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The Coward and the Wolf Ch. 04

 — A man finds himself summoned to a fantasy world. by BlueMuffinin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/10/144.71HOT

Does Two Wrights - Repercussions

 — The other shoe drops! by fanfarein  BDSM04/08/143.51

Through The Square Window

 — Man sets up his partner to be on show. by switch_down_underin  BDSM03/24/143.88

Peter Ch. 06

 — Paul and I occupy ourselves. by cckreadyin  Gay Male01/08/143.79

A Slave's Revenge

 — Liberated male slave takes revenge against his tormentor. by annabelbrowningin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/07/133.13

Suzanne in Salon Society

 — Suzanne's titillating confession arouses the ladies. by A_Little_Showin  Group Sex11/24/134.30

My True Submissive Story 01

 — The true story of how I became a submissive. by submissivestorytellerin  BDSM11/05/133.81

The Panty Perils of Me 16

 — Ms. Harley's panty perils continue. by HarleyFatboy1in  Illustrated07/13/133.73

Intruder Ch. 04

 — Falling in love with my rapist. by StealthBreederin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/24/134.51HOT

Cock Ring of the Gods Ch. 07

 — Atop the Mountain. by nogratisin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/22/134.51HOT

Celestial Matters

 — A Half-Angel finds herself enslaved to a Demon. by Noble_Truthin  Mind Control05/15/134.84HOT

Dear Diary Ch. 01

 — Description of a BDSM fantasy. by icklemepicklemein  BDSM05/14/134.48

Cock Ring of the Gods Ch. 06

 — Of Harems and Temples. by nogratisin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/01/134.51HOT

What Would You Do?

 — Licking your brain: The power of words. by secretsxywriterin  Erotic Couplings02/09/134.50HOT

The Play is the Thing Ch. 01

 — Lonely man and coed discover they both love spankings. by WilliamVanderpoolin  BDSM12/13/124.51HOT

An Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 03-04

 — A frightening and highly erotic sales contest. by Concerto_in_Ain  NonConsent/Reluctance11/27/124.40

Cock Ring of the Gods Ch. 03

 — A Prelude to a New World Order. by nogratisin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/02/124.55HOT

How to Dom Your Mom Ch. 02

 — Will guilt and regret keep them apart? by Karenasin  Incest/Taboo10/16/124.40

Full Maintenance

 — A wife receives a full maintenance from her strict husband. by Mariehaynesin  BDSM10/15/124.01

How to Dom Your Mom

 — Son wants to give Mom what she really needs. by Karenasin  Incest/Taboo10/04/124.43

What Now, Sir?

 — How can she recover from Sir's betrayal? by TigersPetin  BDSM09/22/124.62HOT

Paradise Bound Ch. 03

 — She learns to love his ropes and toys. by Karenasin  BDSM09/15/124.63HOT

Warmaster and Kajira Ch. 02

 — Warmaster inducts his kajira to her slave life. by savagetales01in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/12/124.53HOT

The Surrender Ch. 01

 — He makes her his, fulfilling her desire. by ealexanderin  Erotic Couplings07/18/124.17

Yes Sir

 — First Submissive Encounter. by elphaba69in  BDSM07/11/123.60


 — He collars her for some mild control fun. by Justajain  BDSM07/08/124.34

The Cost of Success

 — Female Boss becomes sub for male laborer. by SoBellein  BDSM06/12/124.35

His Baby Girl

 — How he finds out about his baby girl's cherry. by innocentdollin  Incest/Taboo06/11/124.24

Submission Ch. 02

 — David takes Alanna home and begins her awakening. by Goldeniangelin  BDSM05/05/124.53HOT

The Lake House Lessons 05

 — Jack’s sex life heats up even more. by JayDavidin  First Time05/02/124.71HOT

She Is Tested

 — He wanted to know how much she trusted him. by scorpiochick2012in  BDSM03/22/124.31

Natalie and the Neighbor Ch. 06

 — Natalie nears the end of her month-long sexual slavery. by LaceAndHumiliationin  BDSM03/10/124.76HOT

