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Julie Becomes John's Pet Ch. 15

 — Relationship trouble with both the husband and the lover. by Johns Pet Juliein  BDSM09/18/144.52HOT

Freeing the Inner Slut Ch. 02

 — The adventure continues. by voluptuary_manquein  Erotic Couplings09/04/143.94

Frank and Tanya

 — It took him years, but he finally got her. by Just Plain Bobin  Loving Wives08/24/144.48

Happy Wife Happy Life Pt. 02

 — A flame had been lit now it begins to grow. by ipnightlyin  Loving Wives08/19/143.59

Kelly Cass and I Become Friends

 — Chance meeting with Kelly leads to friendship and a baby. by dispatcher59in  Celebrities08/16/144.75HOT

In Camera Ch. 03

 — The first evil out of Pandora's Box was Revenge. by entrystin  Novels and Novellas08/02/143.73

In Camera Ch. 02

 — The whirlpool runs towards the center. by entrystin  Novels and Novellas07/31/143.67

Life after the Lottery Ch. 37

 — Sam and Olivia's Wedding. by drmac100in  Novels and Novellas07/15/144.90HOT

It Started With Not Feeling Good Ch. 07

 — The return and the future. by wieliczkain  Loving Wives05/20/143.88

It Started With Not Feeling Good Ch. 06

 — Session 22 Martial Counseling. by wieliczkain  Loving Wives05/17/143.56

It Started With Not Feeling Good Ch. 04

 — Session 14 Martial Counseling. by wieliczkain  Loving Wives05/13/143.65

It Started With Not Feeling Good Ch. 03

 — Session 5 Marital Counseling. by wieliczkain  Loving Wives05/10/143.73

Fast, Furious, and FANTASTIC

 — What can we do with fifteen minutes? by Mystsubmissivein  BDSM02/17/143.92

Life after the Lottery Ch. 32

 — The girls get their pins. by drmac100in  Novels and Novellas12/27/134.85HOT

In Camera Ch. 01

 — Some things are best left private. by entrystin  Novels and Novellas12/08/134.30

Hotel Adventures Ch. 01

 — Hotel guests help rekindle the manager's love life. by FloridaFictionin  Loving Wives12/06/134.22

Life after the Lottery Ch. 28

 — Dawn works her magic and Lieke has her first. by drmac100in  Novels and Novellas11/29/134.85HOT

Fantasy Sex Cruise 01

 — Fantasy trip leads to a new reality. by mountaincat4in  Erotic Couplings11/25/134.67HOT

Husband's Co-Worker: Basement BBC

 — Following his orders. by gi_janetin  Interracial Love11/22/133.71

Into Eternity

 — A second chance at understanding the meaning of joy. by sr71pltin  Romance11/20/134.66HOT

Mixed Emotions Ch. 01

 — Greg learns his place. by Scorpius1945in  BDSM11/11/134.35

Life after the Lottery Ch. 24

 — Linda comes for the weekend. by drmac100in  Novels and Novellas10/26/134.87HOT

Life after the Lottery Ch. 23

 — Dawn wants to go to Hawaii. by drmac100in  Novels and Novellas10/16/134.84HOT

Hired Man

 — A loving husband hires a male for a intimate threesome. by rm8181in  Loving Wives09/15/133.56

Lena Katina's Sex Tape

 — Ex-TATU vixen makes hardcore sex tape with her new husband by RiversEdge2010in  Celebrities09/01/134.19

I Have a Surprise For You Ch. 03

 — Two women share her for her new surprise. by aLittleThrillin  Lesbian Sex08/03/134.24

I Have a Surprise For You Ch. 02

 — New suprises new experiences MFM. by aLittleThrillin  Loving Wives07/31/133.91

Great Sex After Marriage - Still!

 — Another episode in my great married sex life! by ava23in  Erotic Couplings07/01/134.22

First Time Cheater

 — Two neighbors enjoy a weekend to remember. by Swillyin  Erotic Couplings05/10/134.46

Filius Ch. 01

 — A son witnesses his mother having sex with her black lover. by Hitman7in  Interracial Love04/25/133.64

Futanari Club

 — A young shy woman learns it is not so bad having a girl cock. by Sonatatrein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers04/15/134.64HOT

Friday Evening Live Video

 — John watches a life webcast of two women pegging and milking. by HenryDanielsin  BDSM01/20/133.79

Letters from a Stalker

 — Det. Inspector Anton Judge solves a crime of passion. by Cinnerin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/03/124.30

Marine House Movie Night

 — A bit of everything during Marine Guard movietime. by sr71pltin  Incest/Taboo09/04/123.73

Her Rainy Afternoon in Paradise

 — She fulfills his fantasy and perhaps her own. by GeeGee2in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/25/124.67HOT

Happy birthday, Trent!

