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What's Her Name? I Can't Tell You!

 — The one time he believed in himself... by YDB95in  Novels and Novellas03/02/154.44

Happy Birthday Series Pt. 02

 — The Holding Cell: Cop kidnaps pretty young thing for fun! by Apple_of_Edenin  BDSM12/21/144.43

Krygan's Pets Pt. 05

 — Krygan plots his moves while his 5 captives experience more. by captainhappyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/20/144.55HOT

Krygan's Pets Pt. 04

 — Sexual games, mind games, and power struggles escalate. by captainhappyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/14/144.64HOT

Krygan's Pets Pt. 03

 — Deception begins & Krygan's rivals grow curious about humans. by captainhappyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/12/144.61HOT

Learning the Rules Ch. 02

 — Dinner conversation turns into Challenge Accepted. by Apple_of_Edenin  BDSM08/24/144.66HOT

Enslaved Ch. 01

 — Scarlett is captured by Lord Rendel. by Nicwong_2701in  NonConsent/Reluctance06/08/144.27

Just the Thought of You Ch. 02

 — Sacrifice anything, come what might. by Brunnein  Romance03/16/144.83HOT

Just the Thought of You Ch. 01

 — Waking up into the morning after. by Brunnein  Romance03/10/144.75HOT

The Joy of the Hunt Ch. 03

 — In which she has to face the consequences. by Lotherielin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/19/134.63HOT

The Joy of the Hunt Ch. 02

 — In which she seemingly gets a chance to get away. by Lotherielin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/12/134.49

In the Mind of a Sadist Ch. 03

 — Jonathan continues to torment Emily on a weekend getaway. by rbobrienin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/06/134.40

In the Mind of a Sadist Ch. 02

 — Jonathan continues his mental torment of Emily. by rbobrienin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/04/134.35

Gavin Screws Up Ch. 02

 — Ellie overreacts but she's very, very hot for him. by GemmaRaphaelin  Erotic Couplings07/26/133.89

In the Mind of a Sadist Ch. 01

 — A man sexually teases and torments his girlfriend. by rbobrienin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/21/134.12

Undisclosed Submission

 — A night she wanted, or so she thought. by Metalopnin  BDSM05/01/134.00

She Me and My Gun Ch. 01

 — Oral, psycho domination, cop. by wolftrasin  Fetish04/23/133.00

In The Darkness

 — Finally he could take no more, but how much can she take? by Alpharoticain  BDSM04/01/133.94

The Familiar Ch. 06

 — Cat and mouse evolves into something dangerous for both. by blackfire13in  NonHuman01/11/134.67HOT

The Familiar Ch. 05

 — Sex can both bring familiarity as well as alienation. by blackfire13in  NonHuman01/01/134.61HOT

The Familiar Ch. 03

 — A trip to the hospital can become a dangerous proposition. by blackfire13in  NonHuman12/26/124.47

A is for Avocado

 — Learning my limits with a new friend. by KMcTin  BDSM12/16/123.97


 — Sometimes taking your time is better. by Lucy1970Harkerin  Erotic Couplings10/12/124.72HOT

Deep in the Heart of Me Ch. 04

 — Completely and utterly hooked. by Brunnein  Romance10/05/124.84HOT

Twenty Questions

 — Every question gets you closer to number one. by Lucy1970Harkerin  Erotic Couplings09/25/124.41

Deep in the Heart of Me Ch. 03

 — Playing dangerous games. by Brunnein  Romance08/31/124.88HOT

Deep in the Heart of Me Ch. 02

 — The hunger only goes deeper. by Brunnein  Romance08/23/124.87HOTContest Winner

Deep in the Heart of Me Ch. 01

 — The beginning of the addiction. by Brunnein  Romance08/15/124.79HOT

The Bad Idea Ch. 02

 — The cheeky submissive punished by her Dom. by Meshy_Petin  BDSM07/28/123.33

Mrs. V, Teases Again

 — A journey of pleasure as Mrs. V teases him again... by lkg4funherenowin  Loving Wives07/09/122.90

Daddy's Little Psychopath Ch. 07

 — Daddy's newest slut makes herself at home. by LordOfHellin  Incest/Taboo05/11/124.62HOT

The Secretary and Finance Director Ch. 02

 — What the secretary didn't realise. by LovelyDollyin  BDSM05/03/124.18

Too Clever by a Mile Ch. 06

 — Cathy turns the tables on Steve and Theresa in her own way. by carvohiin  Romance04/29/124.37

