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Barbarian Legends Ch. 02

 — Barbarian Valda has a surprising, aquatic encounter. by LadyDefiantin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/18/144.40NEW

Fins Ch. 01

 — Love in the water. by carl420in  Erotic Couplings04/09/143.25

Rolling in the Meep Ch. 04

 — Rolling in the meep. by roftlheoryin  NonHuman03/20/144.75HOT

Rolling in the Meep Ch. 03

 — And the fun begins. by roftlheoryin  NonHuman02/25/144.36

The Mermaid and Her Men Ch. 02

 — Mana and her sister play with land men. by DancingNymphin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/28/143.71

The Succubae Seduction Ch. 30

 — Building Supports. by DBs_Broin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/28/134.88HOT

The Little Mermaid

 — A little Halloween bondage fun. by CopyCat13in  Fetish11/26/134.09

The Mermaid and Her Men

 — A mermaid finds a man and lures him out to sea. by DancingNymphin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/04/134.30

The Lake of Temptation

 — A human lives with mermaids. by roftlheoryin  NonHuman10/01/134.46

The Succubae Seduction Ch. 25

 — Healing. by DBs_Broin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/23/134.78HOT

The Succubae Seduction Ch. 23

 — Shemhazau. by DBs_Broin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/09/134.80HOT

Last One In

 — Two girls have summer fun with some unusual friends. by HookerBootsin  NonHuman09/02/134.64HOT

Sweet Siesta

 — Esther gives Michael a very special gift. by magee113in  Erotic Couplings08/19/133.50

The Old Fisherman's Dream

 — The O. F. spends a hot day at sea and a cool night. by LargoKittin  Erotic Couplings08/13/134.29

The Succubae Seduction Ch. 20

 — Cops, confrontations, and coworkers. by DBs_Broin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/09/134.76HOT

The Mermaid

 — Be careful what you wish for.... you may get it! by Carnevil9in  NonHuman08/04/134.19

Her Contract Enatails Ch. 04

 — The mermaid recalls her past and plots her escape. by Nate_Walisin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/18/134.74HOT

Her Contract Enatails Ch. 03

 — The woman is fully and finally replaced by the mermaid. by Nate_Walisin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/17/134.74HOT

Her Contract Enatails Ch. 02

 — The transformation from woman to mermaid begins in earnest. by Nate_Walisin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/16/134.55HOT

Times of Austerity Ch. 02

 — A fashion shoot with an odd costume turns into a nightmare. by Nate_Walisin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/16/134.64HOT

Her Contract Enatails Ch. 01

 — A rich and unscrupulous man buys himself a mermaid. by Nate_Walisin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/15/134.45

Times of Austerity Ch. 01

 — All is not right on the Breakfast show, something is fishy. by Nate_Walisin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/15/134.50HOT

Loreley Island Ch. 03

 — Stella lights the fuse to Clay's heart. Will it explode? by dielectricin  NonHuman07/08/134.46

Loreley Island Ch. 02

 — Kissing her was the most intense experience he'd ever had. by dielectricin  NonHuman06/28/134.30

The Succubae Seduction Ch. 07

 — The long road home. If roads were seas. by DBs_Broin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/02/134.77HOT

The Succubae Seduction Ch. 06

 — Escaping the Pillar of Fire by DBs_Broin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/01/134.78HOT

Voices in the Deep

 — Creatures toy with sunken ship survivors on ocean floor. by javawarriorin  Erotic Horror04/20/134.34

The Mermaid and the Fisherman

 — A love story. by Deprived_in_AZin  Humor & Satire02/22/133.98

The Lake Monster Ch. 08

 — Nikki, the mermaid, and Elena. by roftlheoryin  NonHuman01/21/134.76HOT

The Lake Monster Ch. 07

 — Elena finds out. by roftlheoryin  NonHuman01/10/134.58HOT

His Little Fish

 — A story about a siren who is punished for her misdeeds. by CherryFoamin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/07/124.10

The Lake Monster Ch. 05

 — Futa and a mermaid. by roftlheoryin  NonHuman11/11/124.74HOT

The Lake Monster Ch. 04

 — A futa mermaid has lesbian fun. by roftlheoryin  NonHuman11/05/124.68HOT

The Lake Monster Ch. 03

 — Fun on the lake. by roftlheoryin  NonHuman10/22/124.65HOT

Return to Cala de Sirena

 — 5 years later, Don & Angel get some surprise guests. by NymphWriterin  Romance10/22/124.79HOT

