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An Afternoon With Bill

 — A slave visits his mistress. by Mysteria27in  BDSM07/29/144.05NEW

Abigail's Slave

 — She trains him to be her slave. by randomer555in  BDSM11/18/134.02

Cindy's Revenge

 — Toilet slavery as a revenge. by Bernie54in  Fetish10/23/133.98

As Good As Guitars Ch. 05

 — Simon learns Gil's secret. by VCHeyshamin  BDSM09/07/134.24

As Good As Guitars Ch. 04

 — Gil expands his repertoire. by VCHeyshamin  Gay Male09/02/134.30

As Good As Guitars Ch. 03

 — An unexpected night out in Milton Keynes. by VCHeyshamin  BDSM08/26/134.48

A Loving Couple's Remedy Ch. 03

 — Jack and Carla practice and enhance their scenes. by mntnman64in  BDSM08/23/134.24

As Good As Guitars Ch. 02

 — A lesson in self-control. by VCHeyshamin  BDSM08/18/134.68HOT

As Good As Guitars Ch. 01

 — Gil's first visit to Olivia. by VCHeyshamin  BDSM08/11/134.49

All For One

 — Subs and dommes. by davidsfantasiesin  BDSM07/30/134.25

Bar Adventure

 — Drugged and dominated by the bartender. by randomer555in  NonConsent/Reluctance07/22/133.68

A Brutal Kidnapping Ch. 01

 — My ad was answered and I was in for it! by BayAreaRobin  BDSM07/21/133.76

Chloe Seduces Adam

 — A thrill to know her thrall was so close to finish! by otis_from_helotesin  BDSM07/03/134.08

Black Cum Humiliation

 — Goddess cuckolds me with a BBC while her girlfriend watches. by subsmanin  BDSM06/26/134.27

Brian's Dream

 — He becomes a toilet slave. by Bernie54in  Fetish06/24/134.09

Claiming Him

 — Domme breaks in a new slave. by SweetSacrificein  BDSM06/24/134.21

Breaking Me In Ch. 02

 — My Goddess continues to break in my ass. by subsmanin  BDSM06/17/133.96

Cock and Pussy Weekend

 — My Goddess makes me suck cock for her. by subsmanin  BDSM06/17/134.21

Breaking Me In

 — My Goddess continues to break in my ass. by subsmanin  BDSM06/16/133.92


 — A boy comes under the control of a dominant girl. by tsto123in  BDSM06/09/134.41

A Lesson in Servitude

 — A male sub is made to give his first blowjob. by scarlettcrimsonin  BDSM06/04/134.31

A Lady And Her Convict

 — A refined woman meets her new slave. by Nexus6in  BDSM05/22/133.56

A Mistress to Obey Ch. 04

 — The sissy boy continues his training. by gbr2004in  BDSM05/05/134.38

Becoming Her Bitch

 — Important CEO discovers his submissive side. by RizzeAllenin  BDSM04/23/134.42

A Study in Scarlett Ch. 02

 — The tale concludes as William learns his final lesson.. by AMoveableBeastin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/17/134.38

Bird of Prey Ch. 04

 — Gordon is whipped to submission. by Sputnik57in  BDSM04/04/134.62HOT

A Mistress to Obey Ch. 02

 — A man realizes what he as got himself into. by gbr2004in  BDSM03/18/134.52HOT

Cashing In

 — She makes the most of an opportunity at dominance. by Hyde86in  BDSM01/29/134.23

Becoming My Wife’s Bi-Fuck Toy Ch. 04

 — His wife and Mike complete Matt's bi-journey. by curriousmatt1in  Fetish01/10/134.50HOT

A Local Friend

 — Female domination and male chastity. by submgjin  Fetish01/03/134.32

Becoming the Bull Ch. 02

 — Jane manipulates her boy toy into fucking her like a man. by Innocent_Outsidein  Fetish12/04/124.30

A Run-in with the Confident Bitch

 — My first time suffering for her. by steamy_onein  BDSM11/27/123.50

Becoming the Bull Ch. 01

 — An obedient young man is coerced into submission. by Innocent_Outsidein  Fetish11/26/124.24

