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Salesman Enjoys Trip Of His Life Ch. 06

 — One last sexcursion with Sara. by milerdan2in  Erotic Couplings02/19/154.63HOT

Unbreakable Bond Ch. 08

 — There's no love like the first...cock-blocking! by adjoaqin  Gay Male02/16/154.86HOT

Go Ahead

 — A visit to the town bus station provides a pleasant surprise. by Robert_Furlongin  Gay Male07/12/144.28

First Arrivals

 — Months on the Internet with her, but now in a town near me! by LonelyScootsin  Romance07/05/144.00

Public Restroom Anal Sex

 — Young woman receives anal sex to avoid the police. by evangeliatiroloin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/24/143.74

Airport Encounter

 — Chemistry between two strangers on an airport. by nerobixxin  Erotic Couplings05/05/143.84

I Like the Way You Wash Your Hands

 — Getting jumped in the public restroom. by LesbianMusesin  Lesbian Sex02/25/143.54

Wife Makes Friends at Casino Ch. 01

 — Wife has fun in public restroom while hubby spies. by altegoin  Loving Wives01/31/144.22

Cynthia's Submission Ch. 14

 — Going about town per students request by GettingItDonein  BDSM01/21/144.72HOT

Just A Cumrag Ch. 03

 — Mom wonders how much deeper she can sink. by sex4every1in  Incest/Taboo11/19/134.47

A Battle of Minds Ch. 02

 — The Teacher's Slave - Laura's life gets a lot worse by Munachiin  Mind Control11/10/134.32

Coupling Up

 — I sneak back to the toilets where I saw two men having sex. by Robert_Furlongin  Gay Male08/28/133.90

Fiery Heat Ch. 07

 — An explosive encounter...unbridled passion. by adjoaqin  Gay Male07/30/134.85HOT

I HAVE To Tell You What Happened -

 — I stopped for a coffee...and ended up getting WAY more. by AJQuickin  Erotic Couplings07/29/134.48

Dinner with Parents and Master

 — Playing at Dinner. by darkknight0307in  BDSM04/24/134.40

Taken by Surprise

 — Two women are seduced at a nightclub. by RachalCaronin  Lesbian Sex04/20/134.46

A Strange Encounter Ch. 01

 — Amy has a heated night with a stranger in the ladies room. by DesiredLitin  Erotic Couplings03/31/133.86

After Class

 — Classmates share a moment in the restroom. by lust4herin  Erotic Couplings02/16/134.00

Donut Shop

 — Sex in a donut shop bathroom. by Bluzworldin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/20/133.50


 — You finish washing your hands in the bathroom... by Sickboy4012in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/17/133.42

Out of Order

 — Sign on the women's leads to a gangbang in the men's. by Acktionin  Group Sex12/16/124.37

The Refusal

 — Refusing your master is never a good idea. by darkstar58in  BDSM12/14/123.68

Ass Station

 — The dirtiest sex in a dirty restroom. by Dmnoidin  Fetish11/04/124.59HOT

Nadine's Night Out Ch. 01

 — Sexy, sultry woman painting the town red. by redking99in  Erotic Couplings10/05/124.09

Camping With JJ Day 01

 — Camping the right way. by jjvixenin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/16/124.09

I Never Thought...

 — Idle 'Letter to Penthouse' fantasy is stranger in reality. by Randomguy664in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers07/09/124.49

The Bookstore

 — Strangers have a little fun. by blackhat72in  Erotic Couplings04/16/124.30

Desires Sometimes Happen

 — Older lady lights fire in younger. by newbie5930in  Lesbian Sex03/12/124.45

Killing Time

 — A chance encounter leads to a steamy liaison in public. by Irish Mossin  Erotic Couplings12/22/114.28

The Pussy Club Ch. 01

 — Veronica prepares for initiation into The Pussy Club. by marKus616in  Lesbian Sex11/23/114.15

The Red Couch

 — Lauren really has to pee at a department store. by Ransomein  Fetish08/13/114.02

Coming Home

 — After a business trip some fun with a close friend ensues. by JDConnorin  Mature07/07/114.19

Restroom Rendezvous

 — A chance encounter outside the restrooms in a bar. by Irish Mossin  Erotic Couplings04/20/114.15

In the Park

 — What really happened in that park restroom? by Kaishakuin  Gay Male03/13/113.42

Christmas Eve at Church

 — Friends Nikki and Ellie celebrate Christmas Eve at church. by Elliebellein  Lesbian Sex01/07/114.34

Big Black Cock

 — Unexpected encounter with a muscly hung black man. by DarkHooderin  Gay Male11/06/104.52HOT

First Date Ch. 05

 — Parents and stepchildren experience Mile High Club. by Jake4000in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/25/104.39

Stranger in the Dark

 — Sonya is fondled at the cinema right next to her husband. by Anhyvarin  Erotic Couplings10/06/104.39

