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Marte's Cruise to Remember

 — Three girls embark on a Cruise, two drunks enjoy each other. by storytymein  Lesbian Sex09/12/124.18

Lustful Desires

 — Trying to take a Succubi's heart is a dangerous task. by Wicked_Wondersin  Erotic Horror09/12/120.00

Hot Blooded 03

 — Passionate cousins have the time of their life. by MaitreNuitin  Incest/Taboo09/09/124.80

Love, Murder and Lust

 — A fun, sexy plot-wife gets revenged on cheating husband. by undercoverfreakchickin  Letters & Transcripts09/04/123.00

Confessions Ch. 06

 — Carly is surprised at a class reunion. by rlaflammein  Erotic Couplings08/31/124.09

Confessions Ch. 05

 — Lance hooks up with another woman. by rlaflammein  Erotic Couplings08/29/124.84HOT

The Party Ch. 02

 — We feasted our senses on the erotic couplings. by highwayman2in  Gay Male08/29/124.47

The End of a Long Week

 — A romantic adventure of love, lust and submission. by Dark_Stormin  Romance08/20/124.40

Confessions Ch. 01

 — Psychiatrist begins his search of lust and love. by rlaflammein  Erotic Couplings08/16/124.38

My Sister's Friend Is Hot!

 — Alex notices Kate for the first time and he wants her bad. by himeichigoin  First Time08/14/124.37


 — Innocent Bride gets nonconsent anal. by jagajin  Anal08/13/122.95

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 11

 — I think you'll like it. by stubborn_dreamerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/06/124.68HOT

Icy Blue Ch. 01

 — How they first met. by LittleRiri0987in  NonHuman08/04/124.29

Beloved Darkness Ch. 03

 — Love, beyond flesh and blood. by NobodyWorthKnowingin  Romance08/02/124.00

Power of Gold 01

 — A young British swimmer is set up at the Olympics. by jacque_adorein  Erotic Couplings08/01/124.56HOT

In The Moonlight Sky

 — A stranger takes a woman for his own in the moonlight. by Unknown365in  NonConsent/Reluctance07/31/122.55

Ogres and Ogresses Ch. 10

 — I didn't call you. by stubborn_dreamerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/24/124.75HOT

She Gets What She Wants Ch. 03

 — The teasing and torture continues. by fungirl92in  Erotic Couplings07/18/124.29

The Party Ch. 02

 — The night continues in Alessandro's bed. by ealexanderin  Romance07/18/124.67HOT

Albert and the Nurses

 — Albert finds an undergroud nuclear still lived in. by juangarianoin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/15/123.68

Poets and Fools: On Writing Erotica

 — Why sexual frustration makes better erotica than experience. by javawarriorin  Reviews & Essays07/12/124.26

Saints and Heathens

 — Where he was a Saint, she definitely wasn't. by Iread2relaxin  Interracial Love07/05/124.78HOT

I'm Going to Have to Live with This

 — It was going to be an interesting thesis on stimulation. by curiousfunin  Loving Wives07/03/123.36

Fifty Shades of Gay

 — The impossibly gorgeous Leila meets her Adonis . by RoughDiamondin  Celebrities06/30/123.69

Out in the Woods: Greg's Story

 — A middle-aged man finds someone spying. by machiavelliwriter0in  Erotic Couplings06/29/124.68HOT

Having Fun with Dycke and Payne Ch. 14

 — 2 young misfits travel a fun path to adulthood. by Prolonged_Debut10in  Novels and Novellas06/28/124.88HOT

The Witch and the Dragon Ch. 15

 — The seeds of fate are planted. by LevanaHyllin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/20/124.70HOT

Inside His World Ch. 02

 — Torn between passion and reason she feels the need to escape. by NymphMyosotisin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/16/124.62HOT

Interview With The Bimbo

 — Lulu tells the amazing story of her life as a bimbo. by king_wesleyin  Mind Control06/12/124.30

Irresistible Holly Ch. 00

 — Prologue: Robert describes his first encounters with Holly. by ClockworkMcGuirein  Romance06/03/123.69

The E-Mail

 — An Indian girl mails her boyfriend about her consensual rape. by vaishali_kin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/31/123.67

Having Fun with Dycke and Payne Ch. 12

 — Two young misfits travel a fun path to adulthood. by Prolonged_Debut10in  Novels and Novellas05/28/124.84HOT

What Happened Under the Moonlight

 — Ruby's got the perfect gift for Tiffany's father: herself. by MarzyDotesin  First Time05/19/124.43

