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Setting Moon Ch. 12

 — Is this the end? by Bloodwomanin  NonHuman01/24/144.64HOT

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 10

 — Jake by donaldein  NonHuman12/16/134.89HOT

Choices to Make [Four]

 — So... Who are you really ? by NaughtyBonesin  NonHuman12/08/134.60HOT

All My Vampiress Wants

 — What do you get a woman who's lived forever? by DieselJesterin  NonHuman12/02/134.40

Something New Ch. 16

 — Final Chapter by loumey1in  NonHuman10/21/134.84HOT

Choices to Make [Three]

 — Explain yourself. by NaughtyBonesin  NonHuman09/25/134.53HOT

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 08

 — The beginning of the investigation into the attack. by donaldein  NonHuman07/10/134.78HOT

Its Eyes Are for the Stars Ch. 03

 — How could an angel break my heart? by dreamsofbirdsin  NonHuman06/23/134.74HOT

Its Eyes Are for the Stars Ch. 02

 — New and old friends. by dreamsofbirdsin  NonHuman06/01/134.81HOT

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 07

 — Gloria's pain. by donaldein  NonHuman05/03/134.70HOT

Not As It Seems Ch. 02

 — Strange feelings develop between Kaleb and Akira. by MzSeductressin  NonHuman02/13/134.49

Howl with Me Ch. 01

 — Daniel finally finds his mate. by BeccaLovesWolvesin  NonHuman02/10/134.37

Despair & Desire Ch. 03

 — Miranda learns about the pack & prepares for the rites. by TahoeCatin  NonHuman12/26/124.67HOT

Above an Alpha Ch. 05

 — Leah begins Adria's story, and worries about Trent. by PlainJane12in  NonHuman12/09/124.70HOT

Despair & Desire Ch. 02

 — Miranda and Leland come together and she meets the Alphas. by TahoeCatin  NonHuman12/04/124.63HOT

Despair & Desire Ch. 01

 — He finds his mate in the suicide ward. by TahoeCatin  NonHuman11/20/124.63HOT

Alone No More

 — Vera is alone, but finds her mate unknowingly. by EmoxRainbowsin  NonHuman11/11/124.32

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 20

 — In judgment there is sorrow. by JazCullenin  NonHuman10/25/124.85HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 19

 — Reactions and consequences. by JazCullenin  NonHuman10/19/124.80HOT

Above an Alpha Ch. 01

 — Omega Trent meets his Match. by PlainJane12in  NonHuman09/29/124.64HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 18

 — In chaos there is danger... by JazCullenin  NonHuman09/11/124.87HOT

An Alpha's Klutz

 — Can he keep her alive long enough to claim her? by LoriLeenin  NonHuman08/23/124.36

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 17

 — Plans, confrontations & heartache. by JazCullenin  NonHuman08/18/124.84HOT

Stripped Ch. 01

 — Emma, Rowen, and Simon. by LoriLeenin  NonHuman08/15/124.47

Not As It Seems Ch. 01

 — Akira discovers something heart breaking. by MzSeductressin  NonHuman08/13/124.29

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 03b

 — Time to move on. by donaldein  NonHuman08/05/124.69HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 16

 — Unexpected discoveries. by JazCullenin  NonHuman08/01/124.82HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 15

 — Walking through memories. by JazCullenin  NonHuman06/19/124.84HOT

Keyanna and Kevin

 — Decisions made & a friendship changes for the better. by divinelyinspired75in  NonHuman06/10/124.53HOT

Something New Ch. 13

 — Shadows revealed. by loumey1in  NonHuman05/27/124.83HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 14

 — A time to heal. by JazCullenin  NonHuman05/09/124.76HOT

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 02

 — Ttrying to learn how to survive. by donaldein  NonHuman05/06/124.70HOT

Fated Hearts Ch. 08

 — Trouble in Paradise. by Giannianain  NonHuman05/01/124.61HOT

Forest Pack: Tristan Ch. 04

 — Developments... by emogirl13in  NonHuman04/12/124.63HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 13