All Relative

 — This wasn’t exactly how I thought it would be. by Zrnko_Piskuin  BDSM11/19/123.42

Caspian's Confessions Ch. 01

 — A Submissive writer meets with the Dommes he desires. by Sputnik57in  BDSM11/19/124.48


 — World is run by women in the year 2056. by barringtonin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/31/123.45


 — Sex - a want or a need? A wager is placed to find out. by Latin_Sunin  BDSM09/03/123.80

A Walk in the Dark Ch. 02

 — He submits to further teasing. by clrsin  BDSM08/19/124.32

Becoming My Wife’s Bi-Fuck Toy Ch. 03

 — Matt finally experiences his wife’s bi sexual desires. by curriousmatt1in  Fetish08/19/124.45

A Walk in the Woods

 — Tommy's humiliation was for his own good. by highpowererotin  BDSM08/19/123.69

All Those Shining Lights

 — She has her way with her submissive by lipstickandligaturein  BDSM08/02/124.11

Blindfolded Ecstasy

 — At the mercy of women. by SteelsDesirein  BDSM07/30/124.05

Becoming My Wife’s Bi-Fuck Toy Ch. 02

 — His wife's sexual desires begin his bi journey. by curriousmatt1in  Fetish07/19/124.10

Cleaning the Boss Ch. 01

 — A new job with a slut for a boss. by PantiesAndPiesin  Fetish07/16/124.48

Christa's Dilemma Ch. 01

 — Inexperienced guy requests Christa to accept him as her toy. by bleedingmemberin  BDSM05/20/124.00

A boy Gets Used

 — He learns how to be an object of pleasure. by EpicureanCynicin  BDSM04/08/123.91

Broken Ch. 01

 — He is delivered to his Mistress for long term training. by SometimesSubin  BDSM03/07/124.00

Church Nerd Humiliation Junkie

 — A nerd's masochistic fantasies take him to orgasm. by ButtPlugBitchBoyin  BDSM02/21/123.40


 — He cheated and his Mistress found out. by mick60ain  BDSM02/14/122.64

A Boy's First Time

 — A true account of my first time with a Domme by theredheadboyin  BDSM01/24/124.40

Chastity: A First Experience

 — A couple decide to try male chastity. by scottishswitchin  BDSM01/03/124.04

A Beginner's Guide To Domination

 — Your man has dreamt of being dominated? Here's how. by 4nickeightorin  Fetish12/21/113.77

A Dash of Domination

 — She has her way with two submissive men everyone wins. by MissLizziein  BDSM11/24/114.17

A Day with Mistress Afro

 — His first session with a Black Domme. by mick60ain  BDSM10/19/113.62

A Day At The Races

 — his Mistress takes her slave to a grand race meeting. by leomasochin  BDSM01/23/113.42

Book Store Whore

 — Newly gay sub surrenders to all cummers. by Luctariin  Gay Male01/16/114.28

A Night with Her

 — He enjoys a night of passion with his Mistress. by ALittleFawnin  BDSM01/16/114.28

Changes Ch. 03

 — Dagmar continues to afflict David with herself. by Ameanerin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/01/114.50HOT

Changes Ch. 02

 — David gets an idea and soon regrets it. by Ameanerin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/31/104.49

Changes Ch. 01

 — She entraps an unwilling man. by Ameanerin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/30/104.40

A Gentle Seduction

 — Old friend visits and resumes domination. by thick1191in  Gay Male12/29/104.26

A Fantasy World Ch. 03

 — His worst punishment come true. by MissKay77in  BDSM12/08/104.52HOT

A Weekend Away

 — Did he know what he was agreeing to? by MissJustMein  BDSM11/08/104.05

A Night And A Day

 — A slave's night with his mistress. by playplay19722in  BDSM09/27/103.83

Change of Life

 — A man learns of true love and utter surrender. by kimmoin  BDSM09/23/104.59HOT

Bound and Closeted

 — Dom Wife introduces new routine to sub husband. by RexSamin  BDSM07/26/103.52

A Mistress Experiments

 — A Mistress tests her slave's devotion. by leomasochin  BDSM06/27/103.45

Coffee Shop Encounter

 — He always wanted to be a slave, it's his lucky day. by lessthanherin  BDSM06/22/104.30

