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Born Into Darkness Ch. 10

 — Mate. Mate. Mates. by wingedangel324in  NonHuman11/12/144.74HOT

Adult Corn Maze Only!

 — Katrina makes her way through a provocative corn maze. by thelezforleslezsin  Erotic Horror10/20/144.31

Identity Pt. 02

 — The return of a traitor and a lust filled exchange... by MrsStealyoMan24in  NonHuman10/13/144.55HOT

Dark Dreams Ch. 05

 — Half-truths and broken hearts. by Desired_Temptationin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/25/144.72HOT

A Welcome Home Gift

 — Gyula is given an amazing welcome home gift. by Victoria_Darkin  NonHuman09/03/143.85

Demonic Partnership Ch. 09

 — Simon & Slamaria decide about their future. by warnosin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/19/144.63HOT

Born Into Darkness Ch. 02

 —  by wingedangel324in  NonHuman07/17/144.43

Invasions Ch.03

 — Welcome to Amirawan, children. by Kimaariin  NonHuman07/17/144.48

Erotic Mists

 — A lonely monk meets a very unique temptress. by Soft1017in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/03/144.67HOT

F5: Empires of the Stars

 — A few words lead to many possibilities. by PennLadyin  Humor & Satire06/16/144.00

A Tentacle Story Ch. 01

 — A 20-something woman is impregnated by a tentacle monster. by portiasimain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/13/143.65

For The First Time in Years Ch. 02

 — Nonhuman lovers reconcile and spend day together continued. by Moosiferin  Lesbian Sex05/07/144.70HOT

For The First Time in Years Ch. 01

 — Nonhuman lovers reconcile and spend the day together. by Moosiferin  Lesbian Sex04/25/144.41

Felicity Ch. 52

 — Lacy. by jjcolejrin  Novels and Novellas04/09/144.74HOT

Becoming Ch. 02

 — Blake discovers his true nature. by Reardon1in  Incest/Taboo04/08/144.39

Dragon Heart Ch. 01

 — To slay a dragon one uses all available methods. by Asilah_Katavolin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/31/144.19

In Love with Love

 — Careful what you wish for on Valentine's Day. by Acktionin  Romance01/20/144.54HOT

Going Feet First Ch. 04

 — Faced with hard times, our soldier makes hard choices. by DarkPulsein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/18/134.85HOT

Bloodsong Ch. 06

 — Valerie loses in unpleasant ways. by LadyMirain  NonConsent/Reluctance11/12/134.78HOT

A Kept Pet

 — A werewolf tries to take a succubus captive. by AgentNeptunein  Erotic Horror10/14/134.32

Daremo Shiranai (Nobody Knows)

 — Be careful what you conjure. by OliviaTwistein  NonConsent/Reluctance10/07/134.53HOT

A Dangerous Legacy Pt. 11

 — Secrets come to light as danger grows and passions deepen. by madam_noein  Novels and Novellas09/29/134.82HOT

Bloodsong Ch. 02

 — The tables are turned, and turned again. by LadyMirain  NonConsent/Reluctance09/05/134.78HOT

Alien Prostitute Ch. 02

 — I get fucked by well hung aliens. by ArthurSummer2in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/01/134.47

Going Feet First Ch. 03

 — Our soldier sets out to save his Elven love. by DarkPulsein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/13/134.85HOT

Gail and Darian Ch. 01

 — Strangers meet, this is their story. by LateNightReader121in  NonHuman06/16/134.46

Food Ch. 04

 — Rick is fucked by a demon. by OLBin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/12/134.05

Going Feet First Ch. 02

 — Joined by a new friend, our soldier has a new mission. by DarkPulsein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/06/134.87HOT

In The Closet Ch. 02

 — Mystery girl revealed. by JaxRhapsodyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/09/134.22

In The Closet Ch. 01

 — Guy finds mystery girl in closet. Inspired by Sillybilly1993. by JaxRhapsodyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/23/133.94

Angel of Daddy

 — She comes to terms with her father's impending death. by chocolatecookie3in  Incest/Taboo03/10/134.03

A Dream Come True Ch. 01

 — A leopard morph dreams of her mate. by FantasyKitten723in  NonHuman02/28/134.28

Forward to the Stars Ch. 18

 — The cogs finally start to turn. by Kansascriptin  Novels and Novellas02/07/134.20

