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Shane and Carmen: The Novelization Ch. 30

 — Epilogue. by O_G_Salliin  Novels and Novellas01/14/153.33

Robin and Jimmy Olsen - Sissies Ch. 05

 — Jimmy Olsen gets fired. Long live sissy Jamie Olsen! by tawnysuedein  Celebrities07/15/144.90HOT

Robin and Jimmy Olsen - Sissies Ch. 04

 — Sissy former sidekicks finally finish date from part 1. by tawnysuedein  Celebrities06/05/144.75

Teen Titans - Father's Day

 — The Titans must face Raven's demonic father, Trigon. by Ksenninin  Celebrities05/01/144.50HOT

Revenge of the Catwoman

 — Catwoman is spurned by the Batman. Can she get even somehow? by BrandiKN1980in  Celebrities04/12/143.80

Robin Becomes Robin Ch. 02

 — The boy wonder no more. by DMaster_14in  Celebrities03/19/144.07

A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Wins 04

 — Batgirl's Climaxes, Catgirl's Retribution, Batman's Surprise by duke1951in  Celebrities01/01/144.80HOT

Robin Gets Her Revenge

 — Sherry succumbs to her sister's manipulation and cheats. by maxmaypoin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/10/133.64

A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Wins 03

 — Batgirl and Catgirl give their all, Robin is frustrated. by duke1951in  Celebrities10/28/134.83HOT

Bagirl's Rescue Plan

 — Batgirl uses her own rescue plan to save Batman and Robin. by JSMILWIin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/26/133.47

Robin and Jimmy Olsen - Sissies Ch. 03

 — Jamie Olsen needs to earn some extra money. by tawnysuedein  Celebrities08/25/134.15

A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Wins 02

 — Batgirl and Catgirl's Climax, Robin thrilled, Aliens not! by duke1951in  Celebrities08/02/134.62HOT

Robin Tunney and Her 'Son' Ch. 01

 — Robin Tunney spending quality time with her son. by DancingEmbersin  Celebrities05/13/134.00

A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Begins 03

 — Bliss and Heartbreak for Batgirl, Catgirl's testing rescue. by duke1951in  Celebrities03/19/134.45

A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Begins 01

 — Batgirl goes Solo, Mayhem with Batman, Catgirl performs . by duke1951in  Celebrities01/04/134.63HOT

Robin and Jimmy Olsen - Sissies Ch. 02

 — Robin prepares for sissy date - Alfred beware! by tawnysuedein  Celebrities09/07/124.33

Bangin' Batman Ch. 04

 — Lauren pops Robin's cherry. by Kandy5647in  Celebrities03/27/124.25

A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Vexed

 — A promise fulfilled, a catty surprise, a dangerous enemy. by duke1951in  Celebrities11/03/114.39

Robin and Jimmy Olsen - Sissies Ch. 01

 — Former sidekicks out on dates with hunky superheroes. by tawnysuedein  Celebrities08/27/114.12

Little Red Robin Hood

 — Robin is all alone in the woods... by TooCool21in  NonConsent/Reluctance07/11/113.72

Robin's Laundry Adventure

 — College girl gets dirty at the laundromat. by TooCool21in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/25/113.84

Robin Tries Something New

 — Robin is bored at a party with nothing to do. by TooCool21in  Interracial Love05/23/114.04

A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Torment

 — Catwoman's lesson, even more revenge, a very confused Robin. by duke1951in  Celebrities04/07/114.34

A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Turmoil

 — Catwoman's Revenge, excitement at Wayne Mansion. by duke1951in  Celebrities03/26/114.62HOT

Robin Becomes Robin

 — The boy wonder no more. by DMaster_14in  Celebrities01/29/113.76

A Day in Gotham - Batgirl's Revenge

 — Catgirl has butterflies, the Kittens get their Robin. by duke1951in  Celebrities01/26/114.76HOT

When Spidey Met Batgirl

 — Sexy superhero hijinks ensue. by littleblackduckin  Celebrities08/28/104.72HOT

Batgirl: Sadist or Masochist Ch. 11

 — Conclusion: The Last Roundup. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities05/10/084.70HOT

Batgirl: Sadist or Masochist Ch. 10

 — Lights, Camera, Action (Penultimate Chapter). by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities05/05/084.50HOT

Batgirl: Sadist or Masochist Ch. 09

 — Batgirl the Movie? by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities05/01/084.83HOT

