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Mistress Marisa's Estate Pt. 18

 — A slave's mother is exhibited, is Mistresses 'good girl' by keptsissyin  BDSM04/21/142.94NEW

Mistress Marisa's Estate Pt. 16

 — A slave is scolded for errant behavior. by keptsissyin  BDSM04/19/142.71NEW

Mistress Marisa's Estate Pt. 14

 — A slave's punishment is outsourced. by keptsissyin  BDSM04/17/143.27NEW

Mistress's Party

 — A man is bound and used by guests. by slavejames111in  BDSM04/17/143.08NEW

Mistress Marisa's Estate Pt. 13

 — A slave is chained to the glory holes. by keptsissyin  BDSM04/16/143.44NEW

Mistress Marisa's Estate Pt. 12

 — A slave services his Mistress properly. by keptsissyin  BDSM04/15/144.00

Mistress Marisa's Estate Pt. 11

 — A slave is 'bred', works very hard to be 'best-in-show'. by keptsissyin  BDSM04/08/144.11

Defiling Krissy Williams

 — A conservative news babe accepts her submissive side. by kalkstein1970in  BDSM04/01/144.40

Mistress Marisa's Estate Pt. 10

 — A slave amuses, delights as the lowest slave in the stable. by keptsissyin  BDSM03/28/143.90

Mistress Marisa's Estate Pt. 08

 — punishment, a messy house, a slave is corrected by keptsissyin  BDSM03/26/143.56

Mistress Marisa's Estate Pt. 07

 — a slave gets to be a 'real man'...almost by keptsissyin  BDSM03/25/144.00

Mistress Marisa's Estate Pt. 06

 — a slave assists with the new boy by keptsissyin  BDSM03/24/144.38

Mistress Marisa's Estate Pt. 05

 — a slave is taken to Marisa's lover's house by keptsissyin  BDSM03/23/143.57

Mistress Marisa's Estate Pt. 04

 — a slave is groomed for a very special birthday party by keptsissyin  BDSM03/22/143.96

Mistress Marisa's Estate Pt. 03

 — A slave learns that silence is golden. by keptsissyin  BDSM03/21/143.96

Mistress Marisa's Estate Pt. 02

 — A slave is lent out, he may be sold by his Mistress. by keptsissyin  BDSM03/20/144.15


 — The classroom is no place for behaviour like that... by Soselain  BDSM01/10/144.41

Lily & Coco Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old lesbian prepares her house for expected sub. by oscar420kta666swagin  BDSM12/27/133.66

Killer Sex Ch. 01

 — A thrilling sexcapade. by willbass1331in  Gay Male12/05/134.35

Damien Complies

 — Invite after night at S&M club. by yvesmondogin  Loving Wives10/09/132.49

Moriah Teaches Sex Ed

 — Moriah leaves the classroom and comes back mortified. by MarahMoriahin  BDSM08/19/133.60


 — You've got to wear them right for the full effect. by Lucy1970Harkerin  Fetish08/18/134.39

Buffy; The Final Fanfic

 — How all Buffy/Angel darkfics ever end, happily and sexily. by CrystalDecanterin  Celebrities06/06/133.64

DD Sweatermeat

 — She is only good for rough breast play. by onlyaDDcupgirlin  BDSM06/06/133.81

My First Poker Night

 — Erika's first poker night as Rob's property. by erikawestin  Group Sex05/30/133.82

Breaking it Down

 — Some walls need to be broken down. by Lucy1970Harkerin  Erotic Couplings05/25/134.68HOT

Do-Me Sub

 — A Mistress sets out to convert a “do-me sub”. by ted_subbyin  BDSM01/08/134.44

A Slap in the Face

 — One is never enough. by Lucy1970Harkerin  BDSM10/23/124.46

Heart of Steel Ch. 02

 — Part 2: Tristan struggles to recover and reclaim his life. by HammerGodin  BDSM10/15/124.47

Heart of Steel Ch. 01

 — A man endures a trauma from which he must recover. by HammerGodin  BDSM10/13/123.83


 — Nothing emboldens sin so much as mercy. by Lucy1970Harkerin  Erotic Couplings09/26/124.59HOT

Flying Solo with Coll Ch. 02

 — Experienced Underground officer enjoys his trainees. by BrightXPsiin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/20/123.67