I Have Further Instructions For You

 — Third Instalment. by EroticProsein  BDSM02/16/124.11

Thoughts of an Alpha Male - I Breed

 —  My bad boy alter ego speaks out. by SlyDog969in  Reviews & Essays01/12/124.05

My Abandon Ch. 02

 — She submits fully to her brother's control. by simpletales1in  Incest/Taboo01/04/124.41

I Have More Instructions for You

 — ...and you will happily obey. by EroticProsein  BDSM12/21/114.25

The Mogul Ch. 05

 — Homecoming and the "Cherry Picking" by sweetkarolinain  BDSM12/15/114.50HOT

Photo Explorations: Twice the Fun

 — Vanessa brings another model to join the fun. by deathlynxin  BDSM11/29/114.26

Into the Abyss Ch. 06

 — Innocent sub is taken by many hands. by amazingrace1128in  BDSM11/12/114.69HOT

Into the Abyss

 — Jaded Dom finds innocent submissive. by amazingrace1128in  BDSM11/01/114.45

Haley Ch. 01-02

 — Wife witnesses husband's reunion with old flame via webcam. by ClosetQueanin  Fetish10/11/114.48

The Alpha Ch. 03

 — She offers herself to an alpha male. by SirenSeeker2in  BDSM09/14/110.00

Kyros-giolla Institute Ch. 07

 — A virgin recovers from first submission. by FeeltheAchein  BDSM09/07/114.35

Quean for a Day Ch. 01

 — Cuckquean's humiliation is witnessed. by ClosetQueanin  Fetish08/06/114.24

Sunrise Hotel

 — She needs the money, he has the power. by dirtygirl101in  NonConsent/Reluctance06/26/113.35

The Schoolgirl's Dirty First Time

 — Lydia dreams of her teacher, never imagining she may be his. by CatherineFoxin  First Time06/25/114.37

Pam and Her Professor

 — Ex-wife has a torrid affair with her thesis advisor. by JoeVerdein  BDSM06/19/114.18

Caught in the Act

 — Deception revealed ... and punished. by dgharisin  BDSM06/16/113.45

Theater Whore

 — Adventure of a dirty wife. by wrulfin  BDSM06/07/113.78

Using Tina

 — Master uses his girl. by Dna4592in  BDSM05/30/113.47

Her First Night as a Sub Ch. 01

 — She finds out my secret and wants to follow my path. by collaredwifein  BDSM05/29/114.42

The Deal of My Life Ch. 01

 — My boyfriend gives me what I need. by metis_amarantin  BDSM05/29/114.26

Goodbye, Master

 — A final word for her Master. by snick5908in  BDSM05/29/114.13

When He Comes Home

 — A Master's delight. by jewelz_diamondzin  BDSM05/27/113.90

Control by Submission

 — sub finds control through submission. by M_Rogersin  BDSM05/27/114.06

Two Vietnamese Boys Dominate Me Ch. 14

 — The Nugyen's Visit. by whiteasianlvrin  Gay Male05/04/114.56HOT

The Duchess's Journey Ch. 02

 — He convinces her to obey. by KaddyKittenin  BDSM03/16/114.46

Sharing An Actual Sexperience

 — A male dominant shares a real experience. by TaxiCabConfessionsin  BDSM03/13/114.07

The Chronicles of Ben Merriman #01

 — 18-year-old PI meets a cheerleader & a hot, wealthy blonde. by pseudonym2005in  Erotic Couplings02/05/114.78HOT

The Little Black Dress Ch. 02

 — Continued degradation of an almost unwilling Greek couple. by SweetOblivionin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/12/114.15

Alley Cum Dumpster

 — I didn't know I'd enjoy being used. by altaviein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/22/104.26

The Power of Lust Ch. 04

 — A well whipped and penetrated wife still wants more. by Quinin  Fetish11/27/104.42

The Rabbit Hole

 — A play day with His filthy little whore. by Hisflwin  BDSM10/31/104.20

She Knows Ch. 03

 — He knows what he wants, will she surrender it? by WmBlackstonein  BDSM10/02/104.00

Adventure with a Couple

 — i am loaned by my Master to be used by a couple for weekend. by kristendixon79in  BDSM09/06/104.14

Gargoyle Ch. 01

 — He wanted something different this time. by love_to_playin  BDSM09/06/104.19

The Misogynist Ch. 02

 — Innocent women is slowly being seduced by a cruel man. by carvohiin  Mind Control08/20/104.25

