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My Teenage God Ch. 02

 — Tutor Sinks Deeper into Submission to Teenager by DominanceAddictin  Gay Male04/13/144.49

My Teenage God Ch. 01

 — A volunteer tutor is doomed by his 18 yr. old HS student. by DominanceAddictin  Gay Male04/06/144.28

New Guy in Town

 — Gay romance in the gym showers by biflipperguyin  Gay Male03/28/143.56

Second Try At Love

 — Rodney loves me. Maybe he is the one... by DasXyM4Nin  Romance03/18/141.00

Hot Jonathan

 — Dominated by the object of my fantasies. by crazyNorbitin  Gay Male02/21/143.55

Pumping Her Up Ch. 01

 — A wild bachelor finds himself all tied up & at Cindy's mercy by Daryl8122in  BDSM02/17/144.47


 — Class Fantasy by gayzeroin  Gay Male01/31/143.96

Megan Ch. 12

 — Away. by djubre666in  Fetish01/27/144.83

First Time Fucked

 — The first time I was fucked. by aterain  Gay Male10/07/134.18

Mechanics of the Heart Ch. 04

 — Roberto's past emerges; Jae and Luke proposition Simon. by ChicosTodosin  Gay Male08/30/134.83HOT

Bait a Hook Ch. 02

 — Bobby moves into his new town and quickly develops a crush. by VaRiverWriterin  Gay Male08/26/134.48

Military Muscle

 — A muscled straight military guy lets me have him. by selorsojin  Gay Male08/17/133.93

Brother to Brother Ch. 08

 — First comes love, then comes their new life. by thealphamalein  Gay Male08/16/134.80HOT

Getting in Shape Ch. 01

 — Man gets a gym workout. by standingstonesin  Gay Male08/02/133.96

Brother to Brother Ch. 05

 — After shedding their clothes, the brothers shed their doubts. by thealphamalein  Gay Male07/28/134.47

Exploring Men Ch. 01

 — First time deepthroating to orgasm. by jj80085in  Gay Male07/17/134.45

Searching for that Spark Ch. 03

 — Ashton and Calvin finally know what they want. by thealphamalein  Gay Male07/16/134.60HOT

Becoming Joshua Aaron

 — College gay nerd wakes as musclebound quarterback. by pizzadaddyin  Gay Male07/16/133.88

Searching for that Spark Ch. 02

 — Ashton tries to come to terms with his new self. by thealphamalein  Gay Male07/01/134.54HOT

Mechanics of the Heart Ch. 03

 — Berto plays "knock knock"; Simon tastes the banana. by ChicosTodosin  Gay Male06/06/134.64HOT

Big Jock and the Little Nerd Ch. 03

 — Nick tries to resist another encounter with Matt. by aznsubin  Gay Male05/28/134.48


 — If you love belonging to one man - why not two? by bjmichaelsin  Gay Male05/01/134.22

Fun in the Pub Ch. 04

 — Hard raunchy sex - as much as I can get. by andy190in  Gay Male03/29/134.27

Mechanics of the Heart Ch. 01

 — Single and attached gays in love & lust; Sequel to "Roberto". by ChicosTodosin  Gay Male03/07/134.54HOT

Roberto the Mechanic Stud Ch. 05

 — Conclusion: will Danny and Roberto cum together? by ChicosTodosin  Gay Male01/12/134.62HOT

Roberto the Mechanic Stud Ch. 04

 — Is Roberto the dream man or the horrible nightmare? by ChicosTodosin  Gay Male01/07/134.69HOT

Roberto the Mechanic Stud Ch. 03

 — Danny and Roberto go all the way. by ChicosTodosin  Gay Male01/02/134.60HOT

Controlled Release

 — She meets a stranger on a business trip. by chocolatecookie3in  Interracial Love12/29/124.12

Roberto the Mechanic Stud Ch. 02

 — Things heat up when Danny and Roberto meet outside the shop. by ChicosTodosin  Gay Male12/29/124.71HOT

Roberto the Mechanic Stud Ch. 01

 — Shy student meets the mechanic stud. by ChicosTodosin  Gay Male12/26/124.43

Muscle and Music Ch. 01

 — New neighbor. by domiroain  Gay Male11/23/124.26

Secret in the Secret Ch. 03

 — Emily hadn't been expecting this. by roftlheoryin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/16/124.04