Batgirl: Sadist or Masochist Ch. 08

 — Captured & Chloroformed. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities04/27/084.05

Batgirl: Sadist or Masochist Ch. 07

 — Never climb a tree in a tight dress. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities04/22/084.33

Batgirl: Sadist or Masochist Ch. 06

 — The victim count rises. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities04/18/084.46

Batgirl: Sadist or Masochist Ch. 05

 — Phil & Barbara encounter the Amorous Amazon. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities04/12/084.73HOT

Batgirl: Sadist or Masochist Ch. 04

 — The Touch of the Lash. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities04/07/084.37

Batgirl: Sadist or Masochist Ch. 03

 — The plot thickens. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities04/01/084.37

Batgirl: Sadist or Masochist Ch. 02

 — Another Corpse, Another Tattoo. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities03/24/084.58HOT

Batgirl: Sadist or Masochist Ch. 01

 — Death & Bondage! by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities03/16/084.32

Batgirl: The Vampyre Caper Ch. 09

 — Conclusion: The Voluptuous Vampire vanquished. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities08/28/074.65HOT

Batgirl: The Vampyre Caper Ch. 08

 — Even Batman makes mistakes (penultimate chapter). by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities08/23/074.62HOT

Batgirl: The Vampyre Caper Ch. 07

 — How to trap a vampire? by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities08/18/074.33

Batgirl: The Vampyre Caper Ch. 06

 — Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities08/13/074.54HOT

Batgirl: The Vampyre Caper Ch. 05

 — Power dressing & death of a doctor. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities08/08/074.65HOT

Batgirl: The Vampyre Caper Ch. 04

 — Sex & the law. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities08/02/074.56HOT

Batgirl: The Vampyre Caper Ch. 03

 — The vampire strikes again. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities07/27/074.43

Batgirl: The Vampyre Caper Ch. 02

 — Barbara reveals all to Jenny. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities07/22/074.36

Batgirl: The Vampyre Caper Ch. 01

 — The ultimate in sexy superheroine wear? by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities07/14/074.41

Batgirl: Sex Bomb Ch. 08

 — Damsels rescued, clowns captured, conclusion attained! by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities03/06/074.40

Batgirl: Sex Bomb Ch. 07

 — Batgirl & Sparrow in bondage. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities02/26/074.40

Batgirl: Sex Bomb Ch. 05

 — Sex, back-stabbing & armed robbery. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities02/10/074.24

Batgirl: Sex Bomb Ch. 04

 — The Bat & the Armadillo. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities02/05/074.13

Batgirl: Sex Bomb Ch. 03

 — The policeman's lot is not a happy one. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities01/28/074.35

Batgirl: Sex Bomb Ch. 02

 — A new partner for Batgirl? by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities01/20/074.58HOT

Batgirl: Sex Bomb Ch. 01

 — Our gorgeous redhead gets mixed up with guns & sex. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities01/15/074.57HOT

Return to Tamaran Ch. 01

 — The Titans find out Tamaran has suffered a horrible fate. by vic_elorin  Celebrities11/25/063.29

The Birdcage

 — Costume party Catwoman lures Robin back to her lair. by 4ofSwordsin  BDSM10/06/064.58HOTContest Winner

Batgirl: Green-eyed Monster Ch. 10

 — Conclusion: Loose ends. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities06/01/064.44

Batgirl: Green-eyed Monster Ch. 09

 — Two-face fails to win the toss (Penultimate Chapter). by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities05/24/064.79HOT

Batgirl: Green-eyed Monster Ch. 08

 — Harvey comes out! by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities05/18/064.50HOT

Batgirl: Green-eyed Monster Ch. 07

 — Holy Slithering Death! by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities05/11/064.41

Batgirl: Green-eyed Monster Ch. 05

 — Now you see it! Now you don't! by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities04/29/064.37

Batgirl: Green-eyed Monster Ch. 04

 — Jenny & the carjackers! by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities04/21/064.56HOT

Batgirl: Green-eyed Monster Ch. 03

 — The spider & the fly! by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities04/13/064.67HOT

Batgirl: Green-eyed Monster Ch. 02

 — A new love interest in Batgirl's life? by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities04/05/064.67HOT

Batgirl: Green-eyed Monster Ch. 01

 — Batgirl's supersonic striptease. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities03/28/064.41

