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Sunday Funday

 — Sub gets her day of pleasure and punishment payback on Master. by TheLusciousBubblesin  BDSM03/14/153.00

It's Who You Know Ch. 07

 — Darren learns how to let go. by IvoryTuskin  Gay Male12/21/144.85HOT

Dark Alleys are Dangerous

 — John's plan to have his way with her goes a little bit awry. by NotSoBigBirdin  Fetish08/20/144.28

Aquata Cove Ch. 05

 — Adam goes to work at his job at the beach pier. by Feare909in  Gay Male06/08/144.77HOT


 — A fantasy of sexual envy by Mediastarin  Fetish05/22/143.44

Iris' New PA

 — Iris takes on Jane and gets more than she bargained for. by MELD9003in  Lesbian Sex04/09/144.42

You and I, When the Walls Came Down

 — An elaborate sensual play between a Dominant and his Sub. by Silken4ssassinin  BDSM03/01/143.60

Punishment Weekend Ch. 05

 — Domestic discipline by the husband of a family. by tom6432in  Incest/Taboo02/28/143.59

A New Direction Ch. 01

 — Husband and wife explore a new way of doing things. by MyUncensoredSelfin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/05/134.18

Role Reversal

 — Wife uses strap on me. by Curious_Scott_67in  Fetish08/01/132.80

The Bet

 — Two strangers make a bet in the pub. She wins. by Jamlinein  BDSM07/12/134.40

Greta's Birthday Present

 — She gets to be the Mistress. by Dazzle1in  BDSM06/10/133.13

Becoming Her Bitch

 — Important CEO discovers his submissive side. by RizzeAllenin  BDSM04/23/134.46

Halloween Costume Domination

 — My sister dresses me for Halloween. by schaf101in  Incest/Taboo04/11/133.43

The Bet

 — He wins his bet? by vkseverinin  BDSM02/04/134.45

Halloween with Movie Stars Ch. 03

 — Things always happen for a reason. by BothWorldin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers01/15/134.66HOT

Willing Slaves Ch. 03

 — Boxer Day. by Dazzle1in  BDSM01/05/134.37

The Key Master Ch. 01

 — She probably should have at least logged off. by Black_Handin  BDSM11/09/124.34

Tennis Punishment

 — Domestic discipline public humiliation role reversal. by tom6432in  BDSM10/22/123.82

The House Guest

 — Tawny gets a house guest. by TinyLeopardin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers09/03/122.59

The Cuckold Ch. 04

 — A married couple fulfil their destiny. by sissyboycamillein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers06/22/124.38

A College Professor's Discovery Ch. 03

 — Dr. Sherrie Mathison's third strapon tutoring session. by escriterrain  Fetish06/20/124.76HOT

Backstage Romance Ch. 12

 — The Cowardly Lion roars; Christmas Eve. by ikhneumonin  Gay Male06/14/124.88HOT

Thesis Topic 23

 — Student gets assigned a topic that leads to her downfall. by jsmtin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/03/124.47

The Cuckold Ch. 03

 — A married couple acquire a substitute for hubby's tiny cock. by sissyboycamillein  Interracial Love05/24/124.33

A New Mind Ch. 01

 — He discovers natural mind control. by Hubs_in_hosein  Mind Control05/21/124.30

The Cuckold Ch. 02

 — A married couple find out which one is better in bed. by sissyboycamillein  Toys & Masturbation05/02/124.35

Bayonetta's Abuse Ch. 05

 — Flames of passion. by ChainedToAKeyboardin  BDSM09/30/114.64HOT

My Strapon Fantasy

 — A girl helps her boyfriend live out his fantasy. by libertinaXxin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers08/12/114.50HOT

One Night Ch. 09

 — The fictional chronicle of life with the man I love. by TheDarkAngel13in  Fetish07/22/114.40

The Company of Wolves

 — Get in touch with your wild side. by TamLin01in  NonHuman07/22/114.09

The Taste of Submission

 — A couple experience spontaneous role reversal. by vkseverinin  Fetish06/13/114.62HOT

Aaron Convinces Felicia to Try This

 — He leads his bride to discover strapon delights. by escriterrain  Fetish06/01/114.81HOT

Tell Me

 — He makes her tell him what she wants. by fire_breezein  Erotic Couplings05/24/114.34

Jill Rodgers and Donald Long

 — She's way out of his league but so what. by Matt Moreauin  Loving Wives05/21/114.16

Student Teacher Ch. 02

 — Dressed as a slut by a student. by StoryTeller07in  NonConsent/Reluctance04/24/114.56HOT

Discovering Amber

 — My boyfriend gets caught in my lingerie, changes must happen. by Ms_Allisonin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers03/18/114.59HOT

Playtime 2 Ch. 01

 — Come down here and play. by divby0in  NonConsent/Reluctance03/13/113.67

Football Business Changes Ch. 01

 — When feminist board rooms take over male locker rooms. by GiganticMin  BDSM03/01/113.67


 — A wife has a surprise for her husband. by carnalityin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers02/28/114.19

A Fantasy Continued

 — A wife changes the boundaries in their relationship. by Hubs_in_hosein  Fetish02/24/114.01

Her Presents

 — She had a number of surprises for him. by BothWorldin  Anal02/05/114.67HOT

A College Professor's Discovery Ch. 02

 — Miss Victoria continues tutoring Sherrie in strapon practice. by escriterrain  Fetish10/31/104.77HOT