Too Clever by a Mile Ch. 05

 — More trouble and more miscommunication between two lovers. by carvohiin  Romance04/24/124.04

Too Clever by a Mile Ch. 04

 — How can one man screw up a two car parade. by carvohiin  Romance04/21/124.33

Love in the Cross Hairs Ch. 04

 — Peter and Laurie get mixed up with Carroll and Autumn. by carvohiin  Romance04/15/124.52HOT

Too Clever by a Mile Ch. 02

 — Conniving woman is out connived by her prey. by carvohiin  Romance04/12/124.37

Bar Meeting

 — I saw him come in the door of the bar. by MindFuckerin  Erotic Couplings03/20/123.32

Interns Ch. 03

 — Will's weekend has its share of ups and downs. by Nobuoin  Mind Control03/18/124.68HOT

Daddy's Little Psychopath Ch. 06

 — Rhonda finally has Daddy, but now her real problems begin. by LordOfHellin  Incest/Taboo01/29/124.56HOT

Gangster's Moll Ch. 01

 — Let the mind games begin. by LaRascassein  Novels and Novellas11/28/114.48

Garfoolio Ch. 02

 — Garfoolio misses his chance to bed two women at once. by Garfoolioin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/21/114.00

Allyson Ch. 03

 — A delusional girl, a love struck boy, and a fiend. by carvohiin  Romance10/13/114.32

A Simple Pick-up

 — A messenger gets more than just some paperwork. by 4YourErosin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/13/114.29

Allyson Ch. 02

 — Allyson is maneuvered into worsening situation. by carvohiin  Romance10/08/114.34

Double Life Ch. 04

 — The ultimate humiliation. by Julie20in  BDSM10/07/114.09


 — Young Almost Newlywed has unexpected difficulties. by carvohiin  Fetish09/20/113.81

Give Me What I Want

 — Making the secretary happy can lead to hot steamy sex. by AmberRoseThompsonin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/05/113.82

A Needed Break

 — All work and no play can lead to a very long work day. by AmberRoseThompsonin  Gay Male08/28/113.56


 — A problem is contained and moved on. by Andromeda7in  NonConsent/Reluctance06/03/113.37

Dipping his Pen in the Company Ink

 — New salesgirl succumbs to her bosses charms. by walterioin  Erotic Couplings03/11/114.62HOT

Friends Get Carried Away

 — He's controlled by wife and a married couple. by walterioin  Loving Wives03/06/113.96

Sorrel's Long Journey to Love Ch. 03

 — Sorrel must face one of her tormentors. by carvohiin  Romance01/28/114.32

Angela and Vonda Ch. 07

 — Angela is on a downward spiral. by carvohiin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/27/114.25

The Lamp Ch. 08

 — Tammy meets a friend from Schoo. by carvohiin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/17/103.89

My Hermaphrodite Boss Pt. 06

 — Bad vibrations. by Metamorphosein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/26/104.58HOT

Sex in the Business World

 — The account is lost but Demi and her customer get closer. by walterioin  Erotic Couplings10/24/104.40

The Lawyer and the Killer Ch. 05

 — A tale of kidnapping and love. by carvohiin  Romance10/21/104.61HOT

Angela and Vonda Ch. 04

 — One woman is manipulated into desperate circumstances. by carvohiin  Mind Control10/01/104.28

The Game

 — He gives her what she won't take for herself. by Kat0511in  NonConsent/Reluctance09/17/104.46

The Misogynist Ch. 06

 — Innocent girl runs a gauntlet of evil. by carvohiin  Romance09/12/104.59HOT

The Misogynist Ch. 05

 — Misguided Cheryl on a terrible trail of degradation. by carvohiin  Mind Control09/07/104.24

My Hermaphrodite Boss

 — Computer nerd exploited by his beautiful boss. by Metamorphosein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers09/02/104.27

The Misogynist Ch. 03

 — Sadistic man seduces and abuses innocent young woman. by carvohiin  Mind Control08/28/104.27

It Must Be Witchcraft

 — Daughter is convinced her step-mother is a witch. by walterioin  Novels and Novellas08/13/104.58HOT

Angela and Vonda Ch. 03

 — Yoing woman falls prey to older woman's cruelty. by carvohiin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/11/104.31