Chef's Special

 — A man loses his mind to his ideal. by blankslatein  NonConsent/Reluctance05/18/122.47

Ladies Night

 — Two women meet across a crowded room while with their dates. by KarmaMoonfairyin  Lesbian Sex05/16/124.05

Heaven's Angel and Hell's Demon

 — The forbidden love of an angel and a demon by KarmaMoonfairyin  Gay Male05/16/124.25

I Liked You When

 — Boy meets fat girl. Then she meets him right back. by shanierin  Erotic Couplings05/16/120.00

Having Fun with Dycke and Payne Ch. 11

 — Two young misfits travel a fun path to adulthood. by Prolonged_Debut10in  Novels and Novellas05/11/124.77HOT


 — One lover, in desperate need to get back to his lover. by pjwandererin  Erotic Couplings05/01/124.09

Egyptian Princess Of New Egypt Ch. 05

 — Andreas returns to find a wanton goddess. by EgyptsGoddessin  Erotic Couplings04/25/124.26

Under the Thrall of Cock Ch. 01

 — TJ lusts after his sister Sarah's juicy behind. by CertifiedHeatin  Incest/Taboo04/22/124.36

To Ride a Bronc

 — Cinder has a naughty proposition for Jared in the tack room. by MarzyDotesin  Erotic Couplings04/15/124.25

Changes 02

 — Devoted Wife's chance encounter leads to changes. by HopelesslyAddictedin  Group Sex04/12/123.63

I'm Not Part of Your World Anymore

 — Think you'll last a night in my lair? by Originalribenababyin  Erotic Couplings04/09/124.00

Hot for Teacher Ch. 03

 — Michael and Abi, the morning after. by MissA5in  Erotic Couplings04/06/124.56HOT


 — Devoted wife's chance encounter leads to changes. by HopelesslyAddictedin  Group Sex04/05/123.29

Dianna Ch. 02

 — Will she be able to get over the wrongs of the past? by Iread2relaxin  Romance04/05/124.69HOT

Now or Never

 — Two college coeds finally go for it. by blondebeauty03in  Erotic Couplings04/05/120.00

Having Fun with Dycke and Payne Ch. 10

 — Two young misfits travel a fun path to adulthood. by Prolonged_Debut10in  Novels and Novellas03/30/124.80HOT

A Woman of Lust and Anger

 — Angry make up sex- an amazing act. by sonicjake777in  Interracial Love03/29/123.45

Party Time

 — Obligatory event is actually fun. by openzipperin  Erotic Couplings03/29/124.21

Like a Moth to a Flame

 — Passion, vulnerability and intensity. by aria_rosein  Romance03/28/124.33

The Energy of the Goddess Dien

 — Thunder needs lightning... by Dienin  NonHuman03/28/124.08

Dianna Ch. 01

 — Yearly takes the money and runs! by Iread2relaxin  Romance03/28/124.47

The Keneena City Ch. 02

 — The princess follows the visitors. by EgyptsGoddessin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/24/124.48

Lusting for a Medical Student

 — As a nurse, I don't get much action outside of work. by xzalensein  BDSM03/24/123.89

An Erotic Breeze

 — Will she sink, or will she swim? by embarrassedwritterin  Romance03/23/124.09

Caught Alone

 — Steamy hot and ready women finally gets to have her way. by Sassyb35in  NonConsent/Reluctance03/22/123.70

Beloved Darkness Ch. 02

 — Love, beyond flesh and blood. by NobodyWorthKnowingin  Romance03/16/123.47

Escape into Custody

 — A story of unexpected romantic seduction. by Passion_over_Reasonin  Incest/Taboo03/14/123.00

Lustful Amnesia Ch. 11

 — Lustful Amnesia version 3,0 reboot by NobodyWorthKnowingin  Novels and Novellas03/14/123.20

Beloved Darkness Ch. 01

 — Love, beyond flesh and blood. by NobodyWorthKnowingin  Romance03/11/124.21

What Happened Last Night? Ch. 01

 — Her head is pounding, and who's cock is that poking her? by Gertrude_Perkinsin  Anal03/10/124.60HOT


 — A story of Lust's true love. by LadyBarein  Erotic Couplings03/09/123.20

Digital Manipulation

 — Oh, that stranger's hands! by Alessia Brioin  Mature03/06/124.20


 — A hot young dad meets a pricktease. by seducedHylasin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/06/124.36