In Through the Out Door

 — "Suck it," she demanded in a hoarse whisper. by crimson175in  Anal09/02/104.46

Collar Me

 — No, collar me! by Kikoriin  Fetish07/01/104.39

A Strap-On For Algernon

 — A married couple discovers a creative new way to make love. by Kardasin  Anal06/13/103.76

Fantasy Reversal Ch. 03

 — Sam, loses her virginity as Katrina! by cuirouswriterin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers02/25/104.43

Tripping the Switch Ch. 02

 — Trina tells the story from her point of view. by kelmagin  Loving Wives10/23/093.64

Cuffed - and You Enjoy It! Ch. 03

 — The roles are reversed – and I enjoy it! by taywinkin  BDSM09/30/094.00

A College Professor's Discovery

 — Anthropological research launches her strapon practice. by escriterrain  Fetish09/22/094.74HOTContest Winner

Perchance to Dream

 — Her lover is not what he seems. by loneflamein  BDSM07/02/094.38

College Clinic Doctor

 — Doctor enjoys her work and finds an opportunity to tutor. by escriterrain  Fetish06/18/094.70HOT

Grandma's Surprise Ch. 02

 — Elaine learns some things about her family. by BossySon21ain  Incest/Taboo04/03/094.10

Courtesan Cop Ch. 03

 — More spa services, and romance ignites "old school". by jeffrey214in  Romance03/13/094.49

It's Been So Long

 — She only said she MIGHT be gentle. by smithjon1919in  Anal03/11/094.51HOT

Courtesan Cop Ch. 01

 — In a different world, a boy has to work hard to succeed. by jeffrey214in  BDSM03/03/094.34

Surprise, You're My Bitch Ch. 01

 — Submissive husband allowed to let go. by azzmnin  BDSM01/20/093.86

Lovin Mouthful Ch. 02

 — He wants to try more than cum eating. by Benny_Blankin  Fetish01/20/094.60HOT

Reversal of Roles

 — Time for the roles to be reversed; how hot will it be? by starsforlifein  NonConsent/Reluctance10/03/084.23

Caught and Used

 — He's caught dressing in his wife's lingerie. by rayd9in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers08/21/084.35

Role Reversal

 — Wive reverses role and uses a strap-on. by BearAin  Anal08/20/084.30

Christina's Paybacks Ch. 04

 — Christina unleashes the gang bang of Doc's ass by TX_Fun_Drin  Anal07/12/084.63HOT

Mick's Big Cus!

 — Cousins get kinky in an unexpected way. by rick200in  Incest/Taboo05/31/083.80

Adventures of a Literotica Author Ch. 03

 — Slut wife and timid hubby are fans. by tantric_explosionin  Loving Wives05/15/084.08

Raging Robyn

 — An anal exchange. by smithjon1919in  Anal02/20/084.58HOT

Role Reversal

 — What starts as a social experiment, just may be more. by Scorpio44in  Novels and Novellas02/12/084.82HOT

Late Night At The Office

 — Sometimes there are benefits to working late. by DngrDavein  NonConsent/Reluctance10/11/073.98

The New Teacher Ch. 05

 — The role reversal is continuing. by spkfantasyin  Novels and Novellas07/02/074.35

A Special Surprise for Blake

 — Sapphire has a very special surprise in store for Blake. by Sapphire_Mailin  Fetish06/08/074.43

Cuckold: Two For One

 — Young, affluent wife, cuckolds her weak husband. by BaronSin  Fetish03/20/074.11

What If the Roles Were Reversed?

 — What if men were women and women were men? by BOSTONFICTIONWRITERin  Humor & Satire01/20/073.73

The Bet Ch. 02

 — Wifey wins the bet and dresses hubby up. by jomarin  Fetish12/05/064.36

Submissive Molly Ch. 04

 — Molly turns the tables on Charlie. by OneWhoKnowsin  BDSM10/30/064.35

The IFD Supermax Ch. 02

 — Jacqueline paced her small cell. by prisonguyin  BDSM06/11/063.89

Wild Ride Ch. 02

 — Possibilities are explored. by Kapricorn71in  BDSM05/08/064.50HOT

Rachel's First Time

 — When model heads out, her roommate has fun. by darkphyrein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers04/09/064.56HOT

What Makes a Man Ch. 01

 — His girlfriend knows him better than he does. by thinkmanthinkin  Anal10/09/054.02

Peter's Lament

 — Petra was everything he could imagine - & much more. by cheesy80sin  Erotic Couplings08/11/054.65HOT

An Ugly Word

 — She controls him from the top. by Lesly Sloanin  BDSM06/03/053.78

Jasper's Taming

 — Gladiator pit for sex slaves; the goal is to penetrate. by frizbietkdin  BDSM05/15/053.78


 — They switch places, with hot results. by primacordin  Fetish04/29/054.40

Stacy's Tail

 — A little 'tail' of role reversal. by Oazealin  Anal02/23/054.36

Cindy: The Professor's Bane Ch. 01

 — She blackmails him to be her boy toy. by MLyonsin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/02/044.61HOT

Dressed for Disaster: The Sequel

 — A 9/11 survivor fakes his death to live as a woman by thrillerauthorin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers04/14/034.00

Domination Phase 1

 — Adrienne introduces domination into her troubled marriage. by Lesly Sloanin  BDSM02/07/014.25

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