 — Surprise! by Cinnerin  Group Sex08/20/124.04

How it all Began

 — Nikolaus and Lauren meet and fall in love. by Cinnerin  Interracial Love08/04/124.46

MILF Anesthetist

 — I am seduced at a conference. by alexandria_leein  Interracial Love07/01/124.29

How to Roleplay

 — Some tips on Role Playing In a Committed Relationship. by RockyMountainEroticin  Reviews & Essays03/18/124.44

Her Seduction

 — His wife is a little hesitant. by AStorey1in  Lesbian Sex02/17/124.28


 — I wreak vengeance on my husband and our marriage. by Rodwarriorin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/07/123.83

Modelling Shoot Turns Into More

 — Nude photo shoot gets out of hand for Japanese wife. by japacumslutin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/07/113.99

Marlee's Christmas Gift

 — A very special Christmas Eve anniversary gift. by sr71pltin  Gay Male11/24/114.38

Lights in the Dark

 — A couple fights and makes up. by birthdefectin  Erotic Couplings08/30/113.80

Kim in the Kitchen

 — A young man humiliates a friend's mother. by plumedserpentin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/31/113.96

Kate Middleton Needs a Proper Fuck

 — The Duchess of Cambridge needs some good dick. by newambain  Celebrities06/30/113.93

I Film; Wife Fluffs Ch. 01

 — Our video business is truly a family affair. by BigKahunaCat21in  Loving Wives04/20/114.36

IT Support

 — Dan the C Man speeds up my system. by Rodwarriorin  Erotic Couplings03/21/114.00

Hose and a Hard-On Ch. 01

 — Alex's journey into cross-dressing and bisexuality. by TaraJeanin  Fetish02/28/114.46

Little Rose

 — After an aphrodisiac, lovers involve a man in their bed. by madamefieldingin  Group Sex01/27/114.10

Janie's Honeymoon Cruise Ch. 01

 — Janie consummates her marriage with everyone but husband. by BigKahunaCat21in  Loving Wives01/23/113.78

Family Jewels Ch. 03

 — The situation escalates and he crosses a line. by stevedorein  Gay Male01/14/113.79

In a Single Bed in New Rochelle

 — Laura's Needs. by RogueDomin  Celebrities01/13/113.93

Family Jewels Ch. 02

 — With his wife's brother in the house things are different. by stevedorein  Gay Male01/07/113.85

Happy Birthday Mom

 — Daughter brings home a birthday gift. by AnythingGoes2008in  Incest/Taboo12/08/104.13

Let's Begin

 — You had understood now that your ass was being readied. by skorp75064in  Anal10/26/102.78

Good Friends: The Mutual Orgasm

 — Laura and LeAnn enjoy themselves in the foyer. by curious_valeriein  Lesbian Sex08/11/104.61HOT

Game Night Ch. 02

 — The games conitnue for two couples. by greggmisin  Group Sex07/04/104.30

How To Be A Boi Bitch Lesson 05

 — Why you are my cock whore as you fuck your wife. by gothicboibitchin  Fetish06/30/104.90HOT

Losing Pounds, Gaining a Cuckold

 — Wife loses weight and becomes the eye of hubby's friends. by MissToniin  Loving Wives06/12/104.28

Memories and Possibilities Ch. 04

 — Foursome explored; they search for ways to stay together. by Romantic1in  Group Sex05/23/104.67HOT

Memories and Possibilities Ch. 03

 — Boundaries are explored on Caribbean Island. by Romantic1in  Group Sex05/22/104.74HOT

Memories and Possibilities Ch. 02

 — Allison welcomes Jon - Matt does more than approve. by Romantic1in  Group Sex05/21/104.62HOT

Memories and Possibilities Ch. 01

 — A tragedy turns into bliss. by Romantic1in  Group Sex05/20/104.48

Gulf Coast Condo Ch. 02

 — Better views of my wife. by oculardemoin  Loving Wives05/19/103.92

Gulf Coast Condo

 — Great views of my wife. by oculardemoin  Loving Wives05/01/104.00

Gobsmacked Ch. 01

 — Getting the surprise of your life coming home. by BigKahunaCat21in  Group Sex04/24/104.37

Married Woman Lacked Cock Ch. 03

 — Joyce gives Kevin another chance and meets another couple. by aimztoplzin  Group Sex01/06/104.08

From Chatting to Meeting Ch. 03

 — All shyness disappears. by herdadin  Loving Wives10/27/094.06

Greek Holiday

 — Summer in the islands turns into a wild group sex experience. by petitmortin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/11/094.23

Memories of Lesbian U.