Exorcising a Demon

 — Catharsis found in submission and love. by ElizabethDarcyin  BDSM08/20/104.25

Valerie and the Bachelor Ch. 03

 — A naive young woman is being seduced. by carvohiin  Romance07/14/104.21

White Fire: the Romance

 — Cara discovers her true self and true love. by Salubrithin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/15/104.58HOT

Stay-At-Home-Fuck-Daddy Ch. 02

 — She forces her husband to watch. It sucks to be him. by a_bent_ampersandin  Loving Wives04/30/102.77

At Last

 — She comes home to a wild night. by Elliasonain  BDSM04/23/103.63

Tangled Up In Capes

 — A society gal sets her sights on a superhero. by empty_coffee_cupin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/04/104.47

One Good Night

 — A scene changes a couple's life for the better. by ralphruttin  Loving Wives02/16/104.05

The Answer, a Thorne & Janie Story

 — She learns the answer when she challenges her Master. by endoresin  BDSM02/10/103.93

Power Outage Ch. 02

 — The reminiscing continues. by lil_elvisin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/04/104.56HOT

Las Vegas House Party Ch. 00

 — Prequel: how Richard and Barbara met. by SubBabsin  BDSM01/21/104.45

Las Vegas House Party Ch. 01

 — Richard's sub discovers true dominance. by SubBabsin  BDSM01/16/104.19

Vanessa and the Boys

 — Black woman is forced in to submission at a road house. by mattwatt43in  NonConsent/Reluctance01/07/104.02

Dinner Time at Ca'el Bosco

 — Liese is chosen to decorate the table. by JulianWinslowin  BDSM01/05/103.81

Feeling Spankish

 — A fiesty woman learns submission. by thebeautifulin  BDSM12/10/094.28

Daddy's Bedtime Story

 — A Dominant's assignment to his sub. by darkitudein  BDSM11/29/094.19

Caught Off Guard: The Punishment

 — Viola Jean does her chores. by jeleanein  NonConsent/Reluctance11/23/094.38

Playing Musician

 — Shy hs guy impersonates rock star, fools classmate. by pseudonym2005in  Erotic Couplings11/02/094.78HOT

Two Vietnamese Boys Dominate Me Ch. 02

 — He's forced to realize he's a gay submissive. by whiteasianlvrin  Gay Male08/19/094.59HOT

For Her Own Good Ch. 09

 — Under control. by txblushin  BDSM08/09/094.41

Library Submission

 — Deirdre meets her Master, after a long absence. by owned_propertyin  BDSM08/02/094.11

Mother's Helper Ch. 03-04

 — Janice's baby doll is modified and she gets a facial. by IdeeFixeein  Incest/Taboo06/21/094.41

Next Time

 — A domme switches for her lover. by Kallaxxin  BDSM03/31/093.71


 — A submissive presents her Master with a beautiful gift. by Blushingsub3262in  BDSM03/30/093.50


 — An un-collared submissive begins an adventure. by Blushingsub3262in  BDSM03/24/094.66HOT

Satin and Bruises

 — A sub is bitten, whipped and tortured with clothespins. by robinet_esclavein  BDSM03/06/094.21


 — A Dominant takes his submissive to another level. by Blushingsub3262in  BDSM02/20/093.25

What a MILF! Ch. 02

 — Otto and Stacey consummate their love affair. by ottohauser1977in  Group Sex01/31/094.07

Anal Training - Lesson #02

 — Woman continues her preparation for anal sex. by Jack597in  Anal01/25/094.25

The Winter Storm

 — A slave's body is broken by her Dom's new whip. by robinet_esclavein  BDSM01/24/094.00

Anal Training - Lesson #01

 — Eager woman is prepared for anal sex. by Jack597in  Anal01/24/094.02

Submission to Andre Ch. 10

 — Andre turns me into his bitch. by Dragonlipzin  BDSM01/20/094.35

A Young Widow's Odyssey

 — A young widow sheds her sexual repression (part two). by DionysusReturnsin  Loving Wives01/17/094.19

Punished Party Piss Pot

 — His wife has to pay for his failure. by AlphaBeatHerin  Fetish12/22/083.84

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