, body and soul. by markellyin  Group Sex09/14/094.68HOT

Better as a Memory

 — Former lover intrudes on a couple's happiness. by woodmanonein  Romance09/11/094.55HOT

Express Lane Ch. 05

 — A mental and physical exploration with each other. by RaLaWritesin  Interracial Love08/16/094.67HOT

Triangles Ch. 01

 — His girlfriend's roommate wants him. Bad. by TracyKaberin  Erotic Couplings07/05/094.44

Jessie's Attractions

 — A young dyke is in love with her troubled best friend. by Butch_lezin  Lesbian Sex07/04/094.38

Consumed Pt. 12

 — Murder, mystery and life changing events. by myoregonin  Gay Male05/18/094.82HOT

Sampling Some Italian Ch. 02

 — Thomas confronts Marilyn about her love for Jacob. by SEVERUSMAXin  Loving Wives01/04/093.32

Hero's Life Ch. 09

 — 1 troubled brunette with 2 parts rum, stir with dildo. by PacoFearin  Erotic Couplings11/30/084.75HOT

Amy Caught in the Middle

 — Student teacher finds love from a teacher and his son. by mrhmannin  Group Sex11/09/083.76

Consumed Pt. 11

 — Murder, mystery, and life changing events. by myoregonin  Gay Male11/01/084.83HOT

My Affair

 — I loved two women; one loved me. by GToastin  Romance09/19/084.58HOT

Connie Nielsen's Nude Affair Deux

 — The nude lesbian affair continues between Connie & Natalie. by SEVERUSMAXin  Celebrities09/13/083.82

A Story of Karma

 — Brent loves Sarah, but who does she love? by biggysmallzin  Group Sex08/16/084.38

Fall of '69 Ch. 07

 — Self control, not right now, maybe later. by wildernessin  Novels and Novellas08/06/084.62HOT

Consumed Pt. 10

 — Murder, mystery, and life changing events. by myoregonin  Gay Male07/13/084.84HOT

Chicago Love Story

 — She falls for her friend & winds up in a love triangle. by AngelPoetin  Erotic Couplings07/12/084.53HOT

Consumed Pt. 09

 — Murder, mystery, and life changing events. by myoregonin  Gay Male06/25/084.83HOT

Unexpected Torture

 — Hot student gets under young Professor's skin. by CalifornianBLondein  Erotic Couplings06/18/084.74HOT

The Other House Ch. 01

 — Becca dances naked, Victoria struts, & Byron triumphs. by SydJensenin  Novels and Novellas06/15/084.33

Sister's Ex-Husband

 — She finally realizes why she was so jealous of her sister. by darkstone57in  Incest/Taboo06/12/084.54HOT

Consumed Pt. 08

 — Murder, mystery, and life changing events. by myoregonin  Gay Male06/11/084.82HOT

Mouse Bk. 03 Ch. 01

 — Michael is uncomfortable at his sister's wedding. by Rob_mDearin  Incest/Taboo06/07/084.73HOT

Consumed Pt. 07

 — Murder, mystery, and life changing events. by myoregonin  Gay Male06/06/084.78HOT

Waiting for Love Ch. 02

 — Stefan is challenged for Kevin. by Pelaamin  Gay Male06/04/084.72HOT

Consumed Pt. 06

 — Murder, mystery, and life changing events. by myoregonin  Gay Male05/25/084.78HOT

Consumed Pt. 05

 — Murder, mystery, and life changing events. by myoregonin  Gay Male05/18/084.77HOT

Consumed Pt. 04

 — Murder, mystery, and life changing events. by myoregonin  Gay Male05/13/084.70HOT

Consumed Pt. 03

 — Murder, mystery, and life changing events. by myoregonin  Gay Male05/04/084.72HOT

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