I Saw This Giant Saucer

 — A man gets abducted by a UFO for an unusual purpose. by runningonbladein  Celebrities11/11/122.81

Avoiding the Storm Ch. 03-04

 — What was once lost, is now found! by Black_Beauty904in  Interracial Love11/08/124.62HOT

A Day in Church

 — A paladin visiting the cathedral receives a 'warm' welcome. by SaucyEroticProductionsin  Celebrities09/16/124.65HOT

An Alpha's Klutz

 — Can he keep her alive long enough to claim her? by LoriLeenin  NonHuman08/23/124.36

Avoiding the Storm Ch. 01-02

 — Women and son escape from enemy grasp. by Black_Beauty904in  Interracial Love08/16/124.56HOT

Cipher Summoning

 — Mage perfects a new kind of summoning, and enjoys his prize. by Lynn_Elliotin  NonHuman05/28/124.52HOT

Badass Ch. 05

 — In a world of companionship, he alone... by Dionysoskin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/04/124.82HOT

Badass Ch. 04

 — In a world of companionship, he's alone... by Dionysoskin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/29/124.80HOT

Hybrid Theory Ch. 01

 — He is the product of an unlikely union... by Dionysoskin  NonHuman02/26/124.61HOT

Badass Ch. 03

 — In a world of companionship, he is alone... by Dionysoskin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/25/124.79HOT

Badass Ch. 02

 — In a world of companionship, he is alone... by Dionysoskin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/24/124.69HOT


 — In a world of companionship, he is alone... by Dionysoskin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/19/124.51HOT

God's Whore

 — Even the Big Guy has needs. by oneiriain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/26/123.68

Anita Blake and The Wolves

 — Anita Blake takes a pack of wolves into the forest. by muhabbain  Celebrities12/29/114.27


 — A time-traveler frolics with the Neanderthals. by oneiriain  Erotic Horror11/15/113.95

Beak Doctor

 — A dream within a dream. by DomesticBlissin  Erotic Horror09/29/113.82


 — A werecat finding her way in the world. by Ladybee23in  NonHuman08/20/114.46

Forward to the Stars Ch. 13

 — The Dark Citadel. by Kansascriptin  Novels and Novellas08/09/114.57HOT

Given and Taken Ch. 02

 — Eli learns of his fate. by thegirlinthecrowdin  Gay Male07/17/114.47

Berserker: Captive of a Viking Ch. 04

 — Francine realises she's not on Earth. by lottieHin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/13/114.70HOT

Forward to the Stars Ch. 12

 — Enter the Legion . by Kansascriptin  Novels and Novellas07/07/114.53HOT

Given and Taken Ch. 01

 — Elijah is sacrificed. by thegirlinthecrowdin  Gay Male07/05/114.13

Alien Prison Ch. 05

 — Hot times and memories remembered. by CassieJoin  Gay Male05/16/114.70HOT

Hunted Ch. 03

 — Samantha's quest brings another hunter her wildest fantasies. by DannyGirl31in  NonHuman04/28/114.46

I Was Born This Way Ch. 02

 — Boy becomes possessive over girl. by Phoenix30092in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/15/114.55HOT


 — A Vampire Hunter falls prey to one of those she hunts. by DannyGirl31in  NonHuman03/26/114.51HOT

Forward to the Stars Ch. 10

 — So much for the late captain. by Kansascriptin  Novels and Novellas03/02/114.61HOT

A White Tiger and The Wolf Ch. 09

 — Kay's 21st Birthday. by bearmad1963in  NonHuman01/31/114.62HOT

Hell: We Can Damn You Wholesale

 — It's hard work making you suffer. by Falcinatorin  Humor & Satire01/06/114.60HOT

Forward to the Stars Ch. 09

 — Audria meets the Sentry class squirrels. by Kansascriptin  Novels and Novellas01/06/114.28

Forward to the Stars Ch. 08

 — The squirrels get a caregiver. by Kansascriptin  Novels and Novellas12/29/104.60HOT

Forward to the Stars Ch. 07

 — Belongings are collected as are others. by Kansascriptin  Novels and Novellas12/23/104.54HOT

Forward to the Stars Ch. 06

 — A history is told. by Kansascriptin  Novels and Novellas12/16/104.52HOT

Forward to the Stars Ch. 05

 — More help is created, more will be on the way. by Kansascriptin  Novels and Novellas11/27/104.58HOT