Little Sex Toy Ch. 05

 — sissy pleases his man in every way. by keptsissyin  Gay Male08/29/124.49

Beauty and the Beast Ch. 03

 — The beast has a dream about his past. by momo_ladyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/15/124.47

Hotel Porter to Private Maid

 — Alex the Porter becomes Alexis the chamber maid. by KinkyBiLadin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers07/28/124.28

Adventures of Jo Ch. 03

 — Jo gets dominated by Sarah, and likes it! by adventuresofjoin  Lesbian Sex06/21/124.14

Mom's Bed Ch. 07

 — Brian's dominance and education continues. by JoeDreamerin  BDSM04/06/124.66HOT

A Year

 — Three friends uncover strange things about their lovers. by KnottLynnHardeyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/26/124.21

English 101 Ch. 02

 — A continuing love story of domination and submission. by komrad1156in  BDSM01/14/124.39

Amanda Pays the Price Ch. 01

 — She doesn't know where she is, or even who. She'll find out. by Inosolanin  Erotic Horror12/19/114.33

His Butler, Cunning

 — Sebastian is bound to Ciel but Ciel pays the price. by monviebohemein  NonConsent/Reluctance11/26/114.44

Lucy's Punishment

 — Lucy has been very bad; step-daddy teaches her a lesson. by BunnieMcFaddenin  Incest/Taboo09/02/114.35

His Slave

 — A man appreciates and reflects on his male sex slave. by keptsissyin  BDSM08/23/114.48

Hot for Teacher Ch. 07-08

 — Teacher learns to give the perfect lesbian massage. by watchdwagin  Lesbian Sex02/11/114.50HOT

Concerto in F Sharp Minor

 — S&M session with a cellist backstage. by al_Ussain  BDSM11/04/104.12

Coming for Master

 — New slave is taught some respect.. by sinquisitivein  BDSM09/07/104.42

Becoming Slave Girl Rita

 — I was transformed from a regular guy into a slave girl. by DevotaMaidin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers08/23/103.97

My Fiancee Takes an Older Man Ch. 07

 — Continuing straight on as she sucks her so-called husband. by Jackanoryin  Loving Wives02/14/103.82

Enslaved in Europe Ch. 05

 — Diane is spanked in the hotel lobby. by Schlankin  BDSM12/16/094.53HOT

People Ain't No Good

 — Nina continues her anal sex odyssey in New Orleans. by ukmaster68_nowin  Anal09/19/093.53

Island Discipline

 — She is taught the true meaning of respect. by Cyberdiva68in  BDSM08/24/094.49

Paulina's Problem

 — Paulina's son Ben decides to blackmail her with surprising. by Pilot4029in  Incest/Taboo08/18/094.22

Back in the U.S.S.R. Ch. 04

 — The Tragic Truth. by darkknight0307in  BDSM07/12/094.69HOT

A Snapshot of Molly Ch. 03

 — She's a troubled girl but one man thinks he can save her. by Stultusin  BDSM07/09/094.70HOT

A Snapshot of Molly Ch. 02

 — She's a troubled girl but he thinks he can save her. by Stultusin  BDSM07/08/094.55HOT

Dawn to Dusk

 — Almost empty condo bldg hides a wicked surprise. by JamieRedin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/04/094.31

Consumed by Him

 — A day of passionate whipping and naughty PVC. by robinet_esclavein  BDSM05/08/093.77

Cindy's Secrets

 — Fiancee reveals her past to her lover under the loanshark. by Aubugin  Incest/Taboo04/14/093.82

From Wife to Slut

 — Glory hole at the swingers club. by Craig88in  Loving Wives03/25/094.01

Perfect Slave

 — I am the Master, so I can do what I like... can't I? by Robin Pin  BDSM02/23/093.94

At a Party

 — The intense sexual fantasies of two people at a party. by The_new_girl_in_townin  BDSM11/12/084.22

Dinner and a Movie

 — Old friends delve further into their renewed relationship. by TheLovelyLickerish1in  Anal09/19/084.16

1969 Pt. 02

 — The cross cultural trip through the late 60s continues. by thexxxeein  Group Sex08/18/080.00

African Nightmare

 — Torture & Interrogation in war torn West Africa. by briboy2008in  Gay Male06/30/084.28

A Change of Coast

 — He seeks change in hopes of finding the missing element. by fantasyhunter2in  BDSM12/04/074.18

A Beginner's Guide to Spanking Her

 — The do's and Dont's for that first time spanking. by Master_n_Mentorin  How To06/06/074.53HOT

