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Aftermath Confessions Ch. 07

 — Husband confesses threesome with buddy and bound wife. by DMercatorin  Loving Wives04/02/114.33

Our Story is a True One - Night 02

 — Adam and Amber share a second night with Chris. by ccbj69in  Loving Wives03/31/114.40

My New Fuck Buddy Ch. 01

 — I found the woman I had been looking for at the local ABS. by Benny024in  Anal03/29/113.88

The 3 of Us

 — Sexy MFM 3 some with hot man lovin. by Memphisgirlin  Group Sex03/21/114.41

Catherine and Charles (and Nick!)

 — Catherine's threesome fantasy is finally fulfilled. by HighFlyin  Group Sex03/16/114.60HOT


 — Wife is lost in an Italian steam room. by magicstrangerin  Loving Wives03/13/114.29

A Police Woman in Complete Control

 — A horny police woman fucks her suspects. by dave110256in  Group Sex03/04/114.21

Our Wonderful Threesome

 — Seven years to find Mr Right. by dave110256in  Loving Wives03/02/114.23

Jemma's Fantasy

 — Her boyfriend should have kept it to himself... by dogs_of_phwoarin  Group Sex02/18/114.44


 — A special Valentine from her Best Friend. by cedarloomanin  Group Sex02/16/114.53HOT

Rewarding Admissions

 — Admitting erotic-writing to a roommate never looked so good. by atenaiin  Erotic Couplings02/14/114.41

The Baubling of Bethy's Bits

 — My moment of insanity. by Bethybooin  Humor & Satire02/04/114.03

Tuition Ch. 02

 — Bastion's point of view. by Hubeein  BDSM01/28/114.53HOT

Aunite Di

 — Nephew and his pal help aunite to get ready for hot date. by OralDavein  Incest/Taboo01/20/114.12

Emily, Richard, And Tom Ch. 03

 — Married couple invites man into their life. by nobullguyin  Fetish01/10/114.57HOT

First Time Fetish Club

 — You're given a guided Tour in Rubber. by rbbrbootjakein  Fetish01/06/114.47

Viva Las Vegas Ch. 02

 — The night at the club continues. by Sexy_Swinging_Babein  Group Sex01/03/115.00

Controlling Sarah Ch. 01-11

 — A new secretary takes control of her boss at work & at home. by JohnTagliaferroin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/31/104.53HOT

Unexpected MFM 3-Some

 — Holly has a few too many drinks and gets taken in a motel. by beshakisin  Group Sex12/29/104.51HOT

Silvia's Tale

 — Silvia meets a stranger in an elevator. by pervinplainpackagein  NonConsent/Reluctance12/21/103.62

The Photo

 — A wife's sexy photo leads to an encounter at a party. by aliceglassin  Loving Wives12/19/104.24

Getting Her Ready

 — My duties was to get her eady for our visitor. by ritestuff100in  Loving Wives12/18/103.77

Vanessa Makes Demands

 — Jack gets her ready, watches, and gets a creamy treat. by jacketjackin  Fetish12/18/103.98

Audrey's Birthday Gift

 — Will she get what she wants for her birthday? by emmajordan90in  Group Sex12/16/104.13

My Renaissance Ch. 16

 — My first MFM threesome with a husband and wife. by Modern_Citizenin  Group Sex11/10/104.44

Getting Gina Pregnant

 — Threesome fun with a purpose. by Monagamous_Nowin  Incest/Taboo10/31/103.99

Wife Gets a New Car Ch. 01

 — Wife uses assets to lower the price of a used car. by goodwood71in  Loving Wives10/27/103.84

Kissing Cathy Ch. 07

 — Cathy takes Carl with her strap on. by catsguy2in  Toys & Masturbation10/14/104.67HOT

Submission of a Slut

 — A sub gives herself to her Master and another man. by amore_101in  BDSM10/08/104.16

Losing Control and Loving It

 — My unusual wife and how she changed my life. by Ronventuresin  Loving Wives08/23/103.13

Dawn Defiled Ch. 02

 — Surprises for husband as wife submits to another man. by soflabbwlvrin  BDSM08/21/104.67HOT

Taylor, Gabi, Creampies, and Me!