Backscratcher (A Slave's Fantasy)

 — The fantasies of a male slave. by oneiriain  BDSM06/16/103.75

A Slave Meets his Goddess

 — A Slave meets his owner for the first time. by atrickofthelightin  BDSM06/17/094.29

Bus Stop Lady

 — A Mistress Nicole prequel story introducing him to D/s. by Alex_Horein  BDSM04/21/094.52HOT

At Mistress Pandoras Mercy

 — Submissive Gent humiliated by Mistress. by Kevstain  BDSM03/22/093.60

A Harem of Men Slaves

 — A slave owner introduces a woman to her slaves. by radassatin  BDSM03/19/093.81

Cindy's Pet

 — Going from a friend to a submissive. by mick60ain  BDSM12/29/083.58

Breaking Him In Ch. 01

 — The new slave learns from his sexy Domme. by WickedSecretin  BDSM12/29/084.48

Cleaning Her Feet

 — He cleans your feet while you abuse his balls. by AHurtingUnitin  Fetish11/11/083.76

A Lady Named Lynda

 — A rich woman makes a sex toy out of a working stiff. by BobBakerin  BDSM09/15/084.58HOT

April's Story Ch. 30

 — April and Mark explore their relationship. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives09/14/084.29

A Trip To The Woods Ch. 01

 — A hike in the woods turns into a man's sexual slavery. by MrDeviantin  BDSM08/12/083.28

Afternoon's Entertainment

 — Sunny day bondage. by TheCherubin  BDSM07/28/083.60


 — A couple's relationship has new dynamics by MarkThisin  BDSM07/27/084.39

A Night In

 — He serves You in a hotel room. by kinkycnjguyin  BDSM07/22/083.67

A Clearing of the Mind

 — Husband gets a bare bottom spanking from his wife. by MNBobKattin  BDSM06/05/084.02

A Good Man is Hard to Find

 — He endures it all for her - and her friends. by AAkashain  BDSM05/18/084.21

48 Hours As Her Plaything Ch. 01

 — He offers himself to you for 48 hours as your possession. by JamesTDHin  BDSM05/05/083.65

Car Accident Ch. 01

 — He gets in serious trouble after a minor accident. by pedic7717in  Fetish05/04/084.31

Cindy's Slut Ch. 01

 — She takes control of him. by Bastinadoin  BDSM04/30/084.34

Club 1369

 — Mark discovers the world of BDSM as an observer. by mjm202036in  BDSM03/31/084.48

A Day At The Beach

 — You and your slave spend a day at the beach. by JamesTDHin  BDSM02/14/083.97

A Humiliating Finale

 — Punished for jerking his cock without her permission. by Misschievous1in  BDSM02/05/084.13

Bathing Mistress

 — As I prepared to bathe my mistress I removed my high heels. by MungoParkIIIin  BDSM12/30/073.21

Always, Lady Basti Ch. 03

 — Her words are even sharper than her blade. by unpredictablebijouin  BDSM12/18/073.88

A Trip to the Woods and What Became Ch. 02

 — He is turned into a sex toy. by MrDeviantin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/24/073.43

Becoming a MILF (Male I'd Like To Fuck)

 — What happens when a man visits an adult bookstore. by MrDeviantin  Gay Male11/22/073.62


 — You are reminded of what you are. by unefemmein  BDSM11/21/073.17

A Little Man's Initiation Ch. 02

 — James Thomas is trapped. by dkeatsin  Fetish11/05/074.22

A Little Man's Initiation Ch. 01

 — A young man with a small penis finds himself in deep water. by dkeatsin  Fetish11/04/073.86

A Dominant Couple and Me

 — Mark gets it from a Dom couple. by Marlenein  BDSM09/26/074.40

A Lesson About Denial

 — His wife teaches him about denial. by suede_knightin  BDSM09/26/074.18

Be Careful Ch. 02

 — Theresa continues her rampage. by slutfordommein  BDSM08/15/074.36

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