Batgirl: Amnesiac Angel Ch. 09

 — Conclusion: A Bat & Two Birds To The Rescue. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities03/20/064.75HOT

Batgirl: Amnesiac Angel Ch. 08

 — Sacrificial Lamb (Penultimate Chapter). by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities03/14/064.75HOT

Batgirl: Amnesiac Angel Ch. 07

 — The Cat-napping of a librarian. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities03/08/064.78HOT

Batgirl: Amnesiac Angel Ch. 06

 — Beauty and the Beast. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities03/03/064.71HOT

Batgirl: Amnesiac Angel Ch. 05

 — Catwoman plans her revenge. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities02/26/064.61HOT

Batgirl: Amnesiac Angel Ch. 04

 — Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities02/21/064.81HOT

Batgirl: Amnesiac Angel Ch. 03

 — Sparrow & the Snake attack. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities02/11/064.52HOT

Batgirl: Amnesiac Angel Ch. 02

 — Jennifer & the naughty nurse. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities02/05/064.29

Batgirl: Amnesiac Angel Ch. 01

 — Sparrow gets shot during armed robbery. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities01/29/064.57HOT

Batgirl Enhanced Ch. 09

 — Conclusion: normal service resumed. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities01/20/064.44

Batgirl Enhanced Ch. 08

 — Subway sex & rescue (Penultimate Chapter). by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities01/14/064.29

Batgirl Enhanced Ch. 07

 — Batgirl orally proves her loyalty, Batman zeroes in. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities01/08/064.28

Batgirl Enhanced Ch. 06

 — Jennifer pumps Dan for information. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities01/02/064.34

Batgirl Enhanced Ch. 03

 — Catwoman & 'The Earrings Of Bastet'. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities12/14/054.18

Batgirl: The Price of Silence Ch. 14

 — Ransom, robbery & oral sex. (penultimate chapter) by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities11/27/054.56HOT

Batgirl Risks All Ch. 07

 — Capture, ravishment & escape. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities10/02/054.40

Batgirl Risks All Ch. 04

 — Jenny's reluctant lap dance; Batgirl on patrol. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities09/22/054.42

Batgirl Risks All Ch. 03

 — Video cameras and blue movies. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities09/19/054.55HOT

Batgirl Risks All Ch. 02

 — Batgirl discovers someone else's secret persona. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities09/18/054.47

Batgirl Risks All Ch. 01

 — Batgirl goes undercover. by Angelique Bouchettein  Celebrities09/16/054.30

Review: The Slave

 — The second book in the series by Laura Antoniou. by lindianain  Reviews & Essays05/08/054.75

Late Admission

 — Stacy & Robin are falling in love. Will they admit it? by MarciaRin  Lesbian Sex10/28/044.33

Palm Sunday

 — No better way to spend Palm Sunday morning. by bitsiebluein  BDSM06/18/044.17

Lunch With Sue

 — Group sex with a pinch of incest. by pandsalin  Incest/Taboo06/11/044.38

Mike, Robin, & Me Ch. 01

 — A bicurious guy is curious no longer. by wileycoyote035in  Group Sex05/28/044.38

The Real World: SD

 — Seven strangers picked to live together on live T.V. by kimberlykittenin  Celebrities05/25/043.85

This Male Model Named Robin

 — Straight male model gets "carried away". by asiandude24in  Gay Male03/27/043.94

Sexy Golf Wager

 — Brent & Jack meet Allison & Robin for a foursome. by Tall_Strangerin  Group Sex10/09/034.36

Payback Time

 — Ex returns for payback. by biterbitin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/09/033.47

My Summer Ch. 5

 — Son runs the show. by badmattin  Incest/Taboo05/07/034.32

Where Love is Found

 — She teaches father that love knows no bounds. by conzin  Incest/Taboo03/02/024.39

Gina & Robin

 — Man finds love with mother and daughter. by Vulturein  Incest/Taboo11/03/013.77

Robin Ch. 2

 — The continuing adventures of Robin, Dave, & Amber. by unit555in  Erotic Couplings07/16/014.48

Rainstorm Romp

 — Two hiking couples get caught in a rainstorm. by jdstarin  Group Sex05/02/013.64

Sis & Robin Ch. 2

 — He continues to pleasure the two sexy girls. by bizrin  Incest/Taboo04/15/014.41

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