Forward to the Stars Ch. 04

 — The Twin Blades of the Emperor are claimed. by Kansascriptin  Novels and Novellas11/14/104.62HOT

For Your Sins

 — A love story set in Hell. by Silvermousein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/11/104.70HOT

Forward to the Stars Ch. 03

 — SOME answers are given, others well.... by Kansascriptin  Novels and Novellas11/02/104.60HOT

Harpy Valley T&A*

 — Inner city hiker gets more than he bargained for. by oneiriain  Erotic Horror07/27/104.09

Blood-Kissed Swan Feathers

 — Who wants to love forever, much less live? Not her... by CignettaRosamundin  NonHuman06/30/104.29

Dark Dreams Ch. 03

 — Zara gets a hint of what he really is. by isobelgalin  NonHuman01/13/104.59HOT


 — Driving and driven toward Roswell. by sr71pltin  Erotic Horror10/15/094.10

Escape of the Schlange

 — Unleashed monster of the underworld preys on malekind. by sr71pltin  Gay Male10/12/094.32

Forced Pleasure

 — He will have her pregnant and submitted to his mastery! by ChoctawManin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/06/094.28

Cabin in the Woods

 — The tables are turned on a serial killer rapist. by CatherineAnnain  Erotic Horror08/31/093.73

Hunting the Hunter Ch. 04

 — A girl and her lion. A lion and his dark elf. by Enithermonin  Celebrities08/31/094.79HOT

Ayasha's Beast Ch. 03

 — Willing or unwilling? by missanastasiain  NonHuman06/17/094.34

Ayasha's Beast Ch. 02

 — She finds that 'something else.' by missanastasiain  NonHuman06/16/094.27

Flowers of the Sapphire Moon Ch. 01

 — A scientific expedition takes a unique turn for adventure. by MetaXerxesin  NonHuman05/15/094.37

Dream Sequence Ch. 01

 — Phenomenon or phantasm? by Marionein  NonHuman03/11/094.46

Beyond Redemption Ch. 02

 — Seth's Confidence, Ray's ire. by Lucifixin  NonHuman02/25/094.54HOT

Cats and Dogs Ch. 10

 — The Conclusion. by ingarlmin  NonHuman12/12/084.83HOTContest Winner

Bug Control

 — A sinister little creature is looking for a breeding partner by homealone_447in  Mind Control11/07/083.98

Demonic Family Values

 — Demonic family's life in a human world. by Samuelxin  Non-Erotic10/26/083.75

Dangerous Nights Ch. 02

 — After a wild chase, Rylan finds Alejandra. by espinaca_desnudoin  NonHuman08/16/084.58HOT

Dark Acolyte Ch. 03

 — Zerafina gains two followers. by pentheswordin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/07/084.46

A Ghostly Encounter

 — Claudia learns that sometimes legends are true. by sexygirl76in  NonHuman04/05/084.25

Ill Met in the Moonlight

 — Woman's dark fantasies arouse a vampire's hunger. by TexacoKittenin  NonHuman08/25/074.29

For the Love of Botany: Future Ch. 03

 — Ariana's punishment begins. by Athena_e19in  NonHuman01/16/074.28

Gaian Theory

 — Mother Earth has had enough; now it's her turn! by Athena_e19in  NonHuman10/16/064.02

A Lesson in Punctuality

 — She swallows her jealousy and learns to be a good bitch. by litanyin  BDSM06/26/064.05

Dark & Stormy Night

 — Lethe finds a surprise waiting for him during a power outage. by HanaNoirin  NonHuman04/17/054.25

Cave Monsters Suck Ass

 — Don't write stories while high. by YANKEE DANin  NonHuman04/14/043.64

Goblin Under The Bed

 — Boy's fears unleash a sexually mischievous goblin. by Margin Walkerin  Erotic Horror08/08/034.26Editor's Pick

For the Love of Botany: Revolution 1

 — Rebels try to overcome plants invasive force. by Athena_e19in  NonHuman11/13/014.37

For The Love of Botany Ch. 2

 — Sarah gives birth to plant's offspring. by Athena_e19in  NonHuman02/17/014.41

For The Love of Botany Ch. 1

 — Young female worker meets a very hungry plant. by Athena_e19in  NonHuman02/12/014.28

Emerald Arcanum

 — Shy man meets a green-eyed beauty with mysterious powers. by CasusCoitiin  NonHuman02/05/014.47Editor's Pick

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