 — Hidden secrets. by JazCullenin  NonHuman03/28/124.85HOT

Fated Hearts Ch. 07

 — The plot thickens. by Giannianain  NonHuman03/22/124.65HOT

Fated Hearts Ch. 06

 — Trouble in Paradise. by Giannianain  NonHuman03/11/124.64HOT

Pipe Dreams Ch. 07

 — Figuring out what should happen next. by Cia81in  NonHuman03/04/124.68HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 12

 — Daddy Dearest! by JazCullenin  NonHuman02/21/124.87HOT

Fated Hearts Ch. 05

 — Trouble in Paradise. by Giannianain  NonHuman02/14/124.71HOT

Hypnotic Ch. 05

 — Excuses, Explanations, and Orgasms. by Cia81in  Gay Male02/13/124.82HOT

Berserker Child Ch. 02

 — A young woman finds her true love. by Emeraldfaein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/08/124.47

Hypnotic Ch. 04

 — Questions, Violence, and Answers. by Cia81in  Gay Male02/06/124.80HOT

Fated Hearts Ch. 04

 — The mates become closer. by Giannianain  NonHuman01/27/124.65HOT

Inside of You

 — An alpha meets his mate. Will he claim him or lose him? by Cia81in  Gay Male01/27/124.78HOT

Pipe Dreams Ch. 05

 — Learning more about each other. by Cia81in  NonHuman01/26/124.62HOT

Hypnotic Ch. 03

 — Finding out more about each other. by Cia81in  Gay Male01/26/124.82HOT

Hypnotic Ch. 02

 — Will they bond or will Dav's insecurities win out? by Cia81in  Gay Male01/21/124.80HOT

Hypnotic Ch. 01

 — Sequel to Two of a Kind-We meet the Snake. by Cia81in  Gay Male01/20/124.80HOT

Pipe Dreams Ch. 04

 — Secrets revealed. by Cia81in  NonHuman01/15/124.75HOT

His Cajun Moon Ch. 03

 — Evangeline gets introduced to the wolf world. by NoirABNCin  NonHuman01/09/124.75HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 11

 — Friends and foes. by JazCullenin  NonHuman12/25/114.85HOT

Pipe Dreams Ch. 01

 — Her first meeting with the handsome Kane. by Cia81in  NonHuman12/16/114.60HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 10

 — Deep in the heart of Europe. by JazCullenin  NonHuman12/07/114.85HOT

It Was Fate Ch. 08

 — The clan prepares for the fight. by SashaSOGoodin  NonHuman12/05/114.71HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 09

 — A meeting with a difference. by JazCullenin  NonHuman11/10/114.87HOT

A Classical Werewolf Ch. 04

 — Life can't be all rainbows and BDSM. by rosamundiin  NonHuman11/06/114.60HOT

Bonds Unbroken Ch. 04

 — Taking Natham home. by Cia81in  Gay Male11/04/114.72HOT

Bonds Unbroken Ch. 03

 — Mishtar returns with my enemy and my fate. by Cia81in  Gay Male11/01/114.72HOT

Bonds Unbroken

 — Mating brings challenges I never expected. by Cia81in  Gay Male10/25/114.52HOT

Something New Ch. 12

 — This thing of darkness I acknowledge mine... by loumey1in  NonHuman10/19/114.87HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 08

 — To dance with a vampire. by JazCullenin  NonHuman09/27/114.86HOT

Something New Ch. 11

 — Once more unto the breach, dear friends... by loumey1in  NonHuman09/19/114.85HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 07

 — The best laid plan don't always work. by JazCullenin  NonHuman09/10/114.84HOT

It Was Fate Ch. 07

 — A war is declared. by SashaSOGoodin  NonHuman09/05/114.62HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 06