 — Hot young couple uses business exec as a personal slave! by sharingissogoodin  Fetish08/18/104.10

Use Me

 — By two, she will choose to be used. by PegSyrenin  Group Sex07/26/103.86

Cuckold Chronicles: Rob

 — The neighbor joins in. by deltonaman2manin  BDSM07/26/104.45

Amber & I Ch. 09

 — Our heroes attend a wild sex party. by BradentonLarryin  Group Sex07/25/104.66HOT

Domestic Affairs Ch. 02

 — Two couples continue to explore fully. by markindyin  Loving Wives07/10/104.53HOT

Aye Aye Captain

 — A woman gives herself to the men she loves. by ofloveandlustin  Loving Wives07/01/103.81

The Dream

 — Wife's erotic fantasies cum to life in a morning dream. by Tony88888in  Loving Wives06/25/103.98

Party Card Game

 — A card game expands our horizons. by CeasarBoobagein  Group Sex05/30/104.62HOT


 — Let the punishment fit the crime. by arbenitrein  BDSM05/16/104.44

How I Became a Cuckold Ch. 05

 — Ray finds out his own wife has made him a cuck. by LynnGKSin  Loving Wives05/14/104.31

Picture Show

 — A fun afternoon at the movies. by HisFntsyHerNdulgencein  Loving Wives05/14/104.22

How I Became a Cuckold Ch. 03

 — Bull makes cuckold get him ready to do cuck's wife. by LynnGKSin  Loving Wives05/09/104.27

Sexual Vengeance

 — Wife of cheater goes in search of wild sex herself. by marriedpervsin  Loving Wives05/03/104.07

Two Heads are Better Than One

 — Sex with an ex and a new boyfriend at the same time. by texblondiein  Group Sex04/24/104.41

Bill and Jan

 — Jan joins us in some interesting activity at the pool. by krwritein  Loving Wives04/23/104.19

Old Flame, New Game Ch. 05

 — Conclusion. Cheating lovers let loose at sex club. by soflabbwlvrin  Group Sex04/18/104.58HOT

Dark Desire

 — Raven finds herself captured by two dangerous men. by Sascha_Iin  Group Sex04/18/103.99

First Time Threesome

 — Wife lets loose with best friend and I. by ynotadd1morein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/16/104.03

Property Inspection

 — A routine visit from the landlord turns into something more. by tmartin96007in  Group Sex04/15/103.68

My Wifes First Gangbang

 — Her first gangbang from before we were together. by alisboy2002in  Group Sex04/15/104.08

My Fantasy Comes True

 — A boyfriend's fantasy of a mfm is fufilled. by mcnabb376in  Loving Wives04/14/103.35

A Guest

 — A minor lapse in judgement leads to a threesome. by Zraiiin  Group Sex04/02/104.17

Voyeur Pt. 04

 — Wife enjoys a DP from her lover and hubby. by Bacon4u2in  Loving Wives03/22/104.00

My First Time Ch. 02

 — Joe and I have our second encounter, Sarah joins in. by iwant2692001in  Group Sex03/18/104.26

Voyeur Pt. 02

 — Wife feeds cuckold hubby her creampie. by Bacon4u2in  Loving Wives03/09/104.27


 — A man has his fantasy fulfilled. by ShyOne79in  BDSM03/04/103.92

Decadent Sin Ch. 01

 — A journey of discovery between two friends. by _Savannah_in  Gay Male02/24/104.63HOT

Marking My Women Ch. 03

 — Another man pleasures himself with my women. by SirenSeekerin  Loving Wives02/14/100.00


 — Gal who thinks like a guy gets two guys instead of one. by LynnGKSin  Group Sex02/11/104.40

Sharing my Wife

 — An overview of my relationshipm with my slut wife. by Mr_Bostonin  Loving Wives02/10/103.78

Marking My Women Ch. 02

 — Another man pleasures himself with my women. by SirenSeekerin  Loving Wives02/01/100.00

Marking My Women Ch. 01

 — Another man pleasures himself with my women. by SirenSeekerin  Loving Wives01/27/103.77

The Man

 — Newly married couple live out voyerism fantasy. by wundering2in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/07/104.00


 — Two hospitable young men welcome her to their city. by PegSyrenin  Group Sex12/24/093.05

My Naughty Vixen

 — Vignettes inspired by Ima and Isseii of the Lit boards. by jre1962in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/18/093.25

Claire & the Painters Ch. 01

 — A slut negotiates a good deal. by clairelovescockin  Group Sex11/18/094.25

Raven Walks Ch. 22

 — Ginger sets her trap for Argos, using herself as bait. by StarrLust69in  NonHuman11/02/094.78HOT

The Cuckold Husband

 — A cuckold husband shares his wife with younger man. by alwaysready4in  Loving Wives10/17/094.16

Pulling on the Train!

