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Proud Holders Ch. 08

 — The Proud Holders Residential Course continues. by Adrian69702006in  Fetish02/24/154.50

Valentine Choice

 — What Valentine's Card should I buy? by oggbashanin  Romance02/03/154.52HOT

Daddy's Wedding

 — A daughter seduces her daddy - even when he gets engaged. by deedisdonein  Incest/Taboo05/28/144.19

Under the Stars

 — Tyson and Sarah have an outdoor adventure to remember... by Thricetimes69in  Romance04/06/144.30

Missing My Mistress

 — Sarah's life is great but she misses something. by MTL17in  Celebrities10/06/134.13

Before Chuck

 — Carina introduces Sarah to the joy of anal sex. by MTL17in  Celebrities05/25/134.43

The Quiet Friend Pt. 02

 — The conclusion... by clarkcrowin  Novels and Novellas04/01/134.74HOT

Identity Crisis 02

 — The next day... by BabyDreamerin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers01/31/134.60HOT

The Mouse Will Play

 — John has fun while his wife is out of the country. by RedMonkeyButtin  Loving Wives01/29/133.65

Practice Ch. 04

 — Ellie completes her training. by MTL17in  Celebrities12/27/124.84HOT

Ezra's Island

 — He takes Mom and Sister to island to make them his. by hotpupin  Incest/Taboo08/29/124.01


 — Two souls find each other at last. by CraigCraigersonin  Erotic Couplings04/02/124.48

Practice Ch. 03

 — Sarah makes great progress with Ellie's training. by MTL17in  Celebrities01/29/124.70HOT

Practice Ch. 02

 — Ellie goes back to Sarah for more. by MTL17in  Celebrities10/29/114.82HOT

As The World Falls Down

 — ...what happened after I left the Labyrinth. by sacrificedangelin  Celebrities10/04/114.83HOT


 — Sarah helps Ellie practice for anal sex with her husband. by MTL17in  Celebrities09/27/114.65HOT

Mistress Dana's Downfall

 — A trapped Dominatrix becomes a submissive. by TheDarkCloudin  BDSM09/08/114.52HOT

Chuck and Sarah Ch. 01

 — Twist of fate in Paris. by MaitreNuitin  Celebrities08/13/115.00

A Christmas Makeover

 — Sarah talks Tara into a Christmas Ball ending in an Orgy. by leilorein  Group Sex11/16/104.03


 — An unlikely pair connect in an even more unlikely place. by CrimsonCrypticin  Erotic Couplings11/12/104.71HOT

Levi Pounding Sarah Ch. 02

 — Levi gets into Sarah Palin's tight ass. by cyrene08in  Celebrities07/20/104.15

Sarah's Story Ch. 01

 — Family realises their little angel isn't who they thought. by bloodlust281290in  Incest/Taboo06/18/103.72

Sarah's Skanky Revenge Ch. 02

 — Sarah and friends continue to torment Holly. by lickablelucy23in  NonConsent/Reluctance06/04/104.19

Family Foursome Ch. 03

 — The twins, Caitlin and Rochelle seduce their father. by TheLonghornin  Incest/Taboo03/30/103.94

Naughty Night at Club

 — Couple find out the club is not where fantasies come true. by TaleBehemothin  Interracial Love03/06/103.47


 — A trip back home brings peace. by poeta09in  Non-Erotic01/10/104.15

The Blue Room

 — Married man is obsessed with his stepdaughter. by VentureVin  Incest/Taboo11/01/094.47

Chuck! Fuck Ch. 06

 — The story continues. by Sensa8in  Celebrities07/05/094.61HOT

David's French Tutor Ch. 08

 — David awakes in Sarah & Anna's Victorian bedroom. by Thorillain  Fetish08/28/084.59HOT

Give and Take

 — Anastacia looks for a lover - and something for Master. by Edge23in  Erotic Horror04/30/083.93

A Day in the Job Ch. 01

 — Part-time actor has fun on the set of Scrubs. by shaghard88in  Celebrities04/17/084.06

A Fuzz Bump Story Ch. 01

 — Sarah has fun with a servant while the husband is away. by SarahCartain  NonHuman02/13/083.92

Second Chance

 — Two friends put their past to rest. by HnyscklRose4in  Erotic Couplings07/01/074.33

Alex Ch. 07

 —  Embezzlement, limitations and a medical emergency. by HappilyMin  Romance03/12/074.50HOT

What a Day!