The Rest Area

 — She finds herself in a torture chamber instead of a restroom. by HunterRadburnin  BDSM10/01/103.90

Restroom Rendezvous

 — Bob and Melissa make out in the Superstore restroom. by cutestguyin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/12/104.16

Primal Urge, Audio Intrepretation

 — Oh, what I find when I'm not looking! by theravenfoxin  Text With Audio05/04/104.15

Primal Urge

 — Oh, what I find when I'm not looking! by theravenfoxin  Erotic Couplings05/03/104.26

The Janitor

 — Standing next to a half-naked woman in a men's restroom. by CanisMajorin  Erotic Couplings04/02/104.33

School Grounds Ch. 03

 — Teacher contiues adventure after school. by GettingItDonein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur03/24/104.40

School Grounds Ch. 02

 — Teacher has to perform during school on her own. by GettingItDonein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur03/23/104.35

Quickies Ch. 03

 — Andy and the public restroom. by Lady Malachitein  Group Sex01/16/102.77

Waiting for Him: Breathless

 — He sends her into the world, vulnerable and exposed. by fromsirwithlovein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/09/094.41

A Day to Remember Ch. 05

 — We meet in Walmart of all places. by matt5211in  Gay Male03/02/094.02

The Donut Shop

 — Pleasures beyond pastry. by Storyteller2000in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/08/093.92

The Forbidden Door

 — She gives a co-worker head in the men's bathroom. by ravenettein  Erotic Couplings11/07/083.28

Birthday Dinner

 — Two strangers meet for dinner... and much more. by AustinBin  Erotic Couplings08/16/084.19

The Stall To My Right

 — Her encounters with another woman in the bathroom at work. by screwpunchin  Lesbian Sex05/27/083.99

Danielle's Depravity Ch. 03

 — The girls prep for their redhead, and witness a new couple. by andrea_adoresin  Lesbian Sex05/03/084.58HOT

The Restaurant

 — A spilled drink leads to the waitress and customer's fun. by ILmommy2in  Lesbian Sex01/07/083.91

Urinal Confessions Ch. 03

 — He enters a stall with a stranger. by MungoParkIIIin  Gay Male12/06/074.01

Oh Holy Hot Tub

 — Wife is molested by older black man with husband nearby. by zipp2in  NonConsent/Reluctance11/27/074.39

The Roadtrip

 — Lovers take a break in a public restroom. by TP_Lentzin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/19/070.00

Hand Job Slut Ch. 10

 — Nancy's day of reckoning is finally at hand. by Carnevil9in  Fetish11/09/073.85

Sucking Eric Bana's Banana

 — Gay fan gives Eric Bana a blowjob in a toilet stall. by thrillloverin  Celebrities10/22/073.45


 — Two strangers indulge in mutual pleasure. by head_slutin  Erotic Couplings07/29/074.58HOT

Diary of a Secret Slut

 — June 1st. by LoreLaiin  Anal05/27/074.57HOT

Cafe au Sex

 — Coffee before work leads to extracurricular activity. by MistyRiversin  Mature05/14/074.24

Anal Love

 — Anal love in a gas station restroom. by Ether_Techin  Anal04/21/074.08

Restroom Antics

 — A nice casual lunch turns into something fun. by ladylyonnein  Erotic Couplings03/27/074.27

Airport Escapade

 — Natalie invites Brett to a tryst in an airport restroom. by thirdarticlein  Erotic Couplings01/18/074.52HOT

In the Supermarket Restroom

 — Two guys have bareback fun in a restroom. by cumjunkyin  Gay Male11/19/064.12

Office Bathroom Breaks

 — Unaware of the newly remodeled office bathroom. by Hollow_Eyesin  Fetish10/26/063.90

Coffee Shop Indulgence

 — She obsesses over man she sees at coffee shop. by marleymusic2002in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/23/064.11

Airport Intimacies

 — Older man meets a sexy stranger. by MikeOxpinkin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/26/064.33

The Voice

 — One time encounter in a bathroom with a stranger. by LadyGodiva75in  Erotic Couplings01/30/064.28

T and Tammy Visit The Lady's Room

 — Why women go to the restroom together. by N2TsAssin  Lesbian Sex12/18/054.66HOT

Tonight's Special

 — Erin's hot mouth and wet pussy are on the menu. by Mike Franklinin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/27/054.21

Taking Fiona

 — Fiona the Tease gets what she deserves. by thisfadedangelin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/28/054.03

Tasting Myself

 — Some jack off fun lead to a whole lot more. by arodzin  Gay Male08/22/054.13

Exposing Katie 007

 — More office exploits & a late night drive. by Tom and Katiein  Loving Wives12/19/034.34

Road Trip

 — My best friend gives me a very special birthday present. by Milenein  Lesbian Sex11/04/034.59HOT

College Men's Room Ch. 2

 — College guy's first taste of black cock. by scenttoin  Gay Male01/09/024.37

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