After the Game

 — Perils of attracting a footballer’s locker room attention. by KeithDin  Gay Male08/16/124.44

Me and my Best Friend's Dad

 — I always though I was straight until Jason had to have me. by DasXyM4Nin  First Time08/04/124.27

Bad Neighbor Ch. 02

 — Beginning to lose control. by HandsInTheDarkin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/10/124.39

Big Hard Muscle

 — Wife re-discovers the results of her husband's workout. by curl4everin  Loving Wives05/07/124.04

Tales of the City Ch. 01

 — Drunk and horny, he made me glad I found him. by Chevalier12in  Gay Male04/26/124.41

Family Matters: A Desire Fulfilled Ch. 01

 — New development in Stephen and Don's relationship. by krysmin  Gay Male04/20/124.06

Jack's Story

 — Jack deals with a ritual he can't handle. by samgreat332in  NonHuman03/23/123.45

Body Snatcher

 — Who is adbducting young men and why? by sr71pltin  Gay Male10/27/114.30

Running the Hills Ch. 03

 — My continuing adventures with Mike, or the plot thickens. by JWTaylor36in  Gay Male08/19/114.68HOT

Running the Hills

 — A careless injury while jogging leads to the unexpected. by JWTaylor36in  Gay Male08/15/114.60HOT

My Sexy Husband Ch. 02

 — Wife watches hubby and his fuck buddy. by mywayyourway100in  Gay Male05/02/114.57HOT

Girls Camp! Day 01

 — Outdoor instructor is the best possible guide. by mind_sexin  Erotic Couplings03/22/114.29

New Conquest Ch. 01

 — Big M has an eye for a new guy. by will12377in  Gay Male09/11/104.09

My New Favorite Crowd

 — First-time, candlelit, luxurious orgy. by SpeedoTwinkin  Group Sex06/30/103.97

Star Player

 — Willing to do anything for the one you idolize. by sr71pltin  Gay Male03/18/104.25

Snowball Effect

 — Ever deeper into the fetish of being taken by black men. by sr71pltin  Gay Male03/11/104.35

A Primitive Hope Ch. 04

 — Kristen’s timeless quest to conceive a baby with her wife. by mejau71in  Lesbian Sex03/10/104.62HOT


 — Change of guard as a beach bar stud. by sr71pltin  Gay Male02/18/104.21

Our Girlfriend Ch. 01

 — The further adventures of Elle and Hal. by HalEllein  Loving Wives02/09/104.00

Smile Muscles

 — Love letter and poem combined talking about smile muscles by Hookmeistrin  Letters & Transcripts12/28/095.00

9:30 Bus from Abilene

 — Past meeting present on the road to Denver by sr71pltin  Gay Male12/18/094.37

Oilman Jim's Blog

 — Trapped in service on a Gulf oil rig. by sr71pltin  Gay Male12/03/094.42

A Knight Tale from Cardien Ch. 01

 — Paper rpg d&d-ereb altor, tv-show merlin and some femdom. by deepkick1in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/14/093.69

Gym Perks

 — Early morning gym workout leads to xxxtra. by ManxLadin  Erotic Couplings04/27/084.31

Chain Gangbanged Ch. 02

 — Learning the pecking order the hard way. by sr71pltin  Gay Male04/21/084.36

Sheathed Moon Howling

 — Don't go into the forest on a lunar eclipse. by shabbuin  Gay Male10/02/074.24

Honey Hollow Swimming Hole

 — Clearing the threshold at the old swimming hole. by sr71pltin  Gay Male09/30/074.26

Matryoshka Kidnapping

 — Who is taking who is taking who is taking who? by shabbuin  Gay Male09/30/074.30

Coach Hazard's Finishing School

 — A university wrestler is initiated. by sr71pltin  Gay Male09/25/074.44

Scratching the Service Worker Itch

 — Getting that certain periodic itch scratched. by sr71pltin  Gay Male07/25/074.29

Patience Rewarded

 — Muscled personal trainer delivers bulk a twink is seeking. by sr71pltin  Gay Male07/21/074.06

Best in Show

 — Getting the most from the stud fee. by sr71pltin  Gay Male07/19/074.19

Deal Closer Ch. 07

 — Icing on the deal closing by sr71pltin  Gay Male07/15/074.62HOT

Silas's Choice

 — When faced with two bad choices, go for the third. by sr71pltin  Gay Male05/30/074.71HOT