Siren Song Ch. 07

 — Mysteries resolved, intentions revealed, and buxom mermaids. by PaulGerardin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/17/124.25

My Heart Belongs to the Sea

 — Isabelle makes a bargain with the unlikeliest of creatures. by Frenemy54in  Non-Erotic07/17/124.15

Sirena Ch. 01

 — Sex trade investigator picks up runaway Mermaid/sex worker. by Batshebain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/17/124.33

The Mermaid

 — A mermaid has to mate with a human to stay human forever. by fabledfaeriein  NonHuman06/08/123.70

A Little Siren

 — A siren and a werewolf, meet. Who could they be? by sexycelestrianin  NonHuman06/04/124.26

Siren Song Ch. 02

 — Pendant's powers slowly change Barbara's body. by PaulGerardin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/29/124.61HOT

Siren Song Ch. 01

 — Wearing a pendant found in a fish's guts - bad idea? by PaulGerardin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/22/124.45

Horse Play

 — An erotic performer faces the process of becoming a centaur. by Nate_Walisin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/22/124.62HOT

Passion Ch. 16

 — Sex in a storm. Mermaid. Valkyrie. by Wonderoticain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/26/124.71HOT

Passion Ch. 15

 — Man of the sea. Sea queen's court. by Wonderoticain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/23/124.58HOT

Maid to Serve Ch. 03

 — Eleanor the sex doll is made into a rubber mermaid. by Nate_Walisin  Fetish04/22/124.13

Siren in Stockings

 — An ancient Black Pearl turns a woman into a modern Mermaid. by Nate_Walisin  Fetish03/09/124.11

Secrets of the Forest Nymph Ch. 06

 — Who will win the battle for the forest? by boneamsin  NonHuman02/16/124.86HOT

The Mermaid's New Slave Ch. 02

 — She's like the sea: Powerful, beautiful, and unpredictable. by Inkiduin  BDSM02/07/124.50HOT

Hope Floats

 — A Cinderella story for a young woman at a Fetish Convention. by Nate_Walisin  Fetish02/06/124.12

The Mermaid's New Slave Ch. 01

 — A shipwrecked sailor finds himself the property of the sea. by Inkiduin  BDSM02/01/124.18


 — Latex turns her into a mermaid. by Nate_Walisin  Fetish01/10/124.10

Passion Ch. 13

 — Mermaid. New love. Father of many. by Wonderoticain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/27/114.60HOT

Jemima is Your Oyster

 — Dressed as a mermaid she discovers new sexual highs... by Nate_Walisin  Fetish12/25/113.92

Gone Swimming

 — A new swimming costume has unexpected results. by SamanthaOrangein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/23/114.09

Loreley Island Ch. 01

 — Clay's attraction to the mysterious Stella may destroy him. by dielectricin  NonHuman09/30/114.41

Tales Twisted: Little Mermaid Ch. 01

 — Mermaid watches a prince go at it with a servant on a ship. by kinkosityin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/18/114.24

The Color of Sea

 — Shapeshifter finds danger and romance by a dark sea. by Silvermousein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/06/114.81HOT

Life Under the Sea Ch. 05

 — She embraces the sea with open arms... by jlynannin  NonHuman05/06/114.68HOT

Welcome to the Fish Tank

 — Marina becomes an aquarium's newest addition. by Big_Kahuna_69in  Mind Control04/17/114.51HOT

The Rescue

 — An octopus girl rescues a castaway. by inkytaurin  NonHuman01/10/114.16

A Shipwreck

 — A beach holds a surprise. by thearchdukein  NonHuman10/19/103.65

Mermaid Revisited

 — We are really glad to see each other again. by Boxlicker101in  NonHuman08/31/104.08

Shark Week

 — Marine biologist discovers a new species. by al_Ussain  NonHuman08/13/104.24

The Centaur and the Sea Nymph

 — Escape from a fantasy zoo. by CmdPromptin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/22/104.12

Kevin & Maggie

 — A short respite at a B&B reveals true feelings. by CmdPromptin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/22/104.30


