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Dog Got Your Tongue? Bk. 03 Ch. 07

 — Nuzzle gets a family, Strong Hands has a meltdown. by maxd01in  NonHuman09/09/144.75HOT

Dog Got Your Tongue? Bk. 03 Ch. 05

 — More strong hands and Misty. by maxd01in  NonHuman09/06/144.73HOT

How to Survive a Long-Distance Relationship

 — Because it sucks and I've been through it. by bosombuddiesin  How To09/06/144.48

Dog Got Your Tongue? Bk. 03 Ch. 01

 — Getting used to the Folician homeworld. by maxd01in  NonHuman09/02/144.80HOT

Dog Got Your Tongue? Bk. 02

 — Flitter finds Ray, Ray and siblings go to motherworld. by maxd01in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/20/144.82HOT

Second Best Ch. 07

 — The morning after the night before. by Betty_Ragein  BDSM08/19/144.00

Second Best Ch. 01

 — Steph puts on a show for Mark as they await Lilly's arrival. by Betty_Ragein  Romance08/06/143.83

One Man's Heart

 — How much love can one man's heart hold. by GatorRickin  Romance06/20/144.82HOT

World of Ranicke Bk. 02 Ch. 03

 — Day in the life of the tribe. by maxd01in  NonHuman05/14/144.78HOT

There She Is Again Ch. 02

 — The relationship(s) Jim asks Jill to move in with him. by Jimnewsphotosin  Romance04/16/144.77HOT


 — A lonely wife tells her tale. by harmonyjonesin  Non-Erotic04/15/143.78

The Perfect Storm

 — A secretary and her hot boss are caught in a hurricane. by squirrelzoin  Romance04/10/144.43

The Conner Family Ch. 05

 — More love in the Conner Family by Rugrat60in  Incest/Taboo03/03/144.48


 — What happens between the afterglow and the morning light. by JustineDuMondein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers02/28/143.54

Schrödinger's Mittens

 — Quantum theory as applied to exhibitionism. And butt stuff! by FeatherWattin  Lesbian Sex01/16/144.80HOT


 — Sam finally leaves an abusive relationship. by blackdove55in  Non-Erotic12/03/134.21

Restoring the Castle Ch. 08

 — Daddy Mine - End of Story. by oliviasin  Romance12/02/134.62HOT

Restoring the Castle Ch. 07

 — The Great Leap. by oliviasin  Romance11/27/134.57HOT

Restoring the Castle Ch. 06

 — It’s News. by oliviasin  Romance11/22/134.74HOT

Into Eternity

 — A second chance at understanding the meaning of joy. by sr71pltin  Romance11/20/134.66HOT

Snow Trap

 — Pursued to snowbound mountain house by dad's boyfriend. by sr71pltin  Gay Male11/16/134.14

Restoring the Castle Ch. 05

 — Grizzly Find. by oliviasin  Romance11/15/134.72HOT

A Bubble In Time

 — Zoe, Thomas, and Andy form a toxic, lifelong love triangle. by blankbob20in  NonConsent/Reluctance11/12/132.30

Snowy, Snowy Nights

 — What GM cowboys do on a snowy Christmas season night. by sr71pltin  Gay Male11/11/134.50HOT

Restoring the Castle Ch. 04

 — Beginning. by oliviasin  Romance11/09/134.47

Restoring the Castle Ch. 03

 — Miranda by oliviasin  Romance11/04/134.59HOT

Restoring the Castle Ch. 02

 — The Castle by oliviasin  Romance10/27/134.50HOT

Spat in Saint John

 — Cruise line gigolo pleasures all takers. by sr71pltin  Group Sex10/20/134.12

Restoring the Castle Ch. 01

 — Shattering the World. by oliviasin  Romance10/19/134.52HOT

Multiple Male Orgasms

 — Wife takes husband to new levels of pleasure. by DrLitin  Fetish09/11/134.42

Summer Sitter

 — Some interesting goings on in the Denton and West households. by 4glory6in  Loving Wives08/26/133.97

Summer of Denial

 — Can denial outlast flight from NYC to an isolated island? by sr71pltin  Erotic Couplings08/22/134.08

Sheeple Ch. 06

 — Battles, blood and dog biscuits. by Jaisenin  NonHuman08/08/134.82HOT


 — She has hot sex with boyfriend, then dreams about colleague. by pickle_sexnessin  Erotic Couplings07/30/134.15