Hot for Teacher Ch. 02

 — Sexy older teacher can't resist sultry student. by MissA5in  Erotic Couplings03/05/124.61HOT

The Knight at the Lockdown Ch. 02

 — Conclusion to The Knight at the Lockdown. by NobodyWorthKnowingin  Erotic Horror02/29/124.71

Lustful Amnesia Ch. 06

 — Lustful Amnesia version 3.0 reboot. by NobodyWorthKnowingin  Novels and Novellas02/27/123.60

Under His Spell

 — Infatuated, she cannot forget him. by NymphMyosotisin  Mind Control02/27/124.37

The Knight at the Lockdown

 — A modern Day Witch Hunter hunts in a top notch strip club. by NobodyWorthKnowingin  Erotic Horror02/24/124.16

A Lustful Awaiting

 — Karla eagerly awaits Tom's return home. by Long_Time_Cumiingin  Erotic Couplings02/23/124.38

Subterrane Ch. 01

 — The Sisterhood abandons Sirana outside the City. by Etaskiin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/22/124.69HOT

Lustful Amnesia Ch. 04

 — Lustful Amnesia verson 3.0 reboot. by NobodyWorthKnowingin  Novels and Novellas02/19/124.22


 — Sarah is taken to a new shop and then taken. by EasilyConfusedin  Lesbian Sex02/19/124.52HOT

A Half Demon's Diary...!

 — Max continues his life after making love with a ghost girl! by itachidark27in  NonHuman02/13/124.28

Mr. Perfect Ch. 01

 — The Encounter. by Bleblain  Gay Male02/12/124.18

A Romantic Occupation

 — How far should an unemployed woman go for a wealthy man? by LeeScarletin  Novels and Novellas02/09/124.54HOT

Having Fun with Dycke and Payne Ch. 08

 — Two young misfits travel a fun path to adulthood. by Prolonged_Debut10in  Novels and Novellas02/08/124.79HOT

Ellie and the Great Cupid Heist

 — Can Ellie, procurer of mythic items, steal Cupid's bow? by EesomeBeastiein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/03/124.45

Dessert First: What Lies Beneath

 — Awakened hunger, self realization. by machiavelliwriter0in  Erotic Horror02/02/124.29

Why Was She Here?

 — His night and morning with a woman he lusts after. by david450in  Romance02/02/123.65

The Vampire Next Door Ch. 02

 — Someone is looking for Samuel, but finds Helen instead. by Magicangeleyesin  NonHuman02/02/124.60HOT

Adventurous Little Katie Ch. 01

 — Pocket princess overcomes her small size image problem. by BeamMeUpin  Incest/Taboo01/31/124.27

While She Slept

 — I creep into your room as she sleeps. by alkysmurfin  Erotic Horror01/28/123.55

The Vampire Next Door

 — Who knew I lived next to a hot Vampire by Magicangeleyesin  NonHuman01/26/124.38

An Unexpected Love Ch. 02

 — Kate and Neil know it's more. by barr123in  Mature01/23/124.49

A Mother and Son in Love

 — Mother son affair turns into long term relationship. by txmamasboyin  Incest/Taboo01/23/124.43

Forbidden Lust

 — A father learns something new about his daughter. by ladylynx428in  Incest/Taboo01/17/124.29

Subway Lust

 — You never know who lusts after you. by brunette_gemin  Erotic Couplings01/15/123.97

All Mixed Up

 — Emotional web for a father/daughter/best-friend/wife. by RedHairedandFriendlyin  Non-Erotic01/15/124.48

Another Night Lost

 — A Night Lost with a dear friend, but no longer a fantasy. by enamoredwriterin  Romance01/13/124.30

A Paradox of Averageness

 — Just what is average? by Slirpuffin  Loving Wives01/12/124.30

Flight or Fuck

 — I thought I was alone in the library. I wasn't. by dark_horse74in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/09/124.05

My Trouser Devil

 — Jack was never gay but things are changing.... by Lonarin  Gay Male01/04/123.64

My Kinky Aunt

 — My Aunt seduces me with a knife. by onegin  Incest/Taboo12/31/113.30

Lust with a Twist

 — He gets more than he expected. by JonnyD1in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/24/114.12

The Dream

 — I had a dream about my love last night. by takeovertoriin  Letters & Transcripts12/22/113.25

The Room

 — Chance erotic encounter with lust and passion. by mdelorenzoin  Romance12/20/113.10

Lipgloss Dreams Ch. 01

 — Girl meets girl, new possibilities are explored. by lipglossdreamsin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers12/18/114.49

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