Ray's Ring Ch. 04

 — An intra-family love tale. by julybear7in  Novels and Novellas08/07/104.41

Angela and Vonda

 — Two women connive to control one unsuspectng man. by carvohiin  Fetish06/21/104.02

A Professor of Two Minds Ch. 02

 — What will Anna do to get a great letter of recommendation? by professor_jimin  Erotic Couplings06/19/104.51HOT

The Games We Play

 — Taylor finds herself in a compromising situation. by Dixiedevil67in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/12/093.74

Two Sides

 — His & her view on the same sexual encounter. by wildirishrose7in  Fetish02/24/094.80HOT

Mind Games

 — She tried to mess with my mind. so I did the same to her. by Spykkein  Loving Wives02/07/094.61HOT

She Walked Away

 — A romantic night that wasn't. by rthnckin  Non-Erotic12/30/084.02

Rebound Gangbang

 — Her friend tries to cheer her up by setting her up. by pangolinin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/23/084.17

Knowing Her Ch. 02

 — I make the most of things while she's helpless. by DrawLinein  NonConsent/Reluctance07/21/084.13

Temptation's Constant

 — His slutty daughter almighty. by a_bent_ampersandin  Incest/Taboo06/10/084.39

Truth or Fantasy?

 — A couple play mind games. by exjockin  Loving Wives05/05/083.65

Manipulating Jenny Ch. 06

 — A bi-sexual encounter gets out of control. by BeamMeUpin  Lesbian Sex02/14/084.26

Life Model

 — Will he make it through her challenge? by hopeulikeitin  Text With Audio02/12/084.54HOT

Marissa's Slut

 — Marissa's new toy boy wants as much as she can give. by kittenkinkyin  BDSM12/19/074.44

Kyle's Porch Ch. 02

 — Birds, and a naked girl? by L_G_DARROWin  Romance09/07/074.64HOT

Kyle's Porch Ch. 01

 — A girl from out of the desert. by L_G_DARROWin  Romance09/06/074.55HOT

The Bidding of Lot 98 Ch. 01

 — A slave is sold by her master. by angeline_dcin  BDSM08/23/074.45

Christine's Emancipation

 — When hubby's away, strange things can happen. by RonRyderin  Group Sex06/04/074.62HOT

Tell Me Everything

 — Janine teaches her old friend David a lesson in humility. by HyperSatyrin  BDSM10/13/064.24

Dreams of Electric Hearts

 — Can you ever believe what you're told on the Internet? by JohnFranksin  Letters & Transcripts10/09/062.67

Rules Ch. 01

 — Ruby learns a lesson about breaking the rules. by Calabamain  BDSM08/27/064.39

Sam, Laura and Joanne Ch. 02

 — Joanne goes after her quarry, Laura, with a passion by jjsharshawin  BDSM08/22/064.70HOT

Driver Ariel

 — What is it about the male passenger that turns Ariel on? by SexSweetheartin  Chain Stories08/10/064.35


 — All it means is that you've healed. by Silentbobin  BDSM03/02/064.19

Winner Takes All

 — Gray gets way more than he bargained for. by Abraxisin  BDSM01/29/064.20

The Fan Club

 — Welsh lawyer discovers his popularity with female staff. by SEVERUSMAXin  Humor & Satire09/11/054.34

A Reunion

 — She makes her way back to an ex. by Syanain  Romance07/12/053.68

Amusing Train Ride

 — A Gentleman has an odd encounter on a long train ride. by Matadorein  NonHuman06/20/054.47

Melissa, Our Roommate Ch. 07

 — Her friend keeps her husband satisfied. by shapeshifter37in  Loving Wives06/10/054.33

Mind Games

 — She's just having fun with a lover. by Kelly Louisein  Erotic Couplings05/28/054.50HOT

All Day Tease Ch. 02

 — She fulfills more of his fantasies, her way. by shapeshifter37in  Fetish05/19/054.27

Our New Neighbors Ch. 03

 — Making new friends leads to unexpected pleasure. by shapeshifter37in  Loving Wives05/05/054.38

Our New Neighbors Ch. 02

 — Making new friends leads to unexpected pleasure. by shapeshifter37in  Loving Wives05/04/054.32

Brother Licks Little Sister Ch. 02

 — Indian brother fulfills his fantasy. by domjolyin  Incest/Taboo08/21/034.43

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