 — Wild sex with stranger on a train. by marriedpervsin  Loving Wives09/29/093.92

Wife Entertains Some Friends

 — Submissive husband in closet while wife entertains. by hotmetalmanin  Loving Wives09/29/093.85

He Was Only 18

 — A Dad brings his son to his girl friend for his first taste. by ravenswoodin  Incest/Taboo09/23/094.23

Friend Stays with The Wife and I

 — Things heat up between the three of us. by paul_bi_williamsin  Gay Male09/19/094.52HOT

My Wife's Sexy Office

 — My wife calls me while her boss is spanking her. by jimhaullisin  Loving Wives09/19/094.16

Linn Plus Two Ch. 03

 — Oh what a climax to an evening of MFM fun. by meohmyohin  Loving Wives09/16/093.97

Linn Plus Two Ch. 02

 — Husband and wife share great sex with new friend. by meohmyohin  Loving Wives09/15/094.07

Linn Plus Two Ch. 01

 — Husband and wife have long night of great sex. by meohmyohin  Loving Wives09/11/094.31

Melissa's Adventure

 — A sexy, exhibitionist wife teases and pleases. by luvmymilfin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/09/094.62HOT

One Hot Year Ch. 01

 — A young couple's sexual journey. by fuciferin  Group Sex07/26/092.59

Watching Her With A Friend

 — She enjoys a friend of mine while I watch. by lrwriterin  Loving Wives07/06/094.29

New Years Eve

 — My wife makes a surprising leap back into swinging. by mhavingfuninohin  Loving Wives07/01/093.65

Glorious Rendezvous

 — You follow Ian's instructions... by Tantaluschainedin  Fetish05/26/094.27

Hotel Get Together

 — Kath enjoys getting to her overnight destination. by Fit Likein  Group Sex03/29/094.59HOT

My Life Ch. 02

 — My husband shares me and I enjoy my first dp. by PamCarolsonin  Loving Wives03/11/094.38

Study Buddy

 — Threesome. by rosyblush74in  Loving Wives02/19/094.04


 — Meeting my business partner in a Frankfurt brothel. by vie_secretein  Group Sex01/29/094.06

Maybe the Son Knows Best

 — Father and son explore group and gay sex. by markindyin  Incest/Taboo12/25/084.64HOT


 — The third in our continuing journal of our encounters. by MCTXin  Loving Wives12/13/083.66


 — The second in our continuing journal of our encounters by MCTXin  Loving Wives12/12/083.63


 — The first in a series of our journaled experiences. by MCTXin  Loving Wives12/11/083.87

Shows Off Wife

 — Husband convinces her into ever daring poses with friend. by laddain  Loving Wives11/24/084.37

Jess Ch. 02

 — Jess meets her father's friend. by zebra2001ukin  Incest/Taboo11/05/084.25

The Persistent Nerd

 — His efforts finally paid off by BACarterin  Group Sex09/28/084.35

Wordless Encounter

 — He experiences his first three-way - mfm. by michaeliamin  Group Sex09/22/084.32

The Carnival

 — Volunteering can be so much fun. by soncuriousin  Group Sex09/14/084.02

Threesome Story

 — They have their first threesome. by lookalot2006in  Group Sex09/07/084.43

Cheri's Surprise

 — Two large men come over to visit Cheri. by lookalot2006in  Interracial Love09/02/084.48

Her Surprise Threesome

 — Jane plays with her ex and his friend. by lookalot2006in  Group Sex09/02/083.97

Our trip to Hilton Head

 — Wife finds a stud she wants. by mark_schultzin  Loving Wives08/03/084.24

Mary Jane: Twentieth Class Reunion

 — She returns to her high school class reunion (orgy?) by caprinein  Group Sex07/29/084.44

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