One Evening

 — He gives you what you want. by WFEATHERin  BDSM03/18/073.90

Death on the Rhine Ch. 07

 — A stolen death. by sr71pltin  Gay Male02/03/074.11

Death on the Rhine Ch. 05

 — The inspector comes. by sr71pltin  Gay Male01/30/074.36

Death on the Rhine Ch. 03

 — Double death in the vineyard. by sr71pltin  Gay Male01/24/074.62HOT

Death on the Rhine Ch. 02

 — Forced to seek another form of release. by sr71pltin  Gay Male01/23/074.51HOT


 — Guy pays for his kinky experience. by kinkyjillin  BDSM10/26/063.80

Bite Me

 — Vampire seduces a innocent girl. by klark420in  Erotic Horror10/18/064.26

Dark House

 — He and his Pet visit a sex club. by AmysOwnerin  Group Sex05/22/064.29

Mrs. Hart's Ache Ch. 16

 — Mrs Hart meets new friends and gets new jewelry. by orencoolin  Novels and Novellas05/11/064.69HOT

First Time at Sea

 — Son follows in father's footsteps with men. by Willing2Doin  Gay Male04/05/064.35

A Perfect World Pt. 03

 — Totally under his control; pleasing her pleases him. by penbeatswordin  Novels and Novellas12/05/054.50HOT

Brian's Sleepwalking Adventure Pt. 06

 — Brian Meets His Roommates. by SirBosk1in  Novels and Novellas11/18/054.06

Brian's Sleepwalking Adventure Pt. 05

 — Brian's New Friend. by SirBosk1in  Novels and Novellas11/17/053.93

Brian's Sleepwalking Adventure Pt. 04

 — The Party; Cops to the Rescue? by SirBosk1in  Novels and Novellas11/16/054.23

Brian's Sleepwalking Adventure Pt. 03

 — The Punishment; The Showers; The Bath. by SirBosk1in  Novels and Novellas11/15/054.18

Dreams of Bondage and Love

 — He dreams about bound masturbation. by steveleenowin  Toys & Masturbation09/12/053.67

Dark & Light Ch. 01

 — The punishment & servitude of His slave. by AmysOwnerin  BDSM09/03/054.35

El Capitan

 — Short S&M erotica. by analyzeme2in  BDSM07/27/053.35

Interview with a Dominatrix

 — A day in the Dungeon. by HabitofArcanein  BDSM06/28/052.97


 — Lonely bachelorette gets the man of her dreams. by OrgasmingLoverin  Romance06/15/050.00

Jerry Wilkins Gets Laid

 — Meek milquetoast has a life changing sexual experience. by ChrisPerridasin  Erotic Horror05/30/052.80

Army Sex Back in the 1970s

 — Sexual experiences in the all volunteer Army. by Dinsmorein  Erotic Couplings05/20/054.51HOT

Jasper's Taming

 — Gladiator pit for sex slaves; the goal is to penetrate. by frizbietkdin  BDSM05/15/053.79

Kate's Capture

 — Kate is taken by slavers on the ocean. by PassionStJohnin  BDSM05/13/054.48


 — At a 5&10, a leatherman learns his neighbor's secret desire. by DuskPetersonin  Gay Male04/21/054.05

Mrs. Hart's Ache Ch. 03 Int. 5

 — Climber extraordinaire cums with extras. by orencoolin  Novels and Novellas01/17/044.35

Housesittter Monday

 — Having conquered her, he reshapes her. by Croctdenin  BDSM01/15/044.58HOT

Housesitter Sunday

 — After watching a wild girl, he makes her his slave. by Croctdenin  BDSM10/02/034.47

Dungeon Slave

 — A serial kidnapper and rapist takes Denise to his dungeon. by snuffalupicusin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/28/033.99

Night Fun

 — Your threeway gets kinky. by gwhin  BDSM03/11/034.42

Chemical Brilliance

 — A pledge joins a sorority with a secret. by Croctdenin  Mind Control09/12/024.32

Loneliness Ch. 3

 — Vanessa tries to get her mind of Will. by Croctdenin  BDSM12/22/014.64HOT

Loneliness Ch. 2

 — A former dominatrix gets hers. by Croctdenin  BDSM12/20/014.49

Loneliness Ch. 1

 — A former dominatrix gets hers. by Croctdenin  BDSM12/18/014.62HOT

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