 — When Tethys errs, one of her daughters must correct it. by Silvercatseyein  NonHuman02/17/104.51HOT

A Tale of Mermen

 — Trapped and outnumbered by inferior rivals. by ellyneiin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/27/094.09

Mermaid Mine

 — A sailor encounters a mermaid at sea. by Angelscuckin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/14/093.63

Succubus Ranch Ch. 09

 — Business exec gets a different type of bonus. by mjm202036in  NonHuman11/02/094.69HOT

Mouth of the Mermaid

 — Some questions I've had about mermaids are finally answered. by Boxlicker101in  NonHuman09/04/094.08


 — A secluded beach is not so secluded. by infructescencein  Lesbian Sex08/26/094.10

One Way or Another

 — Lux has a little ghostly encounter. by DirtyGeishain  NonHuman07/20/094.12

Hentai Hotties: Down Where Its Wet

 — Sean's rendezvous with a mermaid. by Sean Renaudin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/05/093.97

Life Under the Sea Ch. 04

 — Taking it slow. Just friends for now. by jlynannin  NonHuman02/18/094.75HOT

A Mate For Valentine's Day

 — Lux doesn't really want a boyfriend; the universe, however... by DirtyGeishain  NonHuman01/29/094.17

Something Fishy Came Along

 — Woman is made a strange proposal on a beach. by sexy_sandreyin  NonHuman12/19/083.84

Sin Silently My Siren

 — A Fathers lust breaks a princess' tiara. by foxxxiein  Incest/Taboo11/09/083.42

The Boobfish

 — Picture a mermaid, replace the tail by one big (hungry) tit. by sarusin  Erotic Horror06/06/084.33

The Perfect Porn

 — Would you risk mother nature's fury to get laid? by GratefulFredin  Humor & Satire03/28/083.14

Amour Ch. 02

 — An twist on the old mermaid tale. by darkdeceptionin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/21/084.23

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 05

 — The Little Mermaid- What will she do to win his love? by KarennaCin  Chain Stories03/19/083.98

Life Under the Sea Ch. 03

 — Her old life comes chasing after her. by jlynannin  NonHuman11/23/074.51HOT

The Mermaid and The Octopus

 — A humorous tale of a lunch date gone wrong. by Yourstohavein  Humor & Satire11/16/073.00

Life Under the Sea Ch. 02

 — She shares a night with her merman and... by jlynannin  NonHuman09/27/074.52HOT

Erotic Haunted House

 — Coed finds forced orgasms fun. by buzbybdsmin  BDSM08/06/074.69HOT

Life Under the Sea Ch. 01

 — She falls in love with a merman & gets lost at sea. by jlynannin  NonHuman07/23/074.46

Siren Song

 — What do you want more than anything else? by l8bloomin  Romance07/06/074.59HOT

A Scent of Eucalyptus

 — The ink is wet..and so is she. by baccgirlin  Erotic Couplings07/06/074.26

Upon the Midnight Beach

 — Being a deserted island sucks - sometimes literally. by mrPITin  Group Sex05/30/074.15

The Mermaid

 — A scientist alters the feeding of a mermaid. by Bawooklesin  NonHuman05/08/074.23

The Little Mermaid

 — A twist to the classic tale. by Spearsisin  Erotic Horror03/10/073.36

Sea Changes

 — A mermaid finds more than she expects when she visits land. by SeaCatin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/01/074.56HOT

Hired for Halloween

 — A job interview gets her more than she bargained for. by buzbybdsmin  Fetish10/04/064.42

The Mermaid Slave

 — She loves treasure, but can treasure love her back? by jlynannin  NonHuman09/17/063.71

Urstain Finds Love in Lonely Atoll

 — Love Story between a man and one of God's Special Creatures. by LaPatitMortin  NonHuman09/10/064.51HOT

Secrets of the Deep Ch. 01

 — Chastity finds herself haunted by lust and horny sea nymphs. by Lady Malachitein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/10/064.75HOT

Extraterrestrial Affair

 — A tale of alien lovemaking. by gunkglumbin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/01/063.97

The Sewer Mermaid

 — A pirate's true love found under the city? by KewlBlueTigerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/14/064.50HOT

The Morrigan Ch. 01

 — A mermaid changes a young maidens life forever. by nocturnellein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/08/064.36

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