 — Sarah's day gets better with time. by elocution7662in  Group Sex11/26/064.32

Sarah's New Patient

 — Two weeks after the New Year's party. by GDC1588in  Mature01/31/064.55HOT

Sarah's Confession Ch. 03

 — Delighted prisoner, not of the body only but the soul. by gobulain  Erotic Horror01/05/063.75

A "Gift" For New Years Eve Ch. 02

 — More "gifts" for Sarah. by GDC1588in  Erotic Couplings12/23/054.38

A "Gift" For New Years Eve

 — An alternative tale of Sarah's first time. by GDC1588in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/21/054.39

Lust, Hate and Paradise Ch. 01

 — Pleasure in paradise has hidden costs. by aliaspeterjin  Erotic Couplings09/16/053.91

Going Up!

 — For once, Sarah is glad the elevator broke. by indigobluein  Romance06/02/054.29

A Lady of the Night is Lil

 — Lil's problem: she couldn't pay her rent. by Jack Gatesin  Erotic Couplings04/13/053.79

A Dream Come True

 — He indulges her rape fantasy. by felkadelicin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/02/053.48

Gwen & Sarah: The Pissmop Sisters

 — Two hotties are craving the amber liquid. by TheDarkCloudin  Fetish01/11/054.46

Forever Midnight

 — Sarah's troubled by strange happenings. by Experimental Guyin  Erotic Horror01/01/053.48

Naughty Tales: Jennifer & Sarah Ch. 01

 — Jennifer Hewitt & Sarah Gellar become best friends. by Gunnin  Celebrities11/27/042.24

Sarah & Her Pussy

 — Sarah wants herself. by notlibin  Toys & Masturbation11/21/043.75

To Boys, With Love

 — Trick-or-treat just got a whole new meaning. by jmbasquiat_fanin  Erotic Horror10/10/043.65

The Initiation

 — One guy's first time. by mikeperkin  First Time07/03/044.08

Julie & Daddy Meet Sarah

 — Julie's first experience with another woman. by silverace1in  Incest/Taboo06/29/044.36

Sarah & Steve Ch. 05

 — Sarah puts her plan into action. by MarkThymein  Loving Wives06/28/043.26

Review: Moondance

 — Review of porn movie 'Moondance.' by velvetpiein  Reviews & Essays06/16/043.29

Can't Get Her Out Of My Mind

 — A JAG Story: Webb's back, and Mac's thinking about him. by deweycatin  Celebrities06/02/044.25

Patter of Small Feet

 — They're having a baby. by jester for herin  Erotic Couplings04/29/043.57

Foot Scents

 — Sarah discovers Michael's special interest. by fidopedarin  Fetish04/05/044.43

The Family Man

 — Cousins get together. by im_a_jediin  Incest/Taboo02/17/044.25

Surrogate Farm Ch. 01

 — His life as a stable hand on Surrogate Farm. by Ianbin  Novels and Novellas01/19/043.86

Everything Has A Price

 — Boss gets ripped off after sex with staff. by tamolin  Erotic Couplings01/01/043.79

Sharing is Caring Ch. 02

 — Mom makes him pay with some psych warfare. by oedipalin  Incest/Taboo12/19/034.27

A Mid-Summers Night

 — Fantasy with best friend's sister becomes reality. by smegma_anuzin  Erotic Couplings12/19/033.88

The Convict Ch. 02

 — The cop and convict meets again for another round. by LadyLovelyin  Erotic Couplings12/03/034.59HOT


 — Threesome at a party by Richard Terryin  Group Sex11/12/033.10

Dykescapes VII

 — A position discovered. by Katherine-Tin  Lesbian Sex10/18/033.59

If I'd Said Yes

 — What would have happened? by VFucciin  Group Sex10/15/033.45

Sarah & Steve Ch. 04

 — Sarah shops and Steve gives a neighbour a ride. by MarkThymein  Loving Wives10/06/034.17