 — 2 old roomates get together for love and memories. by Bakebossin  Lesbian Sex09/21/093.69

Mutual Massage Leads to Anal Play

 — Wife and I have fun night with lotion and toys. by slicksantin  Erotic Couplings04/17/094.23

Midsummer Swing

 — Three couples swing for the first time. by crimson56in  Group Sex12/27/084.42

Just One More Night

 — Secret lovers share a tryst in a store's dressing room. by justjohn1013in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/16/084.25

Jesse's Story: A Woman's View Ch. 10

 — The end of 'fun & games'; a goodbye note from Jesse. by boo_dreauxin  Group Sex05/04/084.34

Letters from the World Ch. 03

 — Loving Wife goes to Istanbul for "Two of Seven." by SunrockSinin  Letters & Transcripts02/21/083.60

Jeff's Boy Ch. 04

 — The morning after they take her, Kalli heats things up. by DLovein  NonConsent/Reluctance09/06/074.35

Five Amigos Ch. 03

 — Sex gets even hotter even for Sarah's husband. by hotpupin  Mature08/04/074.64HOT

My (Former) Best Friend's Wife

 — He forces her to submit when his friend leaves. by Other_Peoples_Wivesin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/04/073.58

Life Is Good

 — A story of new beginnings. by Ike16948in  Incest/Taboo01/28/074.45

Lucy Likes to Lick

 — Lucy wants to give her husband an oral surprise. by Tarzan-Dickin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/26/064.43

Love Letters for Him: No. 08

 — She tells him of the fantasy she had been thinking. by RedHairedandFriendlyin  Letters & Transcripts05/22/064.50HOT

Gina Ch. 03

 — Ex-wife returns to show hubby her new lovers. by HandsomeExplorerin  Novels and Novellas03/03/064.47

Gina Ch. 02

 — Ex-wife returns to show former hubby her new lovers. by HandsomeExplorerin  Novels and Novellas02/24/064.57HOT

Gina Ch. 01

 — Ex-wife returns to show former hubby her new lovers. by HandsomeExplorerin  Novels and Novellas02/18/064.39

Lynn Watches While Watched

 — Hotel window/restaurant exhibition. by kermit9in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur02/12/064.70HOT

Marathon Girl Ch. 02

 — Getting caught stirs some long-dormant desires. by Zedsdedin  Lesbian Sex12/07/054.22

Jan is Seduced by Dr. Bob

 — A young wife is seduced by her lover's friend. by janandjustinin  Loving Wives11/07/054.01

How To Make A Buttermilk Biscuit Ch. 06

 — Guess who else is cumming to dinner? by velvetpiein  Loving Wives07/25/054.25

How To Make A Buttermilk Biscuit Ch. 05

 — Carlos comes to dinner. by velvetpiein  Loving Wives07/23/054.27

Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 04

 — 24 hours in same panties give Steph a great time. by black saphirein  Fetish07/06/054.73HOT

How To Make A Buttermilk Biscuit Ch. 03

 — Time to make the biscuits. by velvetpiein  Loving Wives05/29/054.18

How To Make A Buttermilk Biscuit Ch. 02

 — Betty secures an important ingredient. by velvetpiein  Loving Wives05/15/054.29

How To Make A Buttermilk Biscuit Ch. 01

 — Grandma Eliza comes to Betty's rescue. by velvetpiein  Loving Wives05/14/053.79

Loving Wife Tells All

 — Hot wife shares her addiction to men & women. by kitty4biin  Loving Wives03/03/054.11

Jennifer's Longing

 — Sexy young wife submits to a stud. by TQMin  Loving Wives10/26/044.24

Kilts & Cheerleader Skirts

 — A Halloween Party is all treat. by jjcolein  Loving Wives05/14/034.34

Hell Has No Fury Like A Drag Queen'

 — Phyllis thought her best fried Susan understood about Ruth. by Victor C. Andersonin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers05/08/034.67HOT

Lessons Ch. 03

 — His friend's wife takes his virginity. by jjcolein  First Time03/06/034.57HOT

I'm in Trouble

 — His wife is going to have a lover, can he handle it? by likebstarin  Loving Wives10/19/023.83

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