Sheeple Ch. 05

 — Computer spies, complicate life for Eric and Kate. by Jaisenin  NonHuman07/16/134.78HOT

Loving Wife

 — Cancer threatens sex-drive focused gay marriage. by sr71pltin  Gay Male06/20/134.26

Sheeple Ch. 03

 — The military comes looking for Eric. by Jaisenin  NonHuman06/17/134.80HOT


 — Love, relationships and werewolves. by Jaisenin  NonHuman05/13/134.79HOT

Crystal Clear Ch. 16

 — Synopsis. Playful friends; a request from the CIA. by Romantic1in  Group Sex05/11/134.79HOT

Crystal Clear Ch. 15

 — Synopsis. Blackmailer confronted; a loving detective. by Romantic1in  Group Sex05/05/134.73HOT

Crystal Clear Ch. 14

 — Synopsis. Eurotour, old/new friends, threats, deception. by Romantic1in  Group Sex04/25/134.74HOT

Homeless Heart

 — Young woman's need served at homeless meal. by sr71pltin  Erotic Couplings01/20/134.63HOT

The Choice Ch. 26

 — Anna and the Therapist, , Anna, Brian and I. by angelface195in  BDSM01/16/134.59HOT

Twisted Tails Ch. 03

 — Andrew and Vivien get to know one another a bit better. by Jaisenin  NonHuman01/10/134.68HOT

Trisha Wakes Up

 — A Master tries to write from the subs point-of-view. by Mazterlockin  BDSM12/05/123.67

Until I Find You Again Ch. 01

 — A Passion to Reunite after 15 years apart. by aligirlyin  Romance11/26/124.00

John Tinker

 — I was a determined that drugs and alcohol would not ruin me. by billhudleyin  Gay Male11/03/124.66HOT

The Designer Ch. 12

 — The weekend ends with a celebration and goodbyes. by HankDolworthin  Mind Control08/29/124.82HOT

Black Vinyl

 — A sexy little snack. by NightTempestin  Gay Male08/10/124.52HOT

Makeup Sex

 — All lovers fight, which is what Makeup Sex was created for! by jimmydeltoroin  Romance08/05/123.74

Stop the World to Get a Better View Ch. 01-02

 — Ficticious story of my desires. by Kaidenin  Gay Male08/05/123.30

The Tender Touch

 — A mn takes care of his girlfriend by lipstickandligaturein  Erotic Couplings07/24/124.44

She Has a What?! Ch. 04

 — He learns about himself, they make up, and virginity is lost. by MatthewVettin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers07/03/124.76HOT

Rory and Sebastian Ch. 06

 — I'd forgotten he could surprise me. by sebastiandoin  Gay Male07/03/124.86HOT

Forgetting Everything

 — A caring domme helps her boyfriend de-stress. by lipstickandligaturein  BDSM06/26/124.51HOT

She Has a What?! Ch. 03

 — Will a trip to the resort end Megan and Eric's relationship? by MatthewVettin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers06/10/124.45

Coming Home

 — Childhood friends meet again after 14 years. by billhudleyin  Gay Male06/07/124.62HOT

Running into Coverage Ch. 05

 — Marcus and Hadley make it official yet very unofficial. by ILmonamourin  Romance05/27/124.77HOT

Struggling Ch. 03

 — Two beds heat up in Dennings, with one common body. by MickeyPinkin  Interracial Love05/06/124.56HOT


 — Both love and appearances can be deceiving. by sr71pltin  Gay Male04/14/124.49

Kellin Ch. 02

 — A mutual happy ending.... for real? by seahavenin  Gay Male03/21/124.42

She Has a What?! Ch. 02

 — He realizes his feelings for her, but will he act on them? by MatthewVettin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers02/27/124.73HOT

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Ch. 05

 — A visit from family sets things straight. by Innuendosin  Romance02/23/124.62HOT

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Ch. 03

 — A father's day of sorts, learning more about the girlfriends. by Innuendosin  Romance02/17/124.55HOT

Amid The Shadows Ch. 13

 — Stepping closer towards the end. by AnnaDreamerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/08/124.74HOT

Strange Bedfellows Ch. 02

 — The things he'll do for his friends... by tendermindholesin  Anal01/01/124.68HOT