Apartment Sitting Ch. 02

 — The storm continues, outside & inside. by babe19in  Lesbian Sex09/26/034.36

Sarah & Steve Ch. 02

 — Sarah experiments further. by MarkThymein  Loving Wives09/24/033.67

Sarah's Awakening

 — She explores feelings she never knew she had. by strange monkeyin  Lesbian Sex07/28/033.34

Paying the Rent

 — A new start in a new apartment. by CelticFrogin  Erotic Couplings06/26/034.29

Trip's Welcome Home

 — She explores her bi side. by jnnyin  Group Sex05/19/034.05

Bond of Blood

 — A vampire LARP goes way too far. by DJ_Smackin  Erotic Horror05/17/033.61

Loving Family Ch. 02

 — She invites a friend. by slutbunnyin  Incest/Taboo05/05/034.61HOT

Twice A Father

 — Part 2 of 'Teacher May I'. by SunshineHoney84in  Incest/Taboo04/18/034.20

Sex with the Whole Company

 — A successful executive makes love to all 24 of her colleagues. by Myckein  Fetish04/14/033.63

My Loving Family Ch. 18

 — Willa, Sarah and Pete join forces in more ways than one. by sealawyerin  Novels and Novellas03/30/034.60HOT

Fucking Sarah

 — Call girl's boyfriend enjoys intense passion. by not_so_innocent_flirtingin  Erotic Couplings03/15/034.14

The Side of the Road

 — Two girls and the open road set the stage by Linedrivein  Group Sex03/04/033.74

Baron's Daughter and the Smith Ch. 01

 — Cassandra establishes control over Sarah, the Smith's wife. by SensitiveSuccubusin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/19/034.03

Cousin Sarah

 — Christmas at grandma's brings adult cousins closer. by Jizaz_Jesterin  Incest/Taboo01/09/034.54HOT

Sarah and Ben Ch. 04

 — Bob tells his story about Sarah by curious2cin  Novels and Novellas01/03/034.22

Sarah Sucks

 — Sarah pleases Brad and herself. by BradSarahin  Loving Wives12/23/024.23

The Sickroom

 — Sex happens between coworkers at work. by pavehawkin  Erotic Couplings12/21/024.32

Planted Demon

 — Sarah encounters an unusual type of plant. by Stepliannain  NonHuman12/16/023.89

Sarah's First Time

 — First time cheating on her guy. by mikaldcin  Loving Wives12/12/023.12

Summer 2001 with the Twins

 — He enjoys his girlfriend's sisters. by canncleaningin  Incest/Taboo11/13/023.92

Humiliated by My Cheating Wife

 — How a beautiful cheating wife enslaves her husband. by Aid1967in  BDSM09/26/023.24

Wanna Play?

 — He plays strip poker with three teasing women. by el dantein  Group Sex09/24/023.05

Fantasy Come True Ch. 1

 — Threesome for his birthday. by kimmy69in  Group Sex09/07/024.17

Dark Corners Ch. 1

 — Seduction in a bar. by rlady41in  Erotic Couplings09/06/024.00

Watch Out!

 — He catches sister and best friend. Or do they catch him? by vagabondagein  BDSM08/08/023.84

Cuckold Wedding Ch. 2

 — Wife and her lover's wedding day. by kattin  Loving Wives07/07/023.98

Sarah Thinks Of Laura

 — Sister plans to include her sweet friend. by Rainbow Skinin  Incest/Taboo06/18/024.11

Magic Fingers Ch. 2

 — Rouen: the holiday continues. by Noahin  Incest/Taboo04/25/020.00

He Loves Me, He Loves YOU Not...Ch. 2

 — Sarah & Samantha get it on for Justin. by Traci Spencerin  Group Sex04/19/023.41

Magic Fingers

 — Father has a special gift. by Noahin  Incest/Taboo03/28/024.21

Northeastern Belle

 — Do not disturb: roommates at play. by modest mousein  Lesbian Sex01/27/023.79

The Bachelorette Party

 — The girls send off one of their own. by Rescue325in  Group Sex01/20/024.18

Winter Nights

 — A cold night grows warmer. by tnt_c7h5o4n3in  Erotic Couplings01/08/024.00


 — Reluctant swinger gets a push. by jackand jeanin  Loving Wives11/22/013.82

My Shaven Haven Ch. 2

 — The girls get hotter. by ParanoidAndroidin  Lesbian Sex09/23/013.90

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