 — The wages of the tease. by sr71pltin  Gay Male05/26/073.59

Another One Bites The Dust

 — Fun on a tractor. by htsprwtsxin  Erotic Couplings04/23/074.33

Taking the High Road

 — Missing an assignment isn't always bad. by sr71pltin  Gay Male04/22/074.38

Jack of All

 — Journalist fights to assert office authority; happily loses. by sr71pltin  Gay Male04/05/074.45

Death on the Rhine Ch. 16

 — The fat lady sings. by sr71pltin  Gay Male03/05/074.64HOT

Death on the Rhine Ch. 15

 — It ain't over until it's over. by sr71pltin  Gay Male02/26/074.30

Brazilian Soccer Team Balling

 — Tennis player takes on a Brazilian soccer team. by sr71pltin  Gay Male02/21/074.39

Death on the Rhine Ch. 14

 — A beginning disguised as an ending. by sr71pltin  Gay Male02/19/074.36

Death on the Rhine Ch. 12

 — Running for safety. by sr71pltin  Gay Male02/13/074.38

Death on the Rhine Ch. 11

 — Early morning delight with a change to something else. by sr71pltin  Gay Male02/12/074.50HOT

Death on the Rhine Ch. 10

 — Escape and its cost. by sr71pltin  Gay Male02/10/074.33

Death on the Rhine Ch. 03

 — Double death in the vineyard. by sr71pltin  Gay Male01/24/074.62HOT

Death on the Rhine Ch. 02

 — Forced to seek another form of release. by sr71pltin  Gay Male01/23/074.51HOT

Seven- and Eight-Inch Drills

 — The risk of not reading the ad closely enough. by sr71pltin  Gay Male12/15/064.52HOTEditor's Pick

All That Glitters

 — Finding a club where the decor is as useful as it is evocative. by sr71pltin  Gay Male12/13/064.35

Prisoner's Prisoner

 — The bad seed and his victim of weakness. by sr71pltin  Gay Male12/07/064.05


 — Flying the Okinawan friendly skies without leaving the ground. by sr71pltin  Gay Male11/23/064.27

Locker Room Revelation

 — Conversion by mistaken impression. by sr71pltin  Gay Male11/04/064.35

Neighbor's Hot Tub Ch. 02

 — His turn getting water pumped in the hot tub. by sr71pltin  Gay Male10/28/064.49

On the Roof Ch. 02

 — More attention to the hot roofers. by sr71pltin  Gay Male10/19/064.52HOT

On the Roof Ch. 01

 — Rooftop lovin'. by sr71pltin  Gay Male10/19/064.33

Rest Stop Ch. 01

 — Never, never let your car break down at a rest stop. by sr71pltin  Gay Male10/11/064.24

Halloween Filmfest Conversion

 — A life-changing Halloween experience in a gay theater. by sr71pltin  Gay Male10/04/064.19

Marking Territory

 — Old tennis era leaving its mark on the new. by sr71pltin  Gay Male09/21/064.31


 — Failed resistance to infidelity on a balcony. by sr71pltin  Gay Male09/21/064.38

Licorice-Centered Milk Chocolate

 — The Marines do it better. by sr71pltin  Gay Male08/14/064.01

Once You Had Black...

 — His best is better than she ever thought possible. by bigdelbertin  Interracial Love07/26/063.85


 — Internet encounter turns into an erotic dream. by Janna  Gay Male04/19/064.14

Body Builder's Task Ch. 04

 — Double domme training reaps rewards. by adorationin  BDSM04/15/064.13

A Late Night Surprise

 — Doug surprises Bridgette. by Sexualwenchin  Erotic Couplings06/24/054.29

A Love Refined Ch. 01

 — Ideas about a woman's beauty are lovingly changed. by mejau71in  Lesbian Sex05/26/054.64HOT

Italian Art

 — An artist paints the perfect man. by Janna  Erotic Couplings05/09/054.32

A Big One for the Nurses

 — A teenage stud gets to plow four nurses with his huge cock by BigTimmyin  Group Sex01/11/034.45

Cheerleaders' Slumber Party

 — Enormously-hung teenager meets five hot cheerleaders. by BigTimmyin  Group Sex09/29/024.60HOT

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