A Thousand Bucks Ch. 03

 — Was I becoming a softy? by DG Hearin  Mature12/26/114.59HOT

Christmas Overload

 — A second job can be one too many at Christmas. by oliviasin  Non-Erotic12/20/114.67HOT

Into the Sunset

 — Deception and a fight for control in a relationship. by sr71pltin  Gay Male12/08/114.28

Faithe and Salvation

 — Morgan seeks his true submissive "kindred spirit." by SneakyDeanerin  BDSM10/23/114.48

A Needed Break

 — All work and no play can lead to a very long work day. by AmberRoseThompsonin  Gay Male08/28/113.56

Planting Trees

 — Reflections on a past relationship. by KaseyKleinin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers07/05/113.83

Breaking Up From Behind

 — Like anal sex, sometimes break-ups need a little lube. by Giselle_Renardein  Anal06/27/113.92

How To: Make Her Wild for You

 — A simple guide to getting the sex life you always wanted. by ShyVixen33in  How To06/10/114.67HOT

Eric's Eagle

 — Cherish every day like it's your last. by jenn313in  Gay Male06/07/114.36

Winging It! 01

 — Mid-life crises: one man's humorous look. by Fyrewingin  Reviews & Essays06/05/114.67HOT

Average Joe Ch. 07

 — The conclusion or is it the beginning for Joey and Ariel? by DG Hearin  Romance05/20/114.82HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 17

 — Life gets complicated for people. by Jaisenin  NonHuman04/04/114.70HOT

Gritty Times in Wyoming Pt. 01

 — A novelist goes to Wyoming and finds... well everything. by EgmontGrigor2011in  Novels and Novellas04/02/114.59HOT

White Out at the Spa Ch. 01

 — Two women meet an older one at an upscale spa. by SapphoLustin  Lesbian Sex03/04/114.39

Ravens Roost Ch. 05

 — Lucky meets Paul on the Blue Ridge Parkway. by sr71pltin  Gay Male02/17/113.90

Ravens Roost Ch. 04

 — Paul moves across the stage. by sr71pltin  Gay Male02/14/113.79

Simon's Opus

 — In pursuit of excellence (a futuristic love story): (Edited). by KirkEdwardsin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/01/114.57HOT

Betty's Birds

 — Finding the spirit of Christmas right next door. by oliviasin  Non-Erotic12/17/104.67HOT

Moment of the Deer

 — Shocked from lethargy to understanding Christmas. by oliviasin  Non-Erotic12/08/104.82HOT

One Night in Short, Dirty Pieces #03

 — Who needs a fresh start anyway? by empty_coffee_cupin  Erotic Couplings12/05/104.50HOT


 — Moving from one "shouldn't happen" relationship to another. by 4glory6in  Erotic Couplings11/05/104.15

Heads and Tails

 — A girl’s differing viewpoints of the same sexual experience. by FamiliarEnoughin  Erotic Couplings10/19/100.00

The Game Ch. 02

 — My desk was strategically placed in front of St. Ives office. by CarelessLovein  Mature09/09/104.21

The Deal Ch. 16

 — Cindy moves in and a celebration ensues. by litfan10in  Incest/Taboo09/04/104.57HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 08

 — Luc and Meg deal with work, weres and life. by Jaisenin  NonHuman09/04/104.66HOT

Chatham Square

 — Letters drive the lives of eccentric characters in Savannah. by oliviasin  Non-Erotic08/12/104.76HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 06

 — Luc and Meg deepen their relationship. by Jaisenin  NonHuman08/04/104.60HOT

Winter Sport

 — She goes on a winter holiday without her husband. by Adferin  Loving Wives07/03/103.15

What is True Love Really? Ch. 02

 — The Discovery Process. by LeggoMyEarsin  Romance06/07/103.42

I Just Didn't Want To Hear It

 — Should you have to give up something you love? by Slirpuffin  Loving Wives04/28/104.37

Sexual Frustration

 — Long-distance relationship woes. by FamiliarEnoughin  Erotic Couplings04/17/102.50

The Freshman Ch. 37

 — Jason and Cecilia save two lives and find redemption. by caligula97236in  Novels and Novellas04/03/104.76HOT

Chapter 01: A Good Boy Acting Badly

 — I guess it had to start some time. by Slirpuffin  Non-Erotic04/03/104.55HOT

The Freshman Ch. 33

 — Jason's father suffers the consequences of his actions. by caligula97236in  Novels and Novellas03/30/104.46

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