 — Unravelling secrets bring surprises. by JazCullenin  NonHuman08/20/114.86HOT

Finding Love Ch. 06

 — Things boil over. by durabluein  NonHuman08/04/114.76HOT

Hearts of Warriors Ch. 05

 — A battle of wills. by JazCullenin  NonHuman07/30/114.82HOT

Just my Luck Ch. 04

 — Where is Jake? And who is Chelsea? by Jezzahbehlin  NonHuman07/26/114.45

Long Drive North (The Hotel)

 — Breaking the journey has advantages. by monkeyman137in  Gay Male07/10/114.33

Finding Love Ch. 05

 — Calm before the storm. by durabluein  NonHuman06/20/114.79HOT

Serving The Council Ch. 06

 — The final fight. by catman71in  NonHuman06/19/114.71HOT

Panther-Wolf Cub Ch. 02

 — Kira, and Jason met, are they mates? by Mega15in  NonHuman04/09/114.52HOT

Sun and Earth Ch. 09

 — Parker and Micah come forth as the Mated Couple. by leylinein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/02/114.80HOT

Panther-Wolf Cub

 — Thea;vamp Kristy & Jason; panther and Kira; Alpha wolf. by Mega15in  NonHuman01/21/114.36

Straight Mates Explore Gay Sex

 — Ttwo straight mates having a go. by billyjoe86in  Gay Male01/11/113.57

Dean & Erica

 — Erica doesn't know that she is about to turn into a werewolf. by Peccatoin  NonHuman12/23/104.59HOT

Mated Forever Ch. 01-04

 — Ella mets Trent, he kidnaps her will he hurt her or love her by Mega15in  NonHuman12/20/104.20

Hunger Within

 — The hunger, the love, and the lust has been awakened. by VampJenaiin  NonHuman12/07/104.13

Fates Mate Ch. 02

 — Lily looked after him then she got up from the bed. by SecretSide22in  NonHuman10/16/103.52

Bound by Pride Ch. 08

 — Mayhem and Electra get closer... Keira gets scratched... by whitesabretoothin  NonHuman06/06/104.85HOT

Sharing the Past Ch. 03

 — Learning more. by ingarlmin  NonHuman01/02/104.78HOT

Sharing the Past Ch. 02

 — Some surprises. by ingarlmin  NonHuman12/24/094.79HOT

Sharing the Past Ch. 01

 — Strange day leads to changes. by ingarlmin  NonHuman12/16/094.71HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 12

 — The rescue mission. by ingarlmin  NonHuman04/30/094.85HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 11

 — Family secrets revealed. by ingarlmin  NonHuman04/25/094.79HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 10

 — Can they find the captives? by ingarlmin  NonHuman04/19/094.74HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 08

 — New information comes to light, but does it help? by ingarlmin  NonHuman04/11/094.80HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 07

 — Adam visits the mansion. by ingarlmin  Gay Male04/04/094.70HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 06

 — Trying to build some trust. by ingarlmin  NonHuman03/29/094.74HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 05

 — Learning about Sky's past. by ingarlmin  NonHuman03/21/094.69HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 02

 — A phone call shatters the peace. by ingarlmin  NonHuman02/28/094.78HOT

Cats and Dogs Ch. 10

 — The Conclusion. by ingarlmin  NonHuman12/12/084.83HOTContest Winner

Cats and Dogs Ch. 04

 — Relationships are formed. by ingarlmin  NonHuman11/30/084.68HOT


 — A camping trip leads to a mating. by Ravenarain  NonHuman11/16/084.46


 — Werewolf finds his mate amidst a snowstorm. by CeruleanZeemanin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/20/084.48

Heart of Stone

 — A gargoyle is awakened from a long sleep by a young woman. by psyche_b_musedin  NonHuman10/08/084.60HOT

A Shade of the Past Ch. 01

 — An introduction to Sam: who is she? by NymzanSusaurenin  Group Sex03/20/075.00

Seamus Ch. 03

 — Seamus and Neill are caught having shower sex. by Sachsin  Gay Male02/28/064.80HOT

Discovery Ch. 02

 — Jen and Lisa talk about swapping. by D H LAWin  Group